Computers and Fluids, ( ISI ), Volume (102), No (1), Year (2014-10) , Pages (266-276)

Title : ( DSMC simulation of micro/nano flows using SBT–TAS technique )

Authors: Ali Amiri Jaghargh , Ehsan Roohi , Stefan Stefanov , Hassan Nami , Hamid Niazmand ,

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The aim of the current work is to suggest a combination of the simplified Bernoulli-trials (SBT) collision algorithm with the transient adaptive subcell (TAS) technique implemented in the direct simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) for calculation of nonequilibrium gas flows with reduced computational resources. In this work, we demonstrate that the use of the SBT collision scheme together with the TAS technique reduces the total number of particles (simulators), the number of grid cells and respectively, the computational memory, required for simulation of low Knudsen number micro/nano flows, while the accuracy is preserved. The efficiency of the SBT-TAS is investigated in details for two typical benchmark cases, namely, low Knudsen/low speed flow in a rectangular micro-cavity and high speed/high gradient flow over a nano-scale flat plate.


, Micro/Nano Flows, DSMC, Simplified Bernoulli-Trials (SBT) Scheme, Transient Adaptive Subcell (TAS), Memory Reduction. *
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