Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, ( ISI ), Volume (27), No (9), Year (2013-9) , Pages (2577-2583)

Title : ( Stick-slip conditions in the general motion of a planar rigid body )

Authors: Iman Kardan , Mansour Kabganian , Reza Abiri , Mostafa Bagheri ,

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In this paper we study combined translational and rotational (general) motion of planar rigid bodies in the presence of dry coulomb friction contact. Despite the cases where the body has pure translational/ rotational motion or can be assumed as a point mass, during the general motion, distinct points of the rigid body move in different directions which cause the friction force vector at each point to be different. Therefore, the direction and the magnitude of the overall friction force cannot be intuitively defined. Here the concept of instantaneous center of rotation is used as an effective method to determine the resultant friction force and moment. The main contribution of this paper is to propose novel stick-slip switching conditions for the general in-plane motion of rigid bodies. Simulation results for some combination of external forces are provided and some experimental tests are designed and conducted for practical verification of the proposed stick-slip conditions.


, Dry coulomb friction General in, plane motion Stick, slip phenomenon Friction measurement
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