Environmental Earth Sciences, ( ISI ), Volume (77), No (766), Year (2018-11) , Pages (1-12)

Title : ( Assessment of groundwater suitability for irrigation in a gold mine surrounding area, NE Iran )

Authors: pouya tahmasebi , Mohamad Hosein Mahmudy Gharaie , Zahra Ghassemzadeh , Alireza Karimi ,

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The Kouh-e Zar mining area with iron oxide-rich types of Cu–Au (IOCG)-type gold mineralization is located in a fractured zone between two main “Darouneh” and “Taknar” faults in 35 km northwest of Torbat-e Heydarieh. In this study, the hydrogeochemistry and water quality of groundwater were examined for irrigation uses. Totally, 11 groundwater samples were collected in semi-arid area surrounding the mine. According to the irrigation water quality indices such as sodium absorption ratio, sodium percentage, residual sodium carbonate, residual sodium bicarbonate, potential salinity, salinity index, salinity hazard, permeability index and magnesium hazard, the water resources were appraised suitable to unsuitable. Na+ was a dominant cation and HCO3− was a dominant anion in the water samples. Fortunately, SO42− content is low (<250 mg/L) in the water samples because of low-sulfide content mineralization in this mine. Water–rock interaction was defined as the controlling process on groundwater chemistry based on the Gibbs diagram. Calculated saturation indices revealed that the anion and cations in groundwater originated from dissolution of minerals and evaporation process. In the case of dominant Ca2+ and Mg2+, they were originated by dissolution of carbonate minerals such as calcite, dolomite and aragonite. Na+ was likely originated by plagioclase weathering in the brecciated volcanic rocks. Though the sulfidic mineralization is not so high in the Kouh-e Zar area, however, considering the existence of metalogenic mineralization in the Kouh-e Zar area, there is also a risk potential of release of toxic elements into the groundwater on which further deep investigation is ongoing in the area.


, Hydrogeochemistry · Groundwater · Water quality · Kouh, e Zar · Irrigation
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