Nutrition: from Laboratory Research to Clinical Studies , 2017-09-06

Title : ( Boiling process ability in drinking water arsenic removing )

Authors: Amir Salari , Saeid Khanzadi , zeynab rezaei ,

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Background: Drinking water quality is a global concern and has the greatest impact on human health. Drinking water can be deteriorated by toxic chemicals such as heavy metals during transport, storage, and handling before use by the consumer. The heavy metals have high stability and can generate toxicity in the organisms. The consumption of contaminated drinking water was associated with disease and death in developing countries. Therefore, providing safe drinking water to maintain public health is an essential and important principle. Boiling process is a classic technique to water treatment, which plays an important role in the removal of water pollutants. In this study, the ability of the boiling process in arsenic removing was investigated. Methods: In the winter of 2016, samples from drinking water were drawn and in an equal number, some of the samples were taken as control and boiled for 5 minutes. Then both groups of samples were measured by ICP mass and for the concentration of arsenic. Results: The results obtained from the present study showed a significant difference in concentration of heavy metal of arsenic in drinking water before and after the boiling process. The efficiency of arsenic removal from water was estimated by boiling 50%. The primary and secondary standards for arsenic in drinking water are 10 and 0 ppb, respectively. The amount of arsenic in control samples was higher than the primary standard, which decreased after boiling for 5 minutes. Conclusion: The increase of population and pollution can change the amounts of heavy metals in water, hence their measurement should be considered as a continuous and important approach for future studies. Also, the use of easy and feasible health care processes to ensure the safety and health of drinking water and educating consumers about their important role can be effective in this regard


Drinking water; arsenic; boiling process.
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