International Congress on Reproduction , 2015-05-23

Title : ( Ovine corpus luteum expresses leptin mRNA )

Authors: Abbas Parham , Mozaffar Karimzade kooshkghazi ,

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Introduction: Leptin hormone an important role in reproduction. It seems that leptin is an important linkage between body metabolism and reproductive system. Moreover, it has been shown that leptin and leptin receptor express in reproductive organs of some species. Hence, laptin has a direct effect on reproduction. Aim of this study was to investigate the expression of leptin mRNA in ovine corpus luteum. Methods: Ovine ovaries were collected from abattoir and immediately were transported to the laboratory on ice. Corpus luteum pieces sliced and total RNA was extracted and cDNA Synthesis was done. First, PCR reaction was done for β- actin, as a housekeeping gene, to evaluate the accuracy of molecular experiments. PCR reaction was done for leptin using appropriate primers. Fat tissue was used as positive control. Result: Gel electrophoresis for PCR product was confirmed amplification of 121 bp fragment of leptin. So, it was demonstrated that transcript of leptin is expressed in ovine corpus luteum. Conclusion: Presence of leptin mRNA in the ovine corpus luteum suggests that leptin is involved in the physiological processes of ovine corpus luteum, which should be clarified.


, Leptin mRNA, Ovine, Corpus luteum.
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