Journal of Ornamental plants, Volume (4), No (1), Year (2014-3) , Pages (45-51)

Title : ( Micropropagation of Rosa canina through axillary bud proliferation )

Authors: mahbobeh davudi , Ali Tehranifar , Leila Samiei , Mahmoud Shoor ,

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In vitro propagation of rose has played a very important role in rapid multiplication of species with desirable traits and production of healthy and disease-free plants. Micropropagation using nodal segments of Rosa canina under different combinations of BAP, GA3 and NAA on (Ms and Vs medium was investigated. The results showed that the highest shoot proliferation was obtained on Vs medium containing 8 µM BAP without any GA3 and NAA. Furthermore the highest root regeneration obtained in half strength VS medium. The present investigation recommended a practiciable in vitro plant protocol for R.canina as an important step for successful implementation of biotechnological techniques for rose improvement in Iran.


, Micropropagation, native spicies, plant growth regulators, rosa canina
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