Management Science Letters, Volume (3), No (12), Year (2013-9) , Pages (3065-3074)

Title : ( Application of multilevel analysis approach in management theory )

Authors: morteza ghayour , Shamsodin Nazemi , Fariborz Rahimnia , Mohammad Mehraeen ,

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Any phenomenon can be considered and analyzed in terms of different perspectives. In multilevel theorists view, structure or structures of the studied phenomenon are used to consider or to analyze it, completely. Level of analysis indicates the purpose of a researcher or theorist that is intended to be explained or justified, like individual, group or organizational levels and then they are generalized. Contrary to multilevel approach, the conventional approach of theorizing considers micro level or macro level. It cannot perform a simultaneous micro-macro level analysis. A multilevel approach characterized by inter-level and multilevel organizational view to organizational phenomena is an attempt to expand the boundaries of knowledge and provide a new plan. This study uses documentary studies to analyze the multi-level approach of theorizing, multilevel models and multilevel analysis.


, Focal unit, Levels of analysis, Multi-level models, Theorizing
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