WPSA (UK Branch) ANNUAL MEETING , 2010-04-13

Title : ( Relationship of chemical composition and metabolisable energy of triticale for poultry )

Authors: Heydar Zarghi , Abolghasem Golian , Hassan Kermanshahi ,

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The chemical composition and metabolisable energy of triticale may vary based on the agronomical conditions. The purpose of this study was to determine the nitrogen corrected true metabolisable energy (TMEn) of triticale produced in the northeast of Iran, and in addition, to investigate the relationship between chemical composition and TMEn of triticale for poultry. Ten triticale samples were collected randomly from different locations in the northeast of Iran (Khorasan Razave Province). The samples were analyzed for dry matter, ether extract (EE), crude protein (CP), crude fibre (CF), ash and calculated nitrogen free extract (NFE). The precision-fed rooster assay, Sibbald (1982) was used to determine the TMEn of samples. Fifty five adult cockerels (Hy-Line, average weight of 2030 g) were housed in individual metabolism cages and fed a maintenance diet for two weeks of adaptation. At the start of the experiment on the third week, following a period of 24 h feed restriction, 25 g of each ground sample was fed to a bird by intubation with five birds per sample. Five feed restricted cockerels were kept deprived of feed to estimate the endogenous energy losses. Total excreta voided over the following 48-h period were collected, dried and ground for subsequent analyses. Gross energy (GE) of feed and excreta samples was measured in a Bomb-calorimeter (Model 1266, PARR). A wide variation in CP (121.8 to 170.0 g/kg dry matter basis) and NFE (747.6 to 798.4 g/kg dry matter basis) was found between triticale samples. The determined TMEn of the samples collected from different locations varied between 13.6 and 14.7 MJ/kg on dry matter basis. The regression equation describing the relationship between the TMEn and chemical composition of the triticale samples is shown in the following formula: TMEn (MJ Kg-1 dry matter basis) = 16.063 + 0.115 EE – 0.027 CP r2 = 0.81


, Triticale, Chemical Composition, Metabolisable Energy, Poultry
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