Journal of Biological and Environmental Sciences, ( ISI ), Volume (5), No (15), Year (2011-12) , Pages (159-163)

Title : ( How Salinity Affect Germination and Emergence of Tomato Lines )

Authors: , Seyyed Hossein Neamati , Mohammad Farsi , safieh vatandoost ,

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High salt concentrations in soil and irrigation water restrict establishment and growth of tomato Solanum lycopersicum). Correcting saline condition in field and greenhouse would be expensive and temporary while selection and breeding for salt tolerance can be a wise solution to minimize salinity effects as well as improve production efficiency. In order to find any kind of tolerance to saline condition, effects of four salinity levels in irrigation water (0.5, 2.5, 5, and 10 ds·m−1) on seed germination and seedling emergence, and growth of tomato lines LA3770, R205, CT6, Fla, and ME were investigated in a greenhouse. Germination percentage and rate, emergence percentage and rate of all tomato lines were delayed and decreased by salinity increasing from 2.5 ds·m−1 to 10 ds·m−1. All seedling growth characters, except seedling height, were decreased with increasingly salinity levels. At germination and emergence stage, LA 3770 were more tolerant to salinity than others.


, Solanum lycopersicum, Salinity, seedling tolerance, germination, genetic
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