Journal of Food Engineering, ( ISI ), Volume (212), No (1), Year (2017-11) , Pages (181-189)

Title : ( Fuzzy logic application to model caffeine release from hydrogel colloidosomes )

Authors: Mohammad Reza Amiryousefi , Mohebbat Mohebbi , Sh. Golmohammadzadeh , Arash Koocheki , Fahimeh Baghbani ,

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The diffusion coefficients of mass transfer in colloidosomes are sensitive to environmental changes. Also, Fick’s law of diffusion cannot be solved analytically in presence more complex geometries or non-constant active agent diffusivities. Because of the approximation property and uncertainty handing of fuzzy systems, here they are employed to model diffusion coefficients in the caffeine release from hydrogel colloidosomes. The approximated diffusion coefficients are then used in the Fick’s law equations, to create the fuzzy-diffusional model. The identification and validation of the fuzzy-diffusion model is obtained from experimental caffeine release curves of colloidosome samples in different shear rates, and at two time ranges. The proposed method is then compared with three other methods and depicts lower error and variance both in identification and evaluation. The diffusional-fuzzy model maintains the interpretability of the Fick’s model, improves the process simulation and eliminates phenomenon and property considerations.


Colloidosome; Diffusion; Fuzzy; Modeling; Release
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