Metron-International Journal of Statistics, Volume (70), No (1), Year (2012-10) , Pages (89-107)

Title : ( Statistical Inference Based on the Top Scores )

Authors: Mostafa Razmkhah , Jafar Ahmadi ,

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In this paper, three different types of data sets, namely, the sequence of top $k$ scores vectors, just one top $k$ scores vector and the sequence of upper $k$-record values are considered. Frequentist estimation based on three mentioned data sets and also the amount of Fisher information (FI) in them are discussed for a general class of lifetime model, i.e., proportional hazard rate model. It is well-known that this class includes several lifetime distributions such as exponential, Weibull (one parameter), Pareto, Burr type XII and so on. Finally, the two-parameter Weibull distribution is studied in detail.


, Order statistics, Record values, Proportional hazard rate model, Information inequality, Weibull distribution.
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