Neural Computing and Applications, ( ISI ), Volume (21), No (7), Year (2012-6) , Pages (1697-1707)

Title : ( DDC: distance-based decision classifier )

Authors: Javad Hamidzadeh , Reza Monsefi , Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi ,

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This paper presents a new classification method utilizing distance-based decision surface with nearest neighbor projection approach, called DDC. Kernel type of DDC has been extended to take into account the effective nonlinear structure of the data. DDC has some properties: (1) does not need conventional learning procedure (as k-NN algorithm), (2) does not need searching time to locate the k-nearest neighbors, and (3) does not need optimization process unlike some classification methods such as Support Vector Machine (SVM). In DDC, we compute the weighted average of distances to all the training samples. Unclassified sample will be classified as belonging to a class that has the minimum obtained dis- tance. As a result, by such a rule we can derive a formula that can be used as the decision surface. DDC is tested on both synthetic and real-world data sets from the UCI repository, and the results were compared with k-NN, RBF Network, and SVM. The experimental results indicate DDC outperforms k-NN in the most experiments and the results are comparable to or better than SVM with some data sets.


, Distance, based classifier  Projection  Kernel space  Nonlinear surface  k, nearest neighbor  Support vector machine
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