Management Science Letters, Volume (2013), No (3), Year (2013-3) , Pages (2963-2970)

Title : ( The impact of emotional intelligence on faculty members knowledge sharing behaviors )

Authors: masoome arabshahi , Mohammad Mehraeen , Fariborz Rahimnia , Azar Kaffashpoor ,

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Universities and institutions of higher education with a professional, special, educational and cultural environment, play an important role in effective knowledge management and preparing the background for knowledge sharing. Faculty members are known as the main elements of the university who own mental and intellectual property. Their knowledge sharing under certain conditions along with knowledge sharing behaviors improve individual and organizational operations. Moreover, the tendency to do these actions is the most important factor in knowledge sharing behavior and emotional intelligence (EQ), as one of the social intelligence factors, can guide individual thinking and activity. This study examines the impact of emotional intelligence on faculty members\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' knowledge sharing behaviors. Regarding the purpose and nature, this study was functional and its methodology was exploratory and due to evaluation of the relations and impacts among variables, it was a correlational method. Data collection included interviews with experts for the qualitative part and a questionnaire for the quantitative part. The qualitative findings indicate different emotional intelligence dimensions, which includes self-awareness, social skills, coping with pressure, adaptability and overall creation. In addition, the result of EQ dimensions on knowledge sharing behavior reveal that “social skills, coping with pressure, and overall creation” share a link with faculty members\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' research behavior among the four dimensions of knowledge sharing behavior and that “adaptability” has no significant relationship with knowledge sharing behavior.


, emotional intelligence , faculty members, knowledge sharing behaviors
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