IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, ( ISI ), Volume (65), No (12), Year (2018-12) , Pages (9498-9508)

Title : ( Series and Tapped Switched-Coupled-Inductors Impedance Networks )

Authors: Saeed Sharifi , Mohammad Monfared ,

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A new class of impedance networks is proposed in this paper. The proposed coupled-inductors-based impedance cells, called the series and the tapped switched-coupled-inductors (SSCL and TSCL) are employed within the (quasi) switched boost networks ((q)SBNs). The achieved impedance networks based on the proposed cells offer very high conversion gains with less-than-unity turn ratios (n < 1), which simplifies the realization of the magnetic element and at the same time reduces the number and size of passive components. The high boosting capability is achieved with small shoot-through durations that brings some additional advantages, such as low ratings of switching devices. The circuit analysis and operation concepts as well as a design procedure for the components of the proposed impedance networks are presented. Theoretical achievements are confirmed through experiments on a 220W DC-DC converter laboratory setup.


, Coupled-inductors, high-gain, impedance, network, shoot-through (ST)
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