Journal of Food Safety, ( ISI ), Volume (34), No (2), Year (2014-5) , Pages (168-175)

Title : ( Microbiological, Biochemical and Rheological Changes Throughout Ripening of Kurdish Cheese )

Authors: Elnaz Milani , Fakhri Shahidi , Sayed Ali Mortazavi , Seyed Alireza Vakili , H.B. Ghoddusi ,

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Kurdish cheese has been traditionally prepared from raw milk in the northeast of Iran. It is ripened in goat's skin bags. This study was conducted on microbiological diversity and physicochemical properties of Kurdish cheese during ripening (1, 20, 40 and 60 days). The results indicated that the type and counts of microorganisms were mainly influenced by ripening time. Lactic acid bacteria and Enterobacteriaceae were predominant during the first 20 days of ripening, and lactobacilli were the most common microorganisms found during ripening. The initial numbers of coliforms and E. coli decreased rapidly, whereas a gradual increase in counts of moulds and yeasts was noticed in the early days of ripening. Coliforms, Salmonella and coagulase-positive Staphylococcus spp. were undetectable in ripened cheese. The optimal time for consuming is after 60 days because the undesired biota decreased below dangerous limits. pH, moisture content and aw decreased during ripening. No significant variations were observed in protein values during ripening. The textural parameters such as hardness, chewiness and gumminess increased as ripening progressed, but springiness decreased. The level of microelements in cheese samples during maturation were in the following order Na > Ca > K > Zn > Cu.


, Kurdish cheese, ripening time.
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