New Journal of Physics, Volume (24), No (5), Year (2022-5) , Pages (53048-53063)

Title : ( Accelerated Gaussian quantum state transfer between two remote mechanical resonators )

Authors: Mojtaba Rezaei , Kurosh Javidan , Mehdi Abdi ,

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The main challenge in deterministic quantum state transfer (QST) between remote mechanical resonators is the local decoherence and the transmission losses in the communication channel. In the path of overcoming this limitation, here we employ a shortcut to adiabatic passage protocol to devise a fast and reliable evolution path between two remote mechanical modes in separate optomechanical systems (OMSs). A QST between the two nodes is conceived by engineering their coupling to an intermediate fiber optical channel. The coupling pulses are operated such that the dark eigenmode of the system is decoupled from the fiber modes and transitions to the bright modes are compensated for by counterdiabatic drives. We show that one obtains a QST with high fidelity for various Gaussian states. The efficiency is compared to that of adiabatic passage (AP) protocol in the presence of losses and noises. Our results show that while the AP protocol is very sensitive to the decoherence, the shortcut to adiabaticity provides a robust and fast QST even for small values of the coupling strength. The performance of both protocols are also investigated for the case of multimode fiber through numerical and an effective single-model model which is found by the elimination of off-resonant fiber modes. Our findings may pave the way for using OMSs in the realization of continuous-variable Gaussian QST.


, quantum state transfer, Gaussian states, optomechanical systems
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