Iranian Journal of Veterinary Science and Technology, ( ISI ), Year (2021-12)

Title : ( Rare case of hemangiopericytoma in a domestic short hair cat )

Authors: Farzad Hayati , Ensiye Sajadian jaghargh , MOHSEN MALEKI , mahdi hassankhani , Hossein Khoori Babalhakam , fatemeh namazi ,

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A two-year-old queen was referred to the surgery section of veterinary hospital with lateral recumbency position and the primary diagnosis of dystocia. The queen was highly lethargic and dehydrated, with a pale mucous membrane, a rectal temperature of 37.3 °C, and no vaginal discharge during first inspection. The primary examination revealed a big mass in the abdominal cavity, which was followed by other diagnostic investigations. Due to a huge and encroaching tumor and the patient\\\\\\\'s owner\\\\\\\'s refusal to accept any further therapies, the queen was euthanized during an exploratory celiotomy. This report describes a large Hemangiopericytoma (HPCy) in a domestic short-haired queen diagnosed based on physical examination, radiography, ultrasonography, histomorphology, and immunohistochemical reactivity. In dogs, HPCy is a common neoplasm, but it is a seldom finding in cats . There is no previous report of HPCy in the abdominal cavity as observed in the presented case to the authors\\\\\\\' knowledge.


hemangiopericytoma cat immunohistochemistry abdominal cavity histomorphology
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