Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, Volume (35), No (22), Year (2023-5)

Title : ( Edge computing: A systematic mapping study )

Authors: jalal sakhdari , Behrooz Zolfaghari , ُShaghayegh Izadpanah , Samaneh Mahdizadeh , Mahla Rahati Ghouchani , mahsa shadi , Saeid Abrishami , Abbas Rasoolzadegan ,

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Edge computing is anewwayof computing that uses resources at the edge of a network to solve the problem of communication delays in applications that require immediate responses. This field has received a lot of attention from the research community over the past few decades, leading to a significant increase in publications. To better understand the field, a systematic mapping study (SMS) was conducted using a three-tier search method that involved defining quality criteria to extract relevant search spaces and studies. This resulted in the selection of 112 search spaces out of 805 and 1440 studies out of 8725. The SMS addressed 8 research questions to identify the main topics, architectures, techniques, and other important aspects of edge computing.


, edge computing, fog computing, systematic mapping study, systematic review
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