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کلمات کلیدی: ERIC

موارد یافت شده: 677

1 - Detection and characterization of potentially hybrid enteroaggregative Escherichia coli (EAEC) strains isolated from urinary tract infection (چکیده)
2 - Numerical Simulation and Performance Analysis of Multi-Stage Electroosmotic Micropumps (چکیده)
3 - Improved Inequalities for Numerical Radius via Cartesian Decomposition (چکیده)
4 - Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Gyroid Triply Periodic Minimal Surface Heat Exchanger: A Numerical Approach (چکیده)
5 - Morphological effects of spherical SiO2 and hexagonal mesoporous MCM‐41 nanoparticles in polyacrylonitrile mixed matrix membranes on the biofouling mitigation in short‐term filtration (چکیده)
6 - Numerical Radius of Bounded Operators with ℓ p -Norm (چکیده)
7 - A food safety gadget for acrylamide determination: Aptamer placement at surfactant-liquid crystal interface (چکیده)
8 - Reconciling the magnetic field in central disc galaxies with the dynamical mass using the cosmological simulations (چکیده)
9 - Molecular typing of avian Escherichia coli isolates by enterobacterial repetitive intergenic consensus sequences-polymerase chain reaction (ERIC-PCR) (چکیده)
10 - Bacterial contamination of dead-in-shell embryos in ostrich hatcheries and antimicrobial resistance patterns of isolated Escherichia coli (چکیده)
11 - Molecular characterization, genetic diversity and antibacterial susceptibility ofEscherichia coliencoding Shiga toxin 2f in domestic pigeons (چکیده)
12 - Virulence profiling and genetic relatedness of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli isolated from humans and ruminants (چکیده)
13 - Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Iran: Time to Look Closer (چکیده)
14 - Prevalence and clonal distribution of avian Escherichia coli isolates harboring increased serum survival (iss) gene (چکیده)
15 - Molecular characterization of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli hemolysin gene (EHEC- hlyA )-harboring isolates from cattle reveals a diverse origin and hybrid diarrheagenic strains (چکیده)
16 - Computational study of multiphase flow in cement plant gas conditioning towers: a review (چکیده)
17 - Effect of Atmospheric Pressure Argon Plasma on Physicochemical, Structural and Rheological Properties of Sorghum Starch (چکیده)
18 - Report Of A Large Aural Hemangiopericytoma Mass In A Sarabi Dog (چکیده)
19 - Phenotypic and Genotypic Characterization of Colistin Resistance in Escherichia coli Isolated from Bovine Mastitis (چکیده)
20 - Aerodynamic Assessment of a Control Strategy Based on Twist Morphing Wing in a Flying Wing Aircraft (چکیده)
21 - بررسی اثر محو شدگی پاسخ کالریمتر تداخل‌سنجی تمام‌نگاری به روش حل عددی (چکیده)
22 - Preparation and characterization of PPO/PS porous membrane for desalination via direct contact membrane distillation (DCMD) (چکیده)
23 - 3D Numerical investigation of flow and heat transfer from an immersed vertical cylinder with the constant rotation speed in an unbounded stationary fluid (چکیده)
24 - Possible Relationship of Novel Phylogenetic Structure With Antimicrobial Resistance, Biofilm Formation, and Hemolytic Activity in Uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC) (چکیده)
25 - Polymeric membranes for the oxygen enrichment of air in sulfur recovery units: Prevention of catalyst deactivation through BTX reduction (چکیده)
26 - Optimizing Mineralization of Bioprinted Bone Utilizing Type-2 Fuzzy Systems (چکیده)
27 - The Developed Conservation Element and Solution Element Method in Two-Dimensional Spherical Coordinate and Its Application to the Analysis of Non-Fourier Heat Conduction (چکیده)
28 - Experimental study on the tensile load-carrying capacity of steel/GFRP bonding in moisture and acidic environments at high temperature (چکیده)
29 - Micro-scale steady-state numerical investigation of premixed combustion of ammonia/hydrogen/air mixture (چکیده)
30 - Free-damped vibration tangential wave responses of FG-sandwich merged hemispherical-cylindrical shells under effects of artificial springs at merging and boundary conditions (چکیده)
31 - An asymptotic computational method for the nonlinear weakly singular integral models in option pricing (چکیده)
32 - Improved inequalities for operator space numerical radius (چکیده)
33 - In vitro antibacterial effect of leaves and root extract of Allium paradoxum on control of Escherichia coli O157:H7 (چکیده)
34 - A Synoptic- and Remote Sensing-based Analysis of a Severe Dust Storm Event over Central Asia (چکیده)
35 - Development of self-healable acrylic water-based environmental-friendly coating as an alternative to chromates coatings (چکیده)
36 - Numerical investigation of liquefaction-induced settlement and instability on earth dams (چکیده)
37 - Evaluation of cockroach i> (Periplaneta americana) /i> powder as a potential feed ingredient for ruminants: chemical composition, fatty acids profile and ruminal degradability (چکیده)
38 - Some Sharp Estimations for Davis–Wielandt Radius in B(H) (چکیده)
39 - q-Numerical radius inequalities for Hilbert space (چکیده)
40 - Antimicrobial Effect of Chitosan Coating Prepared by Neutral Electrolyzed Water against Inoculated Escherichia coli O157: H7 on Rainbow trout fillets (چکیده)
41 - Simulations of star-forming main-sequence galaxies in Milgromian gravity (چکیده)
42 - Occurrence, Virulence Characteristics, and Serogroups of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli Isolated from Sheep and Goats in Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran (چکیده)
43 - Antimicrobial resistance, virulence associated genes and phylogenetic background versus plasmid replicon types: the possible associations in avian pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC) (چکیده)
44 - A family of second-order fully explicit time integration schemes (چکیده)
45 - An accurate predictor-corrector time integration method for structural dynamics (چکیده)
46 - Elasto‐plastic analysis of three‐dimensional structures (چکیده)
47 - Irrigation Scheduling of Walnut Seedlings Using HYDRUS-1D and Taguchi Optimization Approach (چکیده)
48 - Dual‐drug delivery of sodium ceftriaxone and metronidazole by applying salt‐assisted chitosan nanoparticles: Stability, drug release, and time‐kill assay study against Bacteroides fragilis (چکیده)
49 - شبیه سازی سه بعدی توربین کروی لوسید و بررسی تاثیر پارامترهای مختلف پره ها بر عملکرد آن (چکیده)
50 - Dynamic Discrimination Pricing and Freelance Drivers to Rebalance Mixed-Fleet Carsharing Systems (چکیده)
51 - Circumferential vibration analysis of nano-porous-sandwich assembled spherical-cylindrical-conical shells under elastic boundary conditions (چکیده)
52 - Analysis of three-dimensional cavitating flow over different cavitators using boundary element method (چکیده)
53 - Interaction of Escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin B-pentamer with exopolysaccharides from Leuconostoc mesenteroides P35: Insights from surface plasmon resonance and molecular docking studies (چکیده)
54 - Experimental and numerical analyses of damaged-steel plate reinforced by CFRP patch in moisture and the acidic environment under tensile test (چکیده)
55 - Wave frequency responses estimate of the nanocomposite linked hemispherical-conical shell underwater-like bodies with the impacts of two types of graphene-based nanofillers (چکیده)
56 - Impact of a new formulated silicone based separator gel on clinical chemistry assays (چکیده)
57 - Polymeric nanoparticles containing different oils as insecticides against the storage pest Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) (چکیده)
58 - Numerical study of heat transfer and fluid flow of supercritical water in twisted spiral tubes (چکیده)
59 - TRMM-Based Analysis of Seasonal Convective and Stratiform Rainfall Cycles in Iran (چکیده)
60 - A whole-thermoplastic microfluidic chip with integrated on-chip micropump, bioreactor and oxygenator for cell culture applications (چکیده)
61 - The effect of fermentation conditions (temperature, salt concentration, and pH) with lactobacillus strains for producing Short Chain Fatty Acids (چکیده)
62 - Antibiotic resistance, phylogenetic typing, and virulence genes profile analysis of uropathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from patients in southern Iraq (چکیده)
63 - Molecular simulation of methane on various g-C3N4 isomers: collision, adsorption, desorption, and diffusion studies (چکیده)
64 - امکان سنجی حقوقی تعقیب مقامات آمریکایی وضع کنندۀ تحریم علیه جمهوری اسلامی ایران در دیوان بین المللی کیفری (چکیده)
65 - An underrelaxed-modified Picard iteration scheme for simulation of 3D wetting pattern under drip irrigation using Richards’ equation on non-orthogonal grids (چکیده)
66 - Peak Spring Flood Discharge Magnitude and Timing in Natural Rivers across Northern Finland: Long-Term Variability, Trends, and Links to Climate Teleconnections (چکیده)
67 - The role of ENSO in atmospheric water vapor variability during cold months over Iran (چکیده)
68 - Adulteration detection of Sudan Red and metanil yellow in turmeric powder by NIR spectroscopy and chemometrics: The role of preprocessing methods in analysis (چکیده)
69 - Numerical analysis of vacuum drying of a porous body in the integrated domain (چکیده)
70 - Evaluation of resistance to fluoroquinolones and determination of mutations in gyrA and parC genes in Escherichia coli isolated from raw milk of dairy cows with coliform mastitis in Khorasan Razavi province Iran (چکیده)
71 - The Effect of Exchnage Rate on Revenue from Tourism Industry in Selected Southwest Asian Countries with Using System Generalized Method of Moments (چکیده)
72 - Analyses of non-Fourier heat conduction in 1-D spherical biological tissue based on dual-phase-lag bio-heat model using the conservation element/solution element (CE/SE) method: A numerical study (چکیده)
73 - Classification of synoptic weather clusters associated with dust accumulation over southeastern areas of the Caspian Sea (Northeast Iran and Karakum desert) (چکیده)
74 - Encapsulation of Zataria multiflora Essential Oil in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Sensory Evaluation and Antibacterial Activity in Commercial Soup (چکیده)
75 - Tannic acid-modified magnetic hydrotalcite-based MgAl nanoparticles for the in vitro targeted delivery of doxorubicin to the estrogen receptor-overexpressing colorectal cancer cells (چکیده)
76 - ٍEvalution of the effects of Hypericum perforatum extract on HIV, IAV.and sars-Cov2 (چکیده)
77 - Rare case of hemangiopericytoma in a domestic short hair cat (چکیده)
78 - The role of disc torques in forming resonant planetary systems (چکیده)
79 - Correction to: A modified flux-wave formula for the solution of second order macroscopic traffic flow models (چکیده)
80 - Agglomerated impact of CNT vs. GNP nanofillers on hybridization of polymer matrix for vibration of coupled hemispherical-conical-conical shells (چکیده)
81 - Detection of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase genes among Escherichia coli isolates from urinary tract infection in Mashhad (چکیده)
82 - Multifunctional trace of various reinforcements on vibrations of three-phase nanocomposite combined hemispherical-cylindrical shells (چکیده)
83 - شبیه سازی سیستم پرتودرمانی حین عمل INTRABEAM به همراه اپلیکاتورهای کروی توسط ابزار مونت کارلوی GEANT4 (چکیده)
84 - Monte Carlo based analysis and evaluation of energy spectrum for low-kV IORT spherical applicators (چکیده)
85 - Effective energy assessment during breast cancer intraoperative radiotherapy by low-energy X-rays: A Monte Carlo study (چکیده)
86 - Impact of spherical applicator diameter on relative biologic effectiveness of low energy IORT X-rays: A hybrid Monte Carlo study (چکیده)
87 - Relationship Between Antibiotic Resistance Patterns and O-Serogroups in Uropathogenic Escherichia coli Strains Isolated from Iraqi Patients (چکیده)
88 - Resensitizing resistant Escherichia Coli ST131 to Macrolide using Fluoroquinolones (چکیده)
89 - Review of the strain-based formulation for analysis of plane structures Part II: Evaluation of the numerical performance (چکیده)
90 - Review of the strain-based formulation for analysis of plane structures Part I: Formulation of basics and the existing elements (چکیده)
91 - Modeling the ionospheric gradient by using VSS base functions and GPS data over Iran (چکیده)
92 - Finite Element Method for Freezing and Thawing Industrial Food Processes (چکیده)
93 - Galectin 1 and Superoxide Dismutase are Involved in Wound Healing by Larval Therapy (چکیده)
94 - Failure analysis of fiberglass‐vinyl ester composite cylinders subjected to fire and asymmetric transient pressure (چکیده)
95 - On the performance of HLL, HLLC, and Rusanov solvers for hyperbolic traffic models (چکیده)
96 - Helical Pile: New Experiences in Iran (چکیده)
97 - Development of a numerical formulation for n-dimensional heat equation (چکیده)
98 - Embryo Culture of New Hybrid of Pecan (Carya Illinoensis) with Walnut (J. Regia and J. Nigra) (چکیده)
99 - Numerical Modeling for the Photocatalytic Degradation of Methyl Orange from Aqueous Solution using Cellulose/Zinc Oxide Hybrid Aerogel: Comparison with Experimental Data (چکیده)
100 - Numerical Study of Porous Media Effect on the Blade Surface of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Enhancement of Aerodynamic Performance (چکیده)
101 - A novel approach towards obesity: The use of a bacterial product, gassericin A, in 3T3-L1 cells (چکیده)
102 - Exploring mechano-bactericidal nature of Psalmocharias cicadas wings: an analytical nanotopology investigation based on atomic force microscopy characterization (چکیده)
103 - Evaluation of the chemical and antibacterial properties of Citrus paradise essential oil and its application in Lallemantia iberica seed mucilage edible coating to improve the physicochemical, microbiological and sensory properties of lamb during refrigerated storage (چکیده)
104 - The effect of a novel drug delivery system using encapsulated antimicrobial peptide Protonectin (IL-12) into Nano micelle PEG-PCL on A549 adenocarcinoma lung cell line (چکیده)
105 - Escherichia coli enhances the virulence factors of Candida albicans, the cause of vulvovaginal candidiasis, in a dual bacterial/fungal biofilm (چکیده)
106 - Numerical radius inequalities for Hilbert $C^*$-modules (چکیده)
107 - Molecular characterization and antimicrobial resistance of potentially human‐pathogenic Escherichia coli strains isolated from riding horses (چکیده)
108 - Physical modification of Lepidium perfoliatum seed gum using cold atmospheric-pressure plasma treatment (چکیده)
109 - An evaluation of IR spectroscopy for authentication of adulterated turmeric powder using pattern recognition (چکیده)
110 - The Role of Spatial Gradient on Vertical Total Electron Content Extraction From Geodetic Very Long Baseline Interferometry Observation: Case Study CONT08 to CONT17‐L1 (چکیده)
111 - Climatology of the Sistan Levar wind: Atmospheric dynamics driving its onset, duration and withdrawal (چکیده)
112 - Pushing planets into an inner cavity by a resonant chain (چکیده)
113 - Numerical simulation and PIV measurement of flow field in a pipe fitted with V-shape baffles (چکیده)
114 - Muslimness in the United States and Spaces of Individual Identity: Scrutinizing Mattu and Maznavi’s American Muslim Characters (چکیده)
115 - Numerical heat transfer enhancement using different nanofluids flow through venturi and wavy tubes (چکیده)
116 - Geometrically nonlinear thermohermo-mechanical analysis of grapheneraphene-reinforced moving polymer nanoplates (چکیده)
117 - A comprehensive investigation into the performance, robustness, scalability and convergence of chaos-enhanced evolutionary algorithms with boundary constraints (چکیده)
118 - Upgrading Atmospheric Residue by Simultaneous Employment of Ionic Liquid Ultrasonic and Thermal Cracking (چکیده)
119 - Gravitational instability of non-isothermal filamentary molecular clouds in presence of external pressure (چکیده)
120 - Assessment of a cylindrical porous radiant burner with internal combustion regime for sustainable energy: Numerical analysis of the radiant efficiency and NO production (چکیده)
121 - Vibrational Analysis of Cables Using the Non Standard Finite Difference Method (چکیده)
122 - Antimicrobial resistance in Escherichia coli isolated from different parts of the digestive tract of sheep (چکیده)
123 - Roberts numerical radius orthogonality (چکیده)
124 - Numerical Radius Inequalities Concerning with Algebra Norms (چکیده)
125 - Numerical analytic method for solving a large class of generalized non-homogeneous variable coefficients KdV problems based on lie symmetries (چکیده)
126 - The Inhibition of Escherichia coli O157:H7 Inoculated in Hamburger Using a Chitosan/Cellulose Nanofiber Film Containing the Nanoemulsion of Trachyspermum ammi and Bunium persicum Essential Oils (چکیده)
127 - Numerical modeling of casing collapse in Gachsaran formation in Sirri-E oilfield in Persian Gulf (چکیده)
128 - A Geomechanical Evaluation of Fault Reactivation Using Analytical Methods and Numerical Simulation (چکیده)
129 - Genotypic and phenotypic characterization of enteroaggregative Escherichia coli (EAEC) isolates from diarrheic children: An unresolved diagnostic paradigm exists (چکیده)
130 - Numerical Investigation of the Energy Saving and Environmental Aspects of a Cylindrical Porous Radiant Burner with Internal Combustion Regime (چکیده)
131 - Numerical simulation of the Mexico wind turbine using the actuator disk model along with the 3D correction of aerodynamic coefficients in OpenFOAM (چکیده)
132 - Numerical Analysis of a Simple Mathematical Model to Design Bioremediation System in Rhizosphere (چکیده)
133 - تایپینگ مولکولی و تفکیک گونه های بروسلا جداسازی شده از سقط جنین دام های اهلی در شمال و شرق ایران (چکیده)
134 - Shrinkage estimation of non-negative mean vector with unknown covariance under balance loss (چکیده)
135 - Physicochemical properties of Grass pea (Lathyrus sativus L.) protein nanoparticles fabricated by cold atmospheric-pressure plasma (چکیده)
136 - Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Ratcheting Behavior of SS 316L Thin-Walled Pipes Subjected to Cyclic Internal Pressure (چکیده)
137 - Numerical analysis of sensor-based flood-floor ebb-and-flow subirrigation system with saline water (چکیده)
138 - A Comparison of phylogenetic groups between mastitis causing strains of Escherichia coli and fecal isolates (چکیده)
139 - Theoretical study on the absorption of carbon dioxide by DBU-based ionic liquids (چکیده)
140 - Molecular Isolation Probiotic Property and Bacteriocin Production of Enterococcus faecium (TM81) and Lactobacillus curvatus (TM51) with Anti-Listerial Activity in Native Dairy Products of Iran (چکیده)
141 - Antibacterial activity of Ag nanoparticles/phosphomolybdate/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite: Kinetics and mechanism insights (چکیده)
142 - Generating curves of the inverse q-numerical ranges of 2-by-2 matrices (چکیده)
143 - Development of three multiplex-PCR assays for virulence profiling of different iron acquisition systems in Escherichia coli (چکیده)
144 - Cylindrical porous radiant burner with internal combustion regime: Energy saving analysis using response surface method (چکیده)
145 - Numerical Investigation on the Deformational Behavior of Continuous Buried Pipelines Under Reverse Faulting (چکیده)
146 - Aerodynamic investigation of twist angle variation based on wing smarting for a flying wing (چکیده)
147 - A new model for simulation of collection and conveyance sections of Qanat (چکیده)
148 - Computational study of nanoparticle assisted hyperthermia in tumors embedded with large blood vessels (چکیده)
149 - Numerical investigation of drug delivery by using magnetic field in a 90-degree bent vessel: a 3D simulation (چکیده)
150 - Fractional spectral differentiation matrices based on Legendre approximation (چکیده)
151 - Optimization of Quadrilateral Infiltration Trench Using Numerical Modeling and Taguchi Approach (چکیده)
152 - Melting process of paraffin wax inside plate heat exchanger: experimental and numerical study (چکیده)
153 - Effect of atmospheric cold plasma on structure, interfacial and emulsifying properties of Grass pea (Lathyrus sativus L.) protein isolate (چکیده)
154 - Public health aspects of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) strains in sheep and goats of Bakhtiari pastoral tribe, Iran (چکیده)
155 - Robust approach leading to novel densely functionalized four-cyclic benzo[e]pyrazolo[5′,1′:2,3]pyrimido[4,5-b][1,4]diazepines with antibacterial activity toward resistant strains (چکیده)
156 - Use of a genetically engineered E. coli overexpressing β-glucuronidase accompanied by glycyrrhizic acid, a natural and anti-inflammatory agent, for directed treatment of colon carcinoma in a mouse model (چکیده)
157 - Seminorm and numerical radius inequalities of operators in semi-Hilbertian spaces (چکیده)
158 - Numerical Simulations of Low-Reynolds-Number Flow Past Finite Wings with Leading-Edge Protuberances (چکیده)
159 - Thermal decomposition mechanisms of some amino acid ionic liquids: Molecular approach (چکیده)
160 - Chemical Composition and Antibacterial Activity of the Emulsion and Nano-emulsion of Ziziphora clinopodioides Essential Oil against Escherichia coli O157:H7 (چکیده)
161 - Solubility variations of Tirgan limestone in Northeast of Iran with change of PH and temperature (چکیده)
162 - Norm-parallelism and the Davis–Wielandt radius of Hilbert space operators (چکیده)
163 - Sharp Inequalities for the Numerical Radii of Block Operator Matrices (چکیده)
164 - Leaf Epidermal Microfeatures of 28 Salix Species under Scanning Electronic Microscope and Their Taxonomical Significances (چکیده)
165 - Travel time computations using a compact eikonal equation for vertical transverse isotropic media (چکیده)
166 - Controlling refractive index of transformation-optics devices via optical path rescaling (چکیده)
167 - Some numerical radius inequality for several operators (چکیده)
168 - Molecular Evidence for the Presence of enteroaggregative Escherichia coli (EAEC) among E. coli Isolates from Human Urinary Tract Infections (چکیده)
169 - Detection of some quinolone resistance plasmid genes (qnrA, qnrB, qnrS) in Escherichia coli isolated from human urinary tract infection (چکیده)
170 - A numerical investigation of magnetic mixing in electroosmotic flows (چکیده)
171 - The Language and Culture of a Dream: A Case Study (چکیده)
172 - A new higher-order strain-based plane element (چکیده)
173 - Inhibitory Effect of Nano-gel/emulsion of Chitosan Coating Incorporated with Ziziphora Clinopodioides Essential Oil and Nisin on Escherichia Coli O157:H7 Inoculated in Beef at Cold Storage Condition (چکیده)
174 - Numerical Analysis of Hydraulic Flow Characteristics in Prismatic Compound Channels Using Flow3D Software (چکیده)
175 - Zircon U-Pb geochronology, geochemistry, Sr-Nd isotopic compositions, and tectonomagmatic implications of Nay (NE Iran) postcollisional intrusives in the Sabzevar zone (چکیده)
176 - Application of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Image Processing for Prediction of the Geometrical Properties of Roasted Pistachio Nuts and Kernels (چکیده)
177 - Kinetic pattern and microbial population dynamic characterization of Escherichia coli and Salmonella enteritidis in Frankfurter sausage: An experimental and modeling study (چکیده)
178 - Numerical study of the effects of nanofluids and phase-change materials in photovoltaic thermal (PVT) systems (چکیده)
179 - Phenotypic and genotypic study on antimicrobial resistance patterns of E. coli isolates from bovine mastitis (چکیده)
180 - Investigation and comparison of performance of some air gun projectiles with nose shape modifications (چکیده)
181 - Trajectory modication of a transonic spherical projectile under hop-up mechanism (چکیده)
182 - Numerical investigation of turbulent Cu-water nanofluid in heat exchanger tube equipped with perforated conical rings (چکیده)
183 - Analyzing trends of days with low atmospheric visibility in Iran during 1968–2013 (چکیده)
184 - Investigating the effect of engine speed and flight altitude on the performance of throttle body injection (TBI) system of a two-stroke air-powered engine (چکیده)
185 - Experimental and Numerical Characterization of Drop Impact on a Hydrophobic Cylinder (چکیده)
186 - A Numerical Investigation on the Performance of the Brick Stair Wall as a Supporting Structure by Considering Adjacent Building (چکیده)
187 - A 3-D numerical simulation of non-Newtonian blood flow through femoral artery bifurcation with a moderate arteriosclerosis investigating Newtonian/non-Newtonian flow and its effects on elastic vessel walls (چکیده)
188 - Flow simulation over a triangular labyrinth side weir in a rectangular channel (چکیده)
189 - Relative Cayley graphs of finite groups (چکیده)
190 - Investigating the behavior factor of coupled concrete shear walls with steel coupling beam (چکیده)
191 - Chemical composition, antioxidative‎, antibacterial‎‎, and time-kill activities of ‎some selected plant essential oils against foodborne pathogenic and spoilage ‎organisms (چکیده)
192 - Towards A Theory of Comparative Literature: From West To The Arab World (چکیده)
193 - Systematic significance of seed morphology in Acanthophyllum (Caryophyllaceae: tribe Caryophylleae) in Iran (چکیده)
194 - Inhibitory Effect of Biologically Synthesized Silver Nanoparticle on Growth and Virulence of E. coli (چکیده)
195 - Hydrophobic Impact of a Droplet on a Solid Cylinder: Experiments and Simulations (چکیده)
196 - Inner Voices of Memory: An Investigation of Tony Morrison’s Beloved (چکیده)
197 - The Analysis of Plath’s The Bell Jar Based on Friedan’s Views (چکیده)
198 - Enhancing the convergence speed of numerical solution using the flow rate control in a novel lattice Boltzmann method (چکیده)
199 - In vitro shoot Proliferation of Hypericum perforatum L. through Indirect and Direct Plant Regeneration (چکیده)
200 - Effects of Methyl Jasmonate and Chitosanon Shoot and Callus Growth of Iranian Hypericum perforatum L. in vitro Cultures (چکیده)
201 - African American Twelver Shia Community of New York (چکیده)
202 - Early Muslims in America (چکیده)
203 - Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern of Escherichia Coli Isolates to Antibacterial Agents in Urmia, Iran (چکیده)
204 - Survey on Tetracycline resistance gene (tetA) in Escherichia coli isolates from broilers in Urmia (چکیده)
205 - Survey on Sulfonamide resistance gene (sul1) in Escherichia coli isolates from broilers in Urmia (چکیده)
206 - Antimicrobial susceptibility of Escherichia coli isolated from broiler chicken carcasses from poultry farms in North and Northwest of Iran (چکیده)
207 - Antimicrobial resistance profile and prevalence of tetracycline resistance genes in Escherichia coli isolates from broiler chickens, Northwestern Iran. (چکیده)
208 - Antimicrobial susceptibility of one thousand bacterial isolates to five commonly used antibacterial agents in Iranian poultry industry (چکیده)
209 - Epidemiological typing of Brucella strains isolated from livestock by enterobacterial repetitive intergenic consensus (ERIC) PCR (چکیده)
210 - Numerical Investigation of Tsunami Wave Generation Using a Piston-Type Wavemaker (چکیده)
213 - Valve fault detection for single-stage reciprocating compressors (چکیده)
214 - Correlations for estimating natural gas leakage from above-ground and buried urban distribution pipelines (چکیده)
215 - Heterologous expression of a broad-spectrum chimeric antimicrobial peptide in Lactococcus lactis: Its safety and molecular modeling evaluation (چکیده)
216 - CFD analysis of natural gas emission from damaged pipelines: Correlation development for leakage estimation (چکیده)
217 - Staining Ability of Turmeric-Persica Solution and Turmeric-GC-MI Plus Paste on Remnant Adhesive Resin after Bracket Debonding (چکیده)
218 - An Efficient Numerical Method for a Class of Nonlinear Volterra Integro-Differential Equations (چکیده)
219 - Engineering, Cloning and Expression of DNA Sequence Coding of OMP31 Epitope of Brucella melitensis linked to IL-2 in Escherichia coli (چکیده)
220 - Applications of nanofluids in condensing and evaporating systems (چکیده)
221 - Numerical Study of Bond – Slip Mechanism in Advanced Externally Bonded Strengthening Composites (چکیده)
222 - Tautomeric Equilibria Studies by UV-Vis Spectroscopy in β-diketones (چکیده)
223 - Natural enemies of Peliococcus kimmericus (Hem: Pseudococcidae) in Mashhad, Iran (چکیده)
224 - Dietary administration of eryngii mushroom ( Pleurotus eryngii ) powder on haemato-immunological responses, bactericidal activity of skin mucus and growth performance of koi carp fingerlings ( Cyprinus carpio koi) (چکیده)
225 - Numerical fatigue analysis of premolars restoredby CAD/CAM ceramic crowns (چکیده)
226 - Energy and drying time optimization of a coupled heat and mass transfer during convective drying: Taguchi and LBM methods (چکیده)
227 - A numerical investigation of preheated diluted oxidizer influence on NOx emission of biogas flameless combustion using Taguchi approach (چکیده)
228 - Numerical simulation of two-tier geosynthetic-reinforced-soil walls using two-phase approach (چکیده)
229 - Numerical And Analytical Study Of Oxygen Transport In Microfluidics Bioreactors (چکیده)
230 - Pathogenic potential of Shiga toxinproducing Escherichia coli strains of caprine origin: virulence genes, Shiga toxin subtypes, phylogenetic background and clonal relatedness (چکیده)
231 - Numerical and Experimental Study on Ratcheting Behavior of Plates with Circular Cutouts under Cyclic Axial Loading (چکیده)
232 - Entropy generation analysis of nanofluid flow over a spherical heat source inside a channel with sudden expansion and contraction (چکیده)
233 - Natural convection in an inclined cavity with time-periodic temperature boundary conditions using nanofluids: Application in solar collectors (چکیده)
234 - Fermented rapeseed meal is effective in controlling Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium infection and improving growth performance in broiler chicks (چکیده)
235 - Gravitational instability of filamentary molecular clouds, including ambipolar diffusion; non-isothermal filament (چکیده)
236 - Generalized Differential Evolution (چکیده)
237 - Expression of HA1 antigen of H5N1 influenza virus as a potent candidate for vaccine in bacterial system (چکیده)
238 - Purification of ISS protein from avian pathogenic Escherichia coli strain χ1378 by affinity chromatography (چکیده)
239 - Effects of atmospheric stability conditions on heat fluxes from small water surfaces in (semi-)arid regions (چکیده)
240 - Performance enhancement of straight and wavy miniature heat sinks using pin-fin interruptions and nanofluids (چکیده)
241 - Molecular typing of uropathogenic E.coli .... (چکیده)
242 - Evaluation of immune responses induced by polymeric OMP25-BLS Brucella antigen (چکیده)
243 - Determination of the Phylogenetic Groups of Escherichia Coli Isolates in the Subjects Afflicted with Urinary Tract Infections, Using Multiplex PCR in Mashhad (چکیده)
244 - Detection of resistant genes ESBL in Escherichia coli isolated from patients with Urinary Tract Infection in Ghaem and Emam Reza hospitals in Mashhad (چکیده)
245 - Survival and partitioning of male‐specific coliphage (MS2) as a surrogate for enteric viruses in the production process of traditional butter (چکیده)
246 - A sensitive electrochemical aptasensor based on single wall carbon nanotube modified screen printed electrode for detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 (چکیده)
247 - Impact of atmospheric circulation types on southwest Asian dust and Indian summer monsoon rainfall (چکیده)
248 - Anti-capitalism in Miller's Death of a Salesman and Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross (چکیده)
249 - Lyotard's Notion of Grand Narratives in Death of a Salesman and Glengarry Glen Ross (چکیده)
250 - Effect of meat aging on survival of MS2 bacteriophage as a surrogate of enteric viruses on lamb meat (چکیده)
251 - Spectral method for simulating 3D heat and mass transfer during drying of apple slices (چکیده)
252 - Mathematical modeling of laser linear thermal effects on the anterior layer of the human eye (چکیده)
253 - Climatology of atmospheric circulation patterns of Arabian dust in western Iran (چکیده)
254 - David Mamet’s Oleanna and the Educational System as an Ideological State Apparatus in the Capitalist Society of America (چکیده)
255 - Lyotard's Notion of Grand Narratives in Death of a Salesman and Glengarry Glen Ross (چکیده)
256 - Thermal inactivation of MS2 bacteriophage as a surrogate of enteric viruses in cow milk (چکیده)
257 - The effect of brain hemispheres stimulation and how to specialize in programming a motor task: a transcranial direct current stimulation study (چکیده)
258 - New Model for Simulating Hydraulic Performance of an Infiltration Trench with Finite-Volume One-Dimensional Richards’ Equation (چکیده)
259 - Modified differential transformation method for solving nonlinear dynamic problems (چکیده)
260 - Antibacterial activity of poly-l-arginine under different conditions (چکیده)
261 - Free vibration analysis of dissimilar connected CNTs with atomic imperfections and different locations of connecting region (چکیده)
262 - Kinetics and mechanism of antibacterial activity and cytotoxicity of Ag-RGO nanocomposite (چکیده)
263 - Nomenclatural notes on Acanthophyllum (Caryophylleae, Caryophyllaceae) (چکیده)
265 - How Does an Asymmetric Magnetic Field Change The Vertical Structure of a Hot Accretion Flow? (چکیده)
266 - The Kelvin–Helmholtz Instability in the Orion Nebula: The Effect of Radiation Pressure (چکیده)
267 - A numerical investigation on preparation parameters for restoring premolars (چکیده)
268 - A new formulation for polymeric separator gels for potential use in blood serum separator tubes (چکیده)
269 - Numerical solution of three-dimensional N-S equations and energy in the case of unsteady stagnation-point flow on a rotating vertical cylinder (چکیده)
270 - Applications of magnetohydrodynamics in biological systems-a review on the numerical studies (چکیده)
271 - The Inhibitory Effects of Static Magnetic Field on Escherichia coli from two Different Sources at Short Exposure Time. (چکیده)
272 - Researching Hemispheric Specialization in the Control of Final Position Accuracy Using the Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (چکیده)
273 - Digital neutron-gamma discrimination with scintillators: An innovative approach (چکیده)
274 - Neglected antibacterial activity of ethylene glycol as a common solvent (چکیده)
275 - Approximation methods for solving fractional optimal control problems (چکیده)
276 - Optimization of effective parameters on solar updraft tower to achieve potential maximum power output: A sensitivity analysis and numerical simulation (چکیده)
277 - Assessment of changes in atmospheric dynamics and dust activity over southwest Asia using the Caspian Sea–Hindu Kush Index (چکیده)
278 - Development of a Polymerase Chain Reaction-Temporal Temperature Gradient Gel Electrophoresis Assay for Identification of Salmonella enterica Subspecies enterica Using a Hypothetical Non-specific Endonucleas S. entericae Gene Sequence (چکیده)
279 - Extension of Euclidean operator radius inequalities (چکیده)
280 - Numerical investigation and sensitivity analysis of effective parameters to obtain potential maximum power output: A case study on Zanjan prototype solar chimney power plant (چکیده)
281 - A Taguchi approach for numerical investigation of CO emission from a non‑ premixed methane– air flame (چکیده)
282 - Gravitational instability of filamentary molecular clouds, including ambipolar diffusion (چکیده)
283 - An underrelaxed-modified Picard iteration scheme for simulation of 3D wetting pattern under drip irrigation using Richards’ equation on non-orthogonal grids (چکیده)
284 - A colorimetric aptasensor for rapid detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 (چکیده)
285 - Numerical study of non-Fourier heat conduction in a biolayer spherical living tissue during hyperthermia (چکیده)
286 - Non-axisymmetric stagnation-point flow and heat transfer of a viscous fluid on a stationary cylinder (چکیده)
289 - LES investigation of cavitating characteristics around a 3D sphere (چکیده)
290 - Phenotypic and genotypic aminoglycoside resistance patterns of Escherichia coli strains isolated from Bovine Mastitis (چکیده)
293 - Study of extended spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL) E.coli isolated from patients with urinary tract infection by double disc synergy test in Mashhad (چکیده)
294 - Survey of antibiotic-resistance patterns in E.coli isolated from patients with Urinary Tract Infection in Mashhad (چکیده)
295 - Anxious Masculinity: A Comparative Study of Philip Dick’s Scanner Darkly and Richard Linklater’s Adaptation (چکیده)
296 - Automated Diffuser Shape Optimization based on CFD Simulations and Surrogate Modeling (چکیده)
297 - Phylogenetic analysis of Escherichia coli isolates from healthy and diarrhoeic calves in Mashhad, Iran. (چکیده)
298 - A study on the presence of some potential virulence genes and quinolone resistance in avian pathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from chickens in Northeast of Iran (چکیده)
299 - Unaxisymmetric Stagnation-point Flow And Heat Transfer of A Viscous Fluid With Variable Viscosity On A Cylinder In Constsnt Heat Flux (چکیده)
300 - Molecular dynamics simulation study: The decryption of bi and tri aromatics behavior with NaX zeolite (چکیده)
301 - A Numerical Simulation of Cure Process Using General Coordinates Method (چکیده)
302 - Experimental and numerical study of metal-oxides/water nanofluids as coolant in photovoltaic thermal systems (PVT) (چکیده)
303 - Effect of temperature and light on germination behavior of PSII inhibiting herbicide resistant and susceptible junglerice (Echinochloa colona) populations (چکیده)
304 - A new approach for numerical solution of a linear system with distributed delays, Volterra delay-integro-differential equations, and nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm integral equation by Bezier curves (چکیده)
305 - Numerical modeling of concrete strength under multiaxial confinement pressures using linear genetic programming (چکیده)
306 - Inequalities for generalized Euclidean operator radius via Young's inequality (چکیده)
307 - The Survey of Microbial Quality of the Dry Sample, Extract and Brewing of some Medicinal Plants (چکیده)
308 - The Caspian Sea – Hindu Kush Index (CasHKI): definition, meteorological influences and Dust activities over southwest Asia (چکیده)
309 - An African-American Feminism Reading of The Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (چکیده)
310 - On the diffusion phenomenon of solvent within polymeric coatings:Development of a new model (چکیده)
311 - Entropy analysis of a solar-driven variable geometry ejector using computational fluid dynamics (چکیده)
312 - Bearing Capacity Factors of Ring Footings (چکیده)
313 - Numerical study of airfoil thickness effects on the performance of J-shaped straight blade vertical axis wind turbine (چکیده)
314 - Synthesis, characterization and gas separation properties of novel copolyimide membranes based on flexible etheric–aliphatic moieties (چکیده)
315 - Detection of eaeA, hlyA, stx1 and stx2 genes in pathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from broilers affected with colibacillosis (چکیده)
316 - Starting Torque Improvement Using J-Shaped Straight_Bladed Darrieus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine by Means of Numerical Simulation (چکیده)
317 - Canine Myiasis and Its Causal Agents in Northeastern Iran (چکیده)
318 - An experimental investigation on energy absorption behavior of thin-walled aluminum semispherical shells with and without foam (چکیده)
319 - Experimental investigation on energy absorption of steel spherical shells (چکیده)
320 - Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar: a Mirror of American Fifties (چکیده)
321 - Cloning, Sequencing, and Expression of FanC Antigen of Enterotoxigenic Escherichia Coli (چکیده)
322 - Numerical simulation of ambient vibration test based on dynamic analysis in time domain (چکیده)
323 - A Historical Profile of Persian Loan Words in the English Language (چکیده)
324 - Numerical Analysis of Seepage of Concrete-Coated Water Transmission Channels Considering Saturated-Unsaturated Conditions (چکیده)
325 - Nonlinear inelastic static analysis of frames with numerically generated tangent stiffness matrices (چکیده)
326 - Process Fragmentation: An Ontological Perspective (چکیده)
327 - Numerical Stabilization of Three-Dimensional Turbulent Natural Convection Around Isothermal Cylinder (چکیده)
328 - Detection of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) in faeces of healthy calves in Mashhad, Iran (چکیده)
329 - A New Explicit Time Integration Scheme for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis (چکیده)
330 - General thermo-elastic solution of radially heterogeneous, spherically isotropic rotating sphere (چکیده)
331 - An improved hybrid method for forward kinematic analysis of parallel robots (چکیده)
332 - Investigation of cavitation around 3D hemispherical head-form body and conical cavitators using different turbulence and cavitation models (چکیده)
333 - The Study of Bubble Coalescence in Coaxial and Side-by-Side Motions (چکیده)
334 - Effects of turmeric rhizome powder and source of oil in diet on blood metabolites, immune system and antioxidant status in heat stressed broiler chickens (چکیده)
335 - بررسی تاثیرات سینرژیستی اسانسهای آویشن (Ziziphora tenuir)، نعناع (Mentha spp) و کاکوتی (Ziziphora tenuir) در جلوگیری از رشد اشرشیاکلی O157:H7 در شرایط آزمایشگاهی با استفاده از روش سطح پاسخ (RSM) (چکیده)
336 - Alienation and Destructed Dreams in David Mamet's American Buffalo: A Sociological Approach (چکیده)
337 - Desperate Housewives in Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (چکیده)
338 - Synthesis and application of diethanolamine-functionalized polystyrene as a new sorbent for the removal of p-toluenesulfonic acid from aqueous solution (چکیده)
339 - مطالعه‎ی میکروبیولوژیک و هیستوپاتولوژیک پایودرمِ سگ‎ها‎ در یک جمعیت از سگ‎های اهلی ایران – مشهد (1393-1389) (چکیده)
340 - Phylogenetic group determination of Escherichia coli isolated from broilers and layers with colibacillosis (چکیده)
341 - New Nonlinear Formulation for Modeling the Vortex- Induced Vibrations of Flexibly Supported Cylinders (چکیده)
342 - Simulation of liquid sloshing in 2D containers using the volume of fluid method (چکیده)
343 - Construction of some accelerated methods for solving scalar stochastic differential equations (چکیده)
345 - General templates for n-noded bar elements based on reduced representations and numerical dispersion reduction by optimized finite elements (چکیده)
346 - FE modelling of the compressive behavior of porous copper-matrix nanocomposites (چکیده)
347 - Inequalities for operator space numerical radius of 2x2 block matrices (چکیده)
348 - Numerical and experimental investigation of a three dimensional spherical-nose projectile water entry problem (چکیده)
350 - Investigation of the in vitro effects of borage on the chemiluminescence of bovine neutrophils (چکیده)
351 - Time-temperature-transformation (TTT) diagram of caustic calcined magnesia (چکیده)
352 - Effects of pH and temperature on antibacterial activity of zinc oxide nanofluid against Escherichia coli O157: H7 and Staphylococcus aureus (چکیده)
353 - Study of cavitation and supercavitation around a 3D cylinder using Different Turbulence and Mass Transfer Models (چکیده)
354 - The role of throat orientation on dispersion of solvent in crude oil saturated porous media (چکیده)
355 - Elastic settlement of ring foundations (چکیده)
356 - Similar Portrayal of Two Invulnerable Heroes in Homer’s Iliad and Ferdowsi's Shahnameh (چکیده)
357 - The effect of grid configurations on potential and current densitydistributions in positive plate of lead–acid battery vianumerical modeling (چکیده)
358 - Some generalized numerical radius inequalities for Hilbert space operators (چکیده)
359 - Cartesian decomposition and numerical radius inequalities (چکیده)
360 - A revisit of stochastic theta method with some improvements (چکیده)
361 - Some derivative-free solvers for numerical solution of SODEs (چکیده)
362 - Modeling of gas release following pipeline rupture: Proposing nondimensional correlation (چکیده)
363 - In vitro Effect of Garlic Oil and Turmeric Extract on Methane Production from Gas Test Medium (چکیده)
365 - Survey of antibiotic-resistance patterns in E.coli isolated from patients with Urinary Tract Infection in Rasht (چکیده)
366 - Thermoelastic damping in a nonlocal nano-beam resonator as NEMS based on the type III of Green–Naghdi theory (with energy dissipation) (چکیده)
367 - Artificial neural network method for solving the Navier–Stokes equations (چکیده)
368 - Effects of Turmeric Rhizome Powder and Oil Sources on Performance, Immune System and Bone Characteristics in Pre and Post Heat Stressed Broiler Chickens (چکیده)
369 - Evaluation of antimicrobial effects of aqueous and ethanolic extracts of Ferulago angulata on Escherichia coli "in vitro" (چکیده)
370 - Structural geometrical nonlinear analysis by displacement increment (چکیده)
371 - New records of the huntsman spider genus Olios (Araneae: Sparassidae) from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan (چکیده)
372 - Buckling Analysis of Steel Semi-Spherical Shells with Square Cutout Under Axial Compression (چکیده)
373 - Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Fluid-Structure Interaction in Presence of a Hyperelastic Body (چکیده)
374 - Effect of partition coefficient on microsegregation during solidification of aluminium alloys (چکیده)
375 - Three new phosphoric triamides with a [C(O)NH]P(O)[N(C)(C)]2 skeleton: a database analysis of C—N—C and P—N—C bond angles (چکیده)
376 - Investigation of thermal distribution for pulsed laser radiation in cancer treatment with nanoparticle-mediated hyperthermia (چکیده)
377 - Multiplex PCR for the detection of Listeria monocytogenes, Escherichia coliO157:H7 and Salmonella spp. in fresh-cut and ready-to-eat vegetables. (چکیده)
378 - Numerical and Experimental Study of a Ventilated Supercavitating Vehicle (چکیده)
379 - Numerical Investigation of Hydro-Magnetic Flow of Air in a Lid Driven Cavity for an Optimum Magnetic Situation (چکیده)
380 - Effects of Hypericum perforatum extract on IgG titer, leukocytes subset and spleen index in rats (چکیده)
381 - Influences of spinel type and polymeric surfactants on the size evolution of colloidal magnetic nanocrystals (MFe2O4, M = Fe, Mn) (چکیده)
382 - Application of magnetic polymeric nancomposite for preconcentration and simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of dye pollutants in water by multivariate chemometrics method (چکیده)
383 - Numerical Investigation of the Effects of Fuel Injection Diameter on the Main Working Characteristics of a Power Plant Boiler (چکیده)
384 - Modeling the rate of heat loss from the stack of a natural gas pressure reducing station heater (چکیده)
385 - In-depth analysis of solvent effects on bulk heterojunction solar cell performance (چکیده)
389 - Effects of Turmeric Rhizome Powder and Oil ources on Performance, Immune System and Bone Characteristics in Pre and Post Heat Stressed Broiler Chickens (چکیده)
390 - Investigating the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) and Minimum Bactericidal Concentration (MBC) of the Lavandula stoechas L. and Rosmarinus officinalis L. extracts on pathogen bacterias “in vitro” (چکیده)
391 - Translation of Taboos in Dubbed American Crime Movies into Persian (چکیده)
393 - 3D Numerical Study of the Efficiency of the Grouting Curtain in an Embankment Dam (چکیده)
394 - Assessment of the plantago major extract for antimicrobial activities (چکیده)
395 - A comparative numerical study of a geosynthetic-reinforced soil wall using three different constitutive soil models (چکیده)
396 - Structural, potential surface and vibrational spectroscopy studies of hypophosphorous acid in the gas and liquid phases. A theoretical study (چکیده)
397 - The behavior of tillage tools with acute and obtuse lift angles (چکیده)
398 - Effect of nanodiamond surface functionalization using oleylamine on the scratch behavior of polyacrylic/nanodiamond nanocomposite (چکیده)
399 - The Effect of Heat and Mass Transfer Coefficients on the Vacuum Drying of Porous Body, A Numerical Study (چکیده)
400 - Responses of Episyrphus balteatus DeGeer (Diptera: Syrphidae) in relation to prey density and predator size (چکیده)
401 - Numerical and Experimental Study on Ratcheting Behavior of Steel Cylindrical Shells with-without Cutout Under Cyclic Combined and Axial Loading (چکیده)
402 - Antibiotic resistance in Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus isolates from milk of cows with mastitis (چکیده)
403 - Comparison of the Salmonella isolates from domestic animals and poultry, by ERIC PCR and Antibiotic Resistance Analysis (چکیده)
404 - بررسی ارتباط ژنتیکی با مقاومت آنتی بیوتیک درجدایه های سالمونلا با منشأ در ﺩﺍمهای ﺍهلی (چکیده)
405 - سروتایپینگ، آنتی بیوگرام تایپینگ ومولکولارتایپینگ سالمونلاهای جدا شده از ماکیان استان سیستان و بلوچستان (چکیده)
406 - Tennessee Williams in the 50s: A Mirror of Competing Discourses (چکیده)
407 - Field Trial Evaluation of Kolbin RC (Rotavìrus, Coronavirus/Escherichia coli). Vaccine for Prevention of Neonatal Calf Diarrhea in Dairy Herd (چکیده)
408 - Exact analysis of resonance frequency and mode shapes of isotropic and laminated composite cylindrical shells; Part I: analytical studies (چکیده)
409 - An Optimization of Wind Turbine Airfoil Possessing Good Stall Characteristics by Genetic Algorithm Utilizing CFD and Neural Network (چکیده)
410 - Evaluation of Hydraulic Fracturing Potential in the Inclined Clay Core Dams in Narrow Valleys Using 3D Numerical Modeling (چکیده)
411 - On the Development of a Numerical Model for Liquid Sloshing in Containers (چکیده)
412 - Concurrent occurrence of traumatic reticulopericarditis and non-penetrating foreign bodies in a five-month-old calf (چکیده)
413 - Antimicrobial activity of Avicennia marina extract against Escherichia coli (چکیده)
414 - Bovine salmonellosis in Northeast of Iran: Frequency, genetic fingerprinting and antimicrobial resistance patterns of Salmonella spp. (چکیده)
415 - بررسی عددی جریان آرام و گذرای سیال ویسکوالاستیک از نوع گزیکس حول سیلندر دایروی (چکیده)
416 - On the computation of weighted Moore- Penrose inverse using a high-order matrix method (چکیده)
417 - Polyacrylonitrile (PAN)/IGEPAL blend asymmetric membranes: preparation, morphology, and performance (چکیده)
418 - Ultimate Strength Analysis of Combined Loaded Stainless Steel Circular Tubes with Hole (چکیده)
419 - Stress–force–fabric relationship for planar granular materials (چکیده)
420 - Numerical investigation of viscoelastic shedding flow behind a circular cylinder (چکیده)
421 - Stable isotope record in pedogenic carbonates in northeast Iran: Implications for Early Cretaceous (Berriasian–Barremian) paleovegetation and paleoatmospheric P(CO2) levels (چکیده)
422 - Buckling Load Analysis of Oblique Loaded Stainless Steel 316ti Cylindrical Shells with Elliptical Cutout (چکیده)
423 - Numerical and experimental investigations on the buckling of steel semi- spherical shells under various loadings (چکیده)
424 - Anatomical and pollen characters in Acanthophyllum C.A.Mey. (Caryophyllaceae) from northeast of Iran (چکیده)
425 - Numerical Radius Inequalities for Finite Sums of Operators (چکیده)
426 - Sustained Delivery of Amphotericin B and Vancomycin Hydrochloride by an Injectable Thermogelling Tri-Block Copolymer (چکیده)
427 - Cranial mesenteric arterial obstruction due to stongylus vulgaris larvae in a Donkey (چکیده)
429 - Mixed Convection Between Two Vertically Eccentric Rotating Spheres with Time-Dependent Angular Velocities (چکیده)
430 - Numerical Tool Development for HLD computations (چکیده)
431 - Analysis of numerical taxonomy for Alyssum ( Brassicaceae, sect. Gamosepalum Dudley) in Iran (چکیده)
432 - Polymeric catalyst for the synthesis of new oyrido[2,3-b]indoles (چکیده)
433 - Antimicrobial effect of Satureja bachtiarica extracts aqueous and ethanolic on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus (چکیده)
434 - Dynamics analysis of a 3-RRP spherical parallel manipulator using the natural orthogonal complement (چکیده)
435 - Detection of Plasmia-Mediated Quinolone Resistance Genes among Starins of Escherchia coli Isolated from Feces of Healthy and Diarrheic Calves (چکیده)
436 - The mystery of invulnerability: Greek and Persian myths on invulnerable heroes (چکیده)
437 - African Americans and Reconceptualization of Identity: Black Participation in World War I and the Rise of the New Negro Consciousness (چکیده)
438 - Cylindrical or spherical dust-ion acoustic soliton in an adiabatic dusty plasma with electrons following a q-nonextensive distribution (چکیده)
439 - Sensitivity of the North American monsoon to antecedent Rocky Mountain snowpack (چکیده)
440 - Comparative Evaluation of Numerical and Gaussian Models for Gas Pollutants Dispersion from Industrial Flares (چکیده)
441 - Synthesis of Stereoblock Elastomeric Poly(propylene)s Using a (2-PhInd)2ZrCl2 Metallocene Catalyst in the Presence of Co-Catalyst Mixtures: Study of Activity and Molecular Weight (چکیده)
442 - Effects of gas properties and geometrical parameters on performance of a vortex tube (چکیده)
443 - Antioxidant status, immune system, blood metabolites and carcass characteristic of broiler chickens fed turmeric rhizome powder under heat stress (چکیده)
444 - Cylindrical and spherical ion acoustic solitary waves in electron-positron-ion plasmas with superthermal electrons (چکیده)
445 - Fully nonlinear viscous wave generation in numerical wave tanks (چکیده)
446 - Stochastic hybrid numerical method for transient analysis of stress field in functionally graded thick hollow cylinders subjected to shock loading (چکیده)
447 - Numerical Modeling of Combined Heat and Mass Transfer in an Adsorbent Bed with Rectangular Fins (چکیده)
448 - Effects of Adsorbent Particle Diameter on the Performance Parameters of Adsorption Chiller (چکیده)
449 - On a Numerical Model for Free Surface Flows of a Conductive Liquid Under an Electrostatic Field (چکیده)
450 - Using multiplex-PCR assay in identification of Escherichia coli O157: H7 isolated from hamburger samples in Mashhad, Iran (چکیده)
451 - Effects of plate finned heat exchanger parameters on the adsorption chiller performance (چکیده)
452 - Growth response and modeling the effects of Carum copticum essential oil, pH, inoculum level and temperature on Escherichia coli O157:H7 (چکیده)
453 - Can new probiont isolate of bovine milk reverse aflatoxin M1-induced neutrophil oscillation? (چکیده)
454 - The effects of turmeric supplementation on antioxidant status, blood gas indices and mortality in broiler chickens with T3-induced ascites (چکیده)
455 - Numerical Simulation of the Impinging Jets and Study the Effect of the Existence of the Pedestal on Flow Field and Heat Transfer Characteristics (چکیده)
457 - The Effect of Peganum harmala and Teucrium polium Alcoholic Extracts on Growth of Escherichia coli O157 (چکیده)
458 - Numerical Study of Heat Flux and Temperature of Spherical Stagnation Point Using Trajector Data and Applying Hot Gas Effectsy (چکیده)
459 - The Study of Bubble Coalescence in Coaxial and Side-by-Side Motions (چکیده)
460 - Numerical investigation of the effects of constraint design on 5XXX Al Alloy GTA Welding (چکیده)
461 - Microbiological quality of mixed fresh-cut vegetable salads and mixed ready- to-eat fresh herbs in Mashhad, Iran (چکیده)
462 - Influence of turmeric rhizome and black pepper on blood constituents and performance of broiler chickens (چکیده)
463 - Numerical Simulation of the 3 Dimensional Heated Necrosis Element under HIFU Transducer (چکیده)
464 - Production performance, egg quality and some serum metabolites of older commercial laying hens fed different levels of turmeric rhizome (Curcuma longa) powder (چکیده)
465 - Quinolone resistance among Salmonella enterica and Escherichia coli of animal origin (چکیده)
466 - Numerical investigation of delta and arrow wings with various sweep angles at different angles of attack and Mach numbers (چکیده)
467 - Numerical modeling of charring material ablation with considering chemical reaction, mass transfer and surface heat transfer effects (چکیده)
468 - Prebiotic effectiveness of oligosaccharides extracted from Jerusalem artichoke tubers on selected lactobacilli and pathogenic microorganisms (چکیده)
469 - The effect of gusty flow on aerodynamic characteristics of flapping aeropoils (چکیده)
471 - Numerical Simulation of Ventilated Cavitation behind an Axisymmetric Body (چکیده)
472 - A novel formulation for integrating nonlinear kinematic hardening Drucker-Prager’s yield condition (چکیده)
473 - Improving stability domains of the implicit higher order accuracy method (چکیده)
474 - Exergetic Performance Evaluation of a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Array (چکیده)
475 - اثر pH بر روی فعالیت مهار رشد پلی- ال- آرژینین علیه باکتری.Escherichia coli O157:H7 (چکیده)
476 - Determination the frequency and types of coliforms in egg shell and egg yolk in different stages (چکیده)
477 - On a methodology for selecting biomass materials for gasification purposes (چکیده)
478 - Modeling free surface flows in presence of an arbitrary moving object (چکیده)
479 - Cylindrical and spherical ion-acoustic solitons in electron-positive ion-negative ion plasmas (چکیده)
480 - شناسایی عامل اصلی پوسیدگی عمومی ریشه و طوقه گندم در استان خراسان شمالی (چکیده)
481 - Growth response and modeling effects of carum copticum essential oil, pH, inoculums level and temperature on Escheichia coli O157:H7 (چکیده)
482 - The effect of material properties on the performance of a new geometry PEM fuel cell (چکیده)
483 - Three-dimensional modeling and development of the new geometry PEM fuel cell (چکیده)
484 - The Ex Situ Comparison of Two Improved St. John\\\'s wort. (Hypericum perforatum L.) Cultivars with an Iranian Wild Population (چکیده)
485 - بررسی جریانات ترازهای زیرین جو بر روی خاورمیانه و نقش آن بر وقوع توفان های گرد و غباری در جنوب غرب ایران (چکیده)
486 - Antimicrobial resistance and K99 (F5) gene possession in generic Escherichia coli isolated from different age groups of diarrheic and non-diarrheic newborn dairy calves in Mashhad, Iran (چکیده)
489 - Propagation of solitary waves in non uniform dusty plasmas (چکیده)
490 - Quantitative assessment of pressure sore generation and healing through numerical analysis of high-frequency ultrasound images (چکیده)
491 - Numerical Study of the Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Turbulent Jet Impinging on a Cylindrical Pedestal (چکیده)
492 - A modified parametric iteration method for solving nonlinear second order BVPs (چکیده)
493 - The effects of garlic oil (Allium sativa), turmeric powder (Curcuma longa Linn) and Monensin on Total apparent digestibility of nutrients in Baloochi lambs (چکیده)
494 - Numerical Solution of Two-Dimensional Volterra Integral Equations by Spectral Galerkin Method (چکیده)
495 - Design of a New Piezoelectric Force Sensor (چکیده)
496 - Invariant Solutions of Richards’ Equation for Water Movement in Dissimilar Soils (چکیده)
497 - Investigating the structure of summer atmospheric circulation over Southwest Asia (چکیده)
498 - Cylindrical and spherical electron acoustic solitary waves in the presence of superthermal hot electrons (چکیده)
499 - Numerical Simulation of High-Efficient Gas Heaters (Application of Gas to Gas Heat Exchanger) (چکیده)
500 - تحلیل عددی و آزمایشگاهی غبار گیر ذرات گوگرد توسط جداکننده سیکلونی در فرآیند دانه بندی گوگرد و ارائه راهکارهای عملی جهت افزایش بازدهی سیستم (چکیده)
501 - حل مستقیم عددی جریان جت صفحه ای غیر قابل تراکم با استفاده از روش تفاضل محدود فشرده (چکیده)
502 - تحلیل عددی مشخصه های جریان سه فاز گاز-جامد-مایع در اسکرابر و بررسی راه های افزایش کارایی آن (چکیده)
503 - شبیه سازی مستقیم عددی جریان گردابه ای با استفاده از روش تفاضل محدود فشرده تطبیقی (چکیده)
504 - Direct Numerical Simulation of Round Jet Flow Using Mapped Compact Finite Difference Scheme (چکیده)
505 - Self Similarity Models of Time Trace and Time Characteristics of Spherical Shock Wave Parameters. (چکیده)
506 - Direct Numerical Simulation of 2--D Incompressible Steady Mixing Layer (چکیده)
507 - Outflow Boundary Condition Issues in Direct Numerical Simulation of Three Dimensional Plane Wake Flow (چکیده)
508 - Convective Heat Transfer of Nanofluids Flows Through an Isothermally Heated Curved Pipe (چکیده)
509 - A theoretical study of RNA base pairs: Conformational and kinetic study of Uracil (چکیده)
510 - Numerical investigation of effective parameters in convective heat transferof nanofluids flowing under a laminar flow regime (چکیده)
511 - Numerical modeling of NOx by using micro combustor (چکیده)
512 - A numerical study on convective heat transfer of Al2O3/water, CuO/water and Cu/water nanofluids through square cross-section duct in laminar flow (چکیده)
513 - Real-time PH-based interpolation algorithm for high speed CNC machining (چکیده)
514 - Influence of Mould and Insulation Design on Soundness of Tool Steel Ingot by Numerical Simulation (چکیده)
515 - The effect of supplementation with monensin, garlic oil or turmeric powder on rumen pH and ammonia-N concentration responses of sheep (چکیده)
516 - Nonplanar ion-acoustic solitary waves with superthermal electrons in warm plasma (چکیده)
517 - Model-based fuzzy c-shells clustering (چکیده)
518 - Identification of shiga toxin producing Escherichia coli O157:H7 in raw cow milk samples from dairy farms in Mashhad using multiplex PCR assay (چکیده)
519 - Large deflection analysis of circular and annular FGM plates under thermo-mechanical loadings with temperature-dependent properties (چکیده)
520 - Seasonal regimes of daily precipitation in Iran (چکیده)
521 - Spatial patterns and regimes of daily precipitation in Iran in relation to large‐scale atmospheric circulation (چکیده)
522 - Numerical analysis of thermal conductivity of charring material ablation with considering chemical reaction, mass transfer and surface heat transfer effects (چکیده)
523 - Simulation of Two Designs of Micro-Mixers with Enhanced Advection Mechanisms (چکیده)
524 - Transient analysis of thermo-elastic waves in thick hollow cylinders using a stochastic hybrid numerical method, considering Gaussian mechanical properties (چکیده)
525 - Effects of turmeric rhizome powder and black pepper on blood constituents and performance of male broiler chickens (چکیده)
526 - Numerical simulation of the spreading and solidification of a droplet in plasma spray process (چکیده)
527 - Droplet impact and solidification: comparison of experimental and numerical results (چکیده)
528 - Modeling thermal spray coating formation (چکیده)
529 - Numerical simulation of thermal spray coating formation (چکیده)
530 - The Ex situ comparison of Two Improved St. John s Wort( Hypericum perforatum) Cultivars with an Iranian Wild population (چکیده)
531 - Numerical Study of Circular Hydraulic Jump Using Volume-of-Fluid Method (چکیده)
532 - Effect of gas diffusion layer and membrane properties in an annular proton exchange membrane fuel cell (چکیده)
533 - A Virtual Work Based Algorithm for Solving Direct Dynamics Problem of a 3-RRP Spherical Parallel Manipulator (چکیده)
534 - Simulation of the spray characteristics of black liquor (چکیده)
535 - Coalescence Collision of Two Droplets: Bubble Entrapment and the Effects of Important Parameters (چکیده)
536 - Capillary effects during droplet impact on a solid surface (چکیده)
537 - Deposition of tin droplets on a steel plate: simulations and experiments (چکیده)
538 - Effect of placing different obstacles in flow fields on performance of a PEM fuel cell (چکیده)
539 - Numerical investigation of channel geometry on the performance of a PEM fuel cell (چکیده)
541 - A three-dimensional model of droplet impact and solidification (چکیده)
542 - Splat Shapes in a Thermal Spray Coating Process: Simulations and Experiments (چکیده)
543 - BLSpray: Understanding the effects of black liquor properties and splash-plate nozzle configuration on spray characteristics (چکیده)
544 - Numerical investigation of Al2O3/water nanofluid laminar convective heat transfer through triangular ducts (چکیده)
545 - Genotypic characterization of Escherichia coli strains by Random amplification of polymorphic DNA (چکیده)
546 - Invulnerability in Greek and Persian Mythology: A Comparative Study of Achilles and Esfandiar (چکیده)
547 - A New method for solution of differential equaionsby fast fourier transform (چکیده)
548 - On the integration schemes for Drucker–Prager’s elastoplastic models based on exponential maps (چکیده)
549 - Automatic DR Structural Analysis of Snap-Through nd Snap-Back Using Optimized Load Increments (چکیده)
551 - Numerical simulation and experimental comparison of channel geometry on performance of a PEM fuel cell (چکیده)
552 - شناسایی و بررسی بیماریزائی قارچهای عامل پوسیدگی ریشه و طوقه گندم در استان خراسان شمالی (چکیده)
554 - A simplified two-phase macroscopic model for reinforced soils (چکیده)
555 - Development and Validation of a Two-Phase Model for Reinforced Soil by Considering Nonlinear Behavior of Matrix (چکیده)
556 - The effect of short-time microwave exposures on Escherichia coli O157:H7 inoculated onto beef slices (چکیده)
557 - Protective and therapeutic effects of Curcuma longa powder on the CCL4 inducedhepatic damage (چکیده)
558 - Study of antibacterial effect of Thymus vulgaris extract on Salmonella enteritidis PT4 and Escherichia coli O157:H7 in mayonnaise at 25°C by RSM (چکیده)
559 - Physical and Mechanical Properties of Peach (چکیده)
560 - Mineralogical and Microstructural Investigation of Dead- Burned Magnesite from Eastern Iran (چکیده)
561 - Effects of Diets Containing Monensin, Garlic Oil or Turmeric Powder on Ruminal and Blood Metabolite Responses of Sheep (چکیده)
563 - Performance improvement of proton exchange membrane fuel cell by using annular shaped geometry (چکیده)
564 - The Emerging Social Critic: The Plays of Theodore Dreiser (چکیده)
565 - Gasification of heavy fuel oils: A thermochemical equilibrium approach (چکیده)
566 - Identification of Escherichia coli O157:H7 Isolated from Cattle Carcasses in Mashhad Abattoir by Multiplex PCR (چکیده)
567 - Growth response and modeling the effects of Carum copticum essential oil, pH, inoculum level and temperature on Escherichia coli O157:H7 (چکیده)
568 - Porosity Formation due to Splat Curling-up in Thermal Spray Coating Technology: A Numerical Approach (چکیده)
569 - Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Circular Hydraulic Jump (چکیده)
570 - Even very low dose of aflatoxin B1 is alarmingly antiphagocte in bovine: the mechanistic effects on killing capacities of neutrophils (چکیده)
571 - Association of virulence factors and quinolones and fluoroquinolones resistance among Esherichia coli isolated from poultry with colibacillosis (چکیده)
572 - Effect of sodium selenite and turmeric powder on Compertz nonlinear function in broilers reared under heat stress (چکیده)
573 - Gastrointestinal infection with Bracyspira spp in a filly with chronic diarrhea : a case report (چکیده)
574 - Blood lipid concentration and performance parameters of broiler was fed by tomato pomace and turmeric powder under heat stress condition (چکیده)
576 - Tensile properties of orthodontic elastomeric ligatures (چکیده)
577 - Antibacterial Effect of some Iranian Essential Oils Against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus in Ntrient BROTH Medium (چکیده)
578 - Effect of Essential oil of Carum carvi on the Growth Inhibition of Pathogenic Bacteria (چکیده)
579 - Mixing Process in T-Shaped Micro-Mixers with Chaotic Advection:A Numerical Approach (چکیده)
580 - Chemical and Antimicrobial Studies of Juniperus sabina L. and Juniperus foetidissima Willd. Essential Oils (چکیده)
581 - An estimate of the error for strong solutions of stochastic differential equations (چکیده)
582 - A family of predictor-corrector methods based on weight combination of quadratures for solving nonlinear equations (چکیده)
583 - An improved regula falsi method for finding simple zeros of nonlinear equations (چکیده)
584 - Numerical study of bubble rise and interaction in a viscous liquid (چکیده)
585 - Influence of fluid flow on the efficiency of solar air collector (چکیده)
586 - تعیین میزان آلودگی لاشه طیور گوشتی به باکتریهای شاخص در مراحل مختلف خط کشتار در شهرستان مشهد (چکیده)
588 - Look-ahead Pythagorean-hodograph Interpolation for High Speed CNC Machining (چکیده)
589 - Sharp Corner PH Interpolation Algorithm for High Speed CNC Machining (چکیده)
590 - Numerical Simulation of the Impingement of a Vertical Liquid Jet on a Solid Surface (چکیده)
591 - Inverse dynamics analysis of a general spherical star-triangle parallel manipulator using principle of virtual work (چکیده)
592 - Accuracy and stiffness analysis of a 3-RRP spherical parallel manipulator (چکیده)
593 - A Novel Diagnostic Tool for Simulation Verification Using Invariant Criteria (چکیده)
594 - A novel approach for forward position analysis of a double-triangle spherical parallel manipulator (چکیده)
595 - Mechanical Design Process for the Zippy Wrist (چکیده)
596 - Inhibition of in vitro growth of mastitis pathogens by new Lactobacillus isolates of mammary gland in lactating dairy cows (چکیده)
597 - Field trial evalution of kolbinRC (Rotavirus ,coronavirus/Escherichia coli)vaccine for prevention of neonatal calf diarrhea in dairy herd (چکیده)
598 - Allelopathic effect of Pinus elderica Medw. Leaf extract on seed germination and seedling growth of four turfgrass genera (چکیده)
599 - Development of a Pythagorean-hodograph interpolator for high speed CNC machining (چکیده)
600 - Quinolone resistance among animal strains of Salmonella and Escherichia coli (چکیده)
601 - Phenotypic characterization of avian Escherichia coli by antibiogram testing (چکیده)
603 - Gasification of Heavy Fuel Oils: A Thermochemical Equilibrium Approach (چکیده)
604 - Quantification of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in milk by MPN-PCR method (چکیده)
605 - Application and implication of nanotechnology in food processing (چکیده)
606 - Experimental and Modeling Technique for Liquid Holdup between Spherical Particles (چکیده)
607 - A Parametric Study on the Formation of a Circular Hydraulic Jump by Volume-of-Fluid Method (چکیده)
608 - Effects of Suction and Blowing on Heat Transfer between Two Eccentric Rotating Spheres with Sinusoidal Angular Velocities (چکیده)
609 - unsteady flow between two concentric rotating spheres along with uniform transpiration (چکیده)
610 - A Computational Study of Droplet Impingement onto a Thin Liquid Film (چکیده)
611 - Enteric viruses of raw milk II: Evaluation the impact of milk components on RNA extraction (چکیده)
612 - Enteric viruses in raw milk:Caharacterization of milk components in recovery efficiency & RNA extraction (چکیده)
613 - Numerical combustion modeling of a gas-burner and studying its effecting parameters (چکیده)
615 - Comparative investigation on bactericidal activity of TiO2 based thin film on indicator pathogenic gram positive and gram negative bacteria (چکیده)
616 - Some numerical radius inequalities for Hilbert space operators (چکیده)
617 - ّFluidization in a vibrated column of spherical particles (چکیده)
618 - Primary pericardial mesothelioma in a sheep (چکیده)
619 - Language and literature: Eugene O Neil s language, his characters and contribution in modern American drama (چکیده)
620 - A novel spherical parallel manipulator: forward position problem singularity analysis and isotropy design (چکیده)
621 - Comparison of iterative angular spectrum and optimal rotation angle methods in designing beam-fanners (چکیده)
622 - Numerical Investigation of Nanofluid Laminar Convective Heat Transfer through Circular Tube (چکیده)
623 - Engineering geological characterization of Kallat tunne, NE Iran (چکیده)
624 - Isolation of Escherichia coli O157:H7 from cattle carcasses in Mashhad abattoir using multiplex PCR (چکیده)
625 - Conservation status of Caribbean coot Fulica caribaea in the Netherlands Antilles, and other parts of the Caribbean (چکیده)
626 - Effect of turmeric rhizome powder on performance, egg quality and some blood serum parameters of laying hens ) (چکیده)
627 - Transient Laminar Convection Induced by a Line Heat Source A Numerical Study with Primitive Variables (چکیده)
628 - Numerical time integrationfor dynamic analysis using a newhigher order predictor-corrector method (چکیده)
629 - Implicit Higher-Order Accuracy Method for Numerica Integration in Dynamic Analysisl (چکیده)
630 - Comparison of Mist Effect on the Heat Transfer Coefficient and Skin Friction Factor in an Impinging Jet (چکیده)
631 - On a numerical model for gasification of biomass materials: an alternative method to combustion (چکیده)
632 - the effct of microwave radiation in reducing the superficial contamination of red meat to escherichia coli O157:H7 (چکیده)
633 - Enteric viruses in raw milk:Caharacterization of milk components in recovery efficiency & RNA extraction (چکیده)
634 - Shielding studies on a total-body neutron activation facility (چکیده)
635 - Numerical and experimental studies of fully developed stationary shocks in an open channel (چکیده)
636 - Numerical Investigation of Active Magnetic Regenerative Refrigeration Systems (چکیده)
637 - Numerical Simulation of Flow Instabilities during the Rise of a Bubble in a Viscous Liquid (چکیده)
638 - A Numerical Study on Bubble Rise and Interaction in a Viscous Liquid (چکیده)
639 - Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow and Heat transfer in a Rotary Regenerator (چکیده)
640 - Genericity and recurrence behaviour (چکیده)
641 - Numerical simulation of partial cavitation over axisymmetric bodies: VOF method vs. potential flow theory (چکیده)
642 - On a Numerical Model for Gasification of Heavy Fuel Oils: An Alternative Technology for Processing Refinery Residues (چکیده)
643 - Transient simulations of cavitating flows using a modified volume-of-fluid (VOF) technique (چکیده)
644 - Cultural literacy in language learning: Enrichment or derichment (چکیده)
645 - Increase in Escherichia coli Inoculum Dose Accelerates CD8+ T-Cell (چکیده)
646 - The Study of the Controllable Paramters on the Hyperthermia Efficiency (چکیده)
647 - Isolation and mulecular identification of Escherichia coli O157:H7 from ground beef samples collected from beef markets in Mashhad (چکیده)
648 - A Mazur–Ulam theorem in non-Archimedean normed spaces (چکیده)
649 - Non-Linear Analysis of Interlaminar Stresses in Composite (چکیده)
650 - Intramolecular hydrogen bonding in 2-nitromalonaldehyde: Infrared spectrum and quantum chemical calculations, (چکیده)
651 - Copper (II)-Selective Membrane Electrode Based on A Recently Synthesized Macrocyclic Diamides (چکیده)
652 - A novel iron (III)-PVC membrane potentiomeric sensor based on N-(2- Hydroxyethyl) ethylenediamine-N,N,N (چکیده)
653 - Effect of Turmeric Rhizome Powder on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Broiler Chickens (چکیده)
654 - Sensitivity Analysis of Biomass Gasification: Application of Thermochemical Equilibrium Approach (چکیده)
656 - The physical properties of pistachio nut and its kernel as a function of moisture content and variety: Part I. Geometrical properties (چکیده)
657 - Numerical solution of nonlinear optimal control problems using nonlinear programming (چکیده)
658 - Prediction of thermodynamic properties of polymeric liquids using a new equation of state (چکیده)
659 - One-dimensional numerical model for degradation and combustion of polymethyl methacrylate (چکیده)
660 - The effect of radiation on the laminar natural convection induced by a line heat source (چکیده)
661 - numerical study of localized electronic states in disordered and doped conjugated polymers (چکیده)
662 - dynamical and ionization structure of planetary nebulaein three dimensions. a simulation for ngc3132 (چکیده)
663 - elasto-plastic analysis of three-dimensional structures (چکیده)
664 - sine-gordon solitons in a nontrivial metric (چکیده)
665 - Improved Numerical Model of Thermal Degradation of Non-charring Solid Materials (چکیده)
666 - Numerical Study of Oxygen Effects on Thermal Degradation of Solid Fuels (چکیده)
667 - isosteric heat of adsorption in a series of chemically activated carbons (چکیده)
668 - Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow and Heat transfer in a Rotary Regenerator (چکیده)
669 - A Numerical Study on Bubble Rise and Interaction in a Viscous Liquid (چکیده)
670 - Numerical Simulation of Partial Cavitation over Axisymmetric Bodies: VOF Method vs. Potential Flow Theory (چکیده)
671 - Modeling Nonspherical Particles Using Multisphere Discrete Elements (چکیده)
673 - Characterization of Splash-Plate Atomizers using Numerical Simulations (چکیده)
674 - Somaclonal variation induced De novo leaf chimeric mutants during In vitro propagation of African violet( Saintpaulia ionantha Wendl (چکیده)
675 - بررسی جنبه های کشت درون شیشه ای گل راعی بومی ایران(Hypericum perforatum) (چکیده)
676 - Documenting and Comparing Plant Species Diversity by Using Numerical and Parametric Methods in Khaje Kalat, NE Iran (چکیده)
677 - Ignition of epoxy by a high radiation Source, A Numerical Study (چکیده)