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1 - Morphogenesis of the ostrich Struthio camelus) trachea and lung in different embryonic and fetal stages (چکیده)
2 - Optimizing the efficient removal of ibuprofen from water environment by magnetic carbon aerogel: kinetics, isotherms, and thermodynamic studies (چکیده)
3 - Li‐decorated black phosphorene: A promising platform for gas molecule adsorption (چکیده)
4 - Sustainable strategies based on the social responsibility of the beverage industry companies for the circular supply chain (چکیده)
5 - Taxonomic characterization of five species of emperor fishes (Actinopterygii: Eupercaria: Lethrinidae) based on external morphology, morphometry, and geographic distribution in the northwestern Indian Ocean (چکیده)
6 - Investigating the effect of electromagnetic field and Eucalyptus oil Citriodora on polymorphism of PVDF film (چکیده)
7 - A meta-analysis of the association between the SLC6A4 gene polymorphisms and Major depressive disorder (MDD) (چکیده)
8 - A meta-analysis of the association between the SLC6A3 gene polymorphisms and Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (چکیده)
9 - Pharmaceutically active compounds removal from aqueous solutions by MIL-101(Cr)-NH2: A molecular dynamics study (چکیده)
10 - Taxonomic Validation of Sweetlips Fish (Haemulidae: Plectorhinchinae) From the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman Based On Traditional and Geometric Morphometrics With Notes On Their Distribution (چکیده)
11 - Effects of conditioning time and activated sodium bentonite on pellet quality, performance, intestinal morphology, and nutrients retention in growing broilers fed wheat-soybean meal diets (چکیده)
12 - Effects of different levels of pistachio (Pistachia vera) green hull aqueous extract on performance, intestinal morphology and antioxidant capacity in Eimeria challenged broilers (چکیده)
13 - Integrative systematics of the widespread Middle Eastern buthid scorpion, Hottentotta saulcyi (Simon, 1880), reveals a new species in Iran (چکیده)
14 - Development of a fabric phase sorptive extraction method using ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid modifier for quantitative determination and elimination of Pb2+, Cu2+ and Zn2+ cations in real sample solutions (چکیده)
15 - Assessment of water purification by IRMOF-1 based on rGO as a new nanoengineered adsorbent: Insights from adsorption mechanism (چکیده)
16 - Thermal analysis of hybrid nanofluids inside a microchannel heat exchanger for electronic cooling (چکیده)
17 - Investigating the sulfur-containing compounds separation process from natural gas using NaY zeolite, theoretically (چکیده)
18 - Study of CO and NO Adsorption Energy on Catalytic Converter (چکیده)
19 - A bipartite graph associated to a finite group (چکیده)
20 - Two new species of brush-tailed mouse, genus Calomyscus (Rodentia: Calomyscidae), from the Iranian Plateau (چکیده)
21 - Using geomorphologic indicators in preparation for flood zoning and flood risk maps in the Kashafroud basin, Iran (چکیده)
22 - On the unitary one matching Bi-Cayley graph over finite rings (چکیده)
23 - Unusual porosity behavior in a new zinc-based MOF with the heptanodal topology (چکیده)
24 - Postcranial skeleton of Goodwin's brush‐tailed mouse (Calomyscus elburzensis Goodwin, 1939) (Rodentia: Calomyscidae): Shape, size, function, and locomotor adaptation (چکیده)
25 - The significant role of a functional polymorphism rs9637231 in long non-coding RNA, LINC02892 in colorectal cancer: Evidence from an Iranian cohort (چکیده)
26 - Biogenic synthesis of copper oxide nanoparticles using a cold tolerant bacterium for RB5/DR23 Azo dye adsorption (چکیده)
27 - A Comparative Assessment of Decision Tree Algorithms for Index of Sediment Connectivity Modelling (چکیده)
28 - Enhancing energy carrier gas storage: Novel MOF-decorated carbons with high affinity toward methane and hydrogen (چکیده)
29 - The effect of the number of SO3− groups on the adsorption of anionic dyes by the synthesized hydroxyapatite/Mg–Al LDH nanocomposite (چکیده)
30 - Competitive biosorption of Pb(II) and Cd(II) by live Dunaliella salina (چکیده)
31 - بررسی چند شکلی تک نوکلئوتیدی واقع در ژن های کاندیدا BMPR1B و GDF9 میش های مغانی، افشاری و بلوچی (چکیده)
32 - Recent progress toward high-performance dye-sensitized solar cells: a review (چکیده)
33 - Asymmetric growth-limiting development of the female conceptus (چکیده)
34 - Interrelation of crystal morphology and intermolecular contacts in a new thiophosphoramide structure: an energy framework analysis (چکیده)
35 - Designing an axial code pattern for absorptive capacity of knowledge in academic libraries: examining the effect of individual and organizational learning (چکیده)
36 - The Role of Stylolites and its Pattern Attribute on Porosity and Permeability: Evidence from a Lower Cretaceous Carbonate Oil Reservoir, Abadan Plain, SW Iran (چکیده)
37 - Effects of In Ovo Injection of Conjugated Linoleic Acid on Hatchability Growth Performance Intestine Morphology and Avian Β-Defensin Gene Expression in the Cecal Tonsils of Broiler Chicks (چکیده)
38 - Study of the kinetic, equilibrium, and thermodynamic aspects of the removal and recovery of divalent lead heavy metal ions from industrial wastewaters contaminated by vesavin-enriched XAD-11600 amberlite resin (چکیده)
39 - Optimization of Acoustic Performance of EPDM-based Foams Using Taguchi Design of Experiments: The Appropriate Content of Additives (چکیده)
40 - The Anti-cancer Effect of Two Extract Fractions from the Hemiscorpius lepturus Scorpion Venom (چکیده)
41 - Hierarchical nanocomposites derived from UiO-66 framework and zeolite for enhanced CO2 adsorption (چکیده)
42 - A new species of brush-tailed mice of the genus Calomyscus from southern Iran (Calomyscidae: Rodentia) (چکیده)
43 - DFT Study of adsorption and diffusion of CO 2 on bimetallic surfaces (چکیده)
44 - Nutlet micromorphology study of some species of Thymus L. (Lamiaceae) in NE Iran (چکیده)
45 - Simultaneous removal of four aflatoxins using magnetic nanobentonite as a green and fast sorbent: kinetic, thermodynamic, and isotherm investigation (چکیده)
46 - Dynamic removal of Pb(II) by live Dunaliella salina: a competitive uptake and isotherm model study (چکیده)
47 - Can different sowing dates affect weed control efficacy and chickpea yield (چکیده)
49 - Detecting A2 allele of beta-casein in dairy cows (چکیده)
50 - Adsorption of an Azo Dye on Graphene Nanosheet: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study (چکیده)
51 - Capacitive performance of electrode materials affected by the Cu2O template morphologies in graphene/polyaniline nanotube/ZIF-67 nanocages porous composite (چکیده)
52 - Chitosan/polyvinyl alcohol/hydroxyapatite nanocomposite membrane for the efficient adsorption of Congo red anionic dye (چکیده)
53 - Aerodynamic Assessment of a Control Strategy Based on Twist Morphing Wing in a Flying Wing Aircraft (چکیده)
54 - A simulation study of reducing carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide adsorption in dehydration beds (چکیده)
55 - Study on the adsorption mechanism of the sodium lignosulphonate on the surface of the selected plastics as a potential solution for plastics waste management (چکیده)
56 - A highly efficient and sustainable photoabsorber in solar-driven seawater desalination and wastewater purification (چکیده)
57 - One intron variant in the oocyte expressed protein (OOEP) gene is associated with twinning rate, prolificacy, and several body measurement traits in Awassi ewes (چکیده)
58 - The Effect of Corporate Governance in Islamic Banking on the Agility of Iraqi Banks (چکیده)
59 - The effect of temperature on the adsorption of the sodium lignosulphonate (SL) on the surface of the selected plastics as a potential solution for the plastics waste management (چکیده)
60 - Effect of different levels of green tea (Camellia sinensis) and mulberry (Morus alba) leaves powder on performance, carcass characteristics, immune response and intestinal morphology of broiler chickens (چکیده)
61 - The endomorphisms monoids of helm graph and its generalization (چکیده)
62 - Let us go back to the type materials to investigate the cranial differences among the Meriones species (Rodentia, Gerbillinae) (چکیده)
63 - Finite p-groups which are non-inner nilpotent (چکیده)
64 - Modifying spectral distributions during the seedling stage influences the flowering and branching of Petunia × hybrida (چکیده)
65 - The Effect of Corporate Governance Structure on Fraud and Money Laundering (چکیده)
66 - The relationship between corporate governance and cost of equity: evidence from the ISIS era in Iraq (چکیده)
67 - The materiality of identified misstatements by auditors and earnings management (چکیده)
68 - Electrochemical properties of NiO–Ni electrocatalyst synthesized via solution combustion for methanol oxidation in alkaline media (چکیده)
69 - Synthesis of Janus Nanoparticles Based on Methylmathacrylate/Methacrylamide Copolymer by Emulsion Polymerization: Ivestigation of Size and Morphology (چکیده)
70 - Taxonomy and phylogenetic appraisal of Hypomyces iranica sp. nov. (Hypocreaceae, Hypocreales) (چکیده)
71 - Preparation and characterization of active Cirish fructans–fish gelatin film: Physicochemical, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties (چکیده)
72 - Comparison of different objective weighting methods in a multi‐criteria model for watershed prioritization for flood risk assessment using morphometric analysis (چکیده)
73 - Cation functional group effect on SO2 absorption in amino acid ionic liquids (چکیده)
74 - Does side chain group of anion affect absorption of SO2 in amino acid ionic liquid? (چکیده)
75 - A meta analysis of the association between the SLC6A4 gene polymorphisms and bipolar disorder (چکیده)
76 - A meta analysis of the association between the SLC6A4 gene polymorphisms and bipolar disorder (چکیده)
77 - Triethylenetetramine-impregnated ZIF-8 nanoparticles for CO2 adsorption (چکیده)
78 - Nitrate adsorption using green iron oxide nanoparticles synthesized by Eucalyptus leaf extracts: Kinetics and effects of pH, KCl salt, and anions competition (چکیده)
79 - Using the geomorphological indexes for flood zoning map in the Kashafroud basin, Iran (چکیده)
80 - Effect of Crocin on the Spermatogenesis Indices of Mice Testis: A Histopathological and Histomorphological Study (چکیده)
81 - Origin of Symphyotrichum anticostense (Asteraceae, Astereae), an endemic, high polyploid species of the Gulf of St. Lawrence region, based on morphological and nrDNA evidence (چکیده)
82 - Frame of translates and its canonical dual in L2(G) (چکیده)
83 - Dehydration bed simulation for Parsian Gas Refinery to predict CO2 and H2S adsorption (چکیده)
84 - Highly selective removal of nitrate and perchlorate by organoclay (چکیده)
85 - Inter-species study of three species of gobiidae family on the Makran coast of Iran by both geometric and traditional morphometric methods (چکیده)
86 - Polymorphism in carboxamide compounds with high-Z′ crystal structures (چکیده)
87 - Morphological plasticity of Nemoura Cinerea (Arthropoda, Nemouridae) as a biological indicator for aquatic systems (چکیده)
88 - The Impact of Islamic Banking Corporate Governance on Green Banking (چکیده)
89 - Evaluation of long-term fracture behavior of amorphous poly alpha olefin (APAO)-modified Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) under modes I and II at low and intermediate temperatures (چکیده)
90 - Low and intermediate temperatures fracture behavior of amorphous poly alpha olefin (APAO)-modified hot mix asphalt subjected to constant and variable temperatures (چکیده)
91 - Sedimentology, geochemistry, and geomorphology of a dry-lake playa, NE Iran: implications for paleoenvironment (چکیده)
92 - Accounting Conservatism and Earnings Quality (چکیده)
93 - Experimental investigation and optimization of low-frequency vibration-assisted drilling (چکیده)
94 - Hypogene enrichment in Miduk porphyry copper ore deposit, Iran (چکیده)
95 - Producing bacterial nano-cellulose and keratin from wastes to synthesize keratin/cellulose nanobiocomposite for removal of dyes and heavy metal ions from waters and wastewaters (چکیده)
96 - Review of Androctonus baluchicus (Pocock, 1900) with description of new species from Iran (Scorpiones: Buthidae) (چکیده)
97 - High-resolution, spatially resolved quantification of wind erosion rates based on UAV images (case study: Sistan region, southeastern Iran) (چکیده)
98 - Development of optimal polymeric foams with superior sound absorption and transmission loss (چکیده)
99 - Towards the Modeling and Prediction of the Yield of Oilseed Crops: A Multi-Machine Learning Approach (چکیده)
100 - Multilocus phylogeny reveals habitat driven cryptic diversity in Ochotona rufescens (Ochotonidae) (چکیده)
101 - Porphyrin-based metal–organic frameworks: focus on diagnostic and therapeutic applications (چکیده)
102 - Ferula assa‐foetida oleo gum resin ethanolic extract alleviated the pancreatic changes and antioxidant status in streptozotocin‐induced diabetic rats: A biochemical, histopathological, and ultrastructural study (چکیده)
103 - A DFT Study of Hydrogen Adsorption on Metallic Platinum: Associative or Dissociative Adsorption (چکیده)
104 - Surface modification of gold nanoparticles with 6-mercapto-1-hexanol to facilitate dual conjugation of protoporphyrin IX and folic acid for improving the targeted photochemical internalization (چکیده)
105 - Artemia Cysts as dynamic biosorbent for efficient and fast uptake of lead ions from contaminated environments (چکیده)
106 - Quantum chemistry study on the anthropomorphic molecules: characterization, photovoltaic properties, and application (چکیده)
107 - Data-driven modelling and optimization of hydrogen adsorption on carbon nanostructures (چکیده)
108 - Are CEO experience and financial expertise associated with financial restatements? (چکیده)
109 - Schema and content aware classification for predicting the sources containing an answer overcorpusand knowledge graphs (چکیده)
110 - A comparative study to critically assess the designing criteria for selecting an optimal adsorption heat exchanger in cooling applications (چکیده)
111 - Exploring Genre, Research Method, and Reliability Coefficients of the ESP Journal Articles Published Between 2010 and 2020 (چکیده)
112 - The effect of auditors’ psychological characteristics on cultural values and social health (چکیده)
113 - High velocity impact response of corrugated core composite sandwich structures (چکیده)
114 - Effect of Cattaneo-Christov approximation for viscoelastic fluid with carbon nanotubes on flow and heat transfer (چکیده)
115 - Cellulose-Based Hybrid Composites Enabled by Metal Organic Frameworks for CO2 Capture: The Effect of Cellulosic Substrate (چکیده)
116 - Effect of grooving textured tool on the titanium chip morphology (چکیده)
117 - The effect of COVID 19 on risktaking of small and medium-sized, family and non-family firms (چکیده)
118 - Sustainability Reporting and Corporate Reputation: The Moderating Effect of CEO Opportunistic Behavior (چکیده)
119 - Does intellectual capital and corporate governance have an impact on annual report readability? Evidence from an emerging market (چکیده)
120 - Managers’ and auditors’ narcissism on the management team’s stability and relative corporate performance (چکیده)
121 - The relationship between managerial entrenchment and accounting conservatism (چکیده)
122 - The relationship between managers’ narcissism and overconfidence on corporate risk-taking (چکیده)
123 - Molecular simulation of methane on various g-C3N4 isomers: collision, adsorption, desorption, and diffusion studies (چکیده)
124 - Supplementing a Herbal Product (NBS Superfood) in Broiler Diets Varying in Energy and Protein Levels: Effects on Growth Performance, Intestinal Morphology, Immune Response and Blood Metabolites (چکیده)
125 - Autecology of Citrullus colocynthis L. Schrad Colocynth) in Gonabad desert, Iran (چکیده)
126 - Cyclic olefin polymer membrane as an emerging material for CO2 capture in gas-liquid membrane contactor (چکیده)
127 - Allium parhamii (Amaryllidaceae, Allioideae), a new species from Central Kopet Dagh Mountains, NE Iran (چکیده)
128 - Adsorptive Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solutions Using Magnetic Fe3O4@C-dots: Removal and kinetic studies (چکیده)
129 - Mechanical properties and stress-induced polymorphic transformations of blends of random isotactic propylene-1-hexene copolymers (چکیده)
130 - Mn-incorporated nickel selenide: an ultra-active bifunctional electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution and urea oxidation reactions (چکیده)
131 - Acute Venom Toxicity Determinations for Five Iranian Vipers and a Scorpion (چکیده)
132 - Use of a gyrB PCR-RFLP method to diagnose tuberculosis and identify the causative Mycobacterium sp. in cattle and humans (چکیده)
133 - Molecular simulation of adsorption and diffusion of H2 /CO2 /CO /MeOH /EtOH mixture into the zeolitic imidazolate framework ZIF-8 (چکیده)
134 - Habitat, Phenology, and Seed Studies of Citrullus colocynthis in Lut Desert, Iran (چکیده)
135 - The role of corpus linguistics in sentiment analysis of Persian texts, case study: a Farsi news agency website (چکیده)
136 - Late Pleistocene–Holocene pedogenesis and palaeoclimate in western Asia from palaeosols of the Central Iranian Plateau (چکیده)
137 - Functionalization of beet waste by cross-linking to attach amine groups for efficient sorption of reactive black 5 anionic dye (چکیده)
138 - Equitable distinguishing chromatic number (چکیده)
139 - The evolutionary relationship between arm vertebrae shape and ecological lifestyle in brittle stars (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea) (چکیده)
140 - Antifungal activity of Mentha × Piperita L. essential oil (چکیده)
141 - Rare case of hemangiopericytoma in a domestic short hair cat (چکیده)
142 - Effect of parameters on fiber diameters and the morphology of hybrid electrospun cellulose acetate/chitosan/poly ethylene oxide) nanofibers (چکیده)
143 - Intestinal changes and immune responses during Clostridium perfringens-induced necrotic enteritis in broiler chickens (چکیده)
144 - Molecular dynamics study of SO2 gas adsorption in two Y Zeolites: Effects of external fields (چکیده)
145 - Improving the quality of image segmentation in Ultrasound images using Reinforcement Learning (چکیده)
146 - Review of Liu (2020): Corpus-Assisted Translation Teaching: Issues and Challenges (چکیده)
147 - Tectonic geomorphology assessment of neotectonics in the north of Damghan region, Alborz mountain belt, Northern Iran (چکیده)
148 - The Effect of Corporate Governance on Export Performance of Iranian Listed Companies (چکیده)
149 - Evaluation of morphological traits of wheat varieties at germination stage under salinity stress (چکیده)
150 - Effects of replacement different levels and sources of methionine with betaine on jejunal morphology, duodenal mitochondrial respiration, and lipid peroxidation in heat-stressed broiler chickens (چکیده)
151 - Efficient removal of Triton X-100 from water samples by graphene oxide-humic acid nanocomposite (چکیده)
152 - TX-100 adsorption from aqueous solution using modified graphene oxide; optimization by response surface methodology and one factor at a time techniques (چکیده)
153 - گروه‌بندی برخی ژنوتیپ‌های سریش (‏Eremurus spp.‎‏) ایران با استفاده از صفات ریختی‏ (چکیده)
154 - The Changhsingian (Late Permian) ammonoids from Baghuk Mountain (Central Iran) (چکیده)
155 - First-principles study of the binding affinity of monolayer BC6N nanosheet: Implications for drug delivery (چکیده)
156 - Soil erosion progression under rill and gully erosion processes and its effect on variations of mechanisms controlling C mineralization ratio (چکیده)
157 - Evaluation of machine learning-based applications in forecasting the performance of single effect absorption chiller network (چکیده)
158 - خاموشی ژن bZIP14 با استفاده از CRISPR/Cas9 و بررسی موتانت ها در پاسخ به تنش شبکه آندوپلاسمی در گیاه Marchantia polymorpha (چکیده)
159 - Synthesis of Meso-tetraarylporphyrins and in Situ Producing the Valuable Nanoparticles as a Byproduct: Potential Application in Solar Cells (چکیده)
160 - Improving energy efficiency, germination indices and root system development in Cape periwinkle and marigold through spectral distribution and light exposure time (چکیده)
161 - Photocatalytic mineralization of hard-degradable morphine by visible light-driven Ag@g-C3N4 nanostructures (چکیده)
162 - Molecular dynamic simulation studies of adsorption and diffusion behaviors of methanol and ethanol through ZSM-5 zeolite (چکیده)
163 - Novel implications of a strictly monomorphic (GCC) repeat in the human PRKACB gene (چکیده)
164 - Campanula oreodoxa (Campanulaceae), a new critically endangered species from the Aladagh Mountains, NE Iran (چکیده)
165 - Highly efficient clean water production: Reduced graphene oxide/ graphitic carbon nitride/wood (چکیده)
166 - Aptamer targeted red blood cell membrane-coated porphyrinic copper-based MOF for guided photochemotherapy against metastatic breast cancer (چکیده)
167 - Investigating the association between rs6983267 polymorphism and susceptibility to gastrointestinal cancers in Iranian population (چکیده)
168 - استفاده از کنسانتره پروتئین ماهی در فرمولاسیون خمیرآبه هت تهیه ناگت مرغ کم چرب (چکیده)
169 - Investigation of the Different Morphologies of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) in Cellulose/ZnO Hybrid Aerogel on the Photocatalytic Degradation Efficiency of Methyl Orange (چکیده)
170 - Could effective microorganisms improve tolerance of UCB1 (چکیده)
171 - Interactive identification key to all brittle star families (Echinodermata; Ophiuroidea) leads to revised morphological descriptions (چکیده)
172 - Experimental Study of Using Ethyl Ether-Acetaldehyde Solution in A Solar-Driven Absorption Chiller Integrated with A Parabolic Trough Solar Concentrator (چکیده)
173 - Influence of different environmental parameters on the adsorption process of Azo Reactive Red24 dye using nanoparticles synthesized by bacteria (چکیده)
174 - Investigation of the effect of pH and adsorbent dosage on the adsorption process of Reactive black 5 azo dye on copper oxide nanoparticles synthesized by bacteria (چکیده)
175 - Effects of Dietary Supplementation of a Herbal Product (NBS Superfood) on Growth Performance, Intestinal Morphology, Immune Status and Blood Metabolites in Broiler Chickens (چکیده)
176 - An experimental and numerical study on the crush responses and energy absorption characteristics of single and bi layer cups under low velocity impact (چکیده)
177 - The Impact of Intellectual Capital on Corporate Economic Performance in Iran in the Face of Sanctions (چکیده)
178 - An analytical study on nucleation and growth mechanism of nanostructured Ni-Se coating by the chronoamperometry and pulse potential techniques (چکیده)
179 - Electronic, Optical, Morphological, Transport, and Electrochemical Properties of PEDOT: A Theoretical Perspective (چکیده)
180 - Prediction of the hydrogen adsorption isotherm on nickel decorated carbon nanotubes by applying artificial neural network modeling (چکیده)
181 - Taxonomic investigation of the Xanthium strumarium L. complex (Asteraceae) distributed in Iran inferred from morphological, palynological and molecular data (چکیده)
182 - Comparison of petrological and geochemical characteristics of three different types of Eocene copper-gold mineralization in eastern Iran (چکیده)
183 - Computational modeling in enhanced CO2 and C2H2 capture on chalcogen atom (Se, Te)-decorated graphene: structural and mechanistic aspects (چکیده)
184 - Optimum loading of aluminum additive particles in unconsolidated beds of finned flat-tube heat exchangers in an adsorption cooling system (چکیده)
185 - The effect of apple cider vinegar on the intestinal morphology of rainbow trout (چکیده)
186 - Integrative systematics of the tooth-tailed scorpions, Odontobuthus (Buthidae), with descriptions of three new species from the Iranian Plateau (چکیده)
187 - Perception of the reciprocal influences of the formed interactions and hydrogen bonds, and adsorption energies between zinc-titanate nanoparticles/nano-silica/Dawson heteropolyacid hybrid- water on the positive alternation trends of the strength and properties of ordinary and self-compacting concrete: A systematic study through the quantum mechanical theory and experimental engineering studies (چکیده)
188 - An innovative model for describing oil penetration into the doughnut crust during hot air frying (چکیده)
189 - Long-term cultivation effects on soil properties variations in different landforms in an arid region of eastern Iran (چکیده)
190 - Adsorption characteristics of amino acids on graphene and germanene using dispersion-corrected density functional theory (چکیده)
191 - Multiple species delimitation approaches applied to the avian lark genus Alaudala (چکیده)
192 - A first outline of the Quaternary landscape evolution of the Kashaf Rud River basin in the drylands of northeastern Iran (چکیده)
193 - The study of mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in Razavi Khorasan Province (چکیده)
194 - Comment on: “Effect of particle size on the optical properties of lead zirconate titanate nanopowders” [J. Am. Cream. Soc. 2018;101:5335–5345] (چکیده)
195 - Comment on: “Investigation the effect of Pb incorporation on the surface characterizations of electrodeposited CdSe nanostructures” [J. Alloys Compd. 817 (2020) 152711] (چکیده)
196 - Comment on: “Effect of low thermal treatment temperatures on the morphological, optical and electrical properties of Sn1-xMnxTe nanocomposite films incorporated with indium cations” [Ceram. Int. 45 (2019) 23203–23215] (چکیده)
197 - Structural and hydrogen absorption/desorption properties of Zr2(Co0.5Fe0.2Ni0.2V0.1) intermetallic alloy (چکیده)
198 - New Insights into Physical, Morphological, Thermal, and Pasting Properties of HHP‐Treated Starches: Effect of Starch Type and Industry‐Scale Concentration (چکیده)
199 - Application of three dimensional porous aerogels as adsorbent for removal of heavy metal ions from water/wastewater: A review study (چکیده)
200 - Study of scorpions of the genus Androctonus Hemprich et Ehrenberg, 1828 (Scorpiones: Buthidae) in Eastern part of Iran (چکیده)
201 - A comparative study of different materials (drinking water treatment sludge, nanoclay, and modified nanoclay) for simultaneous removal of hexavalent chromium and lead (چکیده)
202 - Parameter optimization of tetracycline removal by vanadium oxide nano cuboids (چکیده)
203 - Fabrication and evaluation of polycaprolactone/olive oil scaffolds by phase inversion for tissue engineering (چکیده)
204 - Magnetic nanoparticles coated with poly(p-phenylenediamine-co-thiophene) as a sorbent for preconcentration of organophosphorus pesticides (چکیده)
205 - Hybrid nanocomposites prepared from a metal-organic framework of type MOF-199(Cu) and graphene or fullerene as sorbents for dispersive solid phase extraction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (چکیده)
206 - Innovation in using IT: understanding the impact of knowledge absorptive capacity on academic librarians (چکیده)
207 - Are Translation Universals Really Universal? A Corpus-based Study of Translational Expository Persian (چکیده)
208 - Numerical study on heat and mass transfer behavior of pool boiling in LiBr/H2O absorption chiller generator considering different tube surfaces (چکیده)
209 - Artificial Neural Network Training to Predict Hydrogen Adsorption Isotherm on Ni-decorated CNTs (چکیده)
210 - Detecting degraded, prone and transition ecosystems by environmental thresholds and spectral functions (چکیده)
211 - Thermo-economic analysis and optimization of the steam absorption chiller network plant (چکیده)
212 - Validation and Comparison of Instrumented Mouthguards for Measuring Head Kinematics and Assessing Brain Deformation in Football Impacts (چکیده)
213 - Pectin/lignocellulose nanofibers/chitin nanofibers bionanocomposite as an efficient biosorbent of cholesterol and bile salts (چکیده)
214 - Some Notes on Non-inner Nilpotent Groups (چکیده)
215 - End-regularity of generalized bicycle graph (چکیده)
216 - Adsorption of RB5 azo dye using biogenic copper oxide nanoparticles by a cold tolerant bacterium (چکیده)
217 - Green Synthesis of Biogenic Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles for Enhanced Adsorption of azo dyes (چکیده)
219 - The Relationship between Corporate Reputation and Different Types of Earnings Management (چکیده)
220 - The Effects of Corporate Characteristics on Managerial Entrenchment (چکیده)
221 - The relationship between managerial entrenchment and firm risk‐taking on social responsibility disclosure (چکیده)
222 - The effect of intellectual capital on corporate performance (چکیده)
223 - Studying of the adsorption and diffusion behaviors of methane on graphene oxide by molecular dynamics simulation (چکیده)
224 - Gastropods in love: a fossilized mating behavior of coupling ampullinids in the Paleocene of Kopet-Dagh Basin, NE Iran (چکیده)
225 - Experimental, numerical, and multi-objective optimization investigations on the energy absorption features of single- and bi-layer deep-drawn cups (چکیده)
226 - Depositional pattern of sediments in a dry-lake Playa in NE Iran; Implication for geomorphologic characteristics (چکیده)
227 - A new ultrasound-assisted approach to the synthesis of metalorganic framework structure derived from the Zn–terephthalic acid–DMF system (چکیده)
228 - Influence of hydrogen bond network onsupramolecular assembly and gas storage of2D coordination polymers containing amide/ester ligands (چکیده)
229 - Morphology of arm ossicles varies in epizoic and non-epizoic ophiuroids (چکیده)
230 - Plant Extract and Herbal Products as Potential Source of Sorbent for Analytical Purpose: An Experimental Study of Morphine and Codeine Determination Using HPLC and LC–MSMS (چکیده)
231 - Influence of planting date and plant density on morphological characteristics, seed yield and essential oil percentage of oregano (Origanum vulgare L.) (چکیده)
232 - Complete modeling dehydration unit, adsorption and regeneration (چکیده)
233 - Effect of electron donor and acceptor on the photovoltaic properties of organic dyes for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells (چکیده)
234 - Determination of adhesive acrylates in recycled polyethylene terephthalate by fabric phase sorptive extraction coupled to ultra performance liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry (چکیده)
235 - Statistical Analysis of Brain Volume Changes in T1-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Images of Attention Deficit hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Based on Voxel-Based Morphometry (چکیده)
236 - Effect of pH on the electrochemical properties of polyaniline nanoparticle suspension in strongly acidic solution: an experimental and theoretical study (چکیده)
237 - Integral Representation of Quaternion Elliptical Density and its Applications (چکیده)
238 - Robust sentiment fusion on distribution of news (چکیده)
239 - Investigation of the Behaviour of Steel-Concrete-Steel Sandwich Slabs with Bi-Directional Corrugated-Strip Connectors (چکیده)
240 - Twin-assisted precipitation during hot compression of an Mg-Gd-Zn-Zr magnesium alloy (چکیده)
242 - Adsorption of Boron from a Simulated Soil Solution Using Zn–Al and Mn-Doped Zn–Al Layered Double Hydroxides (چکیده)
243 - Effects of Different Levels of Date Waste Vinegar in Diet and Water on Growth Performance, Gastrointestinal Tract Morphology, Ileal Microflora and Immune Response of Broilers (چکیده)
244 - Vanadium dioxide nanoparticles as a promising sorbent for controlled removal of waterborne fluoroquinolone ciprofloxacin (چکیده)
245 - Additional notes to the morphology of Hyperaspis pseudopustulata Mulsant, 1853 (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) (چکیده)
246 - Intestinal adsorption of glucose, cholesterol and bile salt by simultaneous incorporation of edible microbiosorbent and intestinal bacteria (چکیده)
247 - Magnetic pectin-Chlorella vulgaris biosorbent for the adsorption of dyes (چکیده)
248 - Comparative study on the role of gelatin, chitosan and their combination as tissue engineered scaffolds on healing and regeneration of critical sized bone defects: an in vivo study (چکیده)
249 - Comment on: “Growth, optical, photoluminescence, dielectric, second and third order nonlinear optical studies of benzoyl valine acentric crystal” [(2017) Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 658, 186–197] (چکیده)
250 - Histopathological, ultrastructural and molecular examination of Sarcocystis spp. in sheep of Mashhad area, Khorasan Razavi Province, Iran (چکیده)
251 - The potential impact of managerial entrenchment on firms’ corporate social responsibility activities and financial performance: evidence from Iran (چکیده)
252 - The effects of sodium hexametaphosphate combined with other remineralizing agents on the staining and microhardness of early enamel caries: An in vitro modified pH-cycling model (چکیده)
253 - word.alignment: an R package for computing statistical word alignment and its evaluation (چکیده)
254 - Identification of Breast Cancer Associated Putative Functional Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the Iranian Population through In Silico Analyses (چکیده)
255 - Ameliorating Effects of Vitamin E on Morphological and Histological Alterations and Oxidative Stress Factors Assessment Against Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle-Induced in Mice Testis (چکیده)
256 - Effect of SiC particles on hot deformation behavior of closed-cell Al/SiCp composite foams (چکیده)
257 - Insight into incident photon to current conversion efficiency in chlorophylls (چکیده)
258 - Plectorhinchus makranensis (Teleostei, Haemulidae), a new species of sweetlips from the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman (چکیده)
259 - Influence of hydrogen bond network on supra molecular assembly and gas storage of 2D coordination polymers containing amide/ester ligands (چکیده)
260 - A new ultrasound-assisted approach to the synthesis of metal-organic framework structure derived from the Zn-terephthalic acid-DMF system (چکیده)
261 - Leaf Expansion and Transpiration Responses of Millet Species to Soil Water Deficit (چکیده)
262 - Numerical investigation of wave interactions in an experimental wave-energy converter using OpenFOAM (چکیده)
263 - Potential of diamines for absorption of SO2: Effect of methanol group (چکیده)
264 - Theoretical study on the absorption of carbon dioxide by DBU-based ionic liquids (چکیده)
265 - Estimating Flood Characteristics Using Geomorphologic Flood Index with Regards to Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency-Area Curves and CADDIES-2D Model in Three Iranian Basins (چکیده)
266 - Vanadium oxide nanoparticles for methylene blue water remediation: Exploring the effect of physicochemical parameters by process modeling (چکیده)
267 - Role of silica mid-layer in thermal and chemical stability of hierarchical Fe3O4-SiO2-TiO2 nanoparticles for improvement of lead adsorption: Kinetics, thermodynamic and deep XPS investigation (چکیده)
268 - Experimental and simulation study of the effect of surface functional groups decoration on CH4 and H2 storage capacity of microporous carbons (چکیده)
269 - Scorpions of Iran (Arachnida: Scorpiones): Annotated checklist, DELTA database and identification key (چکیده)
270 - Macro- and microelement content and health risk assessment of heavy metals in various herbs of Iran (چکیده)
271 - Self-association process of tetracycline antibiotic in different aqueous solutions: a joint experimental study and molecular dynamics simulation (چکیده)
272 - P‐doped g‐C3N4 as an efficient photocatalyst for CO2 conversion into value‐added materials: a joint experimental and theoretical study (چکیده)
273 - Modeling the qualitative indices of sewerage of Mashhad city with Oxidation reduction Potential (چکیده)
274 - Modeling of the amount of sulfide production in sewage collectors in Mashhad (چکیده)
275 - Tracking the Near Eastern origins and European dispersal of the western house mouse (چکیده)
276 - The impact of corporate governance on intellectual capitals efficiency in Iran (چکیده)
277 - Lower trunk muscle morphology predicts functional abilities in healthy older adults: a cross sectional study (چکیده)
278 - Systematic review of the effect of exercise training on the human trunk muscle morphology (چکیده)
279 - The Effect of a 12-Week Supervised Multimodal Exercise Training Program on Lower Trunk Muscle Morphology and Functional Ability in Healthy Older Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial (چکیده)
280 - The Effect of Exercise Training on Lower Trunk Muscle Morphology (چکیده)
281 - Impact of corporate governance mechanisms on the cost of equity capital in emerging markets (چکیده)
282 - Quantitative analysis of relative active tectonics using geomorphic indices in Band-Golestan basin, northeastern Iran (چکیده)
283 - Management stock ownership and corporate debt: evidence from an emerging market (چکیده)
284 - The impact of ownership structure on the cost of equity in emerging markets (چکیده)
285 - Corporate Governance and Cost of Equity: Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange (چکیده)
286 - Flowering Features and Breeding Systems of Seven Native Salvia Species in Iran (چکیده)
287 - Beurling density on expansible locally compact groups and systems of translations (چکیده)
288 - Development of hierarchical surface roughness on porous poly (vinylidene fluoride) membrane for membrane distillation process (چکیده)
289 - Energy, exergy, economic analysis and optimization of single-effect absorption chiller network (چکیده)
290 - Preparation and characterization of porous chitosan–based membrane with enhanced copper ion adsorption performance (چکیده)
291 - Sexual dimorphism in the scorpions of the genus Odontobuthus Vachon, 1950 (Scorpiones: Buthidae) (چکیده)
292 - Retinal image assessment using bi-level adaptive morphological component analysis (چکیده)
293 - The Role of Postcranial Skeleton Morphology in Species Identification and Phylogeny Inferences: Gerbillinae (Rodentia: Muridae) as a Case Study (چکیده)
294 - Effect of Threonine Supplementation on Growth Performance, Metabolizable Energy, Morphological Changes and Immune Response in Broiler Chickens Challenged with Coccidia (چکیده)
295 - Fischer–Tropsch synthesis using zeolitic imidazolate framework (ZIF‐7 and ZIF‐8)‐supported cobalt catalysts (چکیده)
296 - Effect of micelles and reverse micelles on nonlinear optical properties of potassium dichromate and Staphylococcus aureus treatment (چکیده)
297 - Amorphous calcium phosphate nanoparticles-based mouthwash: preparation, characterization, and anti-bacterial effects (چکیده)
298 - Energy Absorption Analysis and Multi-objective Optimization of Tri-layer Cups Subjected to Quasi-static Axial Compressive Loading (چکیده)
299 - Effect of melt miscibility, polymorphism, and crystal morphology on tensile deformation of blends of isotactic polypropylene and propylene‐1‐hexene random copolymers (چکیده)
300 - Numerical simulation and theoretical investigation of a multi-cycle dual-evaporator adsorption desalination and cooling system (چکیده)
301 - Relationship between earnings management, CEO compensation, and stock return on Tehran Stock Exchange (چکیده)
302 - Density functional investigations on the adsorption characteristics of nucleobases on germanene nanoribbons (چکیده)
303 - Effect different levels of calcium and phosphorus with and without probiotics inclusion on growth performance, carcass traits and jejunum morphology of broiler chickens (چکیده)
304 - Photovoltaic properties of the flavonoid‐based photosensitizers: Molecular‐scale perspective on the natural dye solar cells (چکیده)
305 - An experimental study on the energy absorption characteristics of single- and bi-layer cups under quasi-static loading (چکیده)
306 - تولید فاز آمورف در سیستمAl80Fe20به روش آلیاژسازی مکانیکی و بررسی پایداری حرارتی آن (چکیده)
307 - Anatomical and Morphological Properties of Trichomes in Four Iranian Native Salvia Species under Cultivated Conditions (چکیده)
308 - Extraction of algal chlorophyll(a+b) pigment using adsorption (چکیده)
309 - Diversification and evolutionary history of brush-tailed mice, Calomyscidae (Rodentia), in southwestern Asia (چکیده)
310 - A new record of Lepidium (Brassicaceae) for the flora of Iran (چکیده)
311 - Covalently Copper(II) Porphyrin Cross-Linked Graphene Oxide: Preparation and Catalytic Activity (چکیده)
312 - Synthesis, characterization, and investigation of catalytic activity of copper(II) porphyrin graphene oxide for azide–alkyne cycloaddition (چکیده)
313 - Reliability and sensitivity analysis of robust learning machine in prediction of bank profile morphology of threshold sand rivers (چکیده)
314 - The Influence of Microstructural Characteristics on Austenite Formation Kinetics in a Plain Carbon Steel (چکیده)
315 - Microgeomorphology related soil characteristics determine the heterogeneity of biological soil crust communities (چکیده)
316 - Boron Phosphide van der Waals p-n Junction via Molecular Adsorption (چکیده)
317 - High-velocity perforation behaviour of sandwich panels with Al/SiCp composite foam core (چکیده)
318 - A new species ofObtusicauda(Hemiptera: Aphididae) from Iran living onArtemisia (چکیده)
319 - Evaluation of resistance genes to phenolic antibiotics in poultry salmonella (چکیده)
320 - Facile synthesis of mesoporous carbon aerogel for the removal of ibuprofen from aqueous solution by central composite experimental design (CCD) (چکیده)
321 - Systematics and evolution of the libyan jird based on molecular and morphometric data (چکیده)
322 - Electrochemical and quantum chemical study of polyaniline nanoparticles suspension in HCl and H2SO4 (چکیده)
323 - Identification of sand dune sources in the east Sistan, Iran by using mineralogical and morphoscopic characterization of sediments (چکیده)
324 - Co(II)‐Porphyrin Immobilized on Graphene Oxide: An Efficient Catalyst for the Beckmann Rearrangement (چکیده)
325 - Morphological and morphometric characterization of the new records of the East European vole (Microtus levis Miller, 1908) from northeast Iran (چکیده)
326 - Crystallization Behavior and Mechanical Properties of In-situ Alumina-Zirconia Composite Bodies (چکیده)
327 - Green Biosynthesis of Palladium Oxide Nanoparticles Using Dictyota indica Seaweed and its application for adsorption (چکیده)
328 - Conditioning time and sodium bentonite affect pellet quality, growth performance, nutrient retention and intestinal morphology of growing broiler chickens (چکیده)
329 - Development of PES/polyaniline-modified TiO2 adsorptive membrane for copper removal (چکیده)
330 - Relative importance of inter-particle mass transfer resistance in the modeling of adsorption chiller porous bed (چکیده)
331 - Efficient Removal of Organic Dyes from Water by Metal-Organic Frameworks: The Importance of Defects (چکیده)
332 - The morphospace of Late Permian coiled nautiloids (چکیده)
333 - On the Polymorphism of 12-Tungstoborate Heteropolyanion: Structure Determination and Its Functionalization with L-proline (چکیده)
334 - Amorphous to high crystalline PE made by mono and dinuclear Fe-based catalysts (چکیده)
335 - Hydrogen Adsorption by G-C3N4 and Graphene Oxide Nanosheets (چکیده)
336 - New insights to the taxonomy of Rhagodes eylandti (Walter, 1889): A remarkable sexually dimorphic species (Solifugae: Rhagodidae) (چکیده)
338 - Origin of Rosa x binaloudensis (Rosaceae), a new natural hybrid species from Iran (چکیده)
339 - Zirconium (IV) porphyrin graphene oxide: a new and efficient catalyst for the synthesis of 3,4‐dihydropyrimidin‐2(1H)‐ones (چکیده)
340 - Light and scanning electron microscopic study of the tongue in the guinea fowl (Numida meleagris) (چکیده)
341 - Exploring syntactic complexity and its relationship with writing quality in EFL argumentative essays (چکیده)
342 - On the role of structural variables in magnetic properties of Co(1-x)NixFe2O4 nanoferrites (چکیده)
343 - An efficient solid phase extraction of Pb2+ using tannic acid-coated cerium oxide nanoparticles followed by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
344 - Association between the availability of financial resources and working capital management with stock surplus returns in Iran (چکیده)
345 - The Late Permian araxoceratid ammonoids: a case of repetitive temporal and spatial unfolding of homoplastic conch characters (چکیده)
346 - Impact of geomorphic disturbance on spatial variability of soil CO2 flux within a depositional landform (چکیده)
347 - ردیابی همولوگ ژن توماتیناز در ژنوم قارچ Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. melonis (چکیده)
348 - Electrochemical behavior of polyaniline nanoparticles suspension: Adsorption and diffusion (چکیده)
349 - CEO ability and regulatory review risk (چکیده)
350 - Preconcentration of morphine in urine sample using a green and solvent-free microextraction method (چکیده)
351 - Thin film composite membranes with desirable support layer for MeOH/MTBE pervaporation (چکیده)
352 - Orientation-dependent conformational polymorphs in two similar pyridine/pyrazine phenolic esters (چکیده)
353 - Potential use of algae for heavy metal bioremediation, a critical review (چکیده)
354 - Experimental induction of necrotic enteritis in broiler chickens based on performance, intestinal morphology, gut microflora changes and gut lesion scores (چکیده)
355 - Clonostachys rosea, a new and promising entomopathogenic fungus infecting pupa of jujube fruit fly, Carpomya vesuviana (چکیده)
356 - Organizational empowerment: A vital step toward intrapreneurship (چکیده)
357 - Improvement of hydrogen storage capacity on the palladium-decorated N-doped graphene sheets as a novel adsorbent: A hybrid MD-GCMC simulation study (چکیده)
358 - The genus Harmonia (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) in the Middle East region (چکیده)
359 - Electrochemical generation of palladium volatile species enhanced with Sn(ii): application for detection of Pd(ii) by pyrolytic graphite-coated furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
360 - Analysis and Frequency of Bovine lymphocyte Antigen BoLA-DRB3.2 Alleles in Iranian Sistani cattle (چکیده)
361 - Association of leptin polymorphisms with production and reproduction traits in Iranian Holstein dairy cows (چکیده)
362 - Effect of Environment on Protoporphyrin IX: Absorbance, Fluorescence and Nonlinear Optical Properties (چکیده)
363 - Automorphism groups of some generalized Cayley graphs (چکیده)
364 - Facile synthesis of mesoporous carbon aerogel for the removal of ibuprofen from aqueous solution by central composite experimental design -CCD- (چکیده)
365 - Evaluation of the accuracy of Demirjian's method for estimating chronological age from dental age in Shiraz, Iran: Using geometric morphometrics method (چکیده)
366 - A Quaternary study by mineral compositions along salty-clay surfaces of Sabzavar dry-lake playa (چکیده)
367 - Removal of Cu2+, Cd2+ and Ni2+ ions from aqueous solution using a novel chitosan/polyvinyl alcohol adsorptive membrane (چکیده)
368 - The role of implicit and explicit knowledge sharing in improving financial and executive performance: mediating role of innovation speed and quality (چکیده)
369 - Sexual dimorphism, allometry, and interspecific variation in the cranial morphology of seven Meriones species -Gerbillinae, Rodentia (چکیده)
370 - Responses of Two Rangeland Noxious Plants Species to a Seasonal Drought (چکیده)
372 - Influence of As-Formed Metal-Oxide in Non-Activated Water-Unstable Organometallic Framework Pores as Hydrolysis Delay Agent: Interplay Between Experiments and DFT Modeling (چکیده)
373 - Potential application of amino acids in analytical toxicology (چکیده)
374 - Multiple directorships and managerial ability (چکیده)
375 - Photovoltaic behavior of isorhamnetin pigment in dye-sensitized solar cell: A theoretical study (چکیده)
376 - Comparison of SO2 and CO2 absorption by diamines (چکیده)
377 - Morphological variation and molecular study of the root lesion nematode Pratylenchus thornei (چکیده)
378 - A review of solar absorption cooling systems combined with various auxiliary energy devices (چکیده)
379 - Plantago lagocephala (Plantaginaceae), a new record for the flora of Iran (چکیده)
380 - Elucidating the morphological aspects and proton dynamics in a hybrid perfluorosulfonic acid membrane for medium-temperature fuel cell applications (چکیده)
381 - Two new species and a new record of the genus Astragalus (Fabaceae) from NE Iran (چکیده)
382 - Evaluating single nucleotide polymorphism rs6983267 in Iranian esophageal cancer patients (چکیده)
383 - Prediction of chlortetracycline adsorption on the Fe3O4 nanoparticle using molecular dynamics simulation (چکیده)
384 - A novel electrochemical sensor for determination of morphine in a submicroliter of human urine sample (چکیده)
385 - Effect of polymers on the damping capacity of automotive bitumen anti-vibration insulators (چکیده)
386 - Effect of Ethylene Monomer Pressure on BCE Ziegler-Nata Catalyst Fragmentation in the Early Stage of Polymerization (چکیده)
387 - Effect of magnetized water on foam stability and compressive strength of foam concrete (چکیده)
388 - A new hypothesis on parameters controlling the formation and size of porphyry copper deposits: Implications on thermal gradient of subducted oceanic slab, depth of dehydration and partial melting along the Kerman copper belt in Iran (چکیده)
389 - Synthesis, characterization and first application of covalently immobilized nickel-porphyrin on graphene oxide for Suzuki cross-coupling reaction (چکیده)
390 - Evaluating the association of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) rs6983267 with esophageal cancer in Iranian patients (چکیده)
391 - Adsorption of Nickel from Wastewater by Coal, Tailing and their Ashes (چکیده)
392 - Effect of dietary inclusion of olive leaf (Olea europaea L.) powder on performance, small intestine morphology and nutrient digestibility in broiler chickens (چکیده)
393 - A new effective nano-adsorbent and antibacterial material of hydroxyapatite (چکیده)
394 - شناسایی گونه های جنس Helicotylenchus از باغات مرکبات شمال استان خوزستان (چکیده)
395 - A joint MD/QM study on the possibility of alkaloids detection by cucurbiturils and graphene oxide-cucurbituril composites (چکیده)
396 - The Relationship between Managerial Entrenchment, Earnings Management, and Firm Innovation (چکیده)
397 - Corporate social responsibility and future financial performance Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange (چکیده)
398 - Board compensation and disclosure quality: Corporate governance interference (چکیده)
399 - Application of HKUST-1@GO Nanocomposite for the Removal of Lead from Wastewater (چکیده)
400 - Synthesis and Characterization of Iron-based Metal-Organic Framework MIL-53 (چکیده)
401 - Filter regular sequences and endomorphisms of local cohomology modules (چکیده)
402 - Optimum fin spacing of finned tube adsorber bed heat exchangers in an exhaust gas-driven adsorption cooling system (چکیده)
403 - Developing a new sensitive solid-phase microextraction fiber based on carbon nanotubes for preconcentration of morphine (چکیده)
404 - Environmental Enrichment Attenuates Morphine-Induced Conditioned Place Preference and Locomotor Sensitization in Maternally Separated Rat Pups (چکیده)
405 - Continuity of generalized Jordan derivations on semisimple Banach algebras (چکیده)
406 - Silicon atom and silicon oxide molecule, within the metallic and semiconducting carbon nanotubes as promising centers candidates for hydrogen adsorption: A DFT theoretical study (چکیده)
407 - Seven and eight-coordinate Fe(III) complexes containing pre-organized ligand 1,10-phenanthroline-2,9-dicarboxylic acid: Solvent effects, supramolecular interactions and DFT calculations (چکیده)
408 - Cognitive and language intervention in primary language impairment: Studying the effectiveness of working memory training and direct language intervention on expansion of grammar and working memory capacities (چکیده)
409 - New look at the con-specificity of the two shrews, Crocidura gmelini and C. suaveolens from Iran; geometric morphometrics approach (چکیده)
410 - Comparison of Sleep Problems in Opioid-Dependent Patients under Methadone and Buprenorphine Treatment (چکیده)
411 - Synthesis of LDPE Using Pyridineimine-Based Nickel -II- Bromide Complexes: Effect of Catalyst Bulkiness on Thermal, Structural, and Morphological Properties (چکیده)
412 - Z-Scan and Absorption Study of Crocin and Rhodamine B Decolorization by Bacterial Laccase (چکیده)
413 - Simulation of the performance of a solar concentrating photovoltaic-thermal collector, applied in a combined cooling heating and power generation system (چکیده)
416 - The effect of functionalizing graphene nanosheets on adsorption of Hydroxynaphtol Blue dye, A molecular dynamics simulation (چکیده)
417 - Interactions between water and dye atoms in the adsorption process of Acid Red-88 on graphene nanosheet: A molecular dynamics simulation (چکیده)
418 - Construction and Characterization of a New Recombinant Vector to Remove Sulfate Repression of dsz Promoter Transcription in Biodesulfurization of Dibenzothiophene (چکیده)
419 - Corporate reporting readability and regulatory review risk (چکیده)
420 - The relationship between corporate governance mechanisms and internet financial reporting in Iran (چکیده)
421 - The morphophysiological dormancy of Ferula ovina seeds is alleviated by low temperature and hydrogen peroxide (چکیده)
422 - An Innovative Approach For Molecular Simulation Of Nano- Structured Adsorption Isotherms Via Ant Colony Method (چکیده)
423 - Carbon Dioxide Absorption by the Imidazolium−Amino Acid Ionic 2 Liquids, Kinetics, and Mechanism Approach (چکیده)
424 - Effects of non-starch polysaccharides in semi-purified diets on performance, serum metabolites, gastrointestinal morphology, and microbial population of male broiler chickens (چکیده)
425 - Effects of conditioning time and sodium bentonite on pellet quality, growth performance, intestinal morphology and nutrient retention in finisher broilers (چکیده)
426 - Nanometer-sized cerium oxide particles for solid phase extraction of trace amounts of mercury in real samples prior to cold vapor atomic adsorption spectrometry (چکیده)
427 - Effect of pretreatment process on the characteristics of activated carbons produced from chemical activation of scrap tire (چکیده)
428 - Temporal exergy analysis of adsorption cooling system by developing non-flow exergy function (چکیده)
429 - Bio-synthesis of palladium nanoparticle using Spirulina platensis alga extract and its application as adsorbent (چکیده)
430 - The prediction of cellulose acetate membrane characteristics by recent phenomenological models (چکیده)
431 - Histomorphometric and ultrasonographic evaluations of the abomasum in sheep (چکیده)
432 - Encapsulation of D-limonene in Alyssum homolocarpum seed gum nanocapsules by emulsion electrospraying: Morphology characterization and stability assessment (چکیده)
433 - The relation between corporate governance mechanisms, executive compensation and audit fees: Evidence from Iran (چکیده)
434 - The effect of characteristics of audit committee and board on corporate profitability in Iran (چکیده)
435 - Rapid removal of mercury ion (II) from aqueous solution by chemically activated eggplant hull adsorbent (چکیده)
436 - Z-scan Technique used to study of Rhodamine B mixed with an Anionic Surfactant (چکیده)
437 - Salinity effect on some of the morphophysiological traits of three plantago species ( Plantago spp.) (چکیده)
438 - Adsorption cooling systems for heavy trucks A/C applications driven by exhaust and coolant waste heats (چکیده)
439 - Comparative Study on Adsorption of Chromium(VI) from Industrial Wastewater onto Nature Derived Adsorbents (Brown Coal and Zeolite) (چکیده)
440 - Isometric isomorphism of homogeneous space algebras (چکیده)
441 - Investigating the Effect of Replacing Modern High Effective Random Packings on Natural Gas Purification (چکیده)
442 - Experimental analysis of energy absorption capability of thin-walled composite cylindrical shells by quasi-static axial crushing test (چکیده)
443 - The metamorphosis of hero in Kanafani's Novel\" matabaqqalakum\" based on Campbell's theory (چکیده)
444 - A graph associated to a fixed automorphism of a finite group (چکیده)
445 - On θ- commutators and the corresponding non- commuting graphs (چکیده)
446 - Cities Hosting Holy Shrines: The Impact of Pilgrimage on Urban Form (چکیده)
447 - Isomorphic $g$-noncommuting graphs of finite groups (چکیده)
448 - Adsorption and visible-light photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline hydrochloride from aqueous solutions using 3D hierarchical mesoporous BiOI: Synthesis and characterization, process optimization, adsorption and degradation modeling (چکیده)
449 - Comparing graphene and graphene oxide nanosheets in dye adsorption: Molecular dynamics simulation study (چکیده)
450 - Adsorption of ACID-RED 88 on graphene nanosheet: A molecular dynamics simulation (چکیده)
451 - Biochemical Characterization of HL-7 and HL-10 Peptides Identified from Scorpion Venom of Hemiscorpius lepturus (چکیده)
452 - New Nano-Structured Hybrid Materials-based Polyoxometalate for CH4/H2 Separation: A Computational Study (چکیده)
453 - Effect of cationic asphalt emulsion as an admixture on transport properties of roller-compacted concrete (چکیده)
454 - Effect of probiotic and vinegar on growth performance, meat yields, immune responses, and small intestine morphology of broiler chickens (چکیده)
456 - Thermal and Functional Properties of Hairless Canary Seed (Phalaris canariensis L.) Starch in Comparison with Wheat Starch (چکیده)
457 - Comparison of polyethylene glycol effect on hydroxyapatite morphology produced into different methods: sol–gel and precipitation (چکیده)
458 - Ecomorphological adaptation in three mudskippers (Teleostei: Gobioidei: Gobiidae) from the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman (چکیده)
459 - Nonlinear optical properties of crocin: From bulk solvent to nano-confined droplet (چکیده)
460 - Enhancement of nonlinear optical response and fluorescence spectra of cationic neutral red by anionic surfactant (چکیده)
461 - A novel process for oxygen absorption from air using hollow fiber gas-liquid membrane contactor (چکیده)
462 - Calcic soils as indicators of profound Quaternary climate change in eastern Isfahan, Iran (چکیده)
463 - The impact of financial restatement on auditor changes: Iranian evidence (چکیده)
464 - Phylogeny of Iranian species of the genus Daphnia O. F. Müller, 1785 (Crustacea: Branchiopoda: Anomopoda) based on morphological characters (چکیده)
466 - On the Polymorphism of 12-Tungstoborate Heteropolyanion: Structure Determination and Its Functionalization with L-proline (چکیده)
467 - Bed configuration effects on the finned flat-tube adsorption heat exchanger performance: Numerical modeling and experimental validation (چکیده)
468 - Enhancement of linear and non-linear optical properties of erythrosin b by nano-droplet (چکیده)
469 - Morpho-tectonics and Geoelectrical method applied to active faults characterization in South of Mashhad Plain, Northeast of Iran (چکیده)
470 - Fabrication and Morphological Characterization of Polyurethane Foam Reinforced with TiO2 Nanoparticles (چکیده)
471 - On the center of automorphism group of a group (چکیده)
472 - Some properties of central kernel and central autocommutator subgroups (چکیده)
473 - Relationship between corporate governance and audit switching: Iranian evidence (چکیده)
474 - Expression of leptin and leptin receptor transcripts in ovine corpus luteum (چکیده)
475 - Tooth Morphogenesis and FGF4 Expression During Development of Molar Tooth in Three Muroid Rodents: Calomyscus elburzensis (Calomyscidae), Mesocricetus auratus (Cricetidae) and Mus musculus (Muridae) (چکیده)
476 - Foraminiferal biozonation and morphogroups from shale member of the Aitamir Formation in Maraveh Tappeh section, northwest Koppeh-Dagh Basin (چکیده)
477 - Preconcentration and Determination of Lead for Trace Levels in Water and Wastewater Samples by Vortex-Assisted Microextraction Using TPAS as a New Synthetic Complexing Agent with Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Detection (چکیده)
478 - Allelic Polymorphism of GH, GHR and IGF-1 Genes and Their Association with Growth and Carcass Traits in Mazandaran Native Fowl (چکیده)
479 - Impact of hydrothermal modifications on the physicochemical, morphology, crystallinity, pasting and thermal properties of acorn starch (چکیده)
480 - Synthesis of strong silica aerogel by PEDS at ambient conditions for adsorptive removal of para-dichlorobenzene from water (چکیده)
481 - The role of different aversive stimuli on morphine seeking behavior in socially isolated male mice (چکیده)
482 - Biological Soil Crusts Micromorphology Along An Arid Alluvial Fan In Northeastern Iran (چکیده)
483 - Geometry Effects of an Oscillating Wave Surge Converter on its Energy Absorption (چکیده)
484 - Histomorphological and stereological study on the adrenal glands of adult female guinea fowl (Numida meleagris) (چکیده)
485 - Ultra-trace determination of thallium by electrochemical hydride generation using efficient tungsten electrodes followed by in situ trapping on a graphite tube and detection by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
486 - Agro-morphological and phytochemical diversity of Iranian Cuminum cyminum accessions (چکیده)
487 - Effects of Nutrient Density and exogenous enzymesin Starter Diet on Performance, Intestinal Microflora, Gut Morphology and Immune Response of Broiler Chickens (چکیده)
488 - Craniometrics are not outdated: Interspecific morphological divergence in cryptic arvicoline rodents from Iran (چکیده)
489 - Testing and quantification of cranial shape and size variation within Meriones hurrianae (Rodentia: Gerbillinae): A geometric morphometric approach (چکیده)
490 - Removal of tetracycline antibiotic from aqueous environments using core-shell silica magnetic nanoparticles (چکیده)
491 - Doing Corpus Linguistics (چکیده)
492 - How Doxorubicin Anticancer Drug Interacts with Folic Acid and APTES Functional Groups: A First Principle Study (چکیده)
493 - The inhibitory activity of HL-7 and HL-10 peptide from scorpion venom ( Hemiscorpius lepturus ) on angiotensin converting enzyme: Kinetic and docking study (چکیده)
494 - Digital soil mapping using remote sensing indices, terrain attributes, and vegetation features in the rangelands of northeastern Iran (چکیده)
495 - A discovery of hidden species related to Pardosa pontica (Thorell, 1875) in northern Iran (چکیده)
496 - Effect of Heat Stress Duration on Growth, Flowering and Electrolyte Leakage in Four Cultivars of Calendula officinalis (چکیده)
497 - Maternal swimming exercise during pregnancy attenuates anxiety/depressive-like behaviors and voluntary morphine consumption in the pubertal male and female rat offspring born from morphine dependent mothers (چکیده)
498 - Histomorphometric and ultrasonographic evaluations of the rumen in sheep (چکیده)
499 - Effect of Feed Additives on Intestinal Histomorphology of Broilers Fed Wheat‐Based Diet (چکیده)
500 - Improvement of methane storage in nitrogen, boron and lithium doped pillared graphene: A hybrid molecular simulation (چکیده)
501 - Effects of pyrimidine nucleosides on growth performance, gut morphology, digestive enzymes, serum biochemical indices and immune response in broiler chicken (چکیده)
502 - Effect of purine nucleosides on growth performance, gut morphology, digestive enzymes, serum profile and immune response in broiler chicken (چکیده)
503 - ?When is a Local Homeomorphism a Semicovering Map (چکیده)
504 - Comparative study of autecological, morphological, anatomical and karyological characteristics of Acanthophyllum ejtehadii Mahmoudi & Vaezi (Caryophyllaceae): a rare endemic in Iran (چکیده)
505 - Improvement of amoxicillin removal from aqueous environment by applying functionalized carbon nanotube (چکیده)
506 - Enhancing flood hazard estimation methods on alluvial fans using an integrated hydraulic, geological and geomorphological approach (چکیده)
507 - Effects of Acidified Yeast and Whey Powder on Performance, Organ Weights, Intestinal Microflora, and Gut Morphology of Male Broilers (چکیده)
508 - Novel Synthesis Method and Characterization of Poly(vinyl acetate-butyl acrylate) Latex Particles: Effect of SilanolTerminated Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Surfactant on the Seeded Emulsion Copolymerization (چکیده)
509 - Polymorphism of the SCNN 1g Gene and its Association with Eggshell Quality (چکیده)
511 - Impact of Bioreduction on Remobilization of Adsorbed Cadmium on Iron Minerals in Anoxic Condition (چکیده)
512 - Jordan structures and generalized Jordan derivations (چکیده)
513 - Identification and Classification of Three Iranian Rice Varieties in Mixed Bulks Using Image Processing and MLP Neural Network (چکیده)
514 - Oleuropein interactions with inner and outer surface of different types of carbon nanotubes: Insights from molecular dynamic simulation (چکیده)
515 - A Computational Exploration of H2S and CO2 Capture by Ionic Liquids Based on α‑ Amino Acid Anion and N7,N9‑ Dimethyladeninium Cation (چکیده)
516 - New data on Heterorhabditis bacteriophora Poinar, 1976 from south eastern Iran (چکیده)
517 - Salinity Stress Tolerance Evaluation of a Native Shrub (Nitraria schoberi) for Use in Urban Landscape (چکیده)
518 - Le rôle des indications scéniques dans les activités théâtrales comme un outil au service de l’apprentissage du FLE (چکیده)
519 - Combination of purine and pyrimidine nucleosides influences growth performance, gut morphology, digestive enzymes, serum biochemical indices and immune functions in broiler chickens (چکیده)
520 - Asparagus bojnurdensis (Asparagaceae), a new species from Iran (چکیده)
521 - The investigation of the central metal effects on the porphyrin-based DSSCs performance; molecular approach (چکیده)
522 - Evolutionary history of the Persian Jird,Meriones persicus,based on genetics, species distribution modelling and morphometric data (چکیده)
523 - Corporate governance, product market competition and firm performance: evidence from Iran (چکیده)
524 - Study on the renal development (morphological and stereological) in H. huso (Beluga sturgeon) larvae (چکیده)
525 - Surface decomposition of dimethyl methylphosphonate on SnO2 nanoparticles: role of nanoparticle size (چکیده)
526 - Phylogeography of the Common Pheasant Phasianus colchicus (چکیده)
527 - The role of solvent and structure in the kinetics of the excitons in porphyrin-based hybrid solar cells (چکیده)
528 - Integrative taxonomy of Meriones persicus (Rodentia, Gerbillinae) in Iran (چکیده)
529 - Phlomis iranica (Lamiaceae: Lamioideae), a new species from Khorassan- Kopet Dagh floristic province, NE Iran (چکیده)
530 - The Molecular Adsorption of Carbon Monoxide on Cobalt Surfaces: A Dft Study (چکیده)
531 - Separation of H2S from CH4 by polymeric membranes at different H2S concentrations (چکیده)
532 - The effect of Mycorrhizal fungi on the amount of glycine betaine, soluble sugar,proline,leaf water content and leaf chlorophyll of the white seedless grape under drought stress conditions (چکیده)
533 - Reliable prediction of adsorption isotherms via genetic algorithm molecular simulation (چکیده)
534 - Effects of curcumin or nanocurcumin on blood biochemical parameters, intestinal morphology and microbial population of broiler chickens reared under normal and cold stress conditions (چکیده)
535 - Improvement in charge transfer dynamic of the porphyrin-based solar cells in water: A theoretical study (چکیده)
536 - Investigation of Effective Parameters on Adsorption of Pb2+ by Natural Goethite from Hurmoz Island, Persian Gulf (چکیده)
537 - Synthesis of strong silica aerogel as a novel material for adsorptive removal of para-dichlorobenzene from water (چکیده)
538 - Distinguishing Desert Landscapes Base on Eco-geomorphic Thresholds (چکیده)
539 - Experimental Investigation on the Removal of p-Toluic Acid from Aqueous Solution using Functionalized Polymeric Sorbent (چکیده)
540 - On Subsemicovering (چکیده)
541 - Mining variable fragments from process event logs (چکیده)
542 - اﺛﺮ رژﯾﻢﻏﺬاﯾﯽ ﺣﺎویﮐﻨﺠﺎﻟﻪ ﺳﻮﯾﺎ ﺑﺮﻫﯿﺴﺘﻮﻟﻮژی و ﻫﯿﺴﺘﻮﻣﻮرﻓﻮﻣﺘﺮی ﭘﺮزﻫﺎی رودهﮐﻮﭼﮏ وﻣﻘﺎدﯾﺮ ﺳﺮﻣﯽﮐﻠﺴﯿﻢ،ﻓﺴﻔﺮوﮔﻠﻮﮐﺰﻣﻮشﻫﺎی آزﻣﺎﯾﺸﮕﺎﻫﯽ (چکیده)
543 - Stylistic Features of Holden Caulfield’s Language in J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye: A Corpus-Based Study (چکیده)
544 - Influence of the fundamental group on local homeomorphisms (چکیده)
545 - Optical study of Xanthene type dyes in nano-confined liquid (چکیده)
546 - The Effect of Corporate Governance and Audit Quality on Disclosure Quality: Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange (چکیده)
547 - Effect of Tool Speed on Axial Force, Mechanical Properties and Weld Morphology of Friction Stir Welded Joints of A7075-T651 (چکیده)
548 - Improving Qualitative Properties of Extruded Linseed as Mixed with Different Absorbent Materials in Iran (چکیده)
549 - Surface chemistry of as synthesized and amine exchanged colloidal PbS quantum dots (چکیده)
550 - Chenopodium khorasanica (Amaranthaceae), a new species from Iran (چکیده)
551 - Examining the Impact of Micro Silica Gel Additive on the Compressive Strength and Water Absorption of Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement (چکیده)
552 - Fabrication of basil seed gum nanoparticles as a novel oral delivery system of glutathione (چکیده)
553 - Some results on the power graph of finite groups (چکیده)
554 - A new supramolecular based liquid solid microextraction method for preconcentration and determination of trace bismuth in human blood serum and hair samples by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
555 - The Effect of Mycorrhizal Fungi Symbiosis on Some Morphological Characteristics of Rice Under Drought Stress (چکیده)
556 - Modeling of gas permeation through mixed matrix membranes using a comprehensive computational method (چکیده)
557 - Investigation of Prolactin Gene Polymorphism in Japanese Quail (چکیده)
558 - Polymorphism in prolactin and PEPCK-C genes and its association with economic traits in native fowl of Yazd province (چکیده)
559 - Association of Genetic Variants ofB-Lactoglobulin Gene with Milk Production in a Herd and a Superior Family of Holstein Cattle (چکیده)
560 - Echocardiographic Evaluation of the Effects of High-Intensity Interval Training on Cardiac Morphology and Function (چکیده)
562 - Biosorption of 4-chlorophenol by dried anaerobic digested sludge: artificial neural network modeling, equilibrium isotherm, and kinetic study (چکیده)
565 - Microemulsion synthesis and magnetic properties of FexNi(1-x) alloy nanoparticles (چکیده)
566 - Description of Ektaphelenchus berbericus n. sp. (Rhabditida: Ektaphelenchinae) from eastern Iran (چکیده)
567 - Effect of calcium on reducing salt stress in seed germination and early growth stage of Festuca ovina L. (چکیده)
568 - Effect of Triticale Level and Exogenous Enzyme in The Grower Diet on Performance, Gastrointestinal Tract Relative Weight, Jejunal Morphology and Blood Lipids of Japanese Quail(Coturnix Japonica) (چکیده)
569 - A comparative study between dried anaerobic digested sludge and dried activated sludge for the removal of 4-chlorophenol from aqueous solutions (چکیده)
570 - Effects of in ovo injection of threonine on hatchability, intestinal morphology, and somatic attributes of Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) (چکیده)
571 - Alyssum homolocarpum seed gum-polyvinyl alcohol biodegradable composite film: Physicochemical, mechanical, thermal and barrier properties (چکیده)
572 - QTAIM Investigation of the Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide on the Imidazolium Based Ionic liquid with Amino Acidic Anion (چکیده)
573 - A Theoretical Study on the Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide on the [Emi][Lys] Ionic liquid (چکیده)
574 - DFT Study on the CO2 Capture by the New Generation of the Ionic Liquids (چکیده)
575 - Molecular dynamics simulation study: The decryption of bi and tri aromatics behavior with NaX zeolite (چکیده)
576 - Potential molecular changes on TLR4 at DNA and mRNA levels in canine leukocytes affected by atopic dermatitis (چکیده)
577 - Effects of swimming exercise on morphine-induced reward and behavioral sensitization in maternally-separated rat pups in the conditioned place preference procedure (چکیده)
578 - The role of the electronic structure and solvent in the dye sensitized solar cells based on Zn-porphyrins; Theoretical study (چکیده)
579 - Thiol-incorporated activated carbon derived fromfir wood sawdust as an efficient adsorbent for theremoval of mercury ion: Batch and fixed-bedcolumn studi (چکیده)
580 - A Retrospective Study on Scropionism in Iran (2002–2011) (چکیده)
581 - Evaluation of CO2 adsorption with eucalyptus wood based activated carbon modified by ammonia solution through heat treatment (چکیده)
582 - Adsorptive removal of CO2 on highly microporous activated carbons prepared from Eucalyptus camaldulensis wood: Effect of chemical activation (چکیده)
583 - Removal of Ni(II), Cd(II), and Pb(II) from a ternary aqueous solution by amino functionalized mesoporous and nano mesoporous silica (چکیده)
584 - Selective adsorption of Pb(II), Cd(II), and Ni(II) ions from aqueous solution using chitosan–MAA nanoparticles (چکیده)
585 - Experimental Investigation of Arsenic (III, V) Removal from Aqueous Solution Using Synthesized α- Fe2O3 / MCM-41 Nanocomposite Adsorbent (چکیده)
586 - Experimental investigations on energy absorption behavior of thin-walled end-capped steel cones effected by stepped initiators (چکیده)
587 - Low-cost preparation of silica aerogel for optimized adsorptive removal of naphthalene from aqueous solution with central composite design (CCD) (چکیده)
588 - Sexual Size Dimorphism in Eirenis collaris Ménétriés 1832 from Iran (چکیده)
589 - Salinity Tolerance of Kentucky Bluegrass as Affected by Nitrogen Fertilization (چکیده)
590 - Subspecies differentiation of the house mouse Mus musculus Linnaeus, 1758 in the center and east of the Iranian plateau and Afghanistan (چکیده)
591 - Modified Magnetite Nnoparticles for Hexavalent Chromium Removal From Water (چکیده)
592 - Seed Harvesting Time Affects Seedling Emergence, Vigour and Growth: Case Study of Rumex turcomanicus Czerep. (Polygonaceae) (چکیده)
593 - Four new records of plant parasitic nematodes from Iran (چکیده)
594 - Size Dependence Adsorption of Hydrogen on Cobalt Clusters: A DFT Study (چکیده)
595 - Do Environmental Factors (Practice and Feedback) Moderate the Effect of the Val66met BDNF Polymorphism on Motor Learning? (چکیده)
596 - An Experimental Study of H2 And CO2 Adsorption Behavior of C-MOF-5 And T-MOF-5: A Complementary Study (چکیده)
597 - Climatic interpretation of loess-paleosol sequences at Mobarakabad and Aghband, Northern Iran (چکیده)
598 - A novel method for retinal exudate segmentation using signal separation algorithm (چکیده)
599 - A detailed study on adsorption isotherms of Hg(II) removal from aqueous solutions using nanostructured sorbent ZnCl2-MCM-41 (چکیده)
600 - A comparative theoretical study of methane adsorption on the nitrogen, boron and lithium doped graphene sheets including density functional dispersion correction (چکیده)
601 - Poly (butylene succinate)/polyethersulfone/poly (ethylene glycol) membrane: influence of additive molecular weight and concentration on morphology, properties, and performance of the membrane (چکیده)
602 - A comparative analysis of metadiscourse features in knowledge management research articles written in English and Persian (چکیده)
603 - Determination of Total Thallium in Water and Spinach Samples by Ligand Less Microextraction Using Ion Pair Based Dispersive Liquid Liquid Microextraction Followed by Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (چکیده)
604 - Description of tylenchorhynchus iranensis sp. N. (nematoda: telotylenchidae) from iran (چکیده)
605 - Improving second language writing through small learner corpora (چکیده)
606 - Phrasal verbs and their role in selecting music for teaching English as a foreign language (چکیده)
607 - An experimental investigation on energy absorption behavior of thin-walled aluminum semispherical shells with and without foam (چکیده)
608 - An experimental study on the effect of buckling initiators on energy absorption behavior of thin-walled steel cones (چکیده)
609 - First report of the nematodes Filenchus orientalis and Hemicriconemoides californianus on faba bean in Iran (چکیده)
610 - Description of Basiria birjandiensis n. sp (Nematoda: Tylenchidae) from South Khorasan province with a checklist of the family Tylenchidae Orley 1880 from Iran (چکیده)
611 - A checklist of the family Pratylenchidae Thorne, 1949 from Iran (چکیده)
612 - Fabrication of in situ Al2O3 reinforced nanostructure 304 stainless steel matrix composite by self-propagating high temperature synthesis process (چکیده)
613 - A new nanostructured materials amino functionalized mesoporous silica synthesized via co-condensation method for Pb(II) and Ni(II) ions sorption from aqueous solution (چکیده)
614 - The correlation relationship between body type and personality type in athletes (چکیده)
615 - Application of response surface methodology and artificial neural network for analysis of p-chlorophenol biosorption by dried activated sludge (چکیده)
616 - ¬¬Application of Tungsten Alloys as New Cathodic Materials for Detection of Thallium Using Electrochemical Hydride Generation - Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (چکیده)
617 - Electrochemical generation of thallium volatile species using a Lead-Tin alloy cathode material: Application to determination of Tl in environmental sample by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
618 - A Historical Profile of Persian Loan Words in the English Language (چکیده)
619 - From Text to Context : An Objective Analysis of the Language of J>D Salinger (چکیده)
620 - Zero-divisor graphs of modules via module homomorphisms (چکیده)
621 - Enhancement of methane storage on activated carbons in the presence of water (چکیده)
622 - Influence of Carbon dioxide on physiological and morphological traits of two Ficus ornamental species (Ficus benjamina and Ficus elastica) in greenhouse conditions (چکیده)
623 - Effect of Trichodera and Fe on qualitative and quantitative traits of Spathiphyllum sp and Tradescantia sp. (چکیده)
624 - Impacts of Urbanization on the Historical Village: A case study of Khoosf, Iran (چکیده)
625 - Microstructural and mechanical properties of Al-SiO2 nanocomposite foams produced by ultrasonic technique (چکیده)
626 - On the Category of Local Homeomorphisms with Unique Path Lifting Property (چکیده)
627 - On Semicovering Maps (چکیده)
628 - Removal of Hg (II) from Aqueous Solution using Polypyrrole / SBA-15 Nanocomposite: Experimental and Modeling (چکیده)
629 - Effect of environmental enrichment on physical and psychological dependence signs and voluntary morphine consumption in morphine-dependent and morphine-withdrawn rats (چکیده)
630 - Hydration kinetics and physical properties of split chickpea as affected by soaking temperature and time (چکیده)
631 - Geochronologic, geochemical, and isotopic constraints on petrogenesis of the dioritic rocks associated with Fe skarn in the Bisheh area, Eastern Iran (چکیده)
632 - Tetracycline Antibiotic Removal From Aqueous Solution Using Fe3O4 Magnetic Nanoparticles (چکیده)
633 - The effect of preliminary mechanical activation on the zinc loss control in combustive reduction of MoO3 by Zn (چکیده)
634 - Ultratrace determination of cadmium(ii) ions in water samples using graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry after separation and preconcentration using magnetic activated carbon nanocomposites (چکیده)
635 - On Homomorphisms of Finsler Modules (چکیده)
636 - Innerness of higher derivations (چکیده)
637 - Theoretical study of the adsorption of carbon dioxide on nanostructured nickel catalysts (چکیده)
638 - Theoritical study of the adsorption of carbon dioxide on nanostructured nickel catalysts (چکیده)
639 - Carbon monoxide adsorption on cubic cobalt surface:A DFT study (چکیده)
640 - Evaluation of Agrobacterium-mediated Transformation of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Using a Synthetic Amorpha-4, 11-diene Synthase Gene (چکیده)
641 - Genetically modified luminescent bacteria Ralostonia solanacerum, Pseudomonas syringae, Pseudomonas savastanoi, and wild type bacterium Vibrio fischeri in biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles from gold chloride trihydrate (چکیده)
642 - On fuzzy linear projection equation and applications (چکیده)
643 - Genetic Polymorphism in Prolactin Gene and its Association with Reproductive Traits in Japanese Quail (Coturnix japonica) (چکیده)
644 - Genetic polymorphism of the CAPN1 gene is associated with meat quality (چکیده)
645 - Effects of polymorphic variants of GH, Pit 1 and beta LG genes on milk productions (چکیده)
646 - Synthesis and application of diethanolamine-functionalized polystyrene as a new sorbent for the removal of p-toluenesulfonic acid from aqueous solution (چکیده)
647 - Structural View of Hydrophobic Ionic Liquid on Graphene: Comparing Static and Ab Initio Computer Simulations (چکیده)
648 - Removal of arsenate and arsenite from aqueous solution by adsorption on clay minerals (چکیده)
649 - Genetic diversity of different ecotypes of horse mint (mentha longifolia) in southwest of Iran using Morphological traits (چکیده)
650 - Influence of clay minerals on sorption and bioreduction of arsenic under anoxic conditions (چکیده)
651 - Karyotype study on 15 populations ofEremostachys laciniataBunge in Iran (چکیده)
652 - The Effect of Grape Seed Extract and Vitamin C Feed Supplements Carcass Characteristics, Gut Morphology and Ileal Microflora in Broiler Chickens Exposed to Chronic Heat Stress (چکیده)
653 - Ion pair based dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction for the preconcentration of ultratrace levels of bismuth(III) and its determination by electrothermal atomic absorption spectroscopy (چکیده)
654 - Preconcentration of trace amount of cadmium using silica nanoparticles coated with sodium dodecyl sulfate and its determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
655 - An investigation on the energy absorption of aluminum foam core sandwich panel via quasi-static perforation test (چکیده)
656 - Harderian Gland in Canadian Ostrich (Struthio camelus): A Morphological and Histochemical Study (چکیده)
657 - Preparation and characterization of anion exchange resin decorated with magnetite nanoparticles for removal of p-toluic acid from aqueous solution (چکیده)
658 - Modification of mesoporous silica magnetite nanoparticles by 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane for the removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution (چکیده)
659 - Reducible fuzzy Markov chain and ‎fuzzy absorption probability (چکیده)
660 - Why is the electroanalytical performance of carbon paste electrodes involving ionic liquid binder higher than paraffinic binders? a simulation investigation (چکیده)
661 - Hybrid Molecular Simulation of Methane Storage inside Pillared Graphene (چکیده)
662 - Functionalized magnetite / silica nanocomposite for oily wastewater treatment (چکیده)
663 - A quantum chemistry study on the performance of porphyrin-based solar cell sensitisers; Zinc and anchor group position effects (چکیده)
664 - Testing a long-standing hypothesis on the relation between the auditory bulla size and environmental conditions: a case study in two bird species (Muridae: Meriones libycus and M. crassus ) (چکیده)
665 - Ovine corpus luteum expresses leptin mRNA (چکیده)
666 - The Effect of Histaminergic System on Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ Induced Food Intake in Chicken (چکیده)
668 - shape comparison of the centromeric heterochromatin Region (CHR) in Iranian house mouse ( Mus musculus L.1766 (چکیده)
669 - Segmenting Critical Success Factor for Generating Corporate Entrepreneurship Based on Fuzzy DEMATEL and Fuzzy AHP in Iranian Institutes (چکیده)
670 - Removal of Pb(II) from aqueous solution by mesoporous silica MCM-41 modified by ZnCl2: kinetics, thermodynamics, and isotherms (چکیده)
671 - Dissociative hydrogen adsorption on the cubic cobalt surfaces: A DFT study (چکیده)
672 - Different Aspects of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Functionalization by Aniline Adsorption; Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics Study (چکیده)
673 - Fully automated diabetic retinopathy screening using morphologicalcomponent analysis (چکیده)
674 - Synthesis of oak gall tannin-immobilized hexagonal mesoporous silicate (OGT-HMS) as a new super adsorbent for the removal of anionic dye from aqueous solution (چکیده)
675 - Amino-functionalized silica magnetite nanoparticles for the simultaneous removal of pollutants from aqueous solution (چکیده)
676 - Effect of Particle Size on the Adsorption of hydrogen atoms on Cobalt: A Density-Functional Theory Study (چکیده)
679 - Effect of aging treatment on the crushing behavior of aluminum 6061 alloy tube (چکیده)
680 - A combined quantum mechanics and molecular mechanics study on nitrogen oxide adsorption/ dissociation on a tungsten oxide surface (چکیده)
681 - Isomorphisms between Jacobson graphs (چکیده)
682 - Effect of blend ratio and coagulation bath temperature on the morphology, tensile strength and performance of cellulose acetate/poly(butylene succinate) membranes (چکیده)
683 - Morphometric variation of Periophthalmus waltoni Koumans, 1941(Teleostei: Gobiidae) in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman (چکیده)
684 - An insight into the influence of morphological and compositional heterogeneity of an individual intermetallic particle on aluminium alloy corrosion initiation (چکیده)
685 - Improvement of retinal blood vessel detectionusing morphological component analysis (چکیده)
686 - Phytochemical and Morphological Attributes of Borage (Borago officinalis) Affected by Salicylic Acid as an Enhancer (چکیده)
687 - Reliable estimation of adsorption isotherm parameters using adequate pore size distribution (چکیده)
688 - Study on the effect of maternal administration of aromataze inhibitor on the brain dimorphic neucleus in male ratv offspring (چکیده)
689 - Amino-functionalized silica magnetite nanoparticles for the simultaneous removal of pollutants from aqueous solution (چکیده)
690 - Theoretical and experimental investigations on corrosion control of65Cu–35Zn brass in nitric acid by two thiophenol derivativesM (چکیده)
691 - Providing a Model to Investigate the Impact of Service quality, Perceived Value and Corporate Image on Customers Loyalty Considering Mediator Role of Customer Satisfaction and Moderator Role of Switching Costs (چکیده)
692 - A generalization of noncommutating graph via automorphisms of a group (چکیده)
693 - Characterization of Iranian Nonaflatoxigenic Strains ofAspergillus flavus Based on Microsatellite-primed PCR (چکیده)
694 - Multicomponent Adsorption Equilibria: Effect of Site Matching Correlation in HEL and HIAST Models (چکیده)
695 - Extraction of Cu(II) Ions in Wastewaters Using New Solid/Liquid Phase Microextraction Technique Based on Incorporating Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes into Polypropylene Hollow Fiber (چکیده)
696 - Application of Artificial Neural Networks and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems to Predict Activated Carbon Properties for Methane Storage (چکیده)
697 - Investigation of DNA changes in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) induced by cadmium using random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis (چکیده)
698 - A Qm/Mm Study of No Oxidation on the Nanocrystalline Surface of Tungsten Oxide (چکیده)
699 - New Karyological and Morphometric Data on Poorly Known Bufo surdus and Bufo luristanicus in Comparison with Data of Diploid Green Toads of the Bufo viridis Complex from South of Iran (چکیده)
700 - Morphological Morphometric Characterisation of the Eastern Broad-toothed Field Mouse Apodemus mystacinus (Rodentia: Muridae) from Zagros Mountains, north-western Iran (چکیده)
701 - Speciation and determination of iron using dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction based on solidification of organic drop followed by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
702 - Vortex-assisted surfactant-enhanced emulsification microextraction based on solidification of floating organic drop followed by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry for speciation of antimony (ΙΙΙ,V (چکیده)
703 - Morphological, physicochemical, and viscoelastic properties of sonicated corn starch (چکیده)
704 - Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction Based on Solidification of Floating Organic Drop Combined with Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry for Preconcentration and Determination of Thallium(III) in Water Samples (چکیده)
705 - Mechanical properties and energy absorption capability of thin-walled square columns of silica/epoxy nanocomposite (چکیده)
706 - Mineralogy, metamorphism and geothermobarometry of the Ghandab metamorphic Complex, S E Fariman, NE Iran (چکیده)
707 - Morphometric and morphological differentiation of the subspecies ofPhasianus colchicus(Linnaeus, 1758) on the Iranian Plateau (Aves: Galliformes) (چکیده)
708 - Computational Studies on the Polymorphism of Thiazole Carboxamide Compound (چکیده)
709 - Morphology and micromorphology of the genus Fraxinus L. in Iran (چکیده)
710 - Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Carbon Molecular Sieve Preparation for Air Separation (چکیده)
711 - Experimental study on mercury ions removal from aqueous solution by MnO2/CNTs nanocomposite adsorbent (چکیده)
712 - Non- equilibrium numerical simulation to investigate the thermal contact resistance effect on the adsorption chiller performance (چکیده)
713 - Adsorption of CCl4 on Armchair Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene Sheet (چکیده)
714 - Critical path-aware voltage island partitioning and floorplanning for hard real-time embedded systems (چکیده)
715 - Determination of optimal strip width in strip intercropping of maize (Zea mays L.) and bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in Northeast Iran (چکیده)
716 - Efficacy of orally administered montmorillonite for acute iron poisoning detoxification in rat (چکیده)
717 - Adsorption of Doxorubicin Anti-Cancer Drug on the Functionalized Carbon Nano Tube A Molecular Dynamics Simulation (چکیده)
718 - Investigation of genetic diversity in some Hawthorn (Crateagus spp.) species in the North and East of Iran by morphological markers (چکیده)
719 - Evaluation of of wild Hawthorns (Crateagus spp.) in various regions of Iran by means of morphological markers (چکیده)
720 - Hydrogen adsorption on the α-graphyne using ab initio calculations (چکیده)
721 - Molecular Dynamics Simulations of ChlortetracyclineAntibioticAdsorption fromWater usingIronOxide Nanoparticle (چکیده)
722 - Alkyl Chain Length Dependence of Hydrogen Storage of N-Ethylcarbazole: A Theoretical Study (چکیده)
723 - Experimental investigation of NIRS spatial sensitivity (چکیده)
724 - Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA): an approach for quick detection and identification of fungal species (چکیده)
725 - Effect of sowing dates on the morphological characteristics, oil yield and composition of fatty acids in flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) (چکیده)
726 - Influence of xylanase and vitamin A in wheat-based diet on performance, nutrients digestibility, small intestinal morphology and digesta viscosity in broiler chickens (چکیده)
727 - Expression of Leptin Receptor mRNA in Ovine Corpus Luteum (چکیده)
728 - A two-phase theoretical study of Al2O3–water nanofluid flow inside a concentric pipe with heat generation/absorption (چکیده)
729 - Relationship between the Institutional Ownership and Non-Executive Directors in Iran (چکیده)
730 - Two new species of the genus Odontobuthus (Scorpiones, Buthidae) from southern and eastern Iran (چکیده)
731 - Alteration-mineralization, and radiometric ages of the source pluton at the (چکیده)
732 - Preparation of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene membrane : Investigation of solvent/nonsolvent type and additive concentration (چکیده)
733 - Graphene nanosheets as efficient adsorbent for an azo dye removal: kinetic and thermodynamic studies (چکیده)
734 - provienence, tectonic setting and geochemistary of Ahvaz sandstone member (Asmari Formation, oligo -miocene), Asmari Formation, Marun oilfield Zagros Basin, NW Iran (چکیده)
735 - Charting the uncharted: A corpus analysis of newspaper advertisements by international companies in the Islamic Republic of Iran (چکیده)
736 - Cranial phenotypic variation in Meriones crassus and M. libycus (Rodentia, Gerbillinae), and a morphological divergence in M. crassus from the Iranian Plateau and Mesopotamia (Western Zagros Mountains) (چکیده)
737 - A DFT study of associative and dissociative chemical adsorption of DMMP onto SnO2(110) surface nano-cluster (چکیده)
738 - The effects of some plant extracts on performance and intestinal morphology of broilers exposed to heat stress (چکیده)
739 - The effect of transactional leadership on innovation with respect to intermediary role of knowledge absorptive capacity (چکیده)
740 - Bettio, Antonio (چکیده)
741 - The Khopik porphyry copper-gold prospect, Lut Block, Eastern Iran: geology, alteration, mineralization, fluid inclusion, and oxygen isotope studies (چکیده)
742 - Effects of Intrathecal Carbenoxolone Treatment on Nociception and Analgesia in Rat (چکیده)
743 - ارزیابی آماری خروجی مدل CMORPH در برآورد بارش شمال شرق ایران (مطالعه موردی: خراسان شمالی) (چکیده)
744 - Scorpions of the genusOdontobuthusVachon, 1950 (Scorpiones: Buthidae) from Iran: Phylogenetic relationships inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequence data (چکیده)
745 - Morphological divergence in the Walton's Mudskipper,Periophthalmus waltoniKoumans, 1941, from the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman (Gobioidei: Gobiidae) (چکیده)
746 - Chemical composition, cell wall features and degradability of stem, leaf blade and sheath in untreated and alkali-treated rice straw (چکیده)
747 - An annotated catalog of the Iranian Reduvioidea (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Cimicomorpha) (چکیده)
748 - Kinetic and thermodynamic studies of Hg(II) adsorption onto MCM-41 modified by ZnCl2 (چکیده)
749 - Ionic Liquid-Based Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction Combined with Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry for Determination of Silver in Water Samples (چکیده)
750 - preconcentration of mercury in water samples by cloud point extraction and its determination by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
751 - The effect of lead toxicity on embryonic development and early larval growth of the Echinometra mathaei sea urchin (Persian Gulf), morphologic and morphometric studies (چکیده)
752 - Effect of Antibiotic Alternatives on Ileal Microflora and Intestinal Histomorphology of Broiler Chickens Fed Wheat Based Diet (چکیده)
753 - Haemadsoroption-RT-PCR Assay: A Novel Simple Approach to Concentrate and increase the sensitivity of detecting NDV from Fecal and Environmental Samples (چکیده)
754 - Molecular and morphometric variation of Thrips tabaci Lindeman (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) populations on onion and tobacco in Iran (چکیده)
755 - Changes in analgesia and hyperalgesia induced by intraperitoneal administration of morphine in the formalin test during intrathecal administration of Menaquinone-4 in rats (چکیده)
756 - 2--2Nitroso-1-naphthol as a selective reagent for preconcentration of cobalt by vortex assisted combined with solidification of organic droplet and its determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
757 - Preconcentration Procedure using Vortex Agitator System for Determination of Trace Levels of Cadmium by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (چکیده)
758 - Vortex-assisted ionic liquid microextraction coupled to flame atomic absorption spectrometry for determination of trace levels of cadmium in real samples (چکیده)
759 - Challenges of Return Orphans and Vulnerable Children to family, from the perspective of caring team members\' ideas and their experiences in the like family home care centers (چکیده)
760 - ارزیابی آماری خروجی مدل CMORPH در برآورد بارش شمال شرق ایران (مطالعه موردی: خراسان شمالی) (چکیده)
761 - Role of C-fibers in pain and morphine induced analgesia/hyperalgesia in rats (چکیده)
762 - Metalic Nanostructures for Enhancement of Absorption in Thin-film Solar Cells (چکیده)
763 - Evaluation of relationship between HNF-1α and GLP-1R polymorphisms and type 2 diabetes in a population living in northeast of Iran (چکیده)
764 - The Effect of Corporate Governance Mechanisms on the Relationship between Investment Opportunities and Dividend Ratio of Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange (چکیده)
765 - Optimization and Evaluation of Electrochemical Generation of Volatile Silver and Copper Hydrides by QTA-AAS (چکیده)
766 - Geometric morphometric analyses of the short-tailed Bandicoot Rat (Nesokia indica) (Rodentia: Muridae) in the north and southeast of Iran (چکیده)
767 - The relationship between Ownership Structure and Stock Price Volatility with Dividend in Listed Firms of TehranStock Exchange (چکیده)
768 - Dianthus pseudocrinitus (Caryophyllaceae), a new species from Northeast of Iran identified by morphological and molecular data (چکیده)
769 - Evaluation of hooves’ morphometric parameters in different hoof trimming times in dairy cows (چکیده)
770 - Structure and Dynamic Behaviour of Hydrophobic Ionic Liquids Adsorbed on Graphene Surface (چکیده)
771 - Pasokh: A Standard Corpus for the Evaluation of Persian Text Summarizers (چکیده)
772 - Evaluating the Effects of Textual Features on Authorship Attribution Accuracy (چکیده)
773 - Morphological relationships of the Wheatears (genus Oenanthe) (چکیده)
774 - Geometric morphometric analyses of four species of brush-tailed mice, genus Calomyscus (Rodentia: Calomyscidae), from (چکیده)
775 - Cultural Values and Professional Commitment in Accounting System: Empirical Evidence from Iran (چکیده)
776 - Biosystematic approach to geographic variations of house mouse group, Mus musculus L.1766 (چکیده)
777 - Investigation on the Effect of Atmosphere on the Pores of Sintered Astaloy CrM Steel (چکیده)
778 - Nanocrystallization in Co67Cr7Fe4Si8B14 Amorphous Alloy Ribbons (چکیده)
779 - Quasi-representations of Finsler modules over C*-algebras (چکیده)
780 - Association between Corporate Governance and Corporate Performance in Iran (چکیده)
781 - Patterns of skull shape variation in Meriones persicus (Rodentia: Muridae) in relation to geoclimatical conditions (چکیده)
782 - Lexical bundles in research article acknowledgments: A corpus comparison (چکیده)
783 - An Analysis of Lexical Bundles in Research Article Abstracts by Iranian and Native English-speaking Authors of Applied Linguistics Articles (چکیده)
784 - Cranial variation in Meriones tristrami (Rodentia: Muridae: Gerbillinae) and its morphological comparison with Meriones persicus ,Meriones vinogradovi and Meriones libycus : a geometric morphometric study (چکیده)
785 - Geographic pattern of cranial differentiation in the Asian Midday JirdMeriones meridianus(Rodentia: Muridae: Gerbillinae) and its taxonomic implications (چکیده)
786 - Investigation of natural gas sweetening process in corrugated packed bed column using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model (چکیده)
787 - Effect of Thymol + Carvacrol by Next Enhance 150® on Intestinal Development of Broiler Chickens Fed CMC Containing Diet (چکیده)
788 - Approximately Quasi Inner Generalized Dynamics on Modules (چکیده)
789 - Systematic State of Oenanthe Pleschanka Vittata (Hemprich Et Ehrenberg, 1833) Based On Morphological Data (چکیده)
790 - Beak and skull shapes of human commensal and non-commensal house sparrows Passer domesticus (چکیده)
791 - Reevaluation of the taxonomic status of sand boas of the genus Eryx (Daudin, 1803) (Serpentes: Boidae) in northeastern Iran (چکیده)
792 - DFT Study on the Interactions of NO-WO3 Nano-Clusters (چکیده)
793 - Tungsten Oxide Nanocrystals and NOx Sensing Properties (چکیده)
794 - A Survey on Timeliness in Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance: Evidence from Iran (چکیده)
795 - The first report of bovine amorphus fetus in a triplet pregnancy (چکیده)
796 - <strong><em>Odontobuthus tirgari</em> sp. nov. (Scorpiones, Buthidae) from the eastern region of the Iranian Plateau </strong> (چکیده)
798 - Localization of Hard Exudates in Retinal Fundus Image by Mathematical Morphology Operations (چکیده)
799 - Effects of chicory root powder on growth performance and histomorphometry of jejunum in broiler chicks (چکیده)
800 - The evolution of Dianthus polylepis complex (Caryophyllaceae) inferred from morphological and nuclear DNA sequence data: one or two species (چکیده)
801 - Nutritional value of wet extruded full-fat soybeanand its effects on broiler chicken performance (چکیده)
802 - Effects of Tween 80 concentration as a surfactant additive on morphology and permeability of flat sheet polyethersulfone (PES) membranes (چکیده)
803 - Effect of production conditions on morphology and permeability of asymmetric cellulose acetate membranes (چکیده)
804 - Promotion of polysulfone membrane by thermal-mechanical stretching process (چکیده)
805 - Discrimination of different erosion levels of porphyry Cu deposits using ASTER image processing in Eastern Iran: a case study on Maherabad, Shadan, and Chah Shaljami areas (چکیده)
806 - Seed identification of medicinal plant species using machine vision (چکیده)
807 - Study of Hg(II) species removal from aqueous solution using hybrid ZnCl2-MCM-41 adsorbent (چکیده)
808 - Study of carbon monoxide hydrogenation to higher hydrocarbons over nano-sized iron catalyst (چکیده)
809 - Synthesis of new pyrrolizine derivatives via ring annulation under green conditions (چکیده)
810 - Ionic Liquid-Based Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction Combined with FlameAtomic Absorption Spectrometry for Determination of Silver in Water Samples (چکیده)
811 - Corporate Governance and Earnings Quality: the Iranian Evidence (چکیده)
812 - Anatomical and pollen characters in Acanthophyllum C.A.Mey. (Caryophyllaceae) from northeast of Iran (چکیده)
813 - Effects of particle diameter on performance improvement of adsorption systems (چکیده)
814 - First report on the abnormality among body component ratios in the caught Caspian Sea Mahisefid (Rutilus frissi kutum, Kamensky, 1901) (چکیده)
815 - Inhibitive assessment of 1-(7-methyl-5-morpholin-4-ylthiazolo[4,5-d]pyrimidin-2-yl)-hydrazine as a corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in sulfuric acid solution (چکیده)
816 - Adsorption–desorption characteristics of nitrate, phosphate and sulfate on Mg–Al layered double hydroxide (چکیده)
817 - Synthesis and characterization of modified UZM-5 as adsorbent for nitrate removal from aqueous solution (چکیده)
818 - Development of rapid PCR-RFLP technique for identification of sheep, cattle and goat’s species and fraud detection in Iranian commercial meat products (چکیده)
819 - A revision of Bromus sect. Triniusa (Poaceae) in Khorassan, Iran (چکیده)
820 - اثر جانشینی Cu بر ساختار بلوری و الکترونی آلیاژهیدریدی LaNi5 (چکیده)
821 - بررسی ویژگیهای ساختاری، میکروسکوپی و مغناطیسی ترکیب MmNi۴/۲۲Co۰/۴۸Mn۰/۱۵Al۰/15 (چکیده)
822 - Competitive transport of heavy metal cations across bulk liquid membranes containing phenylaza-15-crown-5 and cryptand 222 as carrier by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
823 - Hydrogen recovery from Tehran refinery off-gas using pressure swing adsorption, gas absorption and membrane separation technologies: Simulation and economic evaluation (چکیده)
824 - Chromium(VI) removal by maghemite nanoparticles (چکیده)
825 - Improvement of permeation performance of polyethersulfone (PES) ultrafiltration membranes via addition of Tween‐20 (چکیده)
826 - Preparation and characterization of a composite PDMS membrane on CA support (چکیده)
827 - Medicinal plant seed identification using machine vision (چکیده)
828 - Performance Comparison of Different Separation Systems for H2 Recovery from Catalytic Reforming Unit Off‐Gas Streams (چکیده)
829 - Nonelectrolyte NRTL-NRF model to study thermodynamics of strong and weak electrolyte solutions (چکیده)
830 - Combination of New Solid/Liquid Phase Microextraction Technique Based on Functionalized Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes with Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy for the Extraction and Determination of Zn(II) in the Environmental Samples (چکیده)
831 - High Pressure Methane Adsorption on a Series of MOF-74: Molecular Simulation Study (چکیده)
832 - Kinetic and Morphological Investigation on the Magnesium Ethoxide‐Based Ziegler‐Natta Catalyst for Propylene Polymerization Using Typical External Donors (چکیده)
833 - Kinetic and morphological study of a magnesium ethoxide-based Ziegler–Natta catalyst for propylene polymerization (چکیده)
834 - A Comparative Study of the Effects of Different Chemical Agents on the Pore-Size Distributions of Macadamia Nutshell-Based Activated Carbons Using Different Models (چکیده)
835 - Accounting Information System’s Barriers: Case of an Emerging Economy (چکیده)
836 - Protoporphyrin IX - Gold Nanoparticle Conjugates as an Efficient Photosensitizer in Cervical Cancer Therapy (چکیده)
837 - The investigation of the Sistan River morphology using Rosgen classification (چکیده)
838 - Paleoceanography and Paleobiogeography Patterns of theTuronian-Campanian Foraminifers from the AbderazFormation, North Eastern Iran (چکیده)
839 - Another proof for the existence of dominated splitting for robustly ergodic diffeomorphisms (چکیده)
840 - Predictive Dynamic Model of Air Separation by Pressure Swing Adsorption (چکیده)
841 - Distribution and morphological variation of Emys orbicularis in the coastal areas of the Caspian sea (چکیده)
842 - The effect of pH and temperature on spatial variation of Acidobacteria /Actinobacteria communities from Alpine soil (چکیده)
843 - Acoustic Absorption Behavior of closed-cell Aluminum Foams and sandwich panels (چکیده)
844 - Study of Advantages and Disadvantages of Protecting and Training of Riversides by Vegetation Against Geomorphologic changes (چکیده)
845 - بررسی جریان غیر لزج حول بال‌های قابل انعطاف (اثر پیچش روی مشخصه‌های آیرودینامیکی) (چکیده)
846 - Preconcentration of lead using solidification of floating organic drop and its determination by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
847 - Flow injection electrochemical hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry for the determination of cadmium in water samples (چکیده)
848 - Evaluation of Electrochemical Generation of Volatile Zinc Hydride by Heated Quartz Tube Atomizer Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (چکیده)
849 - Multivariate Optimization on Flow-Injection Electrochemical Hydride Generation Atomic Absorption Spectrometry of Cadmium (چکیده)
850 - Seed identification of ten rangeland species based on machine learning using combination of RBF and Feed Forward neural networks (چکیده)
851 - Numerical Modeling of Combined Heat and Mass Transfer in an Adsorbent Bed with Rectangular Fins (چکیده)
852 - Effects of Adsorbent Particle Diameter on the Performance Parameters of Adsorption Chiller (چکیده)
853 - Application of outline analysis on fossil and modern specimens of Apodemus (چکیده)
854 - Morphometric, molecular and biological studies of the Thrips tabaci Lind. (Thys: thripidae) populations collected from onion and tobacco in Iran (چکیده)
855 - Geotops of Iran Playa: a geoarchaeology evidence (چکیده)
856 - Detection of sonoluminescence signals in a gel phantom in the presence of Protoporphyrin IX conjugated to gold nanoparticles (چکیده)
857 - Ion-imprinted polymer mini-column for on-line preconcentration of thallium(iii) and its determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
858 - A Novel Method for Vessel Detection Using Contourlet Transform (چکیده)
859 - Bed geometrical specifications effects on the performance of silica/water adsorption chillers (چکیده)
860 - The adsorption characteristics of nitrate on Mg–Fe and Mg–Al layered double hydroxides in a simulated soil solution (چکیده)
861 - The first report of the aphid Cinara pini from Iran and study on its morphology and biology (چکیده)
862 - Analyzing research article introductions by Iranian and native English-speaking authors of Applied Linguistics (چکیده)
863 - Detection of Somaclonal Variation by Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA Analysis During Micropropagation of Phalaenopsis bellina (Rchb.f.) Christenson (چکیده)
864 - Evaluation of genetic diversity among Iranian accessions of Ocimum spp.using AFLP markers (چکیده)
865 - Effects of plate finned heat exchanger parameters on the adsorption chiller performance (چکیده)
866 - A neural network model to describe weight gain of sheep from genes (چکیده)
867 - Use of Sawdust of Aspen Tree for the Removal of Chromium (VI) from Aqueous Solution (چکیده)
868 - Application of titanium dioxide nanoparticles for preconcentration and determination of As(V)in water samples by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
869 - The role of soil engineering in producing bank erosion and morphological changes of Sistan River (چکیده)
870 - DOS Spectra and NBO Analysis of the NO2Surface Interactions on the Cyclic (WO3)n (n=2-6) Nano-Clusters (چکیده)
871 - Scorpion sting in Iran: A review (چکیده)
872 - Barriers of Corporate Entrepreneurship: Case of Iran (چکیده)
873 - Comparative morphological and molecular study of Iranian populations of Heterodera filipjevi (Madzhidov, 1981) Stelter,1984 and other members of ‘H. avenae group’ (چکیده)
874 - Water-Rocks Interaction and Arsenic Pollution in Chelpu-Region Water Resources (North Eastern Iran (چکیده)
875 - The effect of lead toxicity on embryonic development and early larval growth of the Echinometra mathaei sea urchin (Persian Gulf), morphologic and morphometric studies (چکیده)
876 - Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Water and Ions in Nanopores of Lysozyme Protein Crystal (چکیده)
877 - Comparative Study of Ornamental Potential of Six Achillea Species From Iran (چکیده)
878 - Evaluation of Sonochemiluminescence in a Phantom in the Presence of Protoporphyrin IX Conjugated to Nanoparticles (چکیده)
879 - The effect of Genipin on pain after morphine-induced analgesia and hyperalgesia in male rat in formalin test (چکیده)
880 - Rhetorical patterns of argumentation in EFL journals of Persian and English (چکیده)
881 - Lung Segmentation and Rib Suppression for Enhancing Nodule Detection in Chest Radiographs using Spatial Gabor Filter (چکیده)
882 - The Influence of Variation Bainite Morphology on the Mechanical Properties of NiCrMo (BOZ) Steel (چکیده)
883 - Hydrothermal alteration mapping in northern Khur, Iran, using ASTER image processing: a new insight to the type of copper mineralization in the area (چکیده)
884 - Morphological comparison of fourteen species of the genus Meriones Illiger, 1811 (Rodentia: Gerbillinae) from Asia and North Africa (چکیده)
885 - Patterns of morphological evolution in the mandible of the house mouse Mus musculus-Rodentia: Muridae (چکیده)
886 - The Effect of Acute Stress on Formed Memory Recall after Prescription of Very Low to Regular Doses of Morphine in Rats (چکیده)
887 - Synthesis and Structural, Optical and Antibacterial Characterization of ZnO and ZnO:Ag Nanopowders Prepared via Modified Sol-Gel Method (چکیده)
888 - Hexavalent chromium removal from aqueous solutions by using low-cost biological wastes: equilibrium and kinetic studies (چکیده)
889 - Hydrodynamic Characteristics and Adsorption Particularity of Nanobiological Feedstock Along the Bed Height in a Novel Chromatography Column (چکیده)
890 - Genetic variability of calpastatin and calpain genes in Iranian Zel sheep using PCR-RFLP and PCR-SSCP methods (چکیده)
891 - Desorption Isotherms and Thermodynamic Properties of Fresh and Osmotic–Ultrasonic Dehydrated Quinces (چکیده)
892 - Inverse shadowing and weak inverse shadowing property (چکیده)
893 - Comparative histomorphometrical study of genital tract in adult laying hen and duck (چکیده)
894 - Sonodynamic Therapy Using Protoporphyrin IX Conjugated to Gold Nanoparticles: An In Vivo Study on a Colon Tumor Model (چکیده)
895 - Effect of osmosis and ultrasound pretreatment on the moisture adsorption isotherms of quince (چکیده)
896 - An Investigation on the Performance of an Imidazoline based commercial Corrosion Inhibitor on CO2 Corrosion of Mild Steel (چکیده)
897 - Numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer in adsorbent beds with annular fins (چکیده)
898 - Association between the polymorphism of the TCF7L2 gene and type 2 diabetes in 154 patients in Mashhad (چکیده)
900 - Cranial and dental analysis of mouse-like hamsters of the genus Calomyscus (Rodentia: Calomyscidae) from plateau of Iran (چکیده)
901 - A Study of Relationship between Board Characteristics and Earning Management: Iranian Scenario (چکیده)
902 - Use of Agricultural Waste for Removal of Cr(VI) from Aqueous Solution (چکیده)
903 - شناسایی نماتدهای انگل گیاهی مزارع سیب زمینی در استان خراسان رضوی (چکیده)
904 - The Ex Situ Comparison of Two Improved St. John\\\'s wort. (Hypericum perforatum L.) Cultivars with an Iranian Wild Population (چکیده)
905 - A new method for the synthesis of functionalized maleimides (چکیده)
906 - History of study and checklist of the scorpion fauna (Arachnida: Scorpiones) of Iran (چکیده)
907 - Scorpion sting agents in Iran: A review (چکیده)
908 - Quantum Chemical Study of the NO Adsorption on the WO3 Nano-clusters (چکیده)
909 - Approximation of accessible diffeomorphisms by stable non uniformly hyperbolic systems (چکیده)
910 - Alkyl chain length, anion, and cation type effects on mercury extraction by ionic liquids (چکیده)
911 - Ionic liquids-solvent for future: thermophysical, structure, and electronic properties (چکیده)
912 - Physisorption of hydrophobic and hydrophilic imidazolium based ionic liquids on the circumcoronene surface (چکیده)
913 - Physisorption of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic 1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium Ionic Liquids on the Graphite Plate Surface (چکیده)
914 - Phylogenetic analysis of the five-toed Jerboa (Rodentia) from the Iranian Plateau based on mtDNA and morphometric data (چکیده)
915 - Geometric morphometric comparison of mandible and skull of five species of genus Allactaga (Rodentia: Dipodidae) from Iran (چکیده)
916 - Comparison on the graphite particles formed in as-cast and commercial hypereutectoid steels after subsequent graphitization treatment (چکیده)
917 - Morphological and histochemical investigation oh the camel (Camelous dromedarius) abomasal mucous membrane by light and scaning electron microscopy(SEM) (چکیده)
918 - Hierarchical hybrid fuzzy-neural networks for modeling of activated carbon preparation for methane storage (چکیده)
919 - Drainage Network Analysis, Comparis of Digital Elevation Model(DEM) from ASTER with High Resolution Satellite Image and Areal Photographs (چکیده)
920 - Surfactant-modified Heulandite as a new adsorbent for nitrogenous compounds from recirculation aquaculture effluent (چکیده)
921 - Natural analcime zeolite modified with 2,3,5,6-tetra(2-pyridyl)pyrazine for preconcentration and determination of trace amounts of cadmium by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
922 - Improving pore morphology of PM 316L stainless steels by prealloyed powder prepassivation in 20% nitric acid (چکیده)
923 - Morphological and molecular analysis of the Alburnoides cf bipunctatus (Cyprinidae) in Iran (چکیده)
924 - A geometric morphometric analysis of Puntius spp in Peninsular Malaysia (چکیده)
925 - Evaluation of a modified acetaminophenabsorption test to estimate the abomasalemptying rate in Holstein-Friesian heifers (چکیده)
926 - Non-isothermal Crystallization Kinetics of Co67Fe4Cr7Si8B14 Amorphous Alloy (چکیده)
927 - Investigation of influential parameters on electrochemical hydride generation of Tl(I) and Tl(III) from the viewpoint of speciation analysis (چکیده)
928 - Tl(III) ion imprinted polymer particles as new sorbent for online preconcentration and determination of Tl(III) by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
929 - Preparation of nanospinels NiMnxFe2−xO4 using sol–gel method and their applications on removal of azo dye from aqueous solutions (چکیده)
930 - A temporal survey on protoporphyrin IX fluorescence signal after administration of 5ALA conjugated gold nanoparticles: An in vivo study on CT26 tumors (چکیده)
931 - A Novel Nanosonosensitizer for Sonodynamic Therapy (چکیده)
932 - The effect of desiccated ox bile supplementation on performance, fat digestibility, gut morphology and blood chemistry of broiler chickens fed tallow diets (چکیده)
933 - Effect of extruded full fat soybean (EFFSB ) on small intestine morphology of broiler chickens (چکیده)
934 - Determination of Protoporphyrin IX Concentration in Photodynamic Therapy Based on Fluorescence Measurement (چکیده)
935 - Determination of Time-Dependent Protoporphyrin IX Concentration for Photodynamic Therapy Dosimetry in a Mice Colon Tumor Model Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy (چکیده)
936 - Removal of Chromium(VI) from Aqueous Solution by Adsorption Using Cousinia Eryngioides Boiss and Activated Carbon (چکیده)
937 - Morphometrical Study of the Temporal Bone and Auditory Ossicles in Guinea Pig (چکیده)
938 - polymorphism evaluation of micrositellite DNA markers and genetic structure of baluchi sheep (چکیده)
939 - Column and Batch Study of Haloacetic Acids Adsorption onto Granular Activated Carbon (چکیده)
940 - Numerical study of fin spaces on designing parameters of adsorption chillers (چکیده)
941 - Isolation and Identification of campylobacter jejuni from poultry carcasses using conventional culture methods and multiplex PCR assay (چکیده)
942 - A neural network model to describe weight gain of sheep from genes polymorphism, birth weight and birth type (چکیده)
943 - Mesobuthus eupeus (Scorpiones: Buthidae) from Iran: A polytypic species complex (چکیده)
944 - Morphology and morphometrical study of hamster middle ear bones (چکیده)
945 - Study of mechanical deformation of Zr55Cu30Al10Ni5 bulk metallic glass through instrumented indentation (چکیده)
946 - Modeling and simulation of CO2 removal from power plant flue gas by PG solution in a hollow fiber membrane contactor (چکیده)
947 - New Foraminifera and morphogroups from Sanganeh Formation in Takal Kuh section, western Kopeh Dagh basin (چکیده)
948 - Auto-Design of Neural Network–Based GAs for Manipulating the Khangiran Gas Refinery Sweetening Absorption Column Outputs (چکیده)
949 - Synthesis and characterisation of new designed protoporphyrin-stabilised gold nanoparticles for cancer cells nanotechnology-based targeting (چکیده)
950 - Application of artificial neural networks for simulation of experimental CO2 absorption data in a packed column (چکیده)
951 - Application of Conventional and New Biotechnological Approaches for Improving of Morphinane Alkaloids Production (چکیده)
952 - Topological rings of bounded and compact group homomorphisms on a topological ring (چکیده)
953 - Warm Stratification and Chemical Treatments Overcomes the Dormancy and Promotes Germination of Colchicum kotschyi Boiss Seeds under In Vitro Condition (چکیده)
954 - A pilot study of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in three dogs (چکیده)
955 - Determination of Bismuth by Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometry using Single Drop Micro Extraction in Real Samples (چکیده)
956 - Splat morphology in thermal spray coatings: simulations and experiments (چکیده)
957 - Quantitative verification of the morphing evolutionary structural optimization method for some benchmark problems using a new performance index (چکیده)
958 - Assessment of genetic structure and variation of native Berberis populations of Khorasan provinces (Iran) using AFLP markers versus morphological markers (چکیده)
959 - An Experimental Study on the Behavior of Sulfur Concrete (چکیده)
960 - distribution, habitat and differentiation ofthe poorly-known black morph of MourningWheatear Oenanthe lugens lugens in Jordan (چکیده)
961 - Reliable prediction of pore size distribution for nano-sized adsorbents with minimum information requirements (چکیده)
962 - Study and Determination of Morphological Changes of Dough River in North of Iran Using GIS (چکیده)
963 - A new approach to the zero-divisor graphs (چکیده)
964 - Single nucle otide polymorphisms an d mRNA expression of VEGF-A in papillary thyroid carcino ma: Potentia l markers for aggress ive phenotypes (چکیده)
965 - Modeling and simulation of adsorption bed in pressure swing adsorption process (چکیده)
966 - Modeling and simulation of BTX removal process from acid gas (چکیده)
967 - Synthesis, characterization of silica gel phases chemically immobilized 2-aminothiophenole and use of it for preconcentration and determination of trace amount of lead by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
968 - Comparison of Morpho-skeletal Characteristics (using Standardised Criteria Sets) of the Great Tit Parus major (Linnaeus 1758) in Three Iranian Populations (Mashhad, Noor and Hamedan) (چکیده)
969 - Analysis of bovine growth hormone gene polymorphism of local and Holstein cattle breeds in Kerman province of Iran using polymerase chain reaction restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) (چکیده)
970 - Evaluation the rose germplasm resources of Iran (چکیده)
971 - Microstructural study in graphitised hypereutectoid cast and commercial steels (چکیده)
972 - Chemoselective protocol for O-acylation with a new catalyst (چکیده)
973 - Inhibitive effect of synthesized 2-(3-pyridyl)-3,4-dihydro-4-quinazolinone as a corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in hydrochloric acid (چکیده)
974 - Corrigendum to ‘‘Phylogeny of the mourning wheatear Oenanthe lugens complex (چکیده)
975 - Phylogeny of the mourning wheatear Oenanthe lugens complex (چکیده)
976 - Contribution of intermolecular interactions to constructing supramolecular hybrid of polyoxomolybdate and ((1H-tetrazole-5-yl) methyl)morpholinearchitecture: Synthesis, structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of a new (چکیده)
977 - Study of Planktonic morphotype of the Abderaz Formation at type section, Iran (چکیده)
978 - Palynofacies and Paleoenvironmental of the Sarcheshmeh formation at Anjirbolagh section east of Kopet- Dagh (northeast of Mashhad, Iran) (چکیده)
979 - Influence of temperature, pressure, nanotube’s diameter and intertube distance on methane adsorption in homogeneous armchair open-ended SWCNT triangular arrays (چکیده)
980 - Morphological consequences of hybridization in twointerbreeding taxa: Kurdish Wheatear (Oenanthexanthoprymna) and Persian Wheatear (Oenanthechrysopygia) (چکیده)
981 - The Lanius excubitor (Aves, Passeriformes) conundrum - taxonomic dilemma when molecular and non-molecular data tell different stories (چکیده)
982 - The effects of acute administration of ultra low and usual doses of morphine on retention of memor yformed in the presence of forced swimming stress in rat (چکیده)
983 - Acute stress effects on retention in rat related to the memory formed during ultra low to usual doses of morphine administration in rat (چکیده)
984 - Chronic forced swim stress inhibits ultra-low dose morphine-induced hyperalgesia in rats (چکیده)
985 - Determination of Cadmium by Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (چکیده)
986 - Genetic polymorphism of the melatonin receptor 1A locus in Iranian Shall and Karakul sheep (چکیده)
987 - Effect of electrolysis condition of zinc powder production on zinc–silver oxide battery operation (چکیده)
988 - Detailed profiling of CNTs arrays along the growth window in a floating catalyst reactor (چکیده)
989 - Effect of Acetic Acid on Amorphous Carbon Removal along a CNT Synthesis Reactor (چکیده)
990 - Geometric morphometric analysis of the molars in steppe field mouse Apodemus witherbyi (Rodentia: Muridae) from Northern part of Iran (چکیده)
991 - Geometric morphometric study of two species of the psammophilous genus Erodiontes (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) from the Lute desert, Central Iran (چکیده)
992 - Morphmetric comparison of fourteen species of the genus Meriones Illiger, 1811 (Gerbillinae, Rodentia) from Asia and North Africa (چکیده)
993 - Geomorphological and hydrochemical analysis of Mohammadabad playa in eastern Iran (چکیده)
994 - Relation between leptin gene polymorphism with economical traits in iranian sistani and brown swiss cows (چکیده)
995 - Simulation of Khangiran gas treating units for various cooling scenarios (چکیده)
996 - Study of A98V polymorphism in 100 patients with Type 2 diabetes in Mashhad population (چکیده)
997 - Phylogenetic relationships ofMesobuthus eupeus(C.L. Koch, 1839) inferred fromCOIsequences (Scorpiones: Buthidae) (چکیده)
998 - Analysis of Genetic Diversity of Chukar Partridge (Alectoris chukar) Populations in Khorasan-e-Razavi Province of Iran by RAPD-PCR (چکیده)
1000 - Split-Ergative Morphology in Hindi/Urdu, Pashto & Balochi Languages (چکیده)
1001 - On the endomorphism rings of Local cohomology modules (چکیده)
1002 - Adsorption properties of a thiazole-prymidine derivative on mild steel surface in 0.5M H2SO4 (چکیده)
1003 - A novel Approach in Predicting the Adsorption Behavior of Activated and Molecular Sieve Carbons (چکیده)
1004 - Prediction of Energy and Pore Size Distributions Via Linear Regularization Theory (چکیده)
1005 - Sand–soil–organic Matter Filter Column for Removal of Heavy Metals from Industrial Waste Water (چکیده)
1007 - Determination of Thallium by Electrochemical Hydride Generation (ECHG) Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (چکیده)
1008 - Preconcentration of thallium (III) and speciation of thallium (1) and (III) by single drop micro extraction using ‎dicyclohexano-18-crown-6 and their determination by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
1009 - Determination of Cadmium by Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometry using Single Drop Micro ‎Extraction in Real Samples (چکیده)
1010 - Determination of Bismuth by Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometry using Single Drop Micro ‎Extraction in Real Samples (چکیده)
1011 - Polymorphism in Exon 3 of Leptin Gene in Iranian Native Cattle Breeds (چکیده)
1012 - Preparation of Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene and Its Morphological Study with a Heterogeneous Ziegler–Natta Catalyst (چکیده)
1013 - The Effect of Triticale and Enzyme in Finisher Diet on Performance, Gut Morphology and Blood Chemistry of Broiler Chickens (چکیده)
1014 - The effects of carrier gas and liquid feed flow rates on longitudinal patterns of CNT growth (چکیده)
1015 - Effects of preparation conditions on the morphology and gas permeation properties of polyethylene (PE) and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) films (چکیده)
1016 - Effect of different salinity and potassium levels on saffron motphophysiological characteristics (چکیده)
1017 - Fe(III) and cobalt(II) coordination compounds of 5-bromo-6-methyl-2-morpholinepyrimidinium-4-aminepyridine-2,6-dicarboxylate (چکیده)
1018 - Rb–Sr and Sm–Nd isotopic compositions and Petrogenesis of ore-related intrusive rocks of gold-rich porphyry copper Maherabad prospect area (North of Hanich), east of Iran (چکیده)
1019 - Morphological Study of Auditory Ossicles in the Mouse (چکیده)
1020 - Polymorphism of β-Lactoglobulin Gene in Iranian Sheep Breeds Using PCR-RFLP (چکیده)
1021 - On the Matlis duals and endomorphism rings of Local cohomology modules (چکیده)
1022 - Effect of adsorbents and chemical treatments on the removal of strontium from aqueous solutions (چکیده)
1023 - Development and optimization of multi-bed silica gel/ adsorption chiller integrated in solar cooling system for medium-size in IRAN (چکیده)
1024 - A trick for investigation of approximate derivations (چکیده)
1025 - Geometric morphometric comparison of the mandibles of three species of vole of the genus Microtus (Rodentia: Arvicolinae) from northern IranGeometric morphometric analysis of Iranian wood mice of the genus Apodemus (Rodentia, Murida (چکیده)
1027 - PCR-restriction endonuclease analysis for strain typing of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis based on polymorphisms in IS 1311 (چکیده)
1028 - Association of SNP in the Exon2 of Leptin Gene with Milk Production Traits in Sarabi Cattle Breed of Iran (چکیده)
1029 - Anatomical and histological study of molar salivary gland in domestic cat (چکیده)
1030 - The synthesis of highly fluorescent heterocyclic compounds: Pyrido[2,1:2,3]imidazo[4,5-b]quinoline-12-yl cyanides (چکیده)
1031 - On the Endomorphism Rings of Local Cohomology Modules (چکیده)
1032 - Overall Deflection Minimization of Structures Using Morphing Evolutionary Structural Optimization Method (چکیده)
1033 - study of morphometery factors regression of Chalus drainage basin using statistical methods and mathematical models (چکیده)
1034 - A novel method for estimation of pore size distribution of heterogenous solid adsorbents (چکیده)
1035 - Thermal Properties and Crystallization Behavior of Co67Fe4Cr7Si8B14 (چکیده)
1037 - Simulation of Absorption and Desorption Loop in a Gas Refinery by Sequential Modular Method (چکیده)
1038 - σ-amenability of Banach algebras (چکیده)
1039 - Study the effect of high level of CO2 Concentrations on anatomical and morphological traits in marigold (Tagets tenuifolia). (چکیده)
1041 - Investigationon effect of High Level Co2 Concentration on Anatomical and Morphological Traits in Floss flower (Ageratum houstonianum) (چکیده)
1042 - A preliminary study on Indian Gerbils, Tatera indica Hardwicke, 1807 at population level in eastern and southern parts of Iran (Rodentia: Muridae) (چکیده)
1043 - Genetic polymorphism at the growth hormone locus in Iranian Talli goats by polymerase chain reaction-single strand conformation polymorphism (PCR-SSCP) (چکیده)
1044 - Sorption studies of nitrate ion by a modified beet residue in the presence and (چکیده)
1045 - Microsatellite analysis of Iranian Damask rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) germplasm (چکیده)
1046 - A Unique Germplasm of Damask Roses in Iran (چکیده)
1047 - Morphological study of auditory ossicles in the hamster (چکیده)
1048 - Morphological and morphometric analyses of dental and cranial characters in apodemus hyrcanicus and a. Witherbyi (rodentia: Muridae)form Iran (چکیده)
1049 - Packed Column Simulation using Various Advanced Techniques (چکیده)
1050 - morphometric comparison of fourteen species of the genus Meriones Illiger, 1811 (Gerbillinae, Rodentia) from Asia and North Africa (چکیده)
1051 - Morphological and histological study of superior lacrimal gland of third eyelid in camel (Camelus dromedarius (چکیده)
1052 - Studies on adsorption of mercury from aqueous solution on activated carbons prepared from walnut shell (چکیده)
1053 - Uranium removal from aqueous solutions by wood powder and wheat straw (چکیده)
1054 - An ionic 2D inorganic–organic hybrid of tris[((1H-tetrazol-5-yl)methyl) morpholine] dodecatungstophosphate(V) pentahydrate: Synthesis X-ray crystal structure and spectroscopic characterizations (چکیده)
1055 - Incorporation of Eulerian–Eulerian CFD framework in mathematical modeling of chemical absorption of acid gases into methyl diethanol amine on sieve trays (چکیده)
1056 - Evaluation of Performance of an Industrial Gas Sweetening Plant by Application of Sequential Modular and Simultaneous Modular Methods (چکیده)
1057 - climate change in Northeast Iran based on the morphology of palygorskite and pedogenic carbonates in loess deposits (چکیده)
1058 - Astragalus ghouchanensis (Fabaceae), a new speciies from Iran (چکیده)
1059 - Allium oriento-iranicum (Alliaceae), a new speciies from Iran (چکیده)
1060 - Use of agricultural waste for removal of Cr (VI) from aqueous solution (چکیده)
1061 - Application of nut shells for chromium removal from wastewater (چکیده)
1062 - Contribution of intermolecular interactions to constructing supramolecular architecture: Synthesis, structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of a new hybrid of polyoxomolybdate and ((1H-tetrazole-5-yl) methyl)morpholine (چکیده)
1064 - N,N’,N’’,N’’’-tetramethyltetra-2,3-pyridinoporphyrazinato copper(II) methyl sulfate as a new and efficient catalyst for the dithioacetalization and the oxathioacetalization of carbonyl compounds (چکیده)
1065 - Electrochemical hydride generation of thallium (چکیده)
1066 - Preconcentration Of Thallium (I) By Single Drop Microextraction With Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Detection Using Dicyclohexano-18-crown-6 as Extractant System (چکیده)
1067 - Morphology And Changes Of Chloride Cell Of Rutilus rutilus Caspicus In Caspian Sea (چکیده)
1068 - Development of a mathematical expression for the variation of amorphization phenomenon during intensive milling of minerals (چکیده)
1069 - Effect of alkaline electrolysis conditions on current efficiency, and morphology of zinc powder (چکیده)
1070 - Geology and petrology of two distinct types of granitoids, Eastern Najmabad, Ghonabad, Iran (چکیده)
1071 - Geothermobarometry Of Al2SiO5-bearing Metapelites In The Ardara (چکیده)
1072 - Association of the polymorphism in the 5’ flanking region of the ovine IGF-I gene with growth traits in the Baluchi sheep (چکیده)
1073 - Effect of Stewing in Cooking Step on Textural and Morphological Properties of Cooked Rice (چکیده)
1074 - Assessment of genetic structure and variation of cultured and wild Berberis populations of eastern parts of Iran using AFLP markers comparison to data resulted from Morphological markers (چکیده)
1075 - Morphosyntactic Changes In Persian And Their Effects On The Grammar (چکیده)
1076 - Genetic polymorphism study on population of Salvia using RAPD technique in north-east of Iran (چکیده)
1077 - Investigations On The Shape And Size Of Molar And Zygomatic Salivary Glands In Shorthair Domestic Cats (چکیده)
1078 - Morphology and carbohydrate histochemistry of the cat molar salivary gland (چکیده)
1079 - Module homomorphisms and multipliers on locally compact quantum groups (چکیده)
1080 - Stable Isotopes (O, H, and S) in the Muteh Gold Deposit (چکیده)
1081 - Petrography and Sulphur Isotope Studies of Pyrites in the Muteh Gold Deposit (چکیده)
1082 - Gross and histological study on the adrenal glands in camel-Camelus dromedaries (چکیده)
1083 - Assessment of the acetaminophen absorption test as a diagnostic tool for the evaluation of the reticular groove reflex in lambs (چکیده)
1084 - morphosyntactic changes in persian and their effects on the grammar (چکیده)
1085 - Removal of mercury from water by carbonaceous sorbents derived from walnut shell (چکیده)
1086 - Association of Growth Traits with SSCP Polymorphisms at the Growth Hormone Receptor (GHR) and Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Receptor (GHRHR) Genes in the Baluchi Sheep (چکیده)
1087 - Ecomporphological relationships and species similarities in the Wheatears (Turdidae (چکیده)
1088 - Ecological segregation between Iranian wheatears (چکیده)
1090 - Relationships between morphological traits, behavioural characteristics, and habitat selection in Iranian Wheatears using Fourth-Corner Problem analysis (چکیده)
1091 - Niche segregation, behavioural differences and relation to morphology in two Iranian syntopic wheatears: Northern Wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe libanotica and Mourning Wheatear O. lugens persica (چکیده)
1092 - Innerness of ρ-derivations on Hyperfinite Von Neumann Algebras (چکیده)
1093 - Ultraweak continuity of σ-derivations on von Neumann algebras (چکیده)
1094 - On the Convergence of Morphing Evolutionary Structural Optimization Method to the Global Optimum for the Beam Design (چکیده)
1095 - An Investigation on the performance Of an imidazoline based commercial Corrosion inhibitor on CO2 corrosion Of gas-well tubing steel by EIS technique (چکیده)
1096 - A Biosystematical Investigation on Silene L. Species in North- East of Iran (چکیده)
1097 - A Kadison-Sakai type theorem (چکیده)
1099 - Thermal properties of Co67Fe4Cr7Si8B14 amorphous alloy (چکیده)
1100 - اثرات ژئومورفیکی وقایع نو ظهور دهه های اخیر (چکیده)
1101 - Age related changes in the morphology of adrenal glands in cow (چکیده)
1102 - Linaria kavirensis(Scrophulariaceae), a new species from Iran (چکیده)
1103 - Evaluation of morpho-physiological traits of chickpea in tolerant lines under drought stress condition (چکیده)
1104 - بررسیتنوع توده های وحشی و زراعی زرشک استانهای خراسان با استفاده از نشانگرهای مورفولوژیکی و مقایسه کارایی آن با نشانگرهای مولکولی AFLP (چکیده)
1105 - N,N’,N’’,N’’’-tetramethyltetra-2,3-pyridinoporphyrazinato copper(II) as a new catalyst in solvent-free tetrahydrotetrahydropyranylation(THP) of alcohols and phenols (چکیده)
1106 - اثر دوزهای فوق العاده ناچیز مرفین بر روی تشنج القاء شده با پنتیلن تترازول (PTZ) (چکیده)
1107 - Spectrally Compact Operators (چکیده)
1108 - Cadmium and lead ions can be removed simultaneously from a binary aqueous solution by the sono-sorption method (چکیده)
1110 - The Impact of Collocational Teaching on the Vocabulary Retention and Written Production of Iranian EFL Learners (چکیده)
1111 - Investigating methods and effective parameters in the adsorption of mercury from aqueous solutions (چکیده)
1113 - Identification IGF-I gene polymorphism by polymerase chain reaction-single strand conformation polymorphism and its relation to growth traits in Iranian Baluchi sheep (چکیده)
1114 - Generalized Hyers--Ulam stability of mappings on normed Lie triple systems (چکیده)
1115 - Central extension of mappings on von Neumann algebras (چکیده)
1116 - Recent Progress in Stability of Functional Equations and Perturbation of Mappings (چکیده)
1117 - Characterization of SNPs of Bovine prolcatin Gene of Holstein Cattle (چکیده)
1118 - Study of Water Bolus Effect on SAR Penetration Depth and Effective Field Size for Local Hyperthermia (چکیده)
1119 - Adsorption Capability of Lead, Nickel and Zinc byExopolysaccharide and Dried Cell of Ensifer meliloti (چکیده)
1120 - Study the morphology and granulometry of polyethylene-clay nanocomposite powders (چکیده)
1121 - Physiological race and Genetic Diversity determination of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. melonis by Differential Hosts and Molecular Marker in Northern and Razavi Khorasan provinces (چکیده)
1122 - The Effect of Milling Conditions on Morphology and Grain Size of Al/SiC Nanocomposite Powders Produced by Mechanical Alloying Method (چکیده)
1123 - A combination (چکیده)
1124 - Study the GDF-8 gene polymorphism and association to average daily gain in Iranina Baluchi sheep (چکیده)
1125 - Genetic polymorphism of melatonin receptor, calpastatin and calpin luci in Karakul sheep (چکیده)
1126 - Single nucleotide polymorphism within exon 4 of the bovine prolactin gene in three Iranian native cattle (چکیده)
1127 - Simultaneous removal of copper and lead ions from a binary solution by sono-sorption process (چکیده)
1128 - sonosorption as a new method for the removal of methylene blue from aqueous solution (چکیده)
1129 - تخمین توزیعات انرژی و اندازه حفرات با استفاده از رگولاریزاسیون خطی (چکیده)
1130 - Study of Growth Hormone Receptor (GHR) and Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Receptor (GHRHR) genes polymorphism and their association to average daily gain in Iranian Baluchi sheep (چکیده)
1131 - Identification IGF-I gene polymorphisms by polymerase chain reaction-single strand conformation polymorphism and its relation to growth traits in Iranian Baluchi sheep (چکیده)
1132 - Study the PIT-1 gene polymorphism and association to average daily gain In Iranian Baluchi sheep (چکیده)
1133 - Effects of the preparation conditions on ethylene/vinyl acetate membrane morphology with the use of scanning electron microscopy (چکیده)
1134 - Low-energy neutron flux measurement using a resonance absorption filter surrounding a lithium glass scintillator (چکیده)
1135 - Ecomorphology of the wheatears (genus Oenanthe) (چکیده)
1136 - Genetic polymorphism at MTNR1A, CAST and CAPN loci in Iranian Kurakul sheep (چکیده)
1137 - Genetic Polymorphism at the Candidate Gene in Iranian Sistani Cattle (Bos indicus) (چکیده)
1138 - Geometric morphometric analysis of Iranian wood mice of the genus Apodemus (Rodentia, Muridae) (چکیده)
1139 - Geometric morphometric comparison of the mandibles of three species of vole of the genusMicrotus(Rodentia: Arvicolinae) from northern Iran (چکیده)
1140 - Genetic polymorphism of b-lactoglobulin in certain Iranian and Russian sheep breeds (چکیده)
1142 - Nifedipine suppresses morphine-induced thermal hyperalgesia: Evidence for the role of corticosterone (چکیده)
1143 - A transient two-dimensional model of thermal and oxidative degradation of PMMA (چکیده)
1144 - Flotation separation and electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometric determination of thallium in wastewater samples (چکیده)
1145 - Frequency of bovine Iymphocyte antigen DRB3.2 alleles in Sarabi cows (چکیده)
1146 - haematology of persian fallow deer - dama mesopotamica (چکیده)
1147 - Continuum-Wise Expansive Homeomorphisms have Totally Disconnected Minimal Sets (چکیده)
1148 - Strong Expansive Homeomorphisms Have No Almost Lyapunov Stable points (چکیده)
1149 - Fast and efficient removal of Reactive Black 5 from aqueous solution by a combined method of ultrasound and sorption process (چکیده)
1150 - Morphological and stereotaxic studies of Iranian native goat s brain (چکیده)
1151 - Morphological studies on Meckel s Diverticulum in duck-Ansa Ansa domesticus (چکیده)
1153 - Comparative histomorphological study of ovary and ovarian follicles in Iranian Lori-Bakhtiari sheep and native goat (چکیده)
1154 - Comparative Histomorphological Study of Heart in Healthy and Ascites Broiler Chickens in Shahrekord District, Iran (چکیده)
1155 - Approximate C*-ternary ring homomorphisms (چکیده)
1156 - Leptin Gene Polymorphism in Iranian Native Golpayegani and Taleshi Cows (چکیده)
1157 - Effect of Deficit Irrigation on Yield, WUE and some Morphological and Phenological Traits of Three Millet Species (چکیده)
1158 - studies on hemoglobin polymorphism of two breed of (چکیده)
1159 - Electrochemical hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry for determination of cadmium (چکیده)
1160 - Analysis of indigenous zinc in alkaline sodic soil solutions by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (چکیده)
1161 - Satbility of ternary homomorphisms via generalized Jensen equation (چکیده)
1162 - On the stability of -homomorphisms (چکیده)
1163 - Approximate Homomorphisms of Ternary Semigroups (چکیده)
1164 - n-HOMOMORPHISMS (چکیده)
1165 - Association of Leptin Polymorphism with Production, Reproduction and Plasma Glucose Level in Iranian Holstein Cows (چکیده)