ICME2010 , 2010-10-19

Title : ( Suppressing Undesired Vibration of Robot Arms Using Impact Dampers )

Authors: Anoshirvan Farshidianfar , Aref Afsharfard ,

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The behavior of a vibration system suppressed with an impact damper is investigated, where the impact damper is simplified as a combination of spring and viscous damping. The analytical answer for the contact duration is developed using iteration perturbation technique. Iteration perturbation is a new analytical technique which can solve strongly nonlinear equations. In the presented work an impact damper is used to reduce the undesired vibration of an industrial robot arm. For this reason a 3R robot is equipped with a simple model of a single unit impact damper which is constructed using spring, mass and viscous damper. The output forces of robot with and without impact damper are compared and effects of using the impact damper on correct application of the robot are shown.


, Impact damper, Iteration perturbation, 3R robot.
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