Parasitology, ( ISI ), Volume (140), No (14), Year (2013-9) , Pages (1762-1767)

Title : ( Pathophysiology Marshallagia marshalli in experimentally infected lamb )

Authors: nona moradpoor sheykhkanloo , Hassan Borji , Gholam Reza Razmi , MOHSEN MALEKI , Hossein Kazemi Mehrjerdi ,

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Abstract Species of Marshallagia are typical abomasal parasites in free-ranging and domesticated ungulates in temperate climatic zones throughout the world. There has been limited research in the area of Marshallagia.marshalli pathogeneseis. Pervasiveness of these nematodes is significant in various part of the world. The aim of this study was to investigate acid secretory capacity of the abomasal mucosa and the morphological changes due to parasitic migration to different parts of abomasal tissue in sheep infected with M.marshalli larves. Ten lambs, around 6 months old were divided to two groups of five (A and B). The Sheep from group A were infected orally with dose of 5000 third –stage larvae (L3) of M.marshalli whereas the sheep of group B were not received any larvaes. The results in our study indicate that parasitic nematodes of the M.marshalli develop in the abomasal glands of ruminants. Pathophysiological changes resulting from L3 of M.marshalli include a reduced acidity of the abomasal contents, increased abomasal pH and increased serum pepsinogen concentrations. The reduced acid secretion of the abomasal mucosa is explained by a replacement of functional parietal cells by undifferentiated cells. In histology changes in infected lamb tissues consisted of moucose cell hyperplasia, loss of parietal cells and inflammatory cell infiltrates that included numerous granulocytes and lymphocytes. The serum pepsinogen profiles, pH and histological changes support the suggestion that this nematode is pathogenic.


, Pathophysiology , Marshallagia marshalli, lamb
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