Structural Engineering and Mechanics, ( ISI ), Volume (46), No (5), Year (2013-6) , Pages (695-711)

Title : ( Investigating the effect of bond slip on the seismic response of RC structures )

Authors: Mohamad Mahdi Fallah , Ahmad Shooshtari , Hamid Reza Ronagh ,

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It is reasonable to assume that reinforced concrete (RC) structures enter the nonlinear range of response during a severe ground motion. Numerical analysis to predict the behaviour therefore must allow for the presence of nonlinear deformations if an accurate estimate of seismic response is aimed. Among the factors contributing to inelastic deformations, the influence of the degradation of the bond slip phenomenon is important. Any rebar slip generates an additional rotation at the end regions of structural members which are not accounted for in a conventional analysis. Although these deformations could affect the seismic response of RC structures considerably, they are often neglected due to the unavailability of suitable models.In this paper, the seismic response of two types of RC structures, designed according to the Iranian concrete code (ABA) and the Iranian seismic code (2800), are evaluated using nonlinear dynamic and static analyses.The investigation is performed using nonlinear dynamic and static pushover analysis considering the deformations due to anchorage slip. The nonlinear analysis results confirm that bond slip significantly influences the seismic behavior of RC structure leading to an increase of lateral deformations by up to 30% depending on the height of building. The outcomes also identify important parameters affecting the extent of this influence.


, nonlinear dynamic analysis, nonlinear static analysis, bond slip, RC building, seismic performance
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