Particle and Particle Systems Characterization, ( ISI ), Volume (29), No (4), Year (2012-9) , Pages (228-319)

Title : ( Particle Tracking BasedMethod for Evaluation of Cylinder-to- CylinderDistribution of EGR/Blowby )

Authors: , Hamid Niazmand , Seyyed Mohammad Reza Modarres Razavi ,

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Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) method has already shown its benefits on controlling NOx emissions in internal combustion engines. An important issue associated with this method is homogeneous cylinder-to-cylinder distribution of the recirculating gas. Any maldistribution leads to power reduction and increase of other pollutants, which are strictly limited by recent emission laws. In addition to EGR, these limitations force the engine manufacturers to recycle blowby gases into the cylinders as homogeneous as possible. Since geometrical parameters and injection locations of EGR/blowby have substantial effects on homogenous cylinder-to-cylinder distribution of EGR/blowby gases, any developments in identifying the injecting locations with the least EGR/ blowby maldistribution are of great practical importance. The existing experimental and numerical methods for evaluating the EGR/blowby maldistribution are based on the injection of air with different temperature or of different gas (mostly CO2) from the main air stream. However, these methods are time consuming due to the large number of possible injection locations. It has been shown that the most uniform distribution cannot be obtained by just a single injection point; therefore, the study of simultaneous injection points becomes inevitable. Clearly, such a study is practically impossible with the present methods. In this research a new method based on particle tracking is proposed, which greatly reduces the time and effort to find the injection locations with the least maldistribution, especially when multiple injections are considered.


, blowby, cylinder-to-cylinder maldistribution, EGR, particle tracking
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