International Journal of Heavy Vehicle Systems, ( ISI ), Volume (9), No (1), Year (2002-10) , Pages (76-91)

Title : driveline shuffle in rear wheel vehicles ( driveline shuffle in rear wheel vehicles )

Authors: Anoshirvan Farshidianfar , Majid Moavenian ,

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A vehicular driveline is a lightly damped non-linear dynamic system that is prone to noise and vibration response when subjected to excitation. There are many sources of excitation, such as throttle tip-in and tip-out. Rapid throttle demands are converted to system torsional impulses. Drivers require responsive vehicles. An ill-configured driveline, however, can excite an unwanted low frequency torsional and longitudinal mode of vibration known as shuffle. This paper presents a global model of a vehicle driveline for investigation of the low-frequency response of torsional vibration. Two different methods have been used to find the solution of the equations of motion; the Transfer Matrices Method (TMM), and the step-wise time integration of the Newton-Euler equations of motion. The results from these analyses have been compared with each other, as well as with experimental findings.


TECHNICAL JOURNALS; Automotive and Transportation Systems
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