International Journal of Business Excellence, Volume (18), No (3), Year (2018-6) , Pages (388-409)

Title : ( Multilevel Organizational Learning Mechanisms and their Implications for Organizational Performance )

Authors: kambiz navabi zand , Azar Kaffashpoor , Shamsodin Nazemi , Gholamreza Malekzadeh ,

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The purpose of this research was to explore and identify multilevel organizational learning mechanisms and examines their effect on organizational performance of small- and medium-sized enterprises -SMEs- within Tehran province. For identification of the multilevel organizational learning mechanisms in these enterprises, the grounded theory three-stage method was used through which the obtained results from different approaches were combined to develop the research final model. At the first stage, conducting an extensive literature review, 48 codes -organizational learning mechanisms- were identified. Next, turning to the reality of the SMEs, the identified OL mechanisms at previous stage were to be assessed for a population of 10454 SMEs operating in Tehran province. For this purpose, a questionnaire containing 55 query items was developed and distributed to a sample of 371 enterprises, using stratified random sampling. Then, at the third stage, holding interviews with knowledgeable experts and executives based on purposeful, snowball sampling and given the rule of theoretical saturation, the intended learning mechanisms were identified and the model of multilevel learning mechanisms was finalized. Based on the results in the intuition stage, 41 mechanisms in total were identified. These mechanisms were coded into four categories, namely systemic, individual development, environmental analysis, and reward and support mechanisms. At the interpretation stage, 20 mechanisms were identified and subsequently coded into three main categories of group discussions, systemic, and cultural mechanisms. For the integrative process, the identified 9 mechanisms were grouped into two core categories of systemic and strategic mechanisms. And lastly, the 16 mechanisms of the institutionalization stage were grouped into three core categories of systemic, structural and cultural mechanisms. Eventually, the effects of these mechanisms on organizational performance were examined. The results indicated a significant association between these mechanisms and organizational performance.


, Organizational learning , OL, ; organizational performance; SMEs; Tehran Province , Iran,
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