Control and Intelligent Systems, Volume (41), No (2), Year (2013-6) , Pages (60-70)

Title : ( Embedded-Based sliding Mode Control Design )

Authors: Ali J. Koshkouei , Mohammad Reza Zarrabi , Mohammad Hadi Farahi , Sohrab Effati ,

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In this paper, a sliding mode control (SMC) design approach using embedding process, measure theory and optimal control techniques is proposed. In this method, a state trajectory starting from a given initial point reaches a definite point on a surface, the so-called sliding surface, in a finite time, and then tends to the origin along the sliding surface (SS). A measure theory approach with embedding process is used to solve such a problem in two phases. In the first phase, using an appropriate measure, an embedding is constructed to solve an appropriate optimal control problem such that the system trajectory reaches the SS in a finite time, and in the second phase, using measure theory, a control is usually designed such that the system trajectory tends to the origin along the SS. It is well-known that the main disadvantage of the use of the traditional SMCs is the chattering phenomenon. The proposed SMC is piecewise continuous and chattering free. Also, the sliding mode reaching point is selected prior to the design of the SMC and it is not necessary to verify the sliding mode reaching condition as it is guaranteed during the design process. In addition, a numerical example is presented to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed met


, Infinite-horizon optimal control problem, measure theory, optimal control, sliding mode control, sliding surface
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