Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, ( ISI ), Volume (8), No (1), Year (2011-8) , Pages (253-256)

Title : ( Study of Cobalt-Doped SnO Thin Films )

Authors: Hadi Pirmoradi , J. Malakootikhah , Masoud Karimipour , Ali Ahmadpour , Nasser Shahtahmassebi , F. Ekhtiary Koshky ,

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In this research, Co-doped SnO thin films were prepared by the spray pyrolysis method using SnCl •5H O and Co(NO ) as a precursor and a dopant, respectively. Effects of Fe-doping level (0,2,4,8,10 and 12 mol%) on properties of Co-doped SnO thin films were investigated. The structural and optical properties of thin films were characterized by XRD and UV-Vis techniques. XRD photographs were prepared and show the cassitrite phase formation with tetragonal structure and preferred orientation (110) that may be followed by (101) plane. SEM images show the size distribution of nanoparticles between 10 nm and 100 nm. Absorbance spectra were prepared with spectrophotometer and the band gap of nanoparticles was determined. The results revealed that properties of Co-doped SnO thin films depend on the Co-doping level.


, Cobalt oxide, Tin oxide, Spray pyrolysis, Thin films.
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