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1 - Ten (mostly) simple rules to future‐proof trait data in ecological and evolutionary sciences (چکیده)
2 - Explaining the Relationship Between Urban form and Air pollution: a Systematic Review (چکیده)
3 - Free vibration of cylindrical shells and panels with cutout via the differential transform method (چکیده)
4 - Reporters Without Borders and Tourism Industry in Southwest Asian Countries (چکیده)
5 - Boundary shear stress distribution in straight open trapezoidal channels using velocity distribution (چکیده)
6 - Prediction of boundary shear stress distribution in straight open channels using velocity distribution (چکیده)
7 - Heat transfer and deposition analysis of CuO-Water nanofluid inside a baffled channel: Two-phase Eulerian–Lagrangian method (چکیده)
8 - A Simple OpenSim-Simulink Interface for Cascaded Zero-Force Control of Human-Robot Interaction in a Hip Exoskeleton Robot (چکیده)
9 - FDFD based measurement of permittivity using an open-ended coaxial probe (چکیده)
10 - A Simple OpenSim-Simulink Interface for Cascaded Zero-Force Control of Human-Robot Interaction in a Hip Exoskeleton Robot (چکیده)
11 - Difference-in-differences Design and Propensity Score Matching in Top Accounting Research: A Short Guide for Ph.D. Students in Iran (چکیده)
12 - Nonlinear static analysis of cable-stayed bridge considering semirigid connections (چکیده)
13 - The Effects of Agricultural Product Exports on Environmental Quality (چکیده)
14 - Identification of frequency modes and spectral content for noise suppression: Cavitation flow over 3-D hydrofoil with sinusoidal leading edge (چکیده)
15 - Interactions between sediment microbial fuel cells and voltage loss in series connection in open channels (چکیده)
16 - Assembly of electrospun tri-layered nanofibrous structure of zein/basil seed gum/zein for increasing the bioaccessibility of lycopene (چکیده)
17 - Effects of Icelandic yogurt consumption and resistance training in healthy untrained older males (چکیده)
18 - Fully nonlinear finite element analysis of pre-stressed transmission poles using corotational tapered beam element (چکیده)
19 - Evaluation of Open Fractures-Sonic Velocity Relation in Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs (چکیده)
20 - Points of openness of some mappings (چکیده)
21 - Safety of Laparoscopic Splenectomy for Patients with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura and Very Low Platelet Count (چکیده)
22 - تولید اسفنج میکروسلولی سلول‌باز در فرایند ناپیوسته از پلی‌استیرن به‌ وسیله سیال ابربحرانی دیوکسید کربن (چکیده)
23 - Open-celled microcellular foaming and the formation of cellular structure by a theoretical pattern in polystyrene (چکیده)
24 - An open-source toolbox for investigating functional resilience in sewer networks based on global resilience analysis (چکیده)
25 - Nonlinear static and dynamic behaviors assessment of self-centering post-tensioned concrete wall with multiple-slit device (چکیده)
26 - Environmentally responsive design in the vernacular architecture of mountainous regions. The case of Kang village, Iran (چکیده)
27 - Benchmarking plant diversity of Palaearctic grasslands and other open habitats (چکیده)
28 - A Synergetic R-Shiny Portal for Modeling and Tracking of COVID-19 Data (چکیده)
29 - بررسی تاثیر شدت زلزله بر پاسخ لرزه ای پل های یکپارچه مجهز به میراگر جرمی تنظیم شونده (چکیده)
30 - Multilayered electrospinning strategy for increasing the bioaccessibility of lycopene in gelatin-based sub-micron fiber structures (چکیده)
31 - Protein Whey Supplementation Stimulate Apoptosis Signaling Cascade Via internal and external pathways EDL Muscle of Aged rats (چکیده)
32 - Changes in biochemical properties of tomato (cv.240) affected by combination of blue/red optical spectra and Calfomyth spray (Ca and P) (چکیده)
33 - Strain-based plane element for fracture mechanics’ problems (چکیده)
34 - دومین همایش بین المللی تغذیه ورزشی (چکیده)
35 - Proposition of an equivalent reduced thickness for composite steel plate shear walls containing an opening (چکیده)
36 - Analysis of the Dome-Chamber’s Openness in Persian Historical Mosques (چکیده)
37 - Parallelization of 3D pseudo-bending algorithm for seismic ray tracing (چکیده)
38 - LES study of unsteady cavitation characteristics of a 3-D hydrofoil with wavy leading edge (چکیده)
39 - Assessing physiological effects of an exercise intervention in older adults (چکیده)
40 - Multi-Trip Open Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows: A Case Study (چکیده)
41 - Application of Three-Dimensional Hydrothermal Model for the Temperature Dynamics at Small and Shallow lakes (چکیده)
42 - Developing a 3-Dimensional Hydrothermal Model for the Temperature Dynamics at Small and Shallow lakes (چکیده)
43 - Numerical Analysis of Water and Air in Venturi Tube to Produce Micro-Bubbles (چکیده)
44 - کاهش سربار مدیریتی پروتکل OpenFlow با Packet-Out v2 (چکیده)
45 - Impact of Openflow on Wireless Mesh Network (wmSDN) (چکیده)
46 - Menaquinone-4 effects on working memory impairment and anxiety behavior after transient cerebral ischemia/reperfusion in male wistar rat (چکیده)
47 - Theoretical study on alkaloid encapsulating via cyclopentano‐cucurbit[n]uril (n = 8, 10)/graphene oxide heterojunction (چکیده)
48 - An energy balance method for seismic analysis of cable-stayed bridges (چکیده)
50 - The host range and impact of Aceria angustifoliae (Eriophyidae), a potential biological control agent against Russian olive, Elaeagnus angustifoliae (Elaeagnaceae) in North America (چکیده)
51 - Strengthening of Two-way RC Slabs with Central Opening (چکیده)
52 - Ring-opening polymerization of poly -D,L-lactide-co-glycolide--poly-ethylene glycol- diblock copolymer using supercritical CO2 (چکیده)
53 - Effects of GLT-1 upregulation by Ceftriaxone on anxiety disorders in pilocarpine model of temporal lobe epilepsy (چکیده)
54 - Anisotropic Minimum-Dissipation (AMD) Subgrid-Scale Model Implemented in OpenFOAM: Verification and Assessment in Single-phase and Multi-phase Flows (چکیده)
55 - Improving seismic performance of composite steel plate shear walls containing openings (چکیده)
56 - Mechanical and durability behaviour of concrete with granite waste dust as partial cement replacement under adverse exposure conditions (چکیده)
57 - Malaysian Scholarly Open Access Journals during 2005 – 2012: A Survey (چکیده)
58 - The effects of Root Zone Temperature and Electrical Conductivity on the Lycopene, β-carotene, Chlorophyll Concentration and Quality of Tomato Fruit grown in Hydroponic Culture. (چکیده)
59 - Simulating Airflow over SmallWater Surfaces with WRF-OpenFOAM Coupled Model in the Upper East Region of Ghana (چکیده)
60 - DFT studies on the structure and intramolecular hydrogen bond strength in 1, 2-dibenzoylcyclopentadiene (چکیده)
61 - Improving corrosion resistance of steel rebars in concrete with marble and granite waste dust as partial cement replacement (چکیده)
62 - Evaluating the Modulated Gradient Model in Large-Eddy Simulation of Channel Flow with OpenFOAM (چکیده)
63 - Effect of Eight Weeks of Cardiac Rehabilitation Training on PPAR-alpha Gene Expression in CABG Patients (چکیده)
64 - Effects of the opening on the behavior of composite steel plate shear wall -CSPSW- (چکیده)
65 - Currency Substitution Theory, a New Chanel to Enter the Exchange Rate as the Monetary Transmission Mechanism (چکیده)
66 - Application of silver nanoparticles immobilized on Tepa-Den-SiO2 as water filter media for bacterial disinfection in shrimp culture (چکیده)
67 - Production and characterization of nanostructured lipid carriers and solid lipid nanoparticles containing lycopene for food fortification (چکیده)
68 - The effects of small water surfaces on turbulent flow in the atmospheric boundary layer: URANS approach implemented in OpenFOAM (چکیده)
69 - Investigation of Temperature Dynamics in Small and Shallow Reservoirs, Case Study: Lake Binaba, Upper East Region of Ghana (چکیده)
70 - A framework to simulate small shallow inland water bodies in semi-arid regions (چکیده)
71 - The effect of sodium thiopental as a GABA mimetic drug in neonatal period on expression of GAD65 and GAD67 genes in hippocampus of newborn and adult male rats (چکیده)
72 - Comparing the Effect of Open and Closed Kinetic Chain Exercises in Patients Suffering From Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (چکیده)
73 - The open vehicle routing problem with decoupling points (چکیده)
74 - The Effect of Openings on Buckling Resistance of Cylindrical Shells Made of Functionally Graded Materials (چکیده)
75 - Multicore parallelization of 3D ray tracing algorithm using OpenMP (چکیده)
76 - Electricity generation from river sediments using a partitioned open channel sediment microbial fuel cell (چکیده)
77 - A metric Suite for Systematic Quality Assessment of Linked Open Data (چکیده)
78 - Application of the strut-and-tie method for steel fiber reinforced concrete deep beams (چکیده)
79 - فیلوژنی و بیوجغرافی Open habitat chats Aves, Muscicapidae (چکیده)
81 - Numerical Investigation of Water Drop Movement within a Microchannel under Electrowetting Phenomenon (چکیده)
82 - Nonlinear dynamic analysis and natural frequencies of gabled frame having flexible restraints and connections (چکیده)
83 - مقایسه روشهای استاتیکی معادل و دینامیکی تاریخچه پاسخ در تحلیل لرزهای توربین بادی (چکیده)
84 - Proposed metrics for data accessibility in the context of linked open data (چکیده)
85 - The Impacts of Open and Closed Postures on EFL Learners’ Perceptions of Class Activity (چکیده)
86 - Design Investigation of a Dual-Mode Switchable Microstrip Bandpass Filter (چکیده)
87 - Starting Torque Improvement Using J-Shaped Straight_Bladed Darrieus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine by Means of Numerical Simulation (چکیده)
88 - Baire category for generalized topological spaces (چکیده)
89 - Out of Africa: biogeographic history of the open‐habitat chats (Aves, Muscicapidae: Saxicolinae) across arid areas of the old world (چکیده)
90 - Nonlinear static analysis of cable-stayed bridge considering semirigid connections (چکیده)
91 - Pilot-scale cultivation of microalgae Chlorella sp. in municipal wastewater using an open pond raceway (چکیده)
92 - Numerical investigation of water drop movement within a microchannel under electrowetting phenomenon (چکیده)
93 - Investigation of cavitation around 3D hemispherical head-form body and conical cavitators using different turbulence and cavitation models (چکیده)
94 - On the preservation of volterra spaces (چکیده)
95 - عملکرد زبان برنامه نویسی C با FORTRAN برای مطابقت رشته های DNA با رابط موازی سازیOpenMP (چکیده)
96 - مطابقت رشته های DNA با استفاده از زبان برنامه نویسی FORTRAN و بر پایه رابط موازی سازی OpenMP (چکیده)
97 - GreenDPA: Thermal-Aware Execution of Data Parallel Applications (چکیده)
98 - Comparing The Run Of Parallel Algorithm Of Deoxy Ribonucleic Acid Strand Math In Code Area With Two Collimator Connector Message Passing Interface And Open Multi Processing (چکیده)
99 - استفاده از الگوریتم کامبت با رابط موازی سازی OpenMp برای مطابقت در رشته های DNA (چکیده)
100 - مقایسه اجرای الگوریتم موازی کامبت در مطابقت رشته DNA ناحیه کد با دو رابط موازی ساز حافظه اشتراکی و توزیع شده (چکیده)
101 - Pushover analysis of gabled frames with semi-rigid connections (چکیده)
102 - Comparison of Oncologic Short Term Results of Laparoscopic Versus Open Surgery of Rectal Cancer (چکیده)
103 - A survey of the effect of trade openness size on inflation rate in Iran using ARDL (چکیده)
104 - Quality Metrics for Linked Open Data (چکیده)
105 - Investigating the Cytotoxic and Anticancer Effects of 8- Isopentenyloxy Coumarin on PC3 Prostate Cancer Cells (چکیده)
106 - Evaluation and comparison of the early outcomes of open and laparoscopic surgery of liver hydatid cyst (چکیده)
107 - Simulation of ThreeDimensional Cavitation behind a Disk using Various Turbulence and Mass Transfer Models (چکیده)
108 - Investigation of Different Droplet Formation Regimes in a T-junction Microchannel Using the VOF Technique in OpenFOAM (چکیده)
109 - Study of cavitation and supercavitation around a 3D cylinder using Different Turbulence and Mass Transfer Models (چکیده)
110 - Metrics-Driven Framework for LOD Quality Assessment (چکیده)
111 - Metrics-Driven Framework for LOD Quality Assessment (چکیده)
112 - The Impacts of Open/closed Body Positions and Postures on Learners’ Moods (چکیده)
113 - A Metrics-Driven Approach for Quality Assessment of Linked Open Data (چکیده)
115 - Geometry effects on flow pattern and wall shear stress in human internal carotid arteries (چکیده)
116 - Effects of Shrubs Canopy on the Microclimate and Soil Properties of an Arid Steppe Rangeland (چکیده)
117 - Numerical investigation of thermoacoustic refrigerator at weak and large amplitudes considering cooling effect (چکیده)
118 - Simulation of Droplet Formation in a T-Junction Micro Channel Using Volume of Fluid Technique (چکیده)
119 - Rarefied gas flow simulations of NACA 0012 airfoil and sharp 25–55-deg biconic subject to high order nonequilibrium boundary conditions in CFD (چکیده)
121 - Numerical investigation of Hydro-magnetic flow of air in three different geometries of open cavity (چکیده)
122 - Experimental and Modeling of the Propene Solubility in the Heptane and Methylbenzene Solvents (چکیده)
123 - Free Vibration Analysis of Gabled Frame Considering Elastic Supports and Semi-Rigid Connections (چکیده)
124 - بررسی روش تحلیل بار افزون غیرخطی در قابهای فولادی شیب دار دارای اعضای نامنشوری (چکیده)
125 - Very strong intramolecular hydrogen bonding of 1,2-dithenoylcyclopentadiene; DFT and spectroscopic studies (چکیده)
126 - The Fruit Set Capability of Some Sour Cherry Cultivars (Prunus cerasus L (چکیده)
127 - Preliminary experimental investigation of a natural gas-fired ORC-based micro-CHP system for residential buildings (چکیده)
128 - Investigation of aerodynamic characteristics of rarefied flow around NACA 0012 airfoil using DSMC and NS solvers (چکیده)
129 - Disulfide catalyzed the highly regioselective conversion of epoxides to halohydrins with elemental halogens (چکیده)
130 - Analysis the Role of open spaces on enhancing Quality of Life in Mashhad city, Iran (چکیده)
132 - A New Keynesian Small Open Economy DSGE Model in Islamic Economic Framework: The Case of Iran (چکیده)
133 - The cytotoxic activities of 7-isopentenyloxycoumarin on 5637 cells via induction of apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in G2/M stage (چکیده)
134 - An investigation into the static response of fiber-reinforced open conical shell panels considering various types of orthotropy (چکیده)
135 - Effect of repeated infancy anesthesia induced by Sodium Thiopental on GAD65 gene expression before maturation in Hippocampus of male Wistar rats (چکیده)
136 - Effect of frequent infantile Sodium Thiopental administration on GAD65 gene expression in 1.5 month old male wistar rats (چکیده)
138 - Formation constant calculations comparison with experimental researches on ferrocene-containing β-diketones (چکیده)
139 - Natural Resources, Openness and Income Inequality in Iran (چکیده)
140 - The Effects of Planting Distances and Different Stages of Maturity on the Quality of Three Cultivars of Tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) (چکیده)
141 - Trade Openness and Inflation. Evidence from MENA Region Countries (چکیده)
142 - On the natural convective heat transfer from a cold horizontal cylinder over an adiabatic surface (چکیده)
143 - Molecular cloning and the expression of the Na+/H+antiporter in the monocot halophyte Leptochloa fusca (L.) Kunth (چکیده)
144 - Theoretical and spectroscopic studies on molecular structure and hydrogen bonding of 1,2-bis (monochloroacetyl) cyclopentadiene (چکیده)
145 - The Effect of Trade Openness and Economic Freedom on Economic Growth: the Case of Middle East and East Asian Countries (چکیده)
146 - A hybrid DSMC/Navier–Stokes frame to solve mixed rarefied/nonrarefied hypersonic flows over micro-obstacles/nano-obstacles (چکیده)
147 - Halopenitus persicus gen. nov., sp. nov., an archaeon from an inland salt lake (چکیده)
148 - Applying a hybrid DSMC/Navier–Stokes frame to explore the effect of splitter catalyst plates in micro/nanopropulsion systems (چکیده)
149 - Structure, vibrational assignment, and NMR spectroscopy of 1,2-bis (dichloroacetyl) cyclopentadiene (چکیده)
150 - A comparison between learning progress before and after maturation under the effect of repeated infancy anesthesia induced by Thiopental in Wistar rats (چکیده)
151 - Effect of repeated Thiopental neonatal anesthesia on memory retrieval before and after puberty in rats (چکیده)
152 - Investigating the effects of numerical discretisation on the accuracy of incompressible turbulent flow solution around NACA 0012 airfoil (چکیده)
153 - Reviewing the Effect of Trade Openness on Human Development (چکیده)
154 - Tomato Production for Human Health, Not Only for Food (چکیده)
155 - آنالیز شکست برج های انتقال نیرو (چکیده)
156 - Effects of Infantile Repeated Hyperglycemia on Behavioral Alterations in Adult male and female Rats (چکیده)
157 - کاهش خیز جانبی قاب با کنترل فعال (چکیده)
158 - Solvent-Free Crossed Aldol Condensation of Cyclic Ketones with Aromatic Aldehydes Assisted by Microwave Irradiation (چکیده)
159 - Facile Synthesis of Highly Substituted Iminocyclopentenes: A Novel Isocyanide-Based Three-Component Condensation Reaction (چکیده)
160 - The Dynamic Effect of Globalization on Unemployment Rate in Iran: A Co-integration Analysis (چکیده)
161 - Design Investigation of a Novel Bandpass Filter Using Trisection Open Loop Resonator (چکیده)
162 - Resonance assisted intramolecular hydrogen bonding of 6-hydroxy-6-(2-thienyl)-2-thenoylfulvene (چکیده)
163 - Evaluation of Tomato Production Systems in Terms of EnergyUse Efficiency and Economical Analysis in Iran (چکیده)
164 - Energy and momentum in one dimensional open channel flow (چکیده)
165 - The Effect of Mandrel Speed upon the Residual Stress Distribution around Cold Expanded Hole (چکیده)
166 - Study on the prevalence of dairy cattle lameness and its effects of production indices in Iran. A locomotion scoring base study (چکیده)
167 - Effects of ethanolic extract of pine needles (Pinus eldarica Medw.) on reserpine-induced depression-like behavior in male Wistar rats (چکیده)
168 - تحلیل دینامیکی سازه های نامتقارن تحت اثر بارهای انفجار (چکیده)
169 - A Local Search procedure for the Open vehicle Routing Problem (چکیده)
170 - An ILP Improvement Procedure for the Open Vehicle Routing Problem (چکیده)
171 - An ILP improvement procedure for the Open Vehicle Routing Problem (چکیده)
172 - 7-7isopentenyloxycoumarin induces DNA damage in bladder cancer cells in vitro (چکیده)
173 - ارزیابی قابلیت‌های عمومی و سیستم مدیریت پایگاه داده نرم‌افزار گرین‌استون برای طراحی و ایجاد کتابخانه دیجیتال پزشکی (چکیده)
174 - An open source, parallel DSMC code for rarefied gas flows in arbitrary geometries (چکیده)
175 - Study of Supersonic-Subsonic Gas Flows through Micro-Nano Scale Nozzles Using Unstructured DSMC Solver (چکیده)
176 - The Physical Properties of Fig (Ficus carica L.) as a Function of Moisture Content and Variety (چکیده)
177 - Molecular structure and vibrational assignments of bis(4-aminopent-3-en-2-onato)copper(II): A detailed density functional theoretical study (چکیده)
178 - Investigation of cytotoxicity and anti-cancer effects of 7-isopentenyloxycoumarin in vitro (چکیده)
179 - Weldment corrosion characterization of multi-pass hybrid GTAW-SMAW 2205 duplex stainless steel in 3.5%NaCl solution (چکیده)
180 - Effect of Repeated Anesthesia Induced By Thiopental in the Neonate Rats on Convulsions Induced By Pentylentetrazole after Maturation (چکیده)
181 - Heat transfer in open microchannel at constant heat flux (چکیده)
182 - Experimental Investigations Water Surface Characteristics in Strongly-Curved Open Channels (چکیده)
183 - Effects of Different Media on Valeriana officinalis L. Root and Essential Oil Yield Under Open Field Soilless Culture Conditions (چکیده)
184 - Fresh yield and Esential Oil yield of Mentha x piperita L. in Open Field Soilless Culture and Conventional Condition (چکیده)
185 - بررسی اثر استرس دوران جنینی بر رفتارهای هیجانی، جستجوگری و ویژگیهای مورفولوژیک هیپوکامپ رت ویستار (چکیده)
186 - Synthesis of a new heterocyclic system-Fluoreno[1,2-d]imidazol-10-one (چکیده)
187 - Using vorticity to define conditions at multiple open boundaries for simulating flow in a simplified vortex settling basin (چکیده)
188 - AOMP: An agent based OpenMP programming (چکیده)
190 - Assessment of changes in Anxiety and Exploratory Behaviours Following Zinc Supplementation in Rats (چکیده)
191 - Effect of age at first calving on milk production and days open in first-parity Iranian Holstein dairy cows (چکیده)
192 - Marked Improvement of Hungarian Sour Cherries Grown in Iran by Cross-Pollination 1: Fruit Set (چکیده)
193 - Anesthesia in Caspian ponies (چکیده)
194 - Ring Opening of Epoxides By Zn(OAc)2 /1,7-Bis(2-Benzoic Acid)-1,4,7-Trioxaheptane (ZnBBATOH) as a New Catalyst (چکیده)
195 - Zn(OAc)2 / Podand Catalyzed Ring Opening of Epoxides By Aromatic Amines under Solvent-Free Conditions (چکیده)
196 - Microwave-Assisted Cleavage of Epoxides with Amines in the Presence of the Catalytic Zn(OAc)2/1,7-Bis(2-Benzoic Acid)-1,4,7-Trioxaheptane :ZnBBATOH (چکیده)
197 - Crown Ethers as New Catalysts in the Highly Regioselective Halogenative Cleavage of Epoxides with Elemental Halogen (چکیده)
198 - Effect of age at fi rst calving on milk production and days open in fi rst-parity Iranian Holstein dairy cows (چکیده)
199 - Labratory Effect of Thiopental Anesthesia In Donkey (چکیده)
200 - Boundary shear stress in open channel flow: A comparison among six methods (چکیده)
201 - Spectroscopic study of 2,3-bis(p-methoxybenzoyl)cyclopentadiene as potential iron(III)-chelating age (چکیده)
202 - Prediction of stage–discharge curves in open-channels using a fixed-point velocity measurement (چکیده)
203 - Investigation of hydrazine addition to functionalized furans: synthesis of new functionalized 4,4′-bipyrazole derivatives (چکیده)
204 - EIS examination of mill scale on mild steel with polyester–epoxy powder coating (چکیده)
205 - structure and vibrational spectra of the enol form of hexafluoro- acetylacetone. a density functiona (چکیده)
206 - The effects of different additives in electrolyte of AGM batteries on self-discharge (چکیده)
207 - Effects of Zn-7® on open wound healing in dogs (چکیده)
208 - Excited D-brane decay in cubic string field theory and in bosonic string theory (چکیده)
209 - Gauge invariant operators and closed string scattering in open string field theory (چکیده)
210 - A simple model for estimation of dimensionless isovel contours in open channels (چکیده)
211 - Application of the single point measurement in discharge estimation (چکیده)
212 - New Method for Estimation of Discharge (چکیده)
213 - Building an Enterprise Information Portal Using Open Source Software (چکیده)