Quality technology and quantitative management, Year (2019-1)

Title : ( Operational reliability evaluation-based maintenance planning for automotive production line )

Authors: Hamzeh Soltanali , Abbas Rohani , Mohammad Tabasizadeh , M. Hossein Abbaspour-Fard , Aditya Parida ,

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Reliability evaluation plays a critical role in upgrading the availability and productivity of automotive manufacturing industries by adopting the well-planned maintenance. Due to the lack of operation management studies in automotive industry, this paper addresses an operational reliability evaluation through failure behavior trend in an automotive production line. The main approaches for reliability analysis in this study include statistical structure and Monte Carlo simulation model. The statistical structure consists of three steps: data acquisition and homogenization process, validity of the trend hypothesis and parameters estimation. The reliability evaluation under statistical approach identified the main bottlenecks through the recognized behavior trend of system so that needs to be considered as a priority. Besides, K–R algorithm as Monte Carlo simulation was carried out to simulate reliability regarding failure distribution function. The result of Monte Carlo simulation with different iterations provides a high prediction accuracy of reliability with the lowest error. In addition, regarding the computed reliability through the proposed approaches and total expected cost, a reliability-based maintenance optimization model was conducted. The proposed maintenance intervals could be useful for improving the operational performance of critical components in automotive system.


, Automotive industry, reliability, maintenance interval, Monte Carlo simulation, statistical structure
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