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1 - Description of Chlorophorus ahmadi sp. nov. from Northeast Iran (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Cerambycinae, Clytini) (چکیده)
2 - Taxonomic Validation of Sweetlips Fish (Haemulidae: Plectorhinchinae) From the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman Based On Traditional and Geometric Morphometrics With Notes On Their Distribution (چکیده)
3 - Binucleate Rhizoctonia induced tomato resistance against Rhizoctonia solani via affecting antioxidants and cell wall reinforcement (چکیده)
4 - Gill parasites of Schizocypris altidorsalis (Pisces: Cyprinidae), a threatened freshwater fish in Iran (چکیده)
5 - Relative contributions of taxonomic and functional diversity to the assembly of plant communities hosting endemic Dianthus species in a mountain steppe (چکیده)
6 - Changes in plant composition and diversity in an alpine heath and meadow after 18 years of experimental warming (چکیده)
7 - Global distribution modelling, assessment of the spatial invasion risk of Asian pied starling (Sturnus contra Linnaeus, 1758) under climate change (چکیده)
8 - The role of oxidative burst, antioxidant genes and enzymes in association with callose in tomato reaction to various taxonomic groups of Rhizoctonia spp. (چکیده)
9 - Underestimated diversity in high elevations of a global biodiversity hotspot: two new endemic species of Aethionema (Brassicaceae) from the alpine zone of Iran (چکیده)
10 - Contribution to the knowledge of Entomobryomorpha (Hexapoda: Collembola) from Northeastern Iran with new records and a key to the species (چکیده)
11 - بررسی تغییرات پوشش گیاهی مراتع در اثر آتش سوزی (چکیده)
12 - Taxonomy and phylogenetic appraisal of Hypomyces iranica sp. nov. (Hypocreaceae, Hypocreales) (چکیده)
13 - Molecular and morphological data reveal a new species of Sclerorhachis (Compositae, Anthemideae) and the reassessment of another species of the genus (چکیده)
14 - Review of Androctonus baluchicus (Pocock, 1900) with description of new species from Iran (Scorpiones: Buthidae) (چکیده)
15 - Genetic variations in antioxidant content and chlorophyll fluorescence of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) genotypes exposed to freezing temperatures (چکیده)
16 - The impact of climate change on the geographic distribution of Nepeta glomerulosa, an endemic medicinal plant species to the Irano-Turanian region (چکیده)
17 - Using multiple ecological evaluators to introduce a proper management plan for urban vacant lots: A case‐study from Iran (چکیده)
19 - Description ofOscheius cyrusn. sp. (Nematoda: Rhabditidae) as new entomopathogenic nematode from Iran (چکیده)
20 - Crosstalk of nitro-oxidative stress and iron in plant immunity (چکیده)
21 - Good news for a rare plant: Fine‐resolution distributional predictions and field testing for the critically endangered plant Dianthus pseudocrinitus (چکیده)
22 - Thiamine and Piriformospora indica induce bean resistance against Rhizoctonia solani: The role of polyamines in association with iron and reactive oxygen species (چکیده)
23 - Assessment of plant species suitability in green walls based on API, heavy metal accumulation, and particulate matter capture capacity (چکیده)
24 - Allium parhamii (Amaryllidaceae, Allioideae), a new species from Central Kopet Dagh Mountains, NE Iran (چکیده)
25 - Investigation of species diversity of the Minnows (Cypriniformes: Leuciscinae) in the Caspian Sea basin, Iran using molecular approach (چکیده)
26 - An annotated catalog of Iranian Symphypleona and Neelipleona (Hexapoda: Collembola): new records and key to species (چکیده)
27 - Tannic acid-modified magnetic hydrotalcite-based MgAl nanoparticles for the in vitro targeted delivery of doxorubicin to the estrogen receptor-overexpressing colorectal cancer cells (چکیده)
28 - Inoculation Efficiency of Different Mycorrhizal Species on Growth, Nutrient Uptake, and Antioxidant Capacity of Calendula officinalis L.: a Comparative Study (چکیده)
29 - A Checklist of the bees of the genus Hylaeus Fabricius, 1793 (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Colletidae) of Iran (چکیده)
30 - Integrated pest management of Tuta absoluta: practical implementations across different world regions (چکیده)
31 - Campanula oreodoxa (Campanulaceae), a new critically endangered species from the Aladagh Mountains, NE Iran (چکیده)
32 - Improved osteogenesis and angiogenesis of theranostic ions doped calcium phosphates (CaPs) by a simple surface treatment process: A state-of-the-art study (چکیده)
33 - Studies on Seed Germination, Plant Regeneration, and Soil Acclimatization of Nepeta binaloudensis Jamzad (Lamiaceae) (چکیده)
34 - Rodent Species Diversity and Occurrence of Leishmania in Northeastern Iran (چکیده)
35 - Benchmarking plant diversity of Palaearctic grasslands and other open habitats (چکیده)
36 - Multiple species delimitation approaches applied to the avian lark genus Alaudala (چکیده)
37 - Evaluating changes in the plant communities after overgrazing in the Golbahar plain, northeast of Iran (چکیده)
38 - A new species of Astragalus L. sect. Caraganella (Papilionaceae) from Iran (چکیده)
39 - Solution combustion synthesis (SCS) of theranostic ions doped biphasic calcium phosphates; kinetic of ions release in simulated body fluid (SBF) and reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation (چکیده)
40 - Rapid, One-Step DNA Extraction for the Identification of German Cockroach, Blattella germanica (L.) (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae) Using DNA Sequence of Mitochondrial Ribosomal RNA gene (16S rRNA gene) (چکیده)
41 - Effects of planting combinations and mulch types on soil moisture and temperature of xeric landscapes (چکیده)
42 - Pseudoneotachidius sinuspersici gen. et sp. nov., a new member of the family Tachidiidae Boeck, 1865 (Copepoda: Harpacticoida) from Iran (چکیده)
43 - Regeneration capacity after exposure to freezing in wild oat (Avena ludoviciana Durieu.) and turnipweed (Rapistrum rugosum (L.) All.) in comparison with winter wheat (چکیده)
44 - Scorpions of Iran (Arachnida: Scorpiones): Annotated checklist, DELTA database and identification key (چکیده)
45 - Effects of livestock grazing on plant species diversity vary along a climatic gradient in northeastern Iran (چکیده)
46 - Tracking the Near Eastern origins and European dispersal of the western house mouse (چکیده)
47 - Response of Some Agronomical and Physiological Traits of Dracocephalum kotschyi Boiss., under Irrigation and Dryland Farming System in Northern East of Iran (چکیده)
48 - Application of soil mulches on establishment and growth of native and commercial tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) in an arid environment (چکیده)
49 - A new epigean pseudoscorpion species (Pseudoscorpiones: Neobisiidae) from northeast of Iran, with an identification key to the species of the family Neobisiidae from Iran (چکیده)
50 - Densely sampled phylogenetic analyses of the Lesser Short‐toed Lark (Alaudala rufescens) — Sand Lark (A. raytal) species complex (Aves, Passeriformes) reveal cryptic diversity (چکیده)
51 - Predicting potential sites of nine drought-tolerant native plant species in urban regions (چکیده)
52 - Three new species of eriophyid mites (Trombidiformes: Eriophyoidea) associated with Leguminosae species from semi-arid and arid environment in East Iran (چکیده)
53 - The new locally endemic genus Yazdana (Caryophyllaceae) and patterns of endemism highlight the high conservation priority of the poorly studied Shirkuh Mountains (central Iran) (چکیده)
54 - Two new species of Cotoneaster (Rosaceae, subgen. Chaenopetalum) for the flora of Iran (چکیده)
55 - Salinity effects on physiological and phytochemical characteristics and gene expression of two Glycyrrhiza glabra L. populations (چکیده)
56 - Empidideicus jirofti sp. nov. (Diptera: Mythicomyiidae: Empidideicinae),  a new microbombyliid from Kerman province, southern Iran, with a key to species of Empidideicus from Iran (چکیده)
57 - Mitochondrial phylogeography of the genus Eremophila confirms underestimated species diversity in the Palearctic (چکیده)
59 - Annotated checklist of the endemic Tetrapoda species of Iran (چکیده)
60 - Evolutionary history of water voles revisited: confronting a new phylogenetic model from molecular data with the fossil record (چکیده)
61 - Effects of livestock grazing on soil, plant functional diversity, and ecological traits vary between regions with different climates in northeastern Iran (چکیده)
62 - Thymosin alpha‐1; a natural peptide inhibits cellular proliferation, cell migration, the level of reactive oxygen species and promotes the activity of antioxidant enzymes in human lung epithelial adenocarcinoma cell line -A549- (چکیده)
63 - The genus Harmonia (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) in the Middle East region (چکیده)
64 - Electrochemical generation of palladium volatile species enhanced with Sn(ii): application for detection of Pd(ii) by pyrolytic graphite-coated furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
65 - تأثیر نانو ذرات لیپیدی جامد حاوی اسانس آویشن شیرازی-Zataria multiflora- بر بازدارندگی از رشد عوامل پوسیدگی قارچی Aspergillus niger ، Aspergillus ochraceus و flavus Aspergillus (چکیده)
66 - Identification of Experimental Herbaceous Host Range of Citrus viroid V (چکیده)
67 - The antioxidant effect of thymosin alpha-1 on a549 lung cancer (چکیده)
68 - Plantago lagocephala (Plantaginaceae), a new record for the flora of Iran (چکیده)
69 - Cereal diseases caused by Fusarium graminearum: from biology of the pathogen to oxidative burst-related host defense responses (چکیده)
71 - Alsophila aescularia (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775) a genus and species new to the fauna of Iran, a species from a threatened habitat (چکیده)
72 - The Impact of Brevinin-2R Peptide on Oxidative Statues and Antioxidant Enzymes in Human Epithelial Cell Line of A549 (چکیده)
73 - Description of a new species of the genus Agamura Blanford, 1874 (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from southern Iran (چکیده)
74 - The genus Neoheegeria with a new species from Iran exhibiting wing-dimorphism (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae) (چکیده)
75 - How will climate change affect the temporal and spatial distributions of a reservoir host, the Indian gerbil (Tatera indica), and the spread of zoonotic diseases that it carries? (چکیده)
76 - Deep Mitochondrial and Morphological Differentiation of Hemidactylus persicus Anderson, 1872 (Squamata: Gekkonidae) in Iran (چکیده)
77 - Phylogeography of the Oenanthe hispanica–pleschanka–cypriaca complex (Aves, Muscicapidae: Saxicolinae): Diversification history of open‐habitat specialists based on climate niche models, genetic data, and morphometric data (چکیده)
78 - <p class="Default">Two new species of eriophyoid mites (Acari: Trombidiformes: Eriophyoidea) on Zelkova  carpinifolia (Ulmaceae) from Iran<p class="Default"><br /> (چکیده)
79 - Divergence in the ecological niches of the white wagtail (Motacilla alba Linnaeus, 1758) complex using the ecological niche modeling approach (چکیده)
80 - Reactive oxygen species accumulation and homeostasis are involved in plant immunity to an opportunistic fungal pathogen (چکیده)
81 - Effects of spring and autumn prescribed fires on plant species diversity and ecological groups in a dry grassland (چکیده)
82 - Morphological variation in jirds, in a context of their conservation biology (چکیده)
83 - The effect of WG-9 peptide on Glutathione peroxidase activity in human lung adenocarcinoma cell line (A549) (چکیده)
84 - TNF-α pro-inflammatory cytokinemodulates CD44 expression in human lung epithelial cell line (A549) treated with Temporin-Ra (چکیده)
85 - Determination of eight economically important fruit fly pests (Diptera: Tephritidae) using PCR-RFLP analyses (چکیده)
86 - Modulation of Oxidative Stress in Thrombin-Stimulated Platelets by Almond by-Product (چکیده)
87 - Recognizing Ecological Species Groups and their Relationships with Environmental Factors at Chamanbid-Jozak Protected Area, North Khorasan Province, Iran (چکیده)
88 - A Simple and Rapid Molecular Method for Simultaneous Identification of Four Economically Important Thrips Species (چکیده)
89 - Silver Nitrate in Alleviation of Leaf Chlorosis During In vitro Propagation of Rosa hybrida CV. Red One (چکیده)
90 - Introduction the Potential Wild Plant Species of Iran as a Source of New Ornamentals (چکیده)
91 - Potential Use of Wild Allium Germplasms as Native Ornamental Species in Iran (چکیده)
92 - Species list and distribution map of the genus Alburnus Rafinesque, 1820 (Cyprinidae: Leuciscinae) in Iran (چکیده)
93 - Antiplatelet Aggregation Activity of Walnut Hull Extract via Suppression of Reactive Oxygen Species Generation and Caspase Activation (چکیده)
94 - Predicting the potential invasive range of raccoon in the world (چکیده)
95 - New insight into the cradle of the grey voles (subgenus Microtus) inferred from mitochondrial cytochrome b sequences (چکیده)
96 - Phlomis iranica (Lamiaceae: Lamioideae), a new species from Khorassan- Kopet Dagh floristic province, NE Iran (چکیده)
97 - Optimization of the micro-propagation protocol of two native rose species of Iran (Rosa canina and Rosa beggeriana). (چکیده)
98 - Predicting invasion risk of raccoon Procyon lotor in Iran using environmental niche models (چکیده)
99 - Does personality measured by NEO-FFI consist of five dimensions? (چکیده)
100 - Effects of spring and autumn prescribed fires on plant species diversity and ecological groups in a dry grassland (چکیده)
101 - Chenopodium khorasanica (Amaranthaceae), a new species from Iran (چکیده)
102 - Description of Ektaphelenchus berbericus n. sp. (Rhabditida: Ektaphelenchinae) from eastern Iran (چکیده)
103 - Astragalus orientopersicus, sp. nov. (Fabaceae), a new taxon from the Khorassan province (Iran) (چکیده)
104 - Three eriophyoid mite species (Acari: Eriophyoidea: Eriophyidae) from Iran (چکیده)
106 - Exercise training increases anabolic and attenuates catabolic and apoptotic processes in aged skeletal muscle of male rats (چکیده)
107 - اولین گزارش مطالعه نهشته های ژوراسیک برمبنای نانوفسیل های آهکی در برش فتح آباد، شمال غرب قاین (چکیده)
108 - نانوفسیل های آهکی سازند زیارت در برش مجن، شمال غرب شاهرود (چکیده)
109 - An annotated checklist of Microweiseinae and Sticholotidini of Iran (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) (چکیده)
110 - Description of tylenchorhynchus iranensis sp. N. (nematoda: telotylenchidae) from iran (چکیده)
111 - Effect of landscape structure on agrobiodiversity in western Iran (Gilan-E Gharb) (چکیده)
112 - Synthesis, characterization and in vitro anticancer evaluations of two novel derivatives of deferasirox iron chelator (چکیده)
113 - Grass-thrips of the genus Oelschlaegera (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), with the first description of a male (چکیده)
114 - An Annotated Checklist of the Jumping Plant-lice (Hemiptera: Psylloidea) of Iran (چکیده)
115 - Description of Basiria birjandiensis n. sp (Nematoda: Tylenchidae) from South Khorasan province with a checklist of the family Tylenchidae Orley 1880 from Iran (چکیده)
116 - One new species and two new records of the genus Aeolothrips from Iran (Insecta, Thysanoptera, Aeolothripidae) (چکیده)
117 - Fauna Iranica: I. Annotated checklist of the spiders of Iran (Arachnida: Araneae) (چکیده)
118 - Evaluation of Plant Diversity and Nutrient Resource on Weed Diversity and Soil Microbial Respiration (چکیده)
119 - Photoimmunological properties of borage in bovine neutrophil in vitro model (چکیده)
120 - Cryptic diversity, reproductive isolation and cytoplasmic incompatibility in a classic biological control success story (چکیده)
121 - The Cryptobiosis mechanism in Tardigrada: A method for protecting of endangered species (چکیده)
122 - The Holarctic genus Aeolothrips (Thysanoptera: Aeolothripidae) from Iran, with description of two new species (چکیده)
123 - Modeling the spread of invasive nutrias (Myocastor coypus) over Iran (چکیده)
124 - Studies on Aspergillus Section Flavi from Peanut in Iran (چکیده)
126 - Skin colonization by Malassezia species in healthy neonatal calves and their dams (چکیده)
127 - گزارش دو گونه نماتود انگل حشرات Pristionchus maupasii و Osechius از ایران (چکیده)
128 - Three new species of mygalomorph and filistatid spiders from Iran (Araneae, Cyrtaucheniidae, Nemesiidae and Filistatidae) (چکیده)
129 - First record of the genus Eryngyothrips from Iran with description of a new species (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) (چکیده)
130 - Oxidative burst and enzymatic antioxidant systems in rice plants during interaction with Alternaria alternata (چکیده)
131 - Investigation of micropropagation of Rosa canina in different medium in vitro condition (چکیده)
132 - New records of Palaearctic species of the genus Metoecus (Coleoptera: Ripiphoridae), with remarks on their variability (چکیده)
133 - The Iranian Deendrothripinae (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) with description of a new genus and species (چکیده)
134 - Gradient of rodent species diversity across altitudes in Hyrcanian region, northeast Iran (چکیده)
135 - Two new species of the genus Odontobuthus (Scorpiones, Buthidae) from southern and eastern Iran (چکیده)
136 - The roles of environmental factors on reptile richness in Iran (چکیده)
137 - Erysimum hezarense, a new species and Rhammatophyllum gaudanense, a new record of Brassicaceae from Iran (چکیده)
138 - Phlomoides binaludensis (Phlomideae, Lamioideae, Lamiaceae), a new species from northeastern Iran (چکیده)
139 - Physiological and Morphological Responses of White Clover (Trifolium repens) and Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) Plants to Salinity Stress (چکیده)
140 - Description of a new Aelurillus species from Khorasan province of Iran, with comments on A. concolor Kulczyski, 1901 (Araneae: Salticidae) (چکیده)
141 - Five new species of Astragalus sect. Malacothrix (Fabaceae) from Iran (چکیده)
142 - Dianthus pseudocrinitus (Caryophyllaceae), a new species from Northeast of Iran identified by morphological and molecular data (چکیده)
143 - The spider family Hersiliidae Thorell, 1870 (Arachnida: Araneae) in Iran (چکیده)
144 - Molecular surveillance of Theileria ovis, Theilerialestoquardi and Theileria annulata infection in sheep and ixodid ticks in Iran (چکیده)
145 - <strong><em>Odontobuthus tirgari</em> sp. nov. (Scorpiones, Buthidae) from the eastern region of the Iranian Plateau </strong> (چکیده)
146 - The genus Mycterothrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in Iran, with three new species (چکیده)
147 - Distribution patterns of The Genus Cousinia (ASTERACEAE) in Iran (چکیده)
148 - Textual Analysis of an English Dentistry Textbook and Its Persian Translation: A Schema-Based Approach (چکیده)
149 - Molecular phylogeny of brush-tailed mice of the genus Calomyscus (Rodentia: Calomyscidae) inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequences ( Cox1 gene) (چکیده)
150 - Development of rapid PCR-RFLP technique for identification of sheep, cattle and goat’s species and fraud detection in Iranian commercial meat products (چکیده)
151 - Alizarin red S loaded polypyrrole modified glassy carbon electrode for the determination of silver species by anodic stripping differential pulse voltammetry (چکیده)
152 - A new species of <i>Acanthophyllum</i> (Caryophyllaceae) from Iran (چکیده)
153 - New species and records of eriophyid mites from Iran (چکیده)
154 - Tomato partial resistance to Rhizoctonia solani involves antioxidative defense mechanisms (چکیده)
155 - Seed germination and dormancy tests of some rangeland species of Northern Khorasan province, Iran (چکیده)
156 - Kochia Scoparia as A Model Plant to Explore the Impact of Water Deficit on Halophytic Communities (چکیده)
157 - Seed identification of ten rangeland species based on machine learning using combination of RBF and Feed Forward neural networks (چکیده)
158 - Biochemical characterizations and Genotyping by RAPD-PCR analyses of Malassezia spp. from pityriasis versicolor and seborrhoeic dermatitis patients (چکیده)
159 - Klasea nana (Asteraceae) , a new species from NE Iran (چکیده)
160 - A study on Aspergillus species in nose and houses of healthy subjects from Mashhad, Iran (چکیده)
161 - Four new eriophyoid mite species (Acari: Eriophyoidea: Eriophyidae) from Iran (چکیده)
162 - Potential nutritive value of some forage species used as ruminants feed in Iran (چکیده)
163 - Scorpion sting in Iran: A review (چکیده)
164 - Aeluropus laciniatus (POACEAE), A New Species From Iran (چکیده)
165 - A new species and a new record of Acanthophyllum C. A. Mey. (Caryophyllaceae) from northeast of Iran (چکیده)
166 - A review on the visible light active titanium dioxide photocatalysts for environmental applications (چکیده)
167 - A new species and a new combination of Minuartia L. (Caryophyllaceae) from NE Iran (چکیده)
168 - Morphological comparison of fourteen species of the genus Meriones Illiger, 1811 (Rodentia: Gerbillinae) from Asia and North Africa (چکیده)
169 - Silene ferdowsii (Caryophyllaceae), a new species from Iran (چکیده)
170 - Scorpion sting agents in Iran: A review (چکیده)
171 - Identification of different Malassezia species isolated from patients with Malassezia infections (چکیده)
172 - Impact of crop management on weed species diversity and community composition of winter wheat fields in Iran (چکیده)
173 - Surfactant-modified Heulandite as a new adsorbent for nitrogenous compounds from recirculation aquaculture effluent (چکیده)
174 - Comparing the capability of modified zeolite and a synthetic resin to remove toxic ion species from aquaculture effluents (چکیده)
175 - Use of organoclinoptilolite and a Sephadex® for removing harmful anions from aquaculture effluents (چکیده)
176 - Nine eriophyoid mite species from Iran (Acari, Eriophyidae (چکیده)
177 - Change in nomads income and its effect on rangelands vegetation of Iran through past 40 years (چکیده)
178 - Application of Conventional and New Biotechnological Approaches for Improving of Morphinane Alkaloids Production (چکیده)
179 - Tissue distribution of the enzyme rhodanese in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), kutum (Rutilus frisii kutum) and golden grey mullet (Liza aurata) (چکیده)
180 - Evaluation the rose germplasm resources of Iran (چکیده)
181 - Genetic diversity and genetic similarities between Iranian rose species (چکیده)
182 - Dietary Mineral Content, Fatty and Amino Acid Composition of Fish of Three Species of Kilka (Clupeidae) from Caspian Sea (چکیده)
183 - Two New Species of the Genus Astragalus sect. Ammodendron (FABACEAE) From Iran (چکیده)
184 - Screening of 25 medicinal and wild plant species for allelopathic activity using the sandwich method (چکیده)
185 - In vitro digestibility and neutral detergent fibre andlignin contents of plant parts of nine forage species (چکیده)
186 - Mixing Process in T-Shaped Micro-Mixers with Chaotic Advection:A Numerical Approach (چکیده)
187 - Effect of Plant Diversity and Nutrient Resource on WeedComposition and Density in Different Cropping Systems (چکیده)
188 - A new species of Astragalus L. sect. Ornithopodium (Fabaceae)from northeast of Iran (چکیده)
189 - Cimicomorpha and Pentatomomorpha (Heteroptera) of alfalfa from Mashhad and vicinity , NE Iran (چکیده)
190 - Astragalus ghouchanensis (Fabaceae), a new speciies from Iran (چکیده)
191 - Allium oriento-iranicum (Alliaceae), a new speciies from Iran (چکیده)
192 - Molecular identification of birds: performance of distance based barcoding in three genes to delimit closely related species (چکیده)
193 - Eriophyoid mites (Acari: Eriophyoidea) from Iran, with descriptions of three new species, one new record and a checklist (چکیده)
194 - Investigation of genetic diversity in gray partridge populations in Khorasan province of Iran by RAPD-PCR (چکیده)
195 - The status of medicinal and aromatic plant cultivation in Iran (چکیده)
196 - The effect of EC, pH and temperature on species of Anabaena duringcultivation ycle of rice (چکیده)
197 - The mid-domain effect on the geographic species richness pattern of Palearctic songbirds (چکیده)
198 - Elliptic Fourier analysis on the tympanic bullae in three Meriones species (Rodentia, Mammalia): its application in biosystematics (چکیده)
199 - Raccoon (Procyon lotor) as an invasive species for north of (چکیده)
200 - Conservation status of Caribbean coot Fulica caribaea in the Netherlands Antilles, and other parts of the Caribbean (چکیده)
201 - A key and four new species of Hedysarum (Fabaceae) in Iran (چکیده)
202 - Linaria kavirensis(Scrophulariaceae), a new species from Iran (چکیده)
203 - New species of five-toed jerboa (rodentia:Dipodidae, Allactaginae) from north-east Iran (چکیده)
204 - Contact and hybrid zone hotspots and evolution of birds in the Middle East (چکیده)
205 - Low predictive power of mid-domain effect to explain geographic species richness patterns in Palearctic songbirds (چکیده)
206 - Geometric morphometric comparison of the mandibles of three species of vole of the genusMicrotus(Rodentia: Arvicolinae) from northern Iran (چکیده)
209 - Effect of Deficit Irrigation on Yield, WUE and some Morphological and Phenological Traits of Three Millet Species (چکیده)
210 - The status of exudate species in Iran and existing challenges in their sustainable utilization (چکیده)
211 - Evaluation of cardinal temperature for three species of medicinal plants, Ajowan(Trachyspermum ammi) Fennel and dill (چکیده)
212 - Cardinal Temperatures for Germination in Three Millet Specieses-Panicum miliaceum, Pennisetum glauc (چکیده)