International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital, Volume (16), No (4), Year (2019-1) , Pages (359-383)

Title : ( Identification of effective key factors on organisational unlearning: a grounded theory )

Authors: mahdieh amani , Ali Shirazi , Alireza Khorakian , Gholamreza Malekzadeh ,

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The present study aims to develop a practical model for identifying effective key factors on unlearning of the best North Khorasan province farmers in order to replace the traditional irrigation system with modern irrigation system. The study is based on grounded theory; based on theoretical sampling, 17 interviews were done with the best farmers and experts of the Department of Education of Agriculture Jihad Organization of North Khorasan Province until reaching theoretical saturation. Analyses carried out through continuous comparison showed 300 codes, 42 concepts and 6 categories in actual and theoretical coding process, which led to emergence of a final model focused on the core category, called organizational memory recovery. The model refers to causes, correlated factors, mediators, requirements and outcomes related to the core category and context of the study, which is called 6Cs in the emergent approach. In conclusion, this study presents effective variables on unlearning about agricultural activities, particularly replacement of traditional irrigation methods with modern methods for optimal utilization of water resources in the form of a model with an emergent approach. This study develops the first native model of organizational unlearning. Agriculture has a central role in shaping the characteristics of Iranian culture. Hence, this study can identify and explain native angles of unlearning. In development of native models, what is most necessary and should be considered is accurate recognition of environmental factors, including cultural, economic, political and legal factors, as well as climatic conditions. Undoubtedly, ignoring any of environmental factors and dimensions in the long run and insisting on application of imported models and methods will have harmful effects on performance of people and organizations.


, organizational unlearning, grounded theory, emergent approach
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