Scientia Parasitologica, ( ISI ), Volume (14), No (2), Year (2013-6) , Pages (85-87)

Title : ( Gingival myiasis of camel (Camelus dromedarius) caused by Wohlfahrtia magnifica )

Authors: Ali Moshaverinia , elham moghaddas , MOHSEN MALEKI , Hassan Borji ,

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Myiasis is defined as the infestation of living tissues of vertebrates by larvae of flies. Gingival myiasis is an uncommon type of myiasis. During the inspection of the teeth of slaughtered camels (in Mashhad, Iran) for a research project, a gingival myiasis was seen in a 15 year-old camel. Eight larvae were removed from the lesions and sent to a parasitology laboratory for identification. Affected area of the gingiva was cut and placed in 10% formalin, then sent to pathology laboratory for histopathological studies. Parasitological studies revealed the causative agents of this condition were larvae of Wohlfahrtia magnifica (Diptera: Sarcophagidae). The affected gingiva showed hyperplasia of squamous epithelial tissue and acanthosis in mucosal membrane, hyperemia and infiltration of mononuclear cells and eosinophils into lamina propria were seen. The present report is the first report of gingival myiasis in camel.


Oral myiasis; Camel; Wohlfahrtia magnifica; Iran.
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