Medicine, Volume (99), No (29), Year (2020-7)

Title : ( Designing an optimal inventory management model for the blood supply chain )

Authors: monireh ahmadimanesh , Ahmad Tavakkoli , Alireza Pooya , Farzad Dehghanian ,

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Blood supply managers in the blood supply chain have always sought to create enough reserves to increase access to different blood products and reduce the mortality rate resulting from expired blood. Managers’ adequate and timely response to their customers is considered vital due to blood perishability, uncertainty of blood demand, and the direct relationship between the availability/ lack of blood supply and human life. Further to this, hospitals’ awareness of the optimal amount of requests from suppliers is vital to reducing blood return and blood loss, since the loss of blood products surely leads to high expenses. This paper aims to design an optimal management model of blood transfusion network by a synthesis of reusable simulation technique (applicable to all bases) and deep neural network (the latest neural network technique) with multiple recursive layers in the blood supply chain so that the costs of blood waste, return, and shortage can be reduced. The model was implemented on and developed for the blood transfusion network of Khorasan Razavi, which has 6 main bases active from October 2015 to October 2017. In order to validate the data, the data results of the variables examined with the real data were compared with those of the simulation, and the insignificant difference between them was investigated by t test. The solution of the model facilitated a better prediction of the amount of hospital demand, the optimal amount of safety reserves in the bases, the optimal number of hospital orders, and the optimal amount of hospital delivery. This prediction helps significantly reduce the return of blood units to bases, increase availability of inventories, and reduce costs.


, blood supply chain, deep neural network, inventory management, reusable simulation
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