Measurement, ( ISI ), Volume (173), Year (2020-9)

Title : ( Measuring the production performance indicators for food processing industry )

Authors: Hamzeh Soltanali , Mehdi Khojastehpour , Jose Torres Farinha ,

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Production performance measurement is the most important activity to achieve the higher productivity in food industries. The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a standard for measuring production productivity. However, the uncertainty of OEE components could mask the true production performance estimation in food processing lines. In this study, the production speed and stoppage duration measurements as major uncertainties to estimate the OEE and its components were investigated. In order to handle the uncertainties, two methods based on fuzzy arithmetic and interval arithmetic were conducted to supplement the classical-OEE. To survey the classical-OEE, the operational data field of edible oil purification process over a period of two years were examined. The comparison results of filed data revealed that the new OEE index has been increased around 4% by maintenance improvements. In such index, the total availability, performance efficiency and quality rate were improved by 3%, 2% and 5%, respectively. The research results showed that the spread values of Fuzzy-OEE are more explicit to show the worst and best values, while the interval arithmetic of OEE reflects the results by tighter limits. The proposed methods are more convenient to quantify uncertainty with limits to understand the OEE variations helping to make better decisions on uncertainties in food production lines.


, Food industry, Fuzzy theory, Maintenance, Performance measurement, Uncertainty
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