Journal of Middle East Applied Science and Technology, Volume (11), No (4), Year (2014-7) , Pages (367-371)

Title : ( Effect of caffeine supplementation on Immunity response of male broilers chicks )

Authors: khashayar Pournia , Hassan Kermanshahi , Mohammad Reza Bassami , Alireza Heravi Moussavi ,

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Abstract: Caffeine added to drinks and food as a stimulator drug, and causes HCL secretion in stomach, hypertensionand dilated blood vessels. In this experiment 200 1-d-old broiler chicks were randomly assigned to 4 dietary treatments (5 pens/ treatment of 10 male broilers each) in a completely randomized design. First treat was a control and the next three dietary treatments were supplemented with caffeine: 2) 0.5%, 3) 1.00%, 4) 2.00%. Broiler starter, grower and finisher diets, based on corn and soybean meal, were formulated, pelleted, and fed ad libitum. To assess humeral immune response, evaluation of antibodies against sheep red blood cell (SRBC) on days 36 and 42 were used and to cellular immunity, Coetaneous Basophile Hypersensitivity (CBH) was used. All data were analyzed by the analysis of variance general linear models procedure of SAS/STAT software and when treatment means were significant (P < 0.05), Tukey’s multiple range tests was used to compare means. Before analysis, the univariate test was used to assess the normality of all data. Results show that caffeine supplementation significantly increased humeral immune response, and 0.5% caffeine induces maximum IgM in 42d. Although cell mediated immunity significantly decreased with inclusion level of caffeine in day 14, and maximum cellar immune response were shown with 0.5% caffeine supplementation. It was concluded that 0.5 caffeine supplementation cause maximum humeral and cell mediated immune response in 42 and 14d, respectively.


, broiler, caffeine, immunity response
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