IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, ( ISI ), Volume (64), No (10), Year (2017-9) , Pages (7842-7851)

Title : ( Δ-Source Impedance Network )

Authors: Amir Hakemibarabadi , Majid Sanatkar Chayjani , Mohammad Monfared ,

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Impedance networks have been already investigated in various literature with the main goals of increasing the attainable voltage gain and reducing the components number. Recently, coupled inductors found popularity because they let converters with lower weight and cost. It seems that coupled inductances are a proper answer to the increasing voltage gain while keeping down the components number. This paper proposes a novel impedance network circuit based on three coupled inductors with a Δ connection. The proposed Δ-source converter offers a smaller magnetizing current and winding losses compared to the successful Y-source circuit. Moreover, with the Δ-connected three coupled inductors, the adverse effect of leakage inductance on the converter performance is significantly reduced. The effectiveness of the proposed structure is analytically proved. The theoretical achievements over the conventional Y-source structure are confirmed through extensive simulations and experiments.


, Coupled inductors, dc-dc converter, leakage inductance, Z-source
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