Smart Materials and Structures, ( ISI ), Volume (20), No (11), Year (2011-10) , Pages (115020-9)

Title : ( Analytical dynamic modeling of fast trilayer polypyrrole bending actuators )

Authors: Amir Ali Amiri Moghadam , Majid Moavenian , Keivan Torabi , Masoud Tahani ,

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Analytical modeling of conjugated polymer actuators with complicated electro-chemo-mechanical dynamics is an interesting area for research, due to the wide range of applications including biomimetic robots and biomedical devices. Although there have been extensive reports on modeling the electrochemical dynamics of polypyrrole (PPy) bending actuators, mechanical dynamics modeling of the actuators remains unexplored. PPy actuators can operate with low voltage while producing large displacement in comparison to robotic joints, they do not have friction or backlash, but they suffer from some disadvantages such as creep and hysteresis. In this paper, a complete analytical dynamic model for fast trilayer polypyrrole bending actuators has been proposed and named the analytical multi-domain dynamic actuator (AMDDA) model. First an electrical admittance model of the actuator will be obtained based on a distributed RC line; subsequently a proper mechanical dynamic model will be derived, based on Hamilton’s principle. The purposed modeling approach will be validated based on recently published experimental results.


, analytical وmulti-domain dynamic actuator (AMDDA) model, polypyrrole , fast trilayer
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