Scientia Parasitologica, ( ISI ), Volume (17), No (4), Year (2016-12) , Pages (63-68)

Title : ( A preliminary study on the protein profile of Marshallagia marshalli )

Authors: sima parandeh shirvan , Ahmad Reza Movassaghi , Mohammad Reza Khakzad , Hamidreza frazin , MOHSEN MALEKI , Alireza Haghparast , Hassan Borji ,

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Abstract. Trichostrongyloid nematodes are common and pathogenic in small ruminants. Marshallagia marshalli, belonging to sub-family Ostertagiinae, is currently one of the major cause of parasitic gastroenteritis in Iran. This nematode may be a circumscription on the growth and productivity of sheep. Drug resistance in this species is rising and alternative methods are essential for its control. While the helminths products are important in term of evasion strategies, penetration into host, feeding and reproduction, little is known about protein profiles of M. marshalli. This study was designed to characterize protein profiles of M. marshalli by SDS-PAGE and to find a condition for maintenance of adult worms for culture and preparation of excretory/secretory (E/S) products. Adult worms of M. marshalli were collected from the abomasum and were washed several times in PBS. Then living and highly motile worms were incubated in medium culture under 37°C, 5% co2 and humid air. The medium supernatants were collected and used as ES products. Preparation of somatic products were performed by homogenizing of worms in PBS. Proteins of ES and somatic products of M. marshalli were separated by a well-defined SDS-PAGE. SDS-PAGE profile of ES and somatic products of M. marshalli revealed several protein bands from 20 to 120 kDa. Bands at 20 and 28 were prominent proteins in electrophoretic patterns of both ES and somatic products. Survival and motility of M. marshalli were maintained for 2 weeks, whereas adult female worms were able to lay eggs for only 72 hours after incubation. This study provide a basic information about protein profiles and maintenance of M. marshalli. Further studies are needed to identify biological function of proteins and usage of them in control programs, serologic monitoring of infected sheep and therapeutic targets for immune-mediated diseases


, Excretory/secretory (E/S) products; Marshallagia marshalli; Somatic Products; SDS, PAGE.
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