Progress in Biological Sciences, ( ISI ), Volume (2), No (1), Year (2012-6) , Pages (30-39)

Title : ( A Karyological Study of Some Murid Rodents (Rodentia: Muridae) of Iran )

Authors: Zeinolabedin Mohammadi , Jamshid Darvish , Farhang Haddad , ,

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Family Muridae consists of eight genera and 28 species in Iran. This family shows notable variability of karyological features. In this study, karyological data derived from 11 species of 7 genera of this family of Iran are presented and compared with previously published accounts. The included species were: Mus musculus musculus from Gonbad (2n=40, FN=40) and Birjand (2n=40, FN=38), Rattus norvegicus (2n=42), Apodemus uralensis (2n=48), Apodemus avicennicus (2n=48), Apodemus hyrcanicus (2n=48), Apodemus witherbyi (2n=48) from Zanjan and Gorgan, Nesokia indica (2n=42), Meriones libycus (2n=44), Meriones persicus (2n=44), Meriones crassus from Kashmar (2n=54) and Tabas (2n=60), Tatera indica from Zabul (2n=68) and Hoveyzeh (2n=66) and Rhombomys opimus (2n=40).


, Rodentia, Muridae, Karyology, Iran
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