Journal of Modelling in Management, Volume (17), No (1), Year (2021-5) , Pages (272-296)

Title : ( A robust fuzzy optimization approach for reverse logistics network design with buyback offers )

Authors: masoud amirdadi , Farzad Dehghanian ,

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Purpose – In this paper, the authors aim to investigate the relationship between buyback policy and the potential number of used products that could be collected by developing a robust fuzzy reverse logistics network. Design/methodology/approach – In this approach, the authors seek to determine the amount of buyback based on the condition of used products at the time of return. In this process, the authors also take into account that apart from the condition of used products, other factors exist that the actual return rate could be dependent on them. This matter propelled us to make a novel distinction between the probability of return estimated from appropriate buybacks offered to consumers, and the actual return rate of used products using fuzzy mathematical methods. Besides that, a compatible robust fuzzy optimization method has been implemented on the model to deal with uncertain properties of it and simultaneously fortifying its responses against any possible effect of return rate fluctuation. Findings – To analyze and evaluate the model performance, the authors decided to apply a series of exhaustive randomly generated experiments onto it. Also, the authors introduced a Lagrangian relaxation solution methodology to facilitate and improve the solving process of the model. Then, the evaluation of the results enabled us to demonstrate the model validity, and underscore its utility to deal with problems with more sophisticated used product collection process that practitioners tend to encounter in the real-world circumstances. Originality/value – This study suggests a novel way to design the return rate of used products in a reverse logistics network with buyback offers through a complete set of factors affecting it. Furthermore, the procedure of developing the model encompasses several important aspects that significantly decrease its complexity and improve its applicability.


, Reverse logistics, Buyback offer, Robust optimization, Flexible constraint programming, Lagrangian relaxation, Logistics, Optimization, Allocation, Mathematical programming, Fuzzy
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