Bulgarian Journal Of Veterinary Medicine, ( ISI ), Volume (22), No (3), Year (2019-6) , Pages (266-274)

Title : ( Ultrastructure of ovarian germ cells in the ostrich (Struthio camelus) embryo )

Authors: Masoumeh Kheirabadi , Abolghasem Nabipour , Hesam Dehghani , Morteza Behnam Rassouli ,

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In this study, the ultrastructural development of germ cells in the ostrich embryo was analysed. The nuclear organisation and morphological characteristics of cytoplasm in the developing germ cells, on embryonic days 20, 26, and 36 and the day of hatching (5 samples from each stage) was analysed using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Germ cells located in the cortex of left ovaries were identified by their large size and centrally located nucleus, with a conspicuous nucleolus. In these cells, the cytoplasm contained an abundance of mitochondria and free ribosomes. The structure of Balbiani body, a villous-like elevation in wide intercellular space and desmosome junction between two adjacent germ cells was also studied. The germ cells during embryonic development showed structural differences in both the nucleus and cytoplasm.


, development, embryo, germ cell, microscopy, ostrich, ovary
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