International Journal of Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Science, Volume (1), No (8), Year (2013-8) , Pages (1103-1111)

Title : ( Criteria for Creative Urban Design )

Authors: Ezzatolah Mafi , Nona Mesgarani ,

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In passage of history creative has led to taking long steps towards success and positive changes in people'slifestyles. City and Cities areas link among social, economical, cultural, political forces and is a place for individual and collective activities. Creative city is conceptual which provides a new way for us by entering creative factors in designing, planning, and city manager. These days, feedback of a new approach of creative city is visible in cross the globe. Therefore, this research tried to answer questions about creative city such as: 1)whatare creative criteria for urban design. 2) Can thesescriteria identify creative urban design? Which are practical ways for transferring urban space to creative urban space? Methodology of this research was analytical-survey and qualitative approach also, we tried to express literature review and investigate creative city from cultural, economical, performance and social dimensions. Results of the research indicated that for creating creative city, we need which criteria, strategies and creative urban spaces is possible by urban Design standards and guidelines.


, Creative City, Creative urban space, Khony garden, Urban Design, Mashhad
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