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1 - Effect of tillage systems and plant residues on whole soil stability and normalized stability indices (چکیده)
2 - A PSO-MLPANN Hybrid Approach for Estimation of Human Joint Torques from sEMG Signals (چکیده)
3 - Assist-As-Needed control of a hip exoskeleton based on a novel strength index (چکیده)
4 - A Human Interactive Hybrid FES-Robotic System Applicable to Improvement of Foot Drop after Stroke: Case Report of a Person with Chronic Stroke (چکیده)
5 - Theoretical Design of Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles as Antiviral Agents against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) (چکیده)
6 - Comparing the Childbearing Motivations of Fertile and Infertile Women in Mashhad, Iran (چکیده)
7 - P5W30/g-C3N4 heterojunction thin film with improved photoelectrochemical performance for solar water splitting (چکیده)
8 - Cyclic olefin polymer as a novel membrane material for membrane distillation applications (چکیده)
9 - Instructional leadership, and teacher’s collective efficacy, commitment, and professional learning in primary schools: a mediation model (چکیده)
10 - Semi-deterministic Broadcast Channel With Side Information: A Secrecy Capacity Outer Bound (چکیده)
12 - Asymmetric Choi–Davis inequalities (چکیده)
13 - Inequalities for acceptable noncommutative random variables (چکیده)
14 - Edge metric dimensions via hierarchical product and integer linear programming (چکیده)
15 - Biological control potential of Spermophagus sericeus Geoffroy, 1785(Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) against field bindweed as the first report from Iran (چکیده)
16 - Prognostic role of follicular fluid tumor necrosis factor alpha in the risk of early ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (چکیده)
17 - The performance improvement of an indirect solar cooker using multi-walled carbon nanotube-oil nanofluid: An experimental study with thermodynamic analysis (چکیده)
18 - Detection of Lithologic Discontinuities in Soils: A Case Study of Arid and Semi-arid Regions of Iran (چکیده)
19 - Simulation of epoxy flow in Integrated Circuit Encapsulation Process and Optimization of Process Parameters with Taguchi method (چکیده)
20 - Numerical Investigation of the Energy Saving and Environmental Aspects of a Cylindrical Porous Radiant Burner with Internal Combustion Regime (چکیده)
21 - Blind MV-based video steganalysis based on joint inter-frame and intra-frame statistics (چکیده)
22 - Effect of plant growth regulators and explants on callus induction and study of antioxidant potentials and phenolic metabolites in Salvia tebesana Bunge (چکیده)
23 - Exploring Students’ Metacognitive Knowledge: The Case of Integral Calculus (چکیده)
24 - Genetic diversity and biological characterization of watermelon mosaic virus isolates from Iran and Iraq (چکیده)
25 - Stepwise ordinal efficiency for the random assignment problem (چکیده)
26 - The impact of international sanctions on crisis management in time of Coronavirus Pandemic: case of Iran: policy, politics and consequences (چکیده)
27 - Impact of rapid urbanization on the surface water’s quality: a long-term environmental and physicochemical investigation of Tajan river, Iran (2007–2017) (چکیده)
28 - Protective Effects of Thymoquinon on Pulmonary Disorders in Experimental Studies (چکیده)
29 - An Overview of Hepatoprotective Effects of Thymoquinone (چکیده)
30 - Immunomodulatory and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Thymoquinone (چکیده)
31 - An approximate method based on Bernstein polynomials for solving fractional PDEs with proportional delays (چکیده)
32 - Comparison of the Effect of Eight Weeks of Water-Based Versus Land-Based Cycling on Serum Levels of Testosterone and IGF-1 in Elderly Men (چکیده)
33 - Impact of Pseudomonas putida Inoculation on Alleviating Mercury Stress in Turnip Planted on a Saline Soil (چکیده)
34 - Pathogenicity of native isolates of entomopathogenic fungi Beauveria and Metharizium genera on Microcerotermes diversus (Blattodea: Termitidae) in the laboratory (چکیده)
35 - Identifying crisis-related informative tweets using learning on distributions (چکیده)
36 - Bayesian D-optimal designs based on the expected Shannon information for repairable systems (چکیده)
37 - Comparative study on the role of gelatin, chitosan and their combination as tissue engineered scaffolds on healing and regeneration of critical sized bone defects: an in vivo study (چکیده)
38 - Comment on: “Growth, optical, photoluminescence, dielectric, second and third order nonlinear optical studies of benzoyl valine acentric crystal” [(2017) Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 658, 186–197] (چکیده)
39 - Comment on:“Optical analysis of nanostructured rose bengal thin films using Kramers–Kronig approach: New trend in laser power attenuation” [Opt. Laser. Technol. 112 (2019) 207–214] (چکیده)
40 - Comment on: “Kramers–Kronig calculations for linear and nonlinear optics of nanostructured methyl violet (CI-42535): New trend in laser power attenuation using dyes” [Physica B 552 (2019) 62–70] (چکیده)
41 - Investigating the capabilities of information technologies to support policymaking in COVID‐19 crisis management; a systematic review and expert opinions (چکیده)
42 - Global Forcing Number for Maximal Matchings under Graph Operations (چکیده)
43 - Effects of cLFchimera peptide on intestinal morphology, integrity, microbiota, and immune cells in broiler chickens challenged with necrotic enteritis (چکیده)
44 - Iranian philosophy of education (چکیده)
45 - Carvacrol and Zataria multiflora influenced the PPARγ agonist effects on systemic inflammation and oxidative stress induced by inhaled paraquat in rat (چکیده)
46 - A framework for business sustainability performance using meta-synthesis (چکیده)
47 - Directly Anodized Sulfur-Doped TiO2 Nanotubes as Improved Anodes for Li-ion Batteries (چکیده)
49 - Comparison of chromosomal instability of human amniocytes in primary and long-term cultures in AmnioMAX II and DMEM media: A cross-sectional study (چکیده)
50 - Applying the methods of BCOP and matrix exponential in the vibration analysis of multi-span composite plates under opposing moving inertia loads (چکیده)
51 - Comparison of the Effects of Aerobic and Resistance Exercises on Arterial Stiffness, Endothelial Function, Carotid Intima-Media Thickness, and Inflammatory Biomarkers in Obese Sedentary Females. (چکیده)
52 - Damage detection of cylindrical shells based on Sander\'s theory and model updating using incomplete modal data considering random noises (چکیده)
53 - Analysis of cotton production by energy indicators in two different climatic regions (چکیده)
54 - Inflammatory Markers in Response to Different Intensity of Aerobic Exercise in Obese Male Wistar Rats (چکیده)
55 - Investigating the Efficacy of Interpersonal Psychotherapy on Alexithymia Features (چکیده)
56 - Pitting Corrosion of 17-4PH Stainless Steel: Impingement of a Fluid Jet vs. Erosion–Corrosion in the Presence of the Solid Particles (چکیده)
57 - Chaos in Iterated Function Systems (چکیده)
58 - On the contaminated exponential distribution: A theoretical Bayesian approach for modeling positive-valued insurance claim data with outliers (چکیده)
59 - Improved robust ridge M-estimation (چکیده)
60 - A gamma-mixture class of distributions with Bayesian application (چکیده)
61 - Evaluation of chromium accumulation and resulting histopathological changes in Libyan jirds (Mammals, Rodentia), affected by effluent from Ghazghan leather industrial town, Iran (چکیده)
62 - Weighted distributions of eigenvalues (چکیده)
63 - Improved point and interval estimation of the stress–strength reliability based on ranked set sampling (چکیده)
64 - Larceny trend in some areas of Mauritius via a bivariate INAR(1) model with dispersed COM-Poisson innovations (چکیده)
65 - New bivariate gamma types with MIMO application (چکیده)
66 - Comparison the effects of hypoxia-mimicking agents on migration-related signaling pathways in mesenchymal stem cells (چکیده)
67 - The cyclic response of circular reinforced concrete column to foundation connections strengthened with shape memory alloy bars (چکیده)
68 - A bi-level model and solution methods for partial interdiction problem on capacitated hierarchical facilities (چکیده)
69 - Fuzzy ridge regression with fuzzy input and output (چکیده)
70 - Assessment of Virtual Water Flows in Iran Using a Multi-Regional Input-Output Analysis (چکیده)
71 - Improved efficacy of bio‐mineralization of human mesenchymal stem cells on modified PLLA nanofibers coated with bioactive materials via enhanced expression of integrin α2β1 (چکیده)
72 - Analyzing the Impact of Diversity Management on Innovative Behaviors through Employee Engagement and Affective Commitment (چکیده)
73 - Three novel complexes of copper: synthesis, characterization, crystal structure, HSA-binding and docking studies, and antiproliferative activity (چکیده)
74 - Identification and Prioritization of the Factors Affecting the Disaster Preparedness of Schools in Mashhad, Iran (چکیده)
75 - Physicochemical properties of Grass pea (Lathyrus sativus L.) protein nanoparticles fabricated by cold atmospheric-pressure plasma (چکیده)
76 - Regional drivers of diversification in the late Quaternary in a widely distributed generalist species, the common pheasant Phasianus colchicus (چکیده)
77 - Characterization of continuous symmetric distributions using information measures of records (چکیده)
78 - Using of a three-phase four-switch inverter equipped with a variable index PWM to improve the power quality of a wind power plant (چکیده)
79 - A note on linearly constrained Bayes estimator in elliptical models (چکیده)
80 - A Novel Structure for 15-Level Inverter Based on CHB and SCMLI Topologies (چکیده)
81 - Influence of Eimeria spp. infection and dietary inclusion of arginine on intestine histological parameters, serum amino acid profile and ileal amino acids digestibility in broiler chicks (چکیده)
82 - Improving Analysis of Low Voltage Ride Through Capability in Turbines Connected to The Brushless Doubly Fed Induction Generator (BDFIG) under Fault Conditions (چکیده)
83 - Measuring the production performance indicators for food processing industry (چکیده)
84 - Designing an optimal inventory management model for the blood supply chain (چکیده)
85 - Comparative Efficacy of Cognitive-behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness Therapy on Reducing Symptoms and Improving Quality of life in Patients with the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (چکیده)
86 - Plectorhinchus makranensis (Teleostei, Haemulidae), a new species of sweetlips from the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman (چکیده)
87 - A study on aroma release and perception of saffron ice cream using in-vitro and in-vivo approaches (چکیده)
88 - Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Ratcheting Behavior of SS 316L Thin-Walled Pipes Subjected to Cyclic Internal Pressure (چکیده)
89 - Silicon-doped calcium phosphates; the critical effect of synthesis routes on the biological performance (چکیده)
90 - Virus-induced CRISPR-Cas9 system improved resistance against tomato yellow leaf curl virus (چکیده)
91 - Recent Findings on the Effects of Pharmacological Agents on the Nerve Regeneration after Peripheral Nerve Injury (چکیده)
92 - Neuroprotective Effect of Melissa officinalis in Animal Model of Spinal Cord Injurya (چکیده)
93 - Lavandula angustifoliaExtract Improves the Result of Human Umbilical Mesenchymal Wharton’s Jelly Stem Cell Transplantation after Contusive Spinal Cord Injury in Wistar Rats (چکیده)
94 - Assessment of Neuroprotective Properties ofMelissa officinalisin Combination With Human Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells After Spinal Cord Injury (چکیده)
95 - Assessment of the Neuroprotective Effects of Lavandula angustifolia Extract on the Contusive Model of Spinal Cord Injury in Wistar Rats (چکیده)
96 - Coadministration of Dexamethasone and Melissa officinalis Has Neuroprotective Effects in Rat Animal Model with Spinal Cord Injury (چکیده)
97 - Energy flow analysis for rice production in different geographical regions of Iran (چکیده)
98 - Effects of salinity, ion type, and aging time on the crude oil-brine interfacial properties under gravity condition (چکیده)
99 - A dynamic order reduction method for fluid-structure systems (چکیده)
100 - Comprehensive host-pathogen protein-protein interaction network analysis (چکیده)
101 - The effects of irrigation regimes and nitrogen rates on some agronomic traits of canola under a semiarid environment (چکیده)
102 - Field screening of canola (Brassica napus) cultivars against wild mustard (Sinapis arvensis) using competition indices and some empirical yield loss models in Golestan Province, Iran (چکیده)
104 - Future projection of the effects of climate change on saffron yield and spatial-temporal distribution of cultivation by incorporating the effect of extreme climate indices (چکیده)
105 - Informational needs of pregnant women following the prenatal diagnosis of fetal anomalies: A qualitative study in Iran (چکیده)
106 - Terrain indices control the quality of soil total carbon stock within water erosion-prone environments (چکیده)
107 - Distribution of Toxocara cati larvae in experimentally infected BALB/c mice (چکیده)
108 - The Effects of Religious Orientations on Malevolent Creativity: Role of Positive Emotions and Spiritual Intelligence (چکیده)
109 - Humoral immunity provided by a novel infectious bronchitis vaccine supplemented by bacterium-like particles (BLPs) (چکیده)
110 - Effects of natural gas compositions on its Joule–Thomson coefficients and Joule–Thomson inversion curves (چکیده)
111 - Promoter methylation, transcription, and retrotransposition of LINE-1 in colorectal adenomas and adenocarcinomas (چکیده)
112 - Experimental Investigation of Porosity, Installation angle, Thickness and Second Layer of Permeable Obstacles on Density Current (چکیده)
113 - Validation of the SMOS Level 1C Brightness Temperature and Level 2 Soil Moisture Data over the West and Southwest of Iran (چکیده)
114 - Secrecy Capacity Outer Bound of Broadcast Channels with States Known at the Transmitter and Message Side Information at Receivers (چکیده)
115 - Capacity Region for Wireless More Capable Broadcast Channel with Channel State Available at the Receivers (چکیده)
116 - Estimating Flood Characteristics Using Geomorphologic Flood Index with Regards to Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency-Area Curves and CADDIES-2D Model in Three Iranian Basins (چکیده)
117 - From predetermined to cooperative and emergent learning task: Fostering creativity in internship learning environment (چکیده)
118 - Role of silica mid-layer in thermal and chemical stability of hierarchical Fe3O4-SiO2-TiO2 nanoparticles for improvement of lead adsorption: Kinetics, thermodynamic and deep XPS investigation (چکیده)
119 - Antibacterial activity of Ag nanoparticles/phosphomolybdate/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite: Kinetics and mechanism insights (چکیده)
120 - SARS-CoV-2-human protein-protein interaction network (چکیده)
121 - In vitro responses of chicken macrophage-like monocytes following exposure to pathogenic and non-pathogenic E. coli ghosts loaded with a rational design of conserved genetic materials of influenza and Newcastle disease viruses (چکیده)
122 - Investigating the plant and air-quality performances of an internal green wall system under hydroponic conditions (چکیده)
123 - In situ polymerization of functionalized multiwalled-carbon nanotubes/epoxy resin composite fibers using a non-solvent technique (چکیده)
124 - Characterizing the Binding of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme I Inhibitory Peptide to Human Hemoglobin: Influence of Electromagnetic Fields (چکیده)
125 - Undetectable video steganography by considering spatio-temporal steganalytic features in the embedding cost function (چکیده)
126 - Effectiveness evaluation of thermo-stable vaccine against Newcastle disease (ND.TR.IR) produced by the Razi Institute in backyard poultry of Iran - 2015 (چکیده)
127 - Molecular Monitoring of D1466 Genotype of Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus In Iran: A Retrospective Study (2013-2017) (چکیده)
128 - Spatial spread and emergence of reassortant H5 highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses in Iran (چکیده)
129 - Modeling the qualitative indices of sewerage of Mashhad city with Oxidation reduction Potential (چکیده)
130 - Modeling of the amount of sulfide production in sewage collectors in Mashhad (چکیده)
131 - Exploring 3-Hydroxyflavone Scaffolds as Mushroom Tyrosinase Inhibitors: Synthesis, X-Ray Crystallography, Antimicrobial, Fluorescence Behaviour, Structure-Activity Relationship and Molecular Modelling Studies (چکیده)
132 - Introducing a New Long-Lead Hydrologic Forecasting System for Improving Reservoir Operation (چکیده)
133 - Effect of antimicrobial peptides and monoterpenes on control of fire blight (چکیده)
134 - Assessing physiological effects of an exercise intervention in older adults (چکیده)
135 - Quantitative analysis of relative active tectonics using geomorphic indices in Band-Golestan basin, northeastern Iran (چکیده)
136 - The impact of ownership structure on the cost of equity in emerging markets (چکیده)
137 - Does accounting details play an allocative role in predicting macroeconomic indicators? Evidence of Bayesian and classical econometrics in Iran (چکیده)
138 - Corporate Governance and Cost of Equity: Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange (چکیده)
139 - Application of the selected antifungal LAB isolate as a protective starter culture in pan whole-wheat sourdough bread (چکیده)
140 - A modified method on estimating and assessing the process yield with imprecise multiple characteristics (چکیده)
141 - Process capability indices in normal distribution with the presence of outliers (چکیده)
142 - Big Data Analytics and Structural Health Monitoring: A Statistical Pattern Recognition-Based Approach (چکیده)
143 - Effects of in ovo injection of nanocurcumin and vitamin E on antioxidant status, immune responses, intestinal morphology and growth performance of broiler chickens exposed to heat stress (چکیده)
144 - Cube distinguisher extraction using division property in block ciphers (چکیده)
145 - One-pot synthesis of 4-ethyl 2,3-dimethyl 1-(5-aryl-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl)-5-oxo-2,5-dihydro-1H-pyrrole-2,3,4-tricarboxylate derivatives via intramolecular Wittig reaction (چکیده)
146 - Comparison of kinetic inhibition of ethylene and methane hydrate formation when PEGs with low and high molecular weights meet common KHIs (چکیده)
147 - Development of hierarchical surface roughness on porous poly (vinylidene fluoride) membrane for membrane distillation process (چکیده)
148 - The use of fuzzy analytical network process (FUZZY ANP) prioritize the factors affecting environmental performance indicators from the perspective of export food industry (چکیده)
149 - Prediction of peak and termination of novel coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic in Iran (چکیده)
150 - Design and Implementation of a Real-Time Nonlinear Model Predictive Controller for a Lower Limb Exoskeleton with Input Saturation (چکیده)
151 - Intelligent libraries: a review on expert systems, artificial intelligence, and robot (چکیده)
152 - A Specificity-Based Approach to Semantic Interpretation and Hierarchical Complexity Reduction in Fuzzy Models (چکیده)
153 - Effect of four local anesthetics (tetracaine, bupivacaine, lidocaine and proparacaine) on intraocular pressure in rabbits- Comparison of an applanation and a rebound tonometer (چکیده)
154 - Responses of Visfatin and Resistin Concentration to Different Aerobic Training Intensities Protocols (چکیده)
155 - Immunohistochemical Analysis of Intestinal and Central Nervous System Morphology in an Obese Animal Model (Danio rerio) Treated with 3,5-T2: A Possible Farm Management Practice? (چکیده)
156 - GIS-based agro-ecological zoning for crop suitability using fuzzy inference system in semi-arid regions (چکیده)
157 - Paraquat-induced systemic inflammation and increased oxidative markers in rats improved by Zataria multiflora extract and carvacrol (چکیده)
158 - Effect of Infrared Roasting Process on the Microorganism Contaminations of Long and Round Iranian Pistachio Kernels (چکیده)
159 - The effects of amino acid sequence and solvent polarity on the self-assembling of cyclic peptide nanotubes and molecular channel formation inside the lipid bilayer (چکیده)
160 - Eddy current technique as a nondestructive method for evaluating the degree of sensitization of 304 stainless steel (چکیده)
161 - A More General Information Theoretic Study of Wireless Location Verification System (چکیده)
163 - The relationship between audit components and audit expectation gap in listed companies on the Tehran stock exchange (چکیده)
164 - The effect of auditor characteristics on tax avoidance of Iranian companies (چکیده)
165 - First report of human infestation dermatitis due to chigger mite (Acari: Trombiculidae) in Iran (چکیده)
166 - Integration of 3D seismic attributes and well logs for Asmari reservoir characterization in the Ramshir oilfield, the Dezful Embayment, SW Iran (چکیده)
167 - Generalized Analysis of Brushless Doubly-Fed Induction Machine Taking Magnetic Saturation and Iron Loss into Account (چکیده)
168 - Online MTPTA and MTPIA Control of Brushless Doubly Fed Induction Motor Drives (چکیده)
169 - A Low-Power Time-to-Digital Converter for Sensor Interface Circuits (چکیده)
170 - On Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions to the Fuzzy Dynamic Equations on Time Scales (چکیده)
171 - A novel scalable intrusion detection system based on deep learning (چکیده)
172 - Optimality conditions for optimal control under parametric representation of interval uncertainty (چکیده)
173 - Fuzzy Taylor formula: An approach via fuzzification of the derivative and integral operators (چکیده)
174 - A rapid-based improvement on some mesh refinement strategies in solving optimal control problems (چکیده)
175 - A model for examining the effects of communication on innovation performance: emphasis on the intermediary role of strategic decision-making speed (چکیده)
176 - Novel FMRP interaction networks linked to cellular stress (چکیده)
177 - Laminar-turbulent intermittency measurement based on the uncalibrated hot-film data (چکیده)
178 - Rereading the Motivations Behind the Prohibition of Narrating and Recording Traditions and Their Historical Implications (چکیده)
179 - Climate Change; A Challenge for Sustainable Developemnet (چکیده)
180 - A Fully Differential and Power-Efficient Difference Integrating ADC (چکیده)
181 - Neural Mechanisms of the Contextual Interference Effect and Parameter Similarity on Motor Learning in Older Adults: An EEG Study (چکیده)
182 - EOG Based HCI System for Quadcopter Navigation (چکیده)
183 - Visual Attention and Lexical Involvement in L1 and L2 Word Processing: Emotional Stroop Effect (چکیده)
184 - A New Capacity Theorem for the Gaussian Channel with Two-sided Input and Noise Dependent State Information (چکیده)
185 - Oil Production in OPEC Countries: A Fractional Integration Study (چکیده)
186 - Interfacial performance of gallic acid and methyl gallate accompanied by lecithin in inhibiting bulk phase oil peroxidation (چکیده)
187 - Budyko framework; towards non-steady state conditions (چکیده)
188 - The possibility of improving saffron (Crocus sativus L.) flower and corm yield through the irrigation and soil texture managements (چکیده)
189 - Performance Enhancement of a Supersonic Air Intake by Applying a Heat Source (چکیده)
190 - Sustainability assessment of rice production systems in Mazandaran Province, Iran with emergy analysis and fuzzy logic (چکیده)
191 - Research Directions in information Systems Field, Current Status and Future Trends (چکیده)
192 - Urban sprawl modeling using statistical approach in Mashhad, northeastern Iran (چکیده)
193 - Anticorrosion behavior of DBSA doped polyaniline nanoparticles/epoxy ester coating on carbon steel in saline-alkaline solution (چکیده)
194 - The effects of an inorganic corrosion inhibitor on the electrochemical behavior of superhydrophobic micro-nano structured Ni films in 3.5% NaCl solution (چکیده)
195 - Effect of Threonine Supplementation on Growth Performance, Metabolizable Energy, Morphological Changes and Immune Response in Broiler Chickens Challenged with Coccidia (چکیده)
196 - Effect of PAAT as an Environmentally Friendly Terpolymer on the Scale Inhibition of CaCO3 in Artificial Seawater: Chemical and Electrochemical Study (چکیده)
197 - Minimizing makespan on a single machine with release dates and inventory constraints (چکیده)
198 - Political Skill Improves the Effectiveness of Emotional Intelligence: Bayesian Network Analysis in the Construction Industry (چکیده)
199 - The competitive intelligence diamond model with the approach to standing on the shoulders of giants (چکیده)
200 - Prediction of Extramarital Relationships Based on Executive Functions With the Mediatory Role of Marital Commitment (چکیده)
201 - Langerian mindfulness and language learning (چکیده)
202 - Assessment of Rural Tourism Brand Effects on Improving the Quality of Life in Rural area of Iran (A Case Study of Binalud County) (چکیده)
203 - The role of dish gardens on the physical and neuropsychological improvement of hospitalized children (چکیده)
204 - The Topological Indices of the Non-commuting Graph for Symmetric Groups (چکیده)
205 - An exploration of the pattern of managing volunteers in the Construction Jihad (چکیده)
206 - Quadratic Δ-source Impedance Network (چکیده)
207 - Quaternionic inverse Fourier transforms on locally compact abelian groups (چکیده)
208 - Evaluation of the effect of Toxocara cati infection in the mouse model of allergic asthma: Exacerbation of allergic asthma symptoms and Th2 types of response (چکیده)
209 - Denoising Hyperspectral Images Using an Improved SSTV Correntropy based Method in the Presence of Non-Gaussian Noise (چکیده)
210 - Iron Loss Modeling in Dual Stator Winding Induction Machines with Unequal Pole Pairs and Squirrel Cage Rotor (چکیده)
211 - The Dynamics of the Exchange Rate and Extension of Monetary Trilemma (Iran Economy Case Study) (چکیده)
212 - Optimization of Quadrilateral Infiltration Trench Using Numerical Modeling and Taguchi Approach (چکیده)
213 - Experimental study on estimation of diversion rate in porous bottom intakes for non-sediment flow (چکیده)
214 - High-buck in Buck and High-boost in Boost Dual-Mode Inverter (Hb$^2$DMI) (چکیده)
215 - On the rectifying multiple deferred state plan in the presence of uncertain parameter (چکیده)
216 - Impact of law enforcement and increased traffic fines policy on road traffic fatality, injuries and offenses in Iran: Interrupted time series analysis (چکیده)
217 - Alpha influenza virus infiltration prediction using virus-human protein–protein interaction network (چکیده)
218 - Effect of 8 weeks of HIIT on hepatic enzyme levels, lipid profile and body composition in overweight young men (چکیده)
219 - An inorganic-organic hybrid material based on a Keggin-type polyoxometalate@Dysprosium as an effective and green catalyst in the synthesis of 2-amino-4H-chromenes via multicomponent reactions (چکیده)
220 - Vinyl lactam-based copolymers and terpolymers as high cloud point kinetic hydrate inhibitors in methane-THF-water system (چکیده)
221 - A review of flame radiation research from the perspective of factors affecting the flame radiation, measurement and modeling (چکیده)
222 - Effect of medium and aggregation on antibacterial activity of nanodiamonds (چکیده)
223 - Effect of atmospheric cold plasma on structure, interfacial and emulsifying properties of Grass pea (Lathyrus sativus L.) protein isolate (چکیده)
224 - The relationship between women’s education and human development (چکیده)
225 - Load-Balancing Algorithm for Multiple Gateways in Fog-based Internet of Things (چکیده)
226 - The Effect of Audit Committee and Board of Directors Characteristics on Audit Fees and Internal Control Quality in Iran (چکیده)
227 - Debt maturity structure, institutional ownership and accounting conservatism Evidence from Iranian listed companies (چکیده)
228 - An investigation into the crystalline structure, and the rheological, thermal, textural and sensory properties of sugar-free milk chocolate: effect of inulin and maltodextrin (چکیده)
229 - Multi-Trip Open Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows: A Case Study (چکیده)
230 - Axisymmetric and three-dimensional flow simulation of a mixed compression supersonic air inlet (چکیده)
231 - Conditions of experienced stigma in people living with HIV in Iran: a qualitative comparative analysis (چکیده)
232 - In vitro cytotoxicity of polyphenols from Datura innoxia aqueous leaf-extract on human leukemia K562 cells: DNA and nuclear proteins as targets (چکیده)
233 - A Cooperation of Fog Computing and Smart Gateways in a Secure and Efficient Architecture for IoT - Based Smart Homes (چکیده)
234 - Performance evaluation and optimization of design parameters for twisted conical strip inserts in tubular laminar flow Using Taguchi approach (چکیده)
235 - Fabrication of unconventional inertial microfluidic channels using wax 3D printing (چکیده)
236 - Stick-slip conditions in the general motion of a planar rigid body (چکیده)
237 - Evaluating the effectiveness of Google, Parsijoo, Rismoon, and Yooz to retrieve Persian documents (چکیده)
238 - Theoretical study of the effects of electron-phonon and electron-photon interaction in optoelectronic properties of armchair graphene nano-flakes –a renormalization method (چکیده)
239 - Growth and Yield Response of two Mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) Genotypes to Inoculation with N2-fixating and P- and K-Solubilising Bacteria (چکیده)
240 - EEG signal classification of imagined speech based on Riemannian distance of correntropy spectral density (چکیده)
241 - FN400 and LPC Responses to Different Degrees of Sensory Involvement: A Study of Sentence Comprehension (چکیده)
242 - Analysis of the variations in dry matter yield and resource use efficiency of maize under different rates of nitrogen, phosphorous and water supply (چکیده)
243 - Nonlinear dynamic analysis of moving bilayer plates resting on elastic foundations (چکیده)
244 - What Do Websites Say about Internet of Things Challenges? A Text Mining Approach (چکیده)
245 - Effects of green tea extract supplementation and endurance training on irisin, pro-inflammatory cytokines, and adiponectin concentrations in overweight middle-aged men (چکیده)
246 - The Influence of Nailing on the Seismic Response of a Superstructure with Underground Stories (چکیده)
247 - Influence of Advertising Texts on Speech Culture of Children and Teenagers (چکیده)
248 - Participation in Political Protest: Tracing Direct and Indirect Effects of News Usage and Social Interaction (چکیده)
249 - An Improved Reference Current Generation and Digital Deadbeat Controller for Single-Phase Shunt Active Power Filters (چکیده)
250 - بررسی تغییر شکل استاتیکی و ولتاژ ناپایداری میکروتیر منحنی ویسکوالاستیک (چکیده)
251 - Multi-spectroscopic and molecular modeling studies of interaction between two different angiotensin I converting enzyme inhibitory peptides from gluten hydrolysate and human serum albumin (چکیده)
252 - An integrated approach to suitability assessment of municipal solid waste landfills in New South Wales, Australia (چکیده)
253 - Targeted selection of participants for energy efficiency programs using genetic agent-based (GAB) framework (چکیده)
254 - Extending BIM Interoperability for Real-Time Concrete Formwork Process Monitoring (چکیده)
255 - Role of Universities in Air Pollution Control: Experience of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (چکیده)
256 - A heuristic method for curriculum planning based on students’ interest (چکیده)
257 - Structure‐Antioxidant Activity Relationships of Luteolin and Catechin (چکیده)
258 - Extension of Dunkl--Williams inequality and characterizations of inner product spaces (چکیده)
259 - SDN- and fog computing-based switchable routing using path stability estimation for vehicular ad hoc networks (چکیده)
260 - Performance Evaluation of CoAP Proxy Virtualization in Cloud-assisted SensorNetworks (چکیده)
261 - Integrated RF Passive Low-Pass Filters in Silicon Photonics (چکیده)
262 - An Analog LO Harmonic Suppression Technique for SDR Receivers (چکیده)
263 - Real-time velocity scaling and obstacle avoidance for industrial robots using fuzzy dynamic movement primitives and virtual impedances (چکیده)
264 - Information Theoretical Analysis of a New Write Channel Model for Bit-Patterned Media Recording (چکیده)
265 - Topological Indices of the Non-commuting Graph for Generalised Quaternion Group (چکیده)
266 - Structure-rheology relationship of basil seed gum-whey protein isolate mixture: Effect of thermal treatment and biopolymer ratio (چکیده)
267 - A neural graph embedding approach for selecting review sentences (چکیده)
268 - Some new approaches on prime and composite order Cayley graphs (چکیده)
269 - On the first and second Zagreb indices of quasi unicyclic graphs (چکیده)
270 - Crystal and molecular structure of [Ni(2-H2NC(=O)C5H4N)2(H2O)2][Ni(2,6-(O2C)2C5H3N)2]·4.67H2O; DFT studies on hydrogen bonding energies in the crystal (چکیده)
271 - LDSFI: a Lightweight Dynamic Software-based Fault Injection (چکیده)
272 - Workspace Boundary Avoidance in Robot Teaching by Demonstration Using Fuzzy Impedance Control (چکیده)
273 - A homogeneous payload specific performance index for robot manipulators based on the kinetic energy (چکیده)
274 - Water-Saving Scenarios Based on Input–Output Analysis and Virtual Water Concept: A Case in Iran (چکیده)
275 - Optimal Design of a Dual Stator Winding Induction Motor with Minimum Rate Reduction level (چکیده)
276 - Evaluating the Rearing condition of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus Mykiss) Using Fuzzy Inference System (چکیده)
277 - Improving water-oil relative permeability parameters using new synthesized calcium oxide and commercial silica nanofluids (چکیده)
278 - A comparison on three neutron-gamma discrimination methods used with NE213, UGLLT and UGAB scintillators (چکیده)
279 - Enhanced oil recovery using silica nanoparticles in the presence of salts for wettability alteration (چکیده)
280 - Smart Microgrid Operation via Demand Dispatch Approach on Dimmable Dispatchable LEDs (چکیده)
281 - Genotyping of avian infectious bronchitis virus in Iran: Detection of D274 and changing in the genotypes rate (چکیده)
282 - Full genome characterization of Iranian H5N8 highly pathogenic avian influenza virus from Hooded Crow (Corvus cornix), 2017: The first report (چکیده)
283 - Instability of saturated granular materials in biaxial loading with polygonal particles using discrete element Method (DEM) (چکیده)
285 - Investigating the effect of different gas injection scenarios on enhancing recovery of a gas condensate reservoir (چکیده)
286 - A global Budyko model to partition evaporation into interception and transpiration (چکیده)
287 - Effect of physical and mental and combined exercises with the different sensory inputs on the dynamic balance of stroke patients (چکیده)
288 - New stage-discharge relationship for cylindrical and semi-cylindrical edged sluice gates (چکیده)
289 - Extending the shelf-life of sponge cake by an optimized level of jujube fruit flour determined using custom mixture design (چکیده)
290 - Dynamic analysis of stiffened bi-directional functionally graded plates with porosities under a moving load by dynamic relaxation method with kinetic damping (چکیده)
291 - Optimal control of a mens infertility model (چکیده)
292 - Optimal drug control in a four‐dimensional HIV infection model (چکیده)
295 - A Novel Method for Optimal Control of Piecewise Affine Systems Using Semi-Definite Programming (چکیده)
296 - Effectiveness of Joint Stiffness and Power Alternations in Different Shoe Insole Hardness on Injury Prevention During Jump-Landing (چکیده)
297 - Investigation the Effectiveness of Vision Behavior Therapy, motor training and visual training on Social Interaction of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (چکیده)
298 - Does green tea extract enhance the anti‐inflammatory effects of exercise on fat loss? (چکیده)
299 - Evaluating Cost Structure and Economies of Scale of Beef Cattle Fattening Farms in Mashhad City (چکیده)
300 - Effect of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Breathing Exercises on Some Spirometry Indices of Sedentary Students With Poor Posture (چکیده)
301 - The effects of interval aerobic training on mesenchymal biomarker gene expression, the rate of tumor volume, and cachexia in mice with breast cancer (چکیده)
302 - Functional Cross-talk between Ras and Rho Pathways (چکیده)
303 - On continuity of X-parameter *-automorphism groups (چکیده)
304 - Conjunction of Vetiveria zizanioides L. and oil-degrading bacteria as a promising technique for remediation of crude oil-contaminated soils (چکیده)
305 - The RAS-Effector Interface: Isoform-Specific Differences in the Effector Binding Regions (چکیده)
306 - bFGF-mediated pluripotency maintenance in human induced pluripotent stem cells is associated with NRAS-MAPK signaling (چکیده)
307 - p-angular distance orthogonality (چکیده)
309 - TRY plant trait database – enhanced coverage and open access (چکیده)
310 - Rapid identification of Salmonella enteriditis in chicken skin using invA molecular marker (چکیده)
311 - Mechanisms of whey protein isolate interaction with basil seed gum: Influence of pH and protein-polysaccharide ratio (چکیده)
312 - Sharp Inequalities for the Numerical Radii of Block Operator Matrices (چکیده)
313 - Theoretical study on alkaloid encapsulating via cyclopentano‐cucurbit[ n ]uril ( n = 8, 10)/graphene oxide heterojunction (چکیده)
314 - Assessing the factors influencing clients’ impulsive information seeking behaviour in using information resources and services of the academic library (چکیده)
315 - Secure communication in CloudIoT through design of a lightweight authentication and session key agreement scheme (چکیده)
316 - Cultural correlates of social anxiety disorder in the Iranian population: A qualitative study (چکیده)
317 - Intercultural sensitivity: A comparative study among Business English Undergraduate Learners in two Countries of Iran and China (چکیده)
318 - Comparison of antimicrobial activity of thanatin peptide with two cinnamon and oregano essential oils on farm animal’s pathogenic bacterial isolates (چکیده)
319 - CEO Financial Background and Internal Control Weaknesses (چکیده)
320 - Characterization of the binding of cyanidin-3-glucoside to bovine serum albumin and its stability in a beverage model system: A multispectroscopic and chemometrics study (چکیده)
321 - GlobeLand30 Maps Show Four Times Larger Gross Than Net Land Change From 2000 To 2010 In Asia (چکیده)
322 - A conceptual model for water resources circulation patterns in Andarokh-Kardeh region (NE, Iran) (چکیده)
323 - Second language teachers’ reasons for doing/not doing action research in their classrooms (چکیده)
324 - Inference on skew-normal distribution based on Fisher information in order statistics (چکیده)
325 - Controlling refractive index of transformation-optics devices via optical path rescaling (چکیده)
326 - Reservoir heterogeneity and fracture parameter determination using electrical image logs and petrophysical data (a case study, carbonate Asmari Formation, Zagros Basin, SW Iran) (چکیده)
327 - Fuzzy process capability indices for simple linear profile (چکیده)
328 - The potential of business intelligence tools for expert finding (چکیده)
329 - A theoretical framework for explaining the determinants of food waste reduction in residential households: a case study of Mashhad, Iran (چکیده)
330 - Analysis of risk and return on investment of local entrepreneurs in Iran (چکیده)
331 - Prenatal stress promotes icv-STZ-induced sporadic Alzheimer\'s pathology through central insulin signaling change (چکیده)
332 - Effective strain of CFRP in RC beams strengthened in shear with NSM reinforcements (چکیده)
333 - Monitoring desertification processes using ecological indicators and providing management programs in arid regions of Iran (چکیده)
334 - Modeling and Dynamic Performance Analysis of Brushless Doubly Fed Induction Machine Considering Iron Loss (چکیده)
335 - Stress intensity factor for multiple cracks in an infinite plate using hypersingular integral equations (چکیده)
336 - Optimal Reference Frame Angle Approach for Air-gap Flux Minimization in Dual Stator Winding Induction Machines (چکیده)
337 - Online maximum torque per ampere control for induction motor drives considering iron loss using input–output feedback linearisation (چکیده)
338 - Perfect forward secrecy via an ECC-based authentication scheme for SIP in VoIP (چکیده)
339 - Split Application of Nitrogen Fertilizer and Inoculation with Arbuscular Mycorrhiza and Rhizobium ciceri Improve Grain Quality of Chickpea (چکیده)
340 - Optimal design of overall-yield-based variable repetitive sampling plans for process with multiple characteristics (چکیده)
341 - Patterns of Seismic Moment Release from Moment Tensor Inversion of M6+ Mainshock-Aftershock Sequences in Iran 2010-2019 (چکیده)
342 - Measures of Income Inequality Based on Quantile Function (چکیده)
343 - Damage detection of multi-girder bridge superstructure based on the modal strain approaches (چکیده)
344 - Development of a risk-based maintenance decision making approach for automotive production line (چکیده)
345 - Numerical solution of nonlinear mixed Volterra-Fredholm integral equations in complex plane via PQWs (چکیده)
346 - Difference and similarity between differential entropy and discrete entropy (چکیده)
347 - Chemoselective synthesis of drug-like pyrrolo[2,3,4-kl]acridin-1-one using Polyoxometalate@Lanthanoid catalyst (چکیده)
348 - Soft computing-based method for estimation of almond kernel mass from its shell features (چکیده)
349 - Decreasing Cramer–Rao lower bound by preprocessing steps (چکیده)
350 - Some numerical radius inequality for several operators (چکیده)
351 - Modulation instability and soliton formation in the interaction of X-ray laser beam with relativistic quantum plasma (چکیده)
352 - Finite Element Analysis of a New Design for Dynamic Compression Plate and Its Effect on Tibia Fracture Fixation (چکیده)
353 - تبیین و ارائه مدل بومی اخلاق حرفه‌ای مدیران در صنعت بانک داری (چکیده)
354 - An Unconditionally Stable and Energy-Preserving Domain-Decomposition Method for Transient Modeling of Large-Scale Electromagnetic Problems (چکیده)
355 - A Novel High Gain Single-Switch DC-DC Buck-Boost Converter with Continuous Input and Output Power (چکیده)
356 - A review on enhancing the performance of kinetic hydrate inhibitors (چکیده)
357 - Performance evaluation of Luvicap EG and PVP as KHIs in methane, methane-THF and ethylene gas hydrate systems (چکیده)
358 - Simplification through regression analysis on the dynamic response of plates with arbitrary boundary conditions excited by moving inertia load (چکیده)
359 - How Groundwater Level Fluctuations and Geotechnical Properties Lead to Asymmetric Subsidence: A PSInSAR Analysis of Land Deformation over a Transit Corridor in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area (چکیده)
360 - Bounds for CDFs of Order Statistics Arising from INID Random Variables (چکیده)
361 - The effects of dry period body condition score on some trace minerals, oxidative, and inflammatory indicators in transition dairy cows (چکیده)
362 - Modulation Preserving Operators on Locally Compact Abelian Groups (چکیده)
364 - An Analytical Evaluation of Pile-Soil Interaction in Two-Phase Approach (چکیده)
365 - Synthesis, characterization, and dynamic‐mechanical properties of styrene‐acrylate/nanoclay interpenetrating polymer network (چکیده)
366 - Establishment of Integrated Accounting Information Systems in an Emerging Market-Problems and Barriers (چکیده)
367 - Comparison the clinical and parasitological findings ofMalignant Ovine Theileriosis in sheep and goat during an experimental study (چکیده)
368 - From basic researches to new achievements in therapeutic strategies of KRAS-driven cancers (چکیده)
369 - How can health professionals contribute to the internet of things body of knowledge (چکیده)
370 - A research on the use of business intelligence for academic research (چکیده)
371 - The antimicrobial activity of green tea extract against the major food born bacteria (چکیده)
372 - The effect of repeated ICV injections on brain inflammation and anxiety (چکیده)
373 - In vitro Effect of Essential Oils on Rumen Fermentation and Microbial Nitrogen Yield of High Concentrate Dairy Cow Diet (چکیده)
374 - A simplified solution for piled-raft foundation analysis by using the two-phase approach (چکیده)
375 - Evaluation of thin film composite membrane in production of ionically modified water applied for enhanced oil recovery (چکیده)
376 - A Physics-Based Model for Metal Matrix Composites Deformation During Machining: A Modified Constitutive Equation (چکیده)
377 - Enhancing technological innovation capabilities: The role of human capital in Iran\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s sports production firms (چکیده)
378 - Effect of Steel Substrate Microstructure on Intermetallic Layer Growth during Hot Dipping in Aluminum (چکیده)
379 - Biofilm inhibition activity of CuO/ZnO nanoparticles by cold tolerant Microbacterium sp. (چکیده)
380 - Ellagic acid improves testis weight following isoproterenol-induced myocardial infarction in diabetic male rats. (چکیده)
381 - Molecular Evidence for the Presence of enteroaggregative Escherichia coli (EAEC) among E. coli Isolates from Human Urinary Tract Infections (چکیده)
382 - Modeling of EDM Process Parameters Based on Design of Experiments and Optimization Using Genetic Algorithm (چکیده)
384 - Bayesian Nonparametric Estimation of Distribution Function for Length-Biased Data (چکیده)
385 - Inkjet printing of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) with a binary surfactant mixture: The effect of the nonionic surfactant on the uniformity of the printed surface (چکیده)
386 - Shell instability analysis by using mixed interpolation (چکیده)
387 - A formula for calculating fundamental natural frequency of partially-filled tanks (چکیده)
388 - Helping Managers in Their Context- a Perceived Risk Approach (چکیده)
389 - Experimental study on effect of EBRIG shear strengthening method on the behavior of RC beams (چکیده)
390 - Mercury Behavior in Saline Soil Containing Humic Acid and Zeolite (چکیده)
391 - Enhanced modification technique for polyacrylonitrile UF membranes by direct hydrolysis in the immersion bath (چکیده)
392 - Assessment and Analysis of Rural Women’s Indigenous Ecological Knowledge and its Use in Sustaining Natural resources: A Case Study of Villages in the Counties of Nishapur and Firuzeh (چکیده)
393 - The impact of corporate reporting readability on informational efficiency (چکیده)
394 - Application of Superabsorbent and Mulch on Some Traits of African Marigold (Tagetes erecta) under Irrigation Intervals (چکیده)
395 - How different are children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder at crossing the road? (چکیده)
396 - Design –it-yourself your applied professional approaches (چکیده)
397 - Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis of Structures Using Various Higher Order Solution Methods: A Comparative Analysis for Large Deformation (چکیده)
398 - China’s New Approach toward the Middle East: Eying to Become a Great Powerbroker (چکیده)
399 - Isolation and expression patterns of two novel senescence-associated genes RhAA and RhCG in rose (Rosa hybrida) (چکیده)
400 - Exploration of relative π-electron localization in naphthalene aromatic rings by C–H⋯π interactions: experimental evidence, computational criteria, and database analysis (چکیده)
401 - A comprehensive geometrical study on an induced-charge electrokinetic micromixer equipped with electrically conductive plates (چکیده)
402 - Assessment of groundwater quality for drinking and industrial usage in Chenaran plain in North East of Iran (چکیده)
403 - petrography and geochemistry of the late campanian silisiclastic rocks in the Kopet-Dagh basin NE Iran, implication for provenance and paleoclimate condition (چکیده)
404 - In vitro Acquisition and Retention of Low-Pathogenic Avian Influenza H9N2 by Musca domestica (Diptera: Muscidae) (چکیده)
405 - Drought Stress Impairs Communication Between Solanum tuberosum (Solanales: Solanaceae) and Subterranean Biological Control Agents (چکیده)
406 - Characterization and evaluation of the pathogenic potential of a native isolate of the insect associated nematode Acrobeloides maximus (Rhabditida: Cephalobidae) from Kerman provinces, Iran (چکیده)
407 - Quercetin attenuates H 2 O 2 ‐induced toxicity of rooster semen during liquid storage at 4°C (چکیده)
408 - Enemy release from the effects of generalist granivores can facilitate Bromus tectorum invasion in the Great Basin Desert (چکیده)
409 - Output-only modal identification by in-operation modal appropriation for use with enhanced frequency domain decomposition method (چکیده)
410 - A secure and robust elliptic curve cryptography‐based mutual authentication scheme for session initiation protocol (چکیده)
411 - Investigating and Analyzing the Security of Women in Urban Space with an Emphasis on Participatory Approach (Case Study: Sajjad Neighborhood of Mashhad) (چکیده)
413 - Antimicrobial peptide, cLF36, affects performance and intestinal morphology, microflora, junctional proteins, and immune cells in broilers challenged with E. coli (چکیده)
414 - A new method for damage detection of fluid-structure systems based on model updating strategy and incomplete modal data (چکیده)
415 - Three-Dimensional Evaluation of the Intensity of Land Use Changes (Case study: Kardeh Watershed, Iran) (چکیده)
416 - Improving Efficiency of Normative Interventions by Characteristic-Based Selection of Households: An Agent-Based Approach (چکیده)
417 - Spatial Site Selecting for solar farms in Iraq using GIS (چکیده)
418 - Solar PV panels site selection using GIS –Fuzzy (AHP) Model: A Case Study Najaf Province –Iraq (چکیده)
419 - Green Biosynthesis of Palladium Oxide Nanoparticles Using Dictyota indica Seaweed and its application for adsorption (چکیده)
421 - A State-aware Approach for Robustness Testing of Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems (چکیده)
422 - Conditioning time and sodium bentonite affect pellet quality, growth performance, nutrient retention and intestinal morphology of growing broiler chickens (چکیده)
423 - پیش بینی و تایید in silico ریز RNA ها در بافت های مختلف گوسفند با منشا کروموزوم 20 (چکیده)
424 - A Study on the Optimization of the Performance of Type 1 Fuzzy Controller Based on the IDA Method (چکیده)
425 - An analytical solution for buckling of plates with circular cutout subjected to non-uniform in-plane loading (چکیده)
426 - An investigation on fatigue life evaluation and crack initiation of Al-GFRP bonded lap joints under four-point bending (چکیده)
427 - Some Applications of Strong Product (چکیده)
428 - Inhibitory effects of siRNA on Myostatin expression in C2C12 cells (چکیده)
429 - BN-SLIM: A Bayesian Network methodology for human reliability assessment based on Success Likelihood Index Method (SLIM) (چکیده)
430 - Identifying miltefosine-resistant key genes in protein–protein interactions network and experimental verification in Iranian Leishmania major (چکیده)
431 - Ortho-phenylenediamine Based Bis-ureas as the Ion Selective Sensors; A QM/MD Study (چکیده)
432 - Unidirectional Introgression and Evidence of Hybrid Superiority over Parental Populations in Eastern Iranian Plateau Population of Hares (Mammalia: Lepus Linnaeus, 1758) (چکیده)
433 - Qualitative Zoning of the Aquifer of Leishter Plain and Drawing its Qualitative Map with ArcGIS (چکیده)
434 - Channelization of water pathway and encapsulation of DS in the SL of the TFC FO membrane as a novel approach for controlling dilutive internal concentration polarization (چکیده)
435 - Relative importance of inter-particle mass transfer resistance in the modeling of adsorption chiller porous bed (چکیده)
436 - The inhibitory effect of myostatin-specific siRNA on the differentiation and growth of C2C12 cells (چکیده)
437 - Experimental evaluation of thermal performance and entropy generation inside a twisted U-tube equipped with twisted-tape inserts (چکیده)
438 - Geogenic and anthropogenic sources of potentially toxic elements in airborne dust in northeastern Iran (چکیده)
439 - Impact of material characteristics on the general optical behavior of perforated surface plasmon system (چکیده)
440 - A formal model for event reconstruction in digital forensic investigation (چکیده)
441 - Decorated single-enantiomer phosphoramide-based silica/magnetic nanocomposites for direct enantioseparation (چکیده)
442 - Theoretical design and experimental study on the gold nanoparticles based colorimetric aptasensors for detection of neomycin B (چکیده)
443 - Sustainable economic rural development system pattern in Ghaemshahr: an application of the developed TOP-MARD core model (چکیده)
444 - A comprehensive study on dam-break flow over dry and wet beds (چکیده)
445 - Surface‐grafted lanthanoid complexes of the Keggin-type heteropolyoxometallates: a hydrogen evolution reactivity, structural and computational investigation (چکیده)
446 - On the number of observations in random regions determined by records (چکیده)
447 - On the Polymorphism of 12-Tungstoborate Heteropolyanion: Structure Determination and Its Functionalization with L-proline (چکیده)
448 - Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Hirshfeld Surface (HS) Analysis of Two New Phosphoric Triamides: A Comparison of HSs for Structures with Different Molecular Assemblies (چکیده)
449 - $\\\\lceil$-Source Magnetic Integrated Filter for Single-Phase Grid Tied Voltage Source Converters (چکیده)
450 - The Eff ect of resistance training and growth hormone injection on circulating IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 levels in a rat model (چکیده)
451 - Quantitative evaluation of ambient O2 interference during solution combustion synthesis process:considering iron nitrate – fuel system (چکیده)
452 - Effect of organic fertilizers on nutrients content and essential oil composition of savory (Satureja hortensis L.) (چکیده)
453 - Interface between competition law and intellectual property licences in Iran (چکیده)
454 - A molecular approach on the ability of functionalized gold nanoparticles for selective sensing of Hg2+ (چکیده)
455 - Surface-grafted Europium and Erbium Complexes of the 12-Tungstosilicate Heteropolyoxometalate: A Synthetic and Structural Investigations (چکیده)
456 - New insights to the taxonomy of Rhagodes eylandti (Walter, 1889): A remarkable sexually dimorphic species (Solifugae: Rhagodidae) (چکیده)
457 - Seed germination and emergence of two flax-leaf alyssum (Alyssum linifolium Steph. ex. Willd.) populations in response to environmental factors (چکیده)
458 - Shear strength of an unsaturated loam soil as affected by vetiver and polyacrylamide (چکیده)
459 - Evaluation of the mixed mode (I/II) fracture toughness of cement emulsified asphalt mortar (CRTS-II) using mixture design of experiments (چکیده)
460 - Heavy metal pollution associated with mining activity in the Kouh-e Zar region, NE Iran (چکیده)
461 - Co‐encapsulation of lupulon and xanthohumol in lecithin‐based nanoliposomes developed by sonication method (چکیده)
462 - The performance of collars on scour reduction at tandem piers aligned with different skew angles (چکیده)
463 - Factors influencing functional response, handling time and searching efficiency of Anthocoris minki Dohrn (Hem.: Anthocoridae) as predator of Psyllopsis repens Loginova (Hem.: Psyllidae) (چکیده)
464 - The Human Cathelicidin LL-37, a Defensive Peptide Against Rotavirus Infection (چکیده)
466 - Linear and geometrically nonlinear analysis of plane structures by using a new locking free triangular element (چکیده)
467 - The Effect of Work Plateau on Intention to Remain: Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment (چکیده)
468 - An efficient mixed interpolated curved beam element for geometrically nonlinear analysis (چکیده)
470 - Assessing the Accuracy of Expert-Based Decisions in Dispatching Ready Mixed Concrete (چکیده)
471 - Feasibility study of automatically performing the concrete delivery dispatching through machine learning techniques (چکیده)
472 - The effects of business cycle indicators on stock market indices of food industry in Iran (چکیده)
473 - An Investigation into Metadiscourse Elements Used by Native vs. Non-native University Students across Genders (چکیده)
474 - Zircon U-Pb geochronology, geochemistry, Sr-Nd isotopic compositions, and tectonomagmatic implications of Nay (NE Iran) postcollisional intrusives in the Sabzevar zone (چکیده)
475 - Variants of Ando–Hiai inequality for operator power means (چکیده)
476 - The impacts of magnetized water treatment on different morphological and physiological factors of plant species in arid regions (چکیده)
477 - Shear strengthening of RC beams using EBRIG CFRP strips: a comparative study (چکیده)
478 - Synthesis of Pyrazolo‐[4́,3́:5,6]pyrido[2,3‐d]pyrimidine‐diones Catalyzed by a Nano‐sized Surface‐Grafted Neodymium Complex of the Tungstosilicate via Multicomponent Reaction (چکیده)
479 - Dietary administration of ferula (Ferula asafoetida) powder as a feed additive in diet of koi carp, Cyprinus carpio koi: effects on hemato-immunological parameters, mucosal antibacterial activity, digestive enzymes, and growth performance (چکیده)
480 - The effects of psychological factors on the performance of independent auditors in Iran (چکیده)
481 - Some operator inequalities for Hermitian Banach $*$-algebras (چکیده)
482 - JB-algebras of rank zero (چکیده)
483 - Effect of Marketing Strategies on Export Performance of Agricultural Products: The Case of Saffron in Iran (چکیده)
484 - Kheyr-on-Nessa Amoli, An Iranian Lady Physician in the Gurkani Court of India (چکیده)
485 - Estimation of punch strength index and static properties of sedimentary rocks using neural networks in south west of Iran (چکیده)
486 - Hydrochemical characteristics of inland rivers in Khorasan Razavi Province, North-Eastern Iran (چکیده)
487 - The effect of FIFA warm -up program (11+) on the trunk, glexion and lateral flexion in women Futsal players and risk of ACL injury occucernce (چکیده)
488 - Optimization of gamma-aminobutyric acid production in a model system containing soy protein and inulin by Lactobacillus brevis fermentation (چکیده)
489 - c; 1,...,1) 1Polynilpotent Multiplier of some Nilpotent Products of Groups (چکیده)
490 - Mother corm origin and planting depth affect physiological responses in saffron (Crocus sativus L.) under controlled freezing conditions (چکیده)
491 - Accounting Conservatism and Long-Run Stock Return: Some Evidence of Initial Offering in Tehran Stock Exchange (چکیده)
492 - Optimization of pulse processing parameters for digital neutron-gamma discrimination (چکیده)
493 - An Operator Inequality for Bounded Linear Maps Between $$C^*$$ C ∗ -Algebras (چکیده)
494 - RNA aptasensor based on gold nanoparticles for selective detection of neomycin B, molecular approach (چکیده)
495 - Antioxidant potential and antimicrobial activity of chitosan–inulin conjugates obtained through the Maillard reaction (چکیده)
496 - Effects of dexamethasone and insulin alone or in combination on energy and protein metabolism, reproduction and milk production in dairy cows in early lactation (چکیده)
497 - New Inner Bounds for the Gaussian Interference Channel with a Cognitive Relay (چکیده)
498 - Performance Evaluation of External and Mixed Compression Supersonic Air Intakes: Parametric Study (چکیده)
499 - Theoretical study on alkaloid encapsulating via monohydroxy-cucurbit[n]uril (n = 8,10)/graphene oxide composite (چکیده)
500 - Single-Phase Dual-Mode Interleaved Multilevel Inverter for PV Applications (چکیده)
501 - Plant–plant interactions influence phylogenetic diversity at multiple spatial scales in a semi-arid mountain rangeland (چکیده)
502 - Systems analysis of implementing an electronic city in Bojnord, Iran (چکیده)
503 - Climate data clustering effects on arid and semi-arid rainfed wheat yield: a comparison of artificial intelligence and K-means approaches (چکیده)
504 - Insertion or voice-off in rendition of graphic codes: an experiment in Persian dubbing (چکیده)
505 - Iranian Literary Translators’ Emotional Intelligence: Description of Facets (چکیده)
506 - Highly Efficient Single-Phase Buck–Boost Variable-Frequency AC–AC Converter With Inherent Commutation Capability (چکیده)
507 - Exact and Asymptotic Analysis of Partial Relay Selection for Cognitive RF-FSO Systems With Non-Zero Boresight Pointing Errors (چکیده)
508 - Modeling of S wave, P Wave velocity and petrographic properties: Case study on sandstones in Pestehleigh Formation in Kopet Dagh basin (چکیده)
509 - The Distance between Auditor and Client (چکیده)
510 - Time-constrained maximal covering routing problem (چکیده)
511 - Iranian EFL learners use of condolence expressions in English: From pragmatic awareness to intercultural sensitivity (چکیده)
512 - Performance intensification of turbulent flow through heat exchanger tube using double V-cut twisted tape inserts (چکیده)
513 - Effect of prostaglandin F2α and GnRH at the time of artificial insemination on reproductive performance of dairy cows (چکیده)
514 - Sufficient Conditions for Stabilization of Interval Uncertain LTI Switched Systems with Unstable Subsystems (چکیده)
515 - Time trends in gender-specific incidence rates of road traffic injuries in Iran (چکیده)
516 - The optimization of resilience and sustainability using mathematical programming models and metaheuristic algorithms (چکیده)
517 - Relationship Between Depositional Facies and Reservoir Characteristics of the Oligo-Miocene Asmari Formation, Aghajari Oilfield, SW Iran (چکیده)
518 - Experimental induction of necrotic enteritis in broiler chickens based on performance, intestinal morphology, gut microflora changes and gut lesion scores (چکیده)
519 - Investigation of injection timing and different fuels on the diesel engine performance and emissions (چکیده)
520 - Protein-Protein Interaction Networks Alignment using Mathematical Model Approximation (چکیده)
521 - Clonostachys rosea, a new and promising entomopathogenic fungus infecting pupa of jujube fruit fly, Carpomya vesuviana (چکیده)
522 - Immunogenic evaluation of FMD virus immuno-dominant epitopes coupled with IL-2/FcIgG in BALB/c mice (چکیده)
523 - Production and Purification of Specific IgY Against InvG Protein of Salmonella typhimurium (چکیده)
524 - Crowd analysis using Bayesian Risk Kernel Density Estimation (چکیده)
525 - Synthesis of single-layer graphene oxide/alumina nanocomposite from commercially grade graphite flakes (چکیده)
526 - Does Securities Commission Oversight Reduce the Complexity of Financial Reporting? (چکیده)
527 - Noncommutative versions of inequalities in quantum information theory (چکیده)
528 - Organizational empowerment: A vital step toward intrapreneurship (چکیده)
529 - Sparse Bayesian approach for metric learning in latent space (چکیده)
530 - Some properties of double truncated distributions and their application in view of income inequality (چکیده)
531 - Application of extended elastic impedance in seismic geomechanics (چکیده)
532 - A new digital control of four-leg inverters in the natural reference frame for renewable energy-based distributed generation (چکیده)
533 - The role of evidence in proving the crime: the perspective of Sunnis (چکیده)
534 - Melissa officinalis Essential Oil: Chemical Compositions, Antioxidant Potential, Total Phenolic Content and Antimicrobial Activity (چکیده)
535 - Identifying and ranking knowledge management tools and techniques affecting organisational information security improvement (چکیده)
536 - Effect of Ignition Timing and Hydrogen Fraction in Natural Gas Blend on Performance and Exhaust Emissions in a DI Engine (چکیده)
537 - Identifying of Intrapreneurship Behaviors: Case of Country in Transition Economy (چکیده)
538 - Validation of user intentions in process orchestration and choreography (چکیده)
539 - Toward automated feature model configuration with optimizing non-functional requirements (چکیده)
540 - The effects of visualization and interaction techniques on feature model configuration (چکیده)
541 - An analytical and approximate solution for linear volterra partial integro-differential equation with a weakly singular kernel using the fractional differential transform method (چکیده)
542 - Study of Effective Factors on biochemical properties and Antioxidant Activity of Spray Dried Barberry -Berberis vulgaris- powder (چکیده)
543 - Aberrant Driving Behaviour, Risk Involvement, and Their Related Factors Among Taxi Drivers (چکیده)
544 - A novel low-cost microcontroller-based implementation of SVM algorithm for an indirect matrix converter (چکیده)
545 - Survey the Effect of Insulin on Modulating Feed Intake Via NPY Receptors in 5-Day-Old Chickens (چکیده)
546 - Factors affecting the unplanned use behavior of academic libraries users (چکیده)
547 - General Equation for Advance and Recession of Water in Border Irrigation (چکیده)
548 - An Investigation into the Behavior of Persian Multiple Interrogatives with Respect to the Superiority Effect (چکیده)
549 - Linear Modal Analysis of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator -DFIG- Torsional Interaction: Effect of DFIG Controllers and System Parameters (چکیده)
550 - New High Gain DC-DC Boost Converter with Continuous Input and Output Currents (چکیده)
551 - A reverse noncommutative Kolmogorov inequality (چکیده)
552 - Concentration-Dependent Dual Effects of Ciprofloxacin on SB-590885-Resistant BRAFV600E A375 Melanoma Cells (چکیده)
553 - Survey on Natural Enemies of White Grub Larvae, Polyphylla adspersa (Coleoptera: Melolonthidae) from Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran (چکیده)
554 - Design and Development of High Gain SIW H-Plane Horn Antenna Loaded with Waveguide, Dipole Array and Reflector Nails Using Thin Substrate (چکیده)
555 - The theoretical conceptual investigation of intramolecular hydrogen bond strength in the O-H…O=C systems (چکیده)
556 - A Current Observer based on Fourier Series in Model Predictive Control System for DVR (چکیده)
557 - Population Genetic Analysis of Zucchini yellow mosaic virus based on the CI Gene Sequence (چکیده)
558 - MD/QM modeling of the modified gold nanoparticles and investigation of their sensing ability for selective detection of melamine (چکیده)
559 - Association of body mass index with serum calcium and phosphate levels (چکیده)
560 - Evaluation of adherence and anti-infective properties of probiotic Lactobacillus fermentum strain 4-17 against Escherichia coli causing urinary tract infection in humans (چکیده)
561 - Climate vulnerability index fluctuation: a case of Iran (چکیده)
562 - Investigating the effect of engine speed and flight altitude on the performance of throttle body injection (TBI) system of a two-stroke air-powered engine (چکیده)
563 - Development a new wideband substrate integrated waveguide H-plane horn antenna loaded with periodically diamond patches (چکیده)
564 - Substantiation to structure-property of pyrazine-based compounds by undeniable impress of its different connectivities (چکیده)
565 - Multi-Target State Estimation Using Interactive Kalman Filter for Multi-Vehicle Tracking (چکیده)
566 - Calculation of Stress Intensity Factor by Algebraic Emulator Based on Statistical Resultants of FRANC2D in Rotary Cracked Disks (چکیده)
567 - Calculation of Stress Intensity Factor in Rotary Cracked Disks with Central Hole by Using Emulator Technology (چکیده)
568 - Exploring instructional leadership in Iran: A mixed methods study of high- and low-performing principals (چکیده)
569 - Geodetic interpretation of InSAR time series for the M w 6.1 Iran Earthquake, April 5, 2017 (چکیده)
570 - Integrating seismic source inversion, hypocenter relocation, and geodetic data to resolve the source of the M w 6.1 earthquake near Fariman, Iran on 5 April 2017 (چکیده)
571 - An Islamic (Shia) Psychological Perspective on Humanism Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology (چکیده)
572 - Effect of probiotic administration route and dietary nutrient density on growth performance, gut health, and some hematological variables in healthy or Eimeria-infected broiler chickens (چکیده)
573 - The Role of Temporal Intelligence in Language Learners’ Self-regulation and Self-efficacy (چکیده)
574 - On the high temperature limit of the Casimir energy (چکیده)
575 - Comment on “Intestinal Helminths in Different Species of Rodents in North Khorasan Province, Northeast of Iran” (چکیده)
576 - Assessment of Signal Peptides to Optimize Interleukin 2 -IL-2- Folding and Expression (چکیده)
577 - Effects of a Motor Intervention Program on Motor Skills and Executive Functions in Children With Learning Disabilities (چکیده)
579 - Global optimum economic designing of grid-connected photovoltaic systems with multiple inverters using binary linear programming (چکیده)
580 - Transboundary Wetlands and International Environmental Security Case Study: Hamoon Wetland (چکیده)
581 - Transboundary Wetlands and International Environmental Security Case Study: Hamoon Wetland (چکیده)
582 - Estimation of water demand function in agricultural, urban and industrial sectors in Mashhad Plain (چکیده)
583 - A combined MD/QM study on the sensing mechanism of Pb 2+ by glutathione functionalized gold nanoparticles (چکیده)
584 - Evaluation of the Common Bed Bug, Cimex lectularius -Insecta: Hemiptera: Cimicidae- Susceptibility to λ- Cyhalothrin, Malathion, and Diazinon in Northeastern Iran (چکیده)
585 - On detecting outliers in the Pareto distribution (چکیده)
586 - Association of information technology and internal controls of Iranian state agencies (چکیده)
587 - GlobeLand30 maps show four times larger gross than net land change from 2000 to 2010 in Asia (چکیده)
588 - A continuous frame representation for an abstract shearlet group (چکیده)
589 - Protective Role of Selenium on Cucumber -Cucumis sativusL.- Exposed to Cadmium and Lead Stress During Reproductive Stage (چکیده)
590 - Comparing the Effect of 12 Weeks of Bariatric and Aerobic Exercises on Metabolic Syn - drome Indices in Women With Knee Osteoarthritis (چکیده)
591 - Highly accurate family of time integration method (چکیده)
592 - Vibration and static analysis of cracked and non-cracked non-prismatic frames by force formulation (چکیده)
593 - Optimizing culture medium ingredients and micrografting devices can promote in vitro micrografting of cut roses on different rootstocks (چکیده)
594 - An economic design of rectifying single sampling plans via maxima nomination sampling in the presence of inspection errors (چکیده)
595 - A 3-D numerical simulation of non-Newtonian blood flow through femoral artery bifurcation with a moderate arteriosclerosis investigating Newtonian/non-Newtonian flow and its effects on elastic vessel walls (چکیده)
596 - Trichostatin A (TSA) levels in response to treatment of rainbow trout with gamma-irradiated trophonts against Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (چکیده)
597 - Evolution of spiral galaxies in modified gravity (چکیده)
598 - A capable neural network model for fuzzy quadratic optimization problems (چکیده)
599 - Statistical analysis of effective variables on the performance of waste storage service using geographical information system and response surface (چکیده)
600 - The Effect of Explicit and Implicit Instructions and Sleep on Consolidation of the Accuracy of Elements of a Fine Motor Skill (چکیده)
601 - A limited resource assignment problem with shortage in the fire department (چکیده)
602 - Quantification of Energy and Environmental Aspects of Iranian Dairy Farms based on Optimal Nutrition (چکیده)
603 - Evaluating the impact of the transcranial direct current stimulation -tDCS- on internet addicts (چکیده)
604 - The effects of different gums and their interactions on the rheological properties of instant camel yogurt: a mixture design approach (چکیده)
605 - The effect of exercise in water on plasma interleukin-23 in patient with multiple sclerosis (چکیده)
606 - Supersonic inlet buzz detection using pressure measurement on wind tunnel wall (چکیده)
607 - The Effect of Eight Weeks Resistance Training With and Without Vascular Occlusion on Physical Fitness Indexes, Growth Hormone, and Insulin-like Growth Factor in Male Judokas (چکیده)
608 - Use of socioeconomic indicators to control desertification (چکیده)
609 - Relative Cayley graphs of finite groups (چکیده)
610 - Analysis the Relation between Emotional Intelligence Components and Employee Performance (چکیده)
611 - Investigating the behavior factor of coupled concrete shear walls with steel coupling beam (چکیده)
612 - Preparation and characterization of Polycaprolactone/Extra virgin olive oil membranes by immersion precipitation for tissue engineering application (چکیده)
613 - The role of implicit and explicit knowledge sharing in improving financial and executive performance: mediating role of innovation speed and quality (چکیده)
614 - تأثیر نانو ذرات لیپیدی جامد حاوی اسانس آویشن شیرازی-Zataria multiflora- بر بازدارندگی از رشد عوامل پوسیدگی قارچی Aspergillus niger ، Aspergillus ochraceus و flavus Aspergillus (چکیده)
615 - Visual Quality and Morphological Responses of Rosemary Plants to UV-B Radiation and Salinity Stress (چکیده)
616 - Operational reliability evaluation-based maintenance planning for automotive production line (چکیده)
617 - U-Pb zircon geochronology, geochemistry, and petrogenesis of the Hamech intrusions in the Kuh-e-Shah volcano-plutonic complex, Eastern Iran (چکیده)
618 - Study of Oxidative Stress in Dairy Calf Pneumonia (چکیده)
619 - Porous membrane for water treatment based on thermal induced phase separation and non-solvent induced phase separation (چکیده)
620 - Contemporary Reception of Rumi in the West as a Resource in Creating Space for Pluralism and the Promotion of the Good Life (چکیده)
621 - Towards A Theory of Comparative Literature: From West To The Arab World (چکیده)
622 - Expression of interleukin-15 in canine mammary carcinoma: relationships with histologic grades, Bcl-2, recurrence, and overall survival (چکیده)
623 - The Thousand and One Nights and Twentieth-Century Fiction: Intertextual Readings (چکیده)
624 - Seismic control of buildings with active tuned mass damper through interval type-2 fuzzy logic controller including soil–structure interaction (چکیده)
625 - Understanding the effects of different social data on selecting priority conservation areas (چکیده)
626 - An iterative method for damage identification of skeletal structures utilizing biconjugate gradient method and reduction of search space (چکیده)
627 - Identification of Experimental Herbaceous Host Range of Citrus viroid V (چکیده)
628 - Proposing a Model for Work Meaningfulness Concept at Business and Technology Incubators (چکیده)
629 - Developing a Family-based Floor Time Therapy and Evaluation its Effectiveness on the Developmental Profile of Children with Interactive Disorders Anxiety and Depression (چکیده)
631 - Online Maximum Torque per Power Losses Strategy for Indirect Rotor Flux Oriented Control based Induction Motor Drives (چکیده)
632 - the effect of knowledge management on the organiztional innovation by considering the miditator role of organiztional learning (چکیده)
633 - Determination of the optimal 2,4-D concentration for callus induction from different Salvia tebesana Bunge explants (چکیده)
634 - Evaluation of digital camera as a portable colorimetric sensor for low-cost determination of inorganic arsenic (III) in industrial wastewaters by chemical hydride generation assisted-Fe(III) − 1, 10-phenanthroline as a green color agent (چکیده)
635 - Market research in sports businesses: Creating entrepreneurial marketing and brand image in the minds of customers (چکیده)
636 - Rethinking the Recall Measure in Appraising Information Retrieval Systems and Providing a New Measure by Using Persian Search Engines (چکیده)
637 - Direct Torque Control of Dual Stator Winding Induction Machine Based on PI-Sliding Mode Control (چکیده)
638 - Optimal Design of a Single-Phase TwoValue Capacitor Induction Motor with Fan Load (چکیده)
639 - Using Design of Experiments Approach and Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Modeling and Optimization of EDM Process Parameters (چکیده)
640 - Production of medicinal bio-active amino acid (چکیده)
641 - Expression and purification of a subfamily-2 dromedary-derived nanobody by affinity purification of tag-free proteins (چکیده)
642 - Fuzzy nonparametric estimation of capability index Cpk (چکیده)
643 - FUMBOT: Design, Implementation and Detectoin (چکیده)
644 - Enhancing the antibiofouling performance of RO membranes using Cu(OH)2 as an antibacterial agent (چکیده)
645 - Systematic significance of seed morphology in Acanthophyllum (Caryophyllaceae: tribe Caryophylleae) in Iran (چکیده)
646 - (Dietary cosupplementation with curcumin and different selenium sources (nanoparticulate, organic, and inorganic selenium): influence on growth performance, body composition, immune responses, and glutathione peroxidase activity of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss (چکیده)
647 - On a metric on translation invariant spaces (چکیده)
648 - Dynamic Analysis of Rectangular Micro-plates Under Mechanical Shock in Presence of Electrostatic Actuation (چکیده)
649 - Investigation of chromosomal instability in human amniotic fluid cells by FISH technique (چکیده)
650 - Fuzzy process capability indices for simple linear profile (چکیده)
651 - Mechanism of nanostructured florapatite formation from CaO, CaF2 and P2O5 precursors by mechanochemical synthesis (چکیده)
652 - Impact of Document Representation on Neural Ad hoc Retrieval (چکیده)
653 - The Mediating Role of Innovative Supportive Environment in the Relationship between Organizational Climate and Entrepreneurship in Physical Education Male Students (چکیده)
654 - The Effect of Knowledge Management through Human Resources Information Systems on Customer Relationship Management in Aquatic Sport Centers (چکیده)
655 - In vivo effects of allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells in a rat model of acute ischemic kidney injury (چکیده)
656 - The therapeutic effect of autologous bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells to prevent the progress of chronic allograft nephropathy (چکیده)
657 - Theoretical Design of Aptasensor Based on the Gold nanoparticles (چکیده)
658 - Influence of chevron fin interruption on thermo-fluidic transport characteristics of nanofluid-cooled electronic heat sink (چکیده)
659 - Preparation and characterization of ECTFE hollow fiber membranes via thermally induced phase separation (TIPS) (چکیده)
660 - A novel preparation and fundamental characterization of polyamide self-supporting hollow fiber membranes via thermally induced phase separation (TIPS) (چکیده)
661 - Effect of four local anesthetics -tetracaine, proparacaine, lidocaine, and bupivacaine- on intraocular pressure in dogs. (چکیده)
662 - Improved design of a SIW long slot leaky wave antenna with low SLL (چکیده)
663 - Effect of Six Months of Aerobic Exercise on Lipid Profile, Inflammatory Markers and Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disease in Obese Women (چکیده)
664 - Effect of Six Months of Aerobic Exercise on Serum Levels of Insulin, Growth Hormone and Insulin-Like Growth Hormone 1 in Sedentary Obese Women (چکیده)
665 - Genetic basis of Autism a neurogenetic complex disease (چکیده)
666 - A novel fault diagnosis technique based on model and computational intelligence applied to vehicle active suspension systems (چکیده)
667 - The Risk of Developing Obesity, Insulin Resistance, and Metabolic Syndrome in Former Power‑sports Athletes ‑ Does Sports Career Termination Increase the Risk (چکیده)
668 - In Silico Interactome Network Analysis and Phylogenetic Relationship of Potato Peroxidases and Catalases (چکیده)
669 - An inversion formula for the transport equation in ℝ3 using complex analysis in several variables (چکیده)
670 - Comparative assessment of on-farm greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from male-headed and female-headed rice farms in Mazandaran Province, Iran (چکیده)
671 - Modeling and optimization of drying process of paddy in infrared and warm air fluidized bed dryer (چکیده)
672 - Investigation of recombinant thanatin effects on the growth inhibition of e. coli mastitis in dairy cows (چکیده)
673 - In silico comparison of binding of lactoferrin from different species to receptors involved in the development of cognitive function in infants (چکیده)
674 - A Methods to Study of L-Phenylalanine Concentration in Mediums: Nonlinear Optics (چکیده)
675 - Maximum Degree Based Heuristics for Influence Maximization (چکیده)
676 - Chemical Characteristics, and Effect of Inulin Extracted from Artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.) Root on Biochemical Properties of Synbiotic Yogurt at the End of Fermentation (چکیده)
677 - Morpho-physiological and biochemical responses of four ornamental herbaceous species to water stress (چکیده)
678 - In vitro shoot Proliferation of Hypericum perforatum L. through Indirect and Direct Plant Regeneration (چکیده)
679 - The comparative analysis of phenotypic and whole transcriptome gene expression data of ascites susceptible versus ascites resistant chickens (چکیده)
680 - Application of mesenchymal stem cells to enhance non-union bone fracture healing (چکیده)
681 - User interest prediction over future unobserved topics on social networks (چکیده)
682 - Modeling and Optimization of EDM process parameters for Inconel 718 super alloy parts using regression modeling based on design of experiments approach and simulated annealing algorithm (چکیده)
683 - Enhancement of Protein β-sheet Topology Prediction using Maximum Weight Disjoint Path Cover (چکیده)
684 - Intra-vitreal injection of methotrexate in experimental endotoxin-induced uveitis in rabbit (چکیده)
685 - Perturbative approach to the self-focusing of intense X-ray laser beam propagating in thermal quantum plasma (چکیده)
686 - An entropic structure in capability indices (چکیده)
687 - Connection of Generalized Failure Rate and Generalized Reversed Failure Rate with Inequality Curves (چکیده)
688 - Comparison of Different selenium Sources on Performance, Serum Attributes and Cellular Immunity in Broiler Chickens (چکیده)
689 - Understanding the role of noncovalent interactions on the rate of some Diels-Alder reactions in different solvents (چکیده)
690 - Evaluation of polymer injection, near-wellbore and in-depth gel treatments in a stratified porous medium (چکیده)
691 - Techno-Economic Improvement of the Gas Recovery Process through Integrating Processes (چکیده)
692 - African American Twelver Shia Community of New York (چکیده)
693 - A serosurvey of Avian influenza virus (H9N2) antibodies in turkey flocks of Gilan province (چکیده)
694 - Effect of polymers on the damping capacity of automotive bitumen anti-vibration insulators (چکیده)
695 - Prevalence of Avian influenza virus antibodies in broiler chickens of Gilan province. (چکیده)
696 - Seroprevalence of Newcastle disease virus and Avian influenza virus antibodies in breeder flocks of West Azarbayjan (چکیده)
697 - Seroprevalence of Avian influenza virus and Newcastle disease virus antibodies in broiler flocks of West Azarbayjan (چکیده)
698 - Seroprevalence of Avian influenza (H9N2) in broilers of Northwest of Iran (چکیده)
699 - Seroprevalence of avian influenza (H9N2) in broiler chickens in Northwest of Iran (چکیده)
700 - Theory of Mind in Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury (چکیده)
701 - A cloud-based open automated demand response protocol with AMI support (چکیده)
702 - Comparing Bhattacharyya and Kshirsagar bounds with bootstrap method (چکیده)
703 - Effect of Bacterial Biofilm on Pathogenicity and Antibiotic Resistance in Urinary Tract Infections (چکیده)
705 - The modified permutation entropy-based independence test of time series (چکیده)
706 - Optimal design of water distribution networks using simple modified particle swarm optimization approach (چکیده)
707 - Interaction of neuropeptide Y receptors (NPY1, NPY2 and NPY5) with somatostatin on somatostatin-induced feeding behaviour in neonatal chicken (چکیده)
708 - Sustainability and determining the optimal population based on water resources in Mashhad, Iran (چکیده)
709 - Heat transfer in an eight-pass oscillating loop heat pipe equipped with cooling tower (چکیده)
710 - A Stacked Autoencoders Approach for a P300 Speller BCI (چکیده)
711 - The effect of measurement error on the process incapability index (چکیده)
712 - Monitoring of linear profiles using generalized likelihood ratio control chart with variable sampling interva (چکیده)
713 - Hydrochemical assessment of surface and ground waters used for drinking and irrigation in Kardeh Dam Basin (NE Iran) (چکیده)
714 - The association of crop production and precipitation; a comparison of two methodologies (چکیده)
715 - Investigating the Effect of Sedimentary Basin on Consolidation of the Kerman Fine-Grained Soils (چکیده)
716 - Investigating the role of collective memory in urban renewal plans (case study: Shohada square's Great Project-Mashhad-Iran) (چکیده)
717 - Characterization of symmetric distributions based on some information measures properties of order statistics (چکیده)
718 - The Art of Making Mutual Benefit through Saving Time. (چکیده)
719 - An Energy Efficient Data Gathering Framework based Clustering using Multiple UAV in Deadline based WSN Applications. (چکیده)
720 - Effect of dietary inclusion of olive leaf (Olea europaea L.) powder on performance, small intestine morphology and nutrient digestibility in broiler chickens (چکیده)
721 - The effect of hydroalcoholic extract of angelica (Heracleum persicum) fruit on performance, immune response, small intestine histology, haematological parameters and carcass characteristic of broiler chickens (چکیده)
722 - The effect of different dietary supplementation levels of nucleotide on performance, immune system, small intestine morphology and ileal microbial population of broiler chickens (چکیده)
723 - Antioxidant Activity of Gallic Acid as Affected by an Extra Carboxyl Group than Pyrogallol in Various Oxidative Environments (چکیده)
726 - A 0.8–4-GHz Software-Defined Radio Receiver With Improved Harmonic Rejection Through Non-Overlapped Clocking (چکیده)
727 - Effect of silicon and manganese on the kinetics and morphology of the intermetallic layer growth during hot-dip aluminizing (چکیده)
728 - Investigating the Asymmetric Prices and the Role of Technology and Environmental Constraints in the Oil Demand Function of the Iran Oil Importing Countries (چکیده)
729 - Quantum Fisher information matrix for unitary processes: closed relation for SU(2) (چکیده)
730 - Analysis of the impact of interferers on VCO-based continuous time delta-sigma modulators (چکیده)
731 - Handling startling circumstances with IRM scheduler of real-time systems (چکیده)
732 - Measurable functions approach for approximate solutions of Linear space-time-fractional diffusion problems (چکیده)
733 - Analytical modeling of nonlinear flexural-extensional vibration of flexure beams with an interconnected compliant element (چکیده)
734 - Hypophagic effects of insulin is mediated via NPY1/NPY2 receptors in broiler cockerels (چکیده)
735 - Role of chemistry knowledge in know-how development of industrial catalysis; petroleum refinery case study (چکیده)
736 - Targeted Delivery of Medicinal Products in Advanced Therapy using Cellular Knowledge Seeding (چکیده)
737 - Effects of gully erosion on soil quality indices in northwestern Iran (چکیده)
738 - A Novel Shortwave Infrared Proximal Sensing Approach to Quantify the Water Stability of Soil Aggregates (چکیده)
739 - Design and development a wideband SIW based cavity‐backed slot antenna using two symmetrical circular corner perturbations (چکیده)
740 - An Adaptive Spectral Parametric Method for Solving Nonlinear Initial Value Problems (چکیده)
741 - Pareto analysis for the lifetime performance index of products on the basis of progressively first-failure-censored batches under balanced symmetric and asymmetric loss functions (چکیده)
742 - The effect of recovery with cold water immersion on injury and muscle performance indices of young soccer players following four weeks of cold water habituation (چکیده)
743 - The relationship between cash holdings, investment opportunities and financial constraint with audit fees (چکیده)
744 - Jensen inequalities for P-class functions (چکیده)
745 - Review Article: the Art of Making Mutual Benefit through Saving Time (چکیده)
746 - Noncommutative strong and weak symmetrization maximal inequalities (چکیده)
748 - Interaction of selenium and cadmium in wheat at different salinities. (چکیده)
749 - Designing a Communicational Model between the Competitiveness Types of Small and Medium Industries in Iran (چکیده)
750 - Effects of Conceptions of Intelligence and Ambiguity Tolerance on Teacher Burnout: A Case of Iranian EFL Teachers1 (چکیده)
751 - Investigating the Effect of Sensation on Second Language Learners' Emotions (چکیده)
752 - Emotionalization and de-emotionalization in teaching cultural points: EFL in Iran (چکیده)
753 - State Space Predictive Control System Design to Improve Power Quality Issues in Distributed Power System using DVR (چکیده)
754 - New functional forms of Lorenz curves by maximizing Tsallis entropy of income share function under the constraint on generalized Gini index (چکیده)
755 - On Bi-J-Class Bilinear Mappings on Banach Spaces (چکیده)
756 - Design and Production of a Novel Recombinant Chimeric IL2-Omp31 Antigen against Brucella Infection (چکیده)
757 - Molecular investigation of Lawsonia intracellularis in diarrheic and healthy captive ostriches (Struthio camelus) in Iran (چکیده)
758 - Optimal sizing of power generation unit capacity in ICE-driven CCHP systems for various residential building sizes (چکیده)
759 - The first and second law analysis of a grid connected photovoltaic plant equipped with a compressed air energy storage unit (چکیده)
760 - Study of sound transmission through single- and double-walled plates with absorbing material: Experimental and analytical investigation (چکیده)
761 - Performance of Concrete with Waste Granite Powder: The Effect of Superplasticizers (چکیده)
762 - Integrated Expansion Planning of Gas-Electricity System: A Case Study in Iran (چکیده)
763 - On majorization and range inclusion of operators on Hilbert $C^*$-modules (چکیده)
764 - A wavelet approach for the multi-term time fractional diffusion-wave equation (چکیده)
765 - Tube-in-tube helical heat exchangers performance optimization by entropy generation minimization approach (چکیده)
766 - Measurement of methane emission into environment during natural gas purging process (چکیده)
767 - CFD analysis of natural gas emission from damaged pipelines: Correlation development for leakage estimation (چکیده)
768 - Microstructure evolution of a recycled Al–Fe–Si–Cu alloy processed by tube channel pressing (چکیده)
769 - Anisotropic transient thermoelasticity analysis in a two-dimensional decagonal quasicrystal using meshless local Petrov–Galerkin (MLPG) method (چکیده)
771 - Tenogenic Differentiation Potential of Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (چکیده)
772 - Application of Hammett equation to intramolecular hydrogen bond strength in para-substituted phenyl ring of trifluorobenzoylacetone and 1-aryl-1,3-diketone malonates (چکیده)
774 - An Analysis of Female Characters in Osborne's Look Back in Anger (چکیده)
775 - Improved variational iteration method for solving a class of nonlinear Fredholm integral equations (چکیده)
776 - Decolorization of indigo carmine by the immobilized spore laccase systems (چکیده)
777 - Post-Newtonian Corrections to Toomreʼs Criterion (چکیده)
778 - یافته های آسیب شناسی ولولوس ژژنوم در یک راس گوساله هلشتاین 10 روزه (چکیده)
779 - Improving application of galloping-based energy harvesters in realistic condition (چکیده)
780 - Quantum Fisher information for unitary processes (چکیده)
781 - Assessment the lethal dosage of bacterial toxins for designing a series of novel immunotoxins (چکیده)
782 - Solving coupled beam-fluid interaction by DTM (چکیده)
783 - Evaluation of intravitreal injection of pentoxifylline in experimental endotoxin - induced uveitis in rabbits (چکیده)
784 - Spatiotemporal nexus between the pattern of land degradation and land cover dynamics in Iran (چکیده)
785 - Topological phases in Bi/Sb planar and buckled honeycomb monolayers (چکیده)
786 - Gene expression profile analysis of residual feed intake for Isfahan native chickens using RNA-SEQ dat (چکیده)
787 - Reliability analysis of k-out-of-n:F system with soft and hard failures (چکیده)
788 - Parameter Estimation of Gompertz Model with Fixed Covariate Under Type-II Progressive Censoring (چکیده)
789 - Seven and eight-coordinate Fe(III) complexes containing pre-organized ligand 1,10-phenanthroline-2,9-dicarboxylic acid: Solvent effects, supramolecular interactions and DFT calculations (چکیده)
790 - The Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Homocysteine, C- Reactive Protein and Lipid Profile in Active and Inactive Men (چکیده)
791 - Evaluation of effects of cLF36 peptide on growth performance and intestinal morphology in broiler chickens (چکیده)
792 - The efect of humic acid and water super absorbent polymer application on sesame in an ecological cropping system: a new employment of structural equation modeling in agriculture (چکیده)
793 - Elasticity Function and Its Connection with Reliability and Lorenz Curve Criteria (چکیده)
794 - Maximum entropy of capability indices (چکیده)
795 - A tour of entropy maximization based on inequality measures (چکیده)
796 - Molecular and serological detection of Neospora caninum in multiple tissues and CSF in asymptomatic infected stray dogs in Tehran, Iran (چکیده)
797 - Improving discriminating power in data envelopment models based on deviation variables framework (چکیده)
798 - Microglia cell, major player in the central nervous system inflammation (چکیده)
799 - Anti-inflammatory effect of Glycyrrhizin on TNF-α Produced by inflamed microglia cell (BV-2) (چکیده)
800 - A new approach to design an observer for load current of UPS based on Fourier series theory in model predictive control system (چکیده)
801 - the effect of communication capabilities of suppliers and external green integration on the green and financial performance in Iran (چکیده)
802 - A family of Chaplygin-type solvers for Itô stochastic differential equations (چکیده)
803 - Eliciting the antimicrobial compounds production in Streptomyces sp.AC117 by different inoculation amount of heat-killed Pseudomonas aeruginosa (چکیده)
804 - Boundary layer suction for high-speed air intakes: A review (چکیده)
805 - Effect of interfacial debonding on stress transfer in graphene reinforced polymer nanocomposites (چکیده)
806 - In silico cloning and bioinformatics study of Brucella melitensis Omp31 antigen in different mammalian expression vectors (چکیده)
807 - Iranian Psychiatrists Attitudes to Psychosomatic Medicine: A Qualitative Content Analysis (چکیده)
808 - Geometric aspects of $p$-angular and skew p-angular distances (چکیده)
809 - Cognitive and language intervention in primary language impairment: Studying the effectiveness of working memory training and direct language intervention on expansion of grammar and working memory capacities (چکیده)
810 - Inhibitive effect of Clopidogrel as a green corrosion inhibitor for mild steel; statistical modeling and quantum Monte Carlo simulation studies (چکیده)
812 - A new multivariate process capability index (چکیده)
813 - Synthesis of 2-substituted-4-methyl-5,13- dihydropyrimido[4',5':5,6][1,4]thiazepino[2,3- b]quinoxaline as a new heterocyclic system (چکیده)
814 - IL-5 in follicular fluid as a negative predictor of the intracytoplasmic sperm injection outcome (چکیده)
815 - The effect of aerobic exercises on interleukin 6, insulin resistance and blood glucose of overweight female students (چکیده)
816 - An Efficient Numerical Method for a Class of Nonlinear Volterra Integro-Differential Equations (چکیده)
817 - A new switched off-line NMPC approach for nonlinear systems with a switching performance index using an extended modal series method (چکیده)
818 - On the C.W.T on homogeneous spaces associated to Quasi invariant measure (چکیده)
819 - The effect of aqua-therapy on plasma and interleukin-12 and 17 in patient with multiple sclerosis (چکیده)
820 - Solution phase surface functionalization of PbS nanoparticles with organic ligands for single-step deposition of p-type layer of quantum dot solar cells (چکیده)
821 - A new concept of adjacency for concurrent consideration of economic and safety aspects in design of facility layout problems (چکیده)
822 - Experimental and analytical investigation on sound transmission loss of cylindrical shells with absorbing material (چکیده)
823 - A new linear adjacency approach for facility layout problem with unequal area departments (چکیده)
824 - A bi-objective MIP model for facility layout problem in uncertain environment (چکیده)
825 - The effect of hydroalcoholic extract of angelica (Heracleum persicum) fruit on performance, immune responses, small intestine histology, haematological parameters and carcass characteristics of broiler chickens (چکیده)
826 - A Practical Model for Integrating Action Research Time into Second Language Education Schedule (چکیده)
827 - The effects of misclassification errors on multiple deferred state attribute sampling plan (چکیده)
828 - Experimental Study on the Stability and Viscosity for the Blends of Functionalized MWCNTs with Refrigeration Compressor Oils (چکیده)
829 - The numerical study of the effect of design parameters on EWOD actuation inmicrochannels of rectangular cross section (چکیده)
830 - Estimation of unsaturated shear strength parameters using easily-available soil properties (چکیده)
831 - A New General Inner Bound for Multiple-Access Relay Channel with Non-Causal Side Information at One Encoder and Common Message (چکیده)
832 - Local fragmentation of thin discs in Eddington-inspired gravity (چکیده)
833 - Numerical solution and convergence analysis of steam injection in heavy oil reservoirs (چکیده)
834 - Purposeful molecular design of inorganic-organic hybrid architectures based Keggin-type polyoxometalates: luminescence properties and Monte Carlo simulation studies (چکیده)
835 - Clinical investigations of cobalt and copper complexes containing 1,10- phenanthroline-2,9-dicarboxylic acid in some cancer therapy treatments (چکیده)
836 - Application of Hammett equation to intramolecular hydrogen bond strength in para-substituted phenyl ring in some β-diketones and schiff bases (چکیده)
837 - DFT studies on the structure and intramolecular hydrogen bond strength in 1, 2-dibenzoylcyclopentadiene (چکیده)
838 - Intramolecular hydrogen bond strength of 3-methyl-4-amino-3-penten-2-one, an experimental approach (چکیده)
839 - Tautomerism, molecular structure, intramolecular hydrogen bond, and tautomery equilibrium of α-methyl and ethyl substituted 4-amino-3-penten-2-one; A theoretical study (چکیده)
840 - Synthesis of Nano Silver Containing Inks for Printable Electronic Circuits Applications (چکیده)
841 - A neural network for solving the AVE (چکیده)
842 - Design of an Artificial Intelligence System for Predicting Success of New Product Development and Selecting Proper Market-Product Strategy in the Food Industry (چکیده)
843 - Three-dimensional deformations of a curved circular beam subjected to thermo-mechanical loading using green’s function method (چکیده)
844 - Spatiotemporal variations of aridity in Iran using high‐resolution gridded data (چکیده)
845 - Construction and Validation of a Computerized Open-ended Bi-functional Translation Assessment System (چکیده)
846 - How will climate change affect the temporal and spatial distributions of a reservoir host, the Indian gerbil (Tatera indica), and the spread of zoonotic diseases that it carries? (چکیده)
847 - Theoretical evaluation of symmetrical α,α′,δ,δ′-tetramethyl cucurbit[6]uril for haloalkane 1-(3-chlorophenyl)- 4-(3-chloropropyl)-piperazinium and chloroform encapsulation (چکیده)
848 - Molecular Survey of Tularemia and Plague in Small Mammals From Iran (چکیده)
849 - Solvability of the matrix inequality AXA^*+BX^*B^*\geq C (چکیده)
850 - Assessment of in Vitro Radiosensitivity Parameters of Breast Cancer Cells Following Exposure to Radiotherapy Hospital-Based Facilities (چکیده)
851 - Hydraulic Fracturing: a main cause of initiating internal erosion in a high earth-rockfill dam (چکیده)
852 - Operator Ky Fan type inequalities (چکیده)
853 - An in-situ forming implant formulation of naltrexone with minimum initial burst release using mixture of PLGA copolymers and ethyl heptanoate as an additive: In-vitro, ex-vivo, and in-vivo release evaluation (چکیده)
854 - Developing some POMs-templated MOFs: Crystal structure, magnetic and gas adsorption properties (چکیده)
855 - Identification of accident-prone sections in roadways with incomplete and uncertain inspection-based information: A distributed hazard index based on evidential reasoning approach (چکیده)
857 - Three new Canuellidae (Copepoda: Canuelloida) from Iran (چکیده)
858 - A novel method for squalene extraction from pumpkin seed oil using magnetic nanoparticles and exploring the inhibition effect of extracted squalene on angiogenesis property (چکیده)
860 - Estimating Spatial Effects of Transport Infrastructure on Agricultural Output of Iran (چکیده)
861 - Language as a connection loop Between People’s Heritage and Publication Industry (چکیده)
862 - Screening of selected feedstuffs by juvenile pacu, Piaractus brachypomus (Cuvier, 1818) (چکیده)
863 - New models of L2 achievement basedon EFL learners’ joint attention and their emotional, social, and cultural capitals (چکیده)
864 - Bioactive properties of Kilka (Clupeonella cultriventris caspi) fish protein hydrolysates (چکیده)
865 - Constructing and validating a language teachers’ temporal intelligence scale and examining its relationship with teacher burnout (چکیده)
866 - Some results on proportional mean past lifetime frailty model (چکیده)
867 - The relationship between corporate governance mechanisms and internet financial reporting in Iran (چکیده)
869 - Conceptualization of Organizational Indifference using cognitive mapping (چکیده)
870 - Attributional style of emotions and its relationship with users’ search behaviour (چکیده)
871 - Lin–Wong divergence and relations on type I censored data (چکیده)
872 - Combining Ability and Gene Action of Some Tomato Genotypes under Low Light Conditions (چکیده)
873 - Psychometric properties of Persian language version of the Female Sexual Function Index (P-FSFI) among postmenopausal women (چکیده)
874 - Investigating the Development of Kerman’s Soil Structure and its Effect on the Collapsibility index (چکیده)
876 - Haagerup--Pisier--Ringrose inequality (چکیده)
877 - The Effect of Six Weeks of High-Intensity Interval Training With Zinc Supplementation on Some Humoral Immunity Markers in Female Futsal Players (چکیده)
878 - Addition of a new insect parasitic nematode, Oscheius tipulae to Iranian fauna (چکیده)
879 - An eight-coordinate zinc complex containing the highly pre-organized ligand 1,10-phenanthroline-2,9-dicarboxylic acid: Solvothermal synthesis, supramolecular structure and CSD studies (چکیده)
880 - Hypothesis testing for the lifetime performance index based on ranked set sampling (چکیده)
881 - Capability Indices for Rayleigh Process (چکیده)
882 - Triassic I-type granitoids from the Torbat e Jam area, northeastern Iran: Petrogenesis and implications for Paleotethys tectonics (چکیده)
883 - The effect of beta-alanine supplementation on first and second ventilatory threshold of men’s swimmers (چکیده)
884 - Effects of non-starch polysaccharides in semi-purified diets on performance, serum metabolites, gastrointestinal morphology, and microbial population of male broiler chickens (چکیده)
885 - Effects of conditioning time and sodium bentonite on pellet quality, growth performance, intestinal morphology and nutrient retention in finisher broilers (چکیده)
886 - Mathematical modelling and heuristic approaches to the location-routing problem of a cost-effective integrated solid waste management (چکیده)
887 - Protective Effect of Alpha-Lipoic Acid on Neuronal Degeneration Due to Sciatic Nerve Transection in Rat (چکیده)
888 - Quadratic interpolation of the Heinz means (چکیده)
889 - Vector biology and control in Iran: Challenges and opportunities (چکیده)
890 - A Novel Method for Solving Nonlinear Volterra Integro-Differential Equation Systems (چکیده)
891 - A new generalized Weibull distribution in income economic inequality curves (چکیده)
892 - Estimation of Inequality Indices Based on Ranked Set Sampling (چکیده)
893 - Dynamic Response of a Tall Building Next to Deep Excavation Considering Soil-Structure Interaction (چکیده)
894 - A comparative study of the Gini coefficient estimators based on the linearization and U-statistics methods (چکیده)
895 - Analysis of Citation Networks in Building Information Modeling Research (چکیده)
896 - The achievable rate region for multiple-access relay channel with non-causal side information at one transmitter (چکیده)
897 - Numerical fatigue analysis of premolars restoredby CAD/CAM ceramic crowns (چکیده)
898 - In silico study of anti-CCHFV effect of lactoferrin from different origin (چکیده)
899 - Estimating engineering properties of igneous rocks using semi-automatic petrographic analysis (چکیده)
900 - The Factors Affecting Moral Competency of Iranian Undergraduate Students Majoring in English Language and Literature: Investigating the Role of Applied ELT in Iranian Collectivist Culture (چکیده)
901 - Adult attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder among the prison inmates: An investigation of the executive function differences and comorbidity effects (چکیده)
902 - Data for exploring the effect of parameters on decomposition of gas hydrate structure I (چکیده)
903 - Non Hyperbolic Solenoidal Thick Bony Attractors (چکیده)
904 - Evaluating Factors Affecting the Incubation Phase of NPD in Knowledge-Based Companies (چکیده)
905 - Modified SIW H-Plane Horn Antenna with Improved Gain Using Thin Substrate (چکیده)
906 - Carrier to interference ratio analysis in shotgun cellular systems over a generalized shadowing distribution (چکیده)
907 - The role of rural libraries in preserving the indigenous knowledge of rural residents The case of South Khorasan Province (چکیده)
908 - Mechanical Properties and Interface Evaluation of Al/AZ31 Multilayer Composites Produced by ARB at Different Rolling Temperatures (چکیده)
909 - Effect of adjuvants on in ovo vaccination against Newcastle disease on hatchability, performance and antibody titres in commercial pullets (چکیده)
910 - Increasing the speed and accuracy of stereotaxic surgery with Needle No. 16 and 21in broiler chicks (چکیده)
911 - A goal programming capital budgeting model under uncertainty in Construction industry (چکیده)
912 - Ocimum basilicum affects tracheal responsiveness, lung inflammatory cells and oxidant–antioxidant biomarkers in sensitized rats (چکیده)
913 - Report of fungal isolates and their efficacy against Rosaceous longhorn beetle, Osphranteria coerulescens (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) (چکیده)
914 - Optimal operation of refrigeration oriented supersonic separators for natural gas dehydration via heterogeneous condensation (چکیده)
915 - Numerical investigation of water droplets trajectories during natural gas dehydration inside supersonic separator (چکیده)
916 - Intraguild Predation on the Parasitoid Wasp Aphidius colemani by the Predator Aphidoletes aphidimyza: Effect of Host Plant Cultivars (چکیده)
917 - Operator $m$-convex functions (چکیده)
918 - Noncommutative Blackwell--Ross martingale inequality (چکیده)
919 - Toll-like receptor-mediated involvement of innate immune cells in asthma disease (چکیده)
920 - Assessing a Multivariate Approach Based on Scalogram Analysis for Agricultural Drought Monitoring (چکیده)
921 - Exploration of the environmentally benign and highly effective approach for improving carbon nanotube homogeneity in aqueous system (چکیده)
922 - Elastic wave propagation in non-uniform rational B-spline rods under mechanical impact loading using an isogeometrical approach (چکیده)
923 - Experimental investigation of heat transfer performance and frictional loss of functionalized trimethylolpropane tris [poly(propylene glycol), amine terminated] ether-treated graphene nanoplatelets (TMP-treated GNP) in a closed conduit flow (چکیده)
924 - Plasma biochemical and lipid panel reference intervals in common mynah -Acridotheres tristis- (چکیده)
925 - An Integrated Interleaved Dual-Mode Time-Sharing Inverter forSingle Phase Grid Tied Applications (چکیده)
926 - Evaluating the Dividend Changes According To Sustainability Criteria for Financial Performance of Companies Listed In Tehran Stock Exchange (چکیده)
927 - Helminth-induced apoptosis: a silent strategy for immunosuppression (چکیده)
928 - Some Indices of Edge Corona of Two Graphs (چکیده)
929 - Inequality of Opportunity and its Effects on Economic Growth and Per Capita GDP (چکیده)
930 - Detection of Grillotia erinaceus (Cestoda: Trypanorhyncha) in Megalaspis cordyla (Linnaeus, 1758) (Perciformes: Carangidae) from the Persian Gulf (چکیده)
931 - Some characterization results of symmetric distributions based on the properties of order statistics and records (چکیده)
932 - Topological feature extraction of nonlinear signals and trajectories and its application in EEG signals classi cation (چکیده)
933 - Preparation and characterization of new PA-MOF/PPSU-GO membrane for the separation of KHI from water (چکیده)
934 - Testing and numerical modelling of Steel-Concrete-Steel with stud bolts connectors subject to push-out loading (چکیده)
935 - Controlling structures by inverse adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system and MR dampers (چکیده)
936 - Two new triangular finite elements containing stable open cracks (چکیده)
937 - Free vibration analysis of concrete arch dams by quadratic ideal-coupled method (چکیده)
938 - The relation between corporate governance mechanisms, executive compensation and audit fees: Evidence from Iran (چکیده)
939 - The effect of characteristics of audit committee and board on corporate profitability in Iran (چکیده)
940 - A novel method for quantifying damage to cast-in-place selfcentering concrete stepping walls (چکیده)
941 - A new efficient shear deformation theory for FG plates with in-plane and through-thickness stiffness variations using isogeometric approach (چکیده)
942 - Students’ mathematical performance, metacognitive experiences and metacognitive skills in relation to integral-area relationships (چکیده)
943 - A systematic review on intrusion detection based on the Hidden Markov Model (چکیده)
944 - An Analytical and Approximate Solution for Nonlinear Volterra Partial Integro-Differential Equations with a Weakly Singular Kernel Using the Fractional Differential Transform Method (چکیده)
945 - A Systematic Mapping Study on Intrusion Alert Analysis in Intrusion Detection Systems (چکیده)
946 - Application of phiC31 integrase system in stem cells biology and technology: a review (چکیده)
947 - A survey on heavy metals pollution in water resources of Kouhe-Zar Mining area (The West of Torbat Heydarieh, Iran) (چکیده)
948 - Combined effect of ignition and injection timing along with hydrogen enrichment to natural gas in a direct injection engine on performance and exhaust emission (چکیده)
949 - A joint QM/MD study on α-, β- and γ-cyclodextrins in selective complexation with cathinone (چکیده)
950 - Phylogeography of the Oenanthe hispanica–pleschanka–cypriaca complex (Aves, Muscicapidae: Saxicolinae): Diversification history of open‐habitat specialists based on climate niche models, genetic data, and morphometric data (چکیده)
951 - Judgments under emotioncy’s influence : A case of linguistic bias (چکیده)
952 - Input impedance modeling of patch and semi-rectangular substrate integrated waveguide cavity hybrid antenna (چکیده)
953 - The influence of two imidazolium-based ionic liquids on the structure and activity of glucose oxidase: Experimental and theoretical studies (چکیده)
954 - A Reliable Iris Recognition Method for Non-Ideal Iris Images (چکیده)
955 - Local exponential stabilization for a class of uncertain nonlinear impulsive periodic switched systems with norm-bounded input (چکیده)
956 - A new and simple analytical approach to determining the natural frequencies of framed tube structures (چکیده)
957 - Operator maps of Jensen-type (چکیده)
958 - A variance bound for a general function of independent noncommutative random variables (چکیده)
959 - Synthesis, characterization and dynamic-mechanical properties of styrene-acrylate/nanoclay interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) for damping applications (چکیده)
960 - شگردهای مترجم در انتقال میراث فرهنگی ادبی، مطالعة ترجمه مهمان مامان اثر هوشنگ مرادی کرمانی (چکیده)
961 - The effect of TiC:CNT mixing ratio and CNT content on the mechanical and tribological behaviors of TiC modified CNT-reinforced Al-matrix nanocomposites (چکیده)
962 - Assessment of the Social Impacts of Sewage-Treatment Plants on Rural Quality of Life (Case Study: Parkandabad Peripheral Villages in Mashhad) (چکیده)
964 - Tribological Aspects of Wheel–Rail Contact: A Review of Wear Mechanisms and Effective Factors on Rolling Contact Fatigue (چکیده)
965 - Investigation of non-covalent and hydrogen bonding interactions on the formation of crystalline networks and supramolecular synthons of a series of α-aminophosphonates: Crystallography and DFT studies (چکیده)
966 - Designing Communication Model Between Effective Factors On Competitiveness of SMEs Using ISM (چکیده)
967 - Isolation of Cryptococcus neoformans and other opportunistic fungi from pigeon droppings (چکیده)
968 - Long-term follow-up of Cognitive impairments induced by intracerebrovenricullar injection of 0.5 mg/Kg dose of streptozotocin (چکیده)
969 - Introducing Cultural Weight as a Tool of Comparative Analysis:An Emotioncy-Based Study of Social Class (چکیده)
970 - A novel class of human 15-LOX- 1 inhibitors based on 3-hydroxycoumarin (چکیده)
971 - Reliability analysis of a k-out-of-n:F system under a linear degradation model with calibrations (چکیده)
972 - Towards interval version of fuzzy synsets (چکیده)
973 - Kalman Filter Reinforced by Least Mean Square for Systems with Unknown Inputs (چکیده)
974 - Collective coordinate system in (2+1) dimensions: CP1 lumps-potential interaction (چکیده)
975 - Effects of concentrator type and encapsulated phase change material on the performance of different solar stills: an experimental approach (چکیده)
976 - Fuzzy-CA Model for an In-silico Cancer Cell Line: A Journey from Simple Cellular Pattern to an Emergent Complex Behavior (چکیده)
977 - Natural convection in an inclined cavity with time-periodic temperature boundary conditions using nanofluids: Application in solar collectors (چکیده)
978 - A 1.62 μW 8-Channel Ultra-High Input Impedance EEG Amplifier for Dry and Non-Contact Biopotential Recording Applications (چکیده)
979 - An experimental study to determine the maximum efficiency index in turbulent flow of SiO2/water nanofluids (چکیده)
980 - A new Aceria species (Acari:Trombidiformes: Eriophyoidea) from West Asia, a potential biological control agent for the invasive weed camelthorn, Alhagi maurorum Medik. (Leguminosae) (چکیده)
981 - Analysis of Environmental Factors Affecting Variation in Interrill Erosion under Rainfall Simulation (چکیده)
982 - Mixed Effects of Input Enhancement, Explicit Instruction, Corrective Feedback, and Pushed Output in an Input-Output Mapping Practice1 (چکیده)
983 - Swarm Fuzzy-Reinforcement Coordination using Bloom's Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain (چکیده)
984 - Exploring users’ experiences of using personal cloud storage services: a phenomenological study (چکیده)
985 - Thermodynamic compatibility and interactions between Speckled Sugar bean protein and xanthan gum for production of multilayer O/W emulsion (چکیده)
986 - Effects of desert dust on yield and yield components of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.) (چکیده)
987 - A New Control Method for Single-Phase Grid-Connected Inverter Using Instantaneous Power Theory (چکیده)
988 - The effect of eight weeks high-intensity interval aerobic training on chemerin and visfatin in overweight men (چکیده)
989 - Predicting the moisture content and textural characteristics of roasted pistachio kernels using Vis/NIR reflectance spectroscopy and PLSR analysis (چکیده)
990 - One Step toward Normal Heart Beat by Biological Pacemaker (چکیده)
991 - Can emo-sensory intelligence inform L2 instruction (چکیده)
992 - The Emotional Intelligence of Iranian Prominent Literary Translators across Genders (چکیده)
993 - Effects of chemical modification of PVA by acrylamide, methacrylamide and acrylonitrile on the growth rate of gas hydrate in methane-propane-water system, Journal of Molecular Liquids (چکیده)
994 - Broadleaf Weed Control in Corn (Zea mays L.) with Sulfonylurea Herbicides Tank-mixed with 2,4-D + MCPA (چکیده)
995 - Molecular engineering of the organometallic perovskites/HTMs in the PSCs; Photovoltaic behavior and energy conversion (چکیده)
996 - A New Information Theoretic Relation between Minimum Error Entropy and Maximum Correntropy (چکیده)
997 - Where Does Minimum Error Entropy Outperform Minimum Mean Square Error? A New and Closer Look (چکیده)
998 - Impact of Relay Side Information on the Coverage Region for the Wireless Relay Channel with Correlated Noises (چکیده)
999 - Stellar Bar Evolution in the Absence of Dark Matter Halo (چکیده)
1000 - Simulation of a hydrogen/natural gas engine and modeling of engine operating parameters (چکیده)
1001 - Investigation of spatial variability of SPT data in Mashhad City (NE Iran) using a geostatistical approach (چکیده)
1002 - On Bayesian Shrinkage Estimator of Parameter of Exponential Distribution with Outliers (چکیده)
1003 - Parameter Uncertainty in the Optimal Coordination of Overcurrent Relays (چکیده)
1004 - Effect of temperature and selected sugars on dilute solution properties of two hairless canary seed starches compared with wheat starch (چکیده)
1005 - Distribution Locational Marginal Price Analysis Considering Technical Constraints (چکیده)
1006 - Estimation of the optimum number and location of nanoparticle injections and the specific loss power for ideal hyperthermia (چکیده)
1007 - Thermo-rheology and thermodynamic analysis of binary biopolymer blend: A case study on sage seed gum-xanthan gum blends (چکیده)
1008 - The Knowledge Dimension of Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy for Integration (چکیده)
1009 - Effects of 8 Weeks of Resistance Training and IGF -1 Injection on Biochemical Markers of Cancer and Colorectal Structures in Rats (چکیده)
1010 - Leak detection in water collection and transmission networks using minimum nodal pressure measurement (چکیده)
1011 - PhiC31-based site-specific transgenesis system for production of transgenic bovine embryos by somatic cell nuclear transfer and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (چکیده)
1012 - Analysis of threshold and incipient conditions for sediment movement (چکیده)
1013 - Extraordinary optical transmission of periodic array of subwavelength holes within titanium nitride thin film (چکیده)
1014 - The effects of dietary calcium iodate on productive performance, egg quality and iodine accumulation in eggs of laying hens (چکیده)
1015 - A graph associated to a fixed automorphism of a finite group (چکیده)
1016 - On θ- commutators and the corresponding non- commuting graphs (چکیده)
1017 - Dimensions of developmental function of family in predicting the executive functions of deaf students. (چکیده)
1018 - On the planarity of the regular digraph of ideals of commutative rings (چکیده)
1019 - Non-commutative Stein inequality and its applications (چکیده)
1020 - Social and Emotional Intelligences: Empirical and Theoretical Relationship (چکیده)
1021 - Purification and characterization of chitinase from the integument of theMediterranean flour moth, Ephestia kuehniella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) and its antibacterial role (چکیده)
1022 - Safe Collaboration of Humans and SCARA Robots (چکیده)
1023 - Apply fixed point theorem for solving of nonlinear Volterra integral equation with Harr wavelet (چکیده)
1024 - Using of 2D RH wavelets for solving of 2D nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm integral equations (چکیده)
1026 - A new application of µPADs in the gold industry :cyanide titration of pulp samples (چکیده)
1027 - Expression of HA1 antigen of H5N1 influenza virus as a potent candidate for vaccine in bacterial system (چکیده)
1028 - Transient Expression of HA1 Antigen of H5N1 Influenza Virus in Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) via Agro-infiltration (چکیده)
1029 - Study on the effects of sucrose and lactose on the rheological properties of Alyssum homolocarpum seed gum in dilute solutions, Iranian Food Science & Technology Research Journal. (چکیده)
1030 - Multistage dolomitization in the Qal’eh Dokhtar Formation (Middle-Upper Jurassic), Central Iran: petrographic and geochemical evidence (چکیده)
1031 - Temporal and spatial distribution and species diversity of hard ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) in the eastern region of caspian sea (چکیده)
1032 - Effectiveness of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulaton(tDCS) on Reducing Craving among Hookah Smokers (چکیده)
1033 - Modeling of Dynamic Behavior and Estimation of Damage Incurred by Self-Centering Rocking Walls (چکیده)
1034 - Seismic performance and damage incurred by monolithic concrete self-centering rocking walls under the effect of axial stress ratio (چکیده)
1035 - The Effect Of Inter-Ethnic Cultural Relationships On Universalism In Iran (چکیده)
1037 - MILP Approach for Optimal Coordination of Directional Overcurrent Relays in Interconnected Power Systems Electric Power Systems Research (چکیده)
1043 - Engineering of ovine pancreatic Ribonuclease for increasing of cytotoxicity activity: an in silico approach (چکیده)
1044 - MDMP: A new algorithm to create inverted index files in BigData, using MapReduce (چکیده)
1045 - On the two-wavelet localization operators on homogeneous spaces with relatively invariant measures (چکیده)
1046 - Supporting Rural Sub-Saharan Africa Farmers through Satellite-based Water Level Gauging (چکیده)
1047 - Multi-spectroscopic and HPLC Studies of the Interaction Between Estradiol and Cyclophosphamide With Human Serum Albumin: Binary and Ternary Systems (چکیده)
1048 - Modeling Effective Factors in Relationship between Knowledge Management and Innovation in Mashhad Metropolitan Municipality (چکیده)
1049 - Brain insulin signaling malfunction as a consequence of prenatal stress exposure can accelerate Alzheimer like phathology in icv-STZ rat model of sAD (چکیده)
1050 - Conflict at work, Job Embeddedness and their Effects on Intention to Quit among Women Employed in Travel Agencies: Evidence from a Religious City in a Developing Country (چکیده)
1051 - Optimization of Physicochemical Properties of Low-Fat Hamburger Formulation Using Blend of Soy Flour, Split-Pea Flour and Wheat Starch as Part of Fat Replacer System (چکیده)
1052 - Determination of chemical composition, mineral content, antioxidant capacity and rumen degradability in various varieties of wasted date palm (چکیده)
1053 - The MRL function inference through empirical likelihood in length-biased sampling (چکیده)
1054 - Roasting process optimization of walnut kernels for the preparation of walnut cream using Response Surface Methodology (چکیده)
1055 - Evaluation of the effects of saffron-cumin intercropping ratios on quality and yield under semiarid conditions (چکیده)
1056 - Evaluation of weed flora and biodiversity indices in saffron fields (case study: Khorasan province) (چکیده)
1057 - Evaluate the Barriers to Attract Sponsors in the Sport: Industry of Khorasan Razavi (چکیده)
1058 - Disentangling the Effects of Water Stress on Carbon Acquisition, Vegetative Growth and Fruit Quality of Peach Trees by Means of the QualiTree Model (چکیده)
1059 - Physical Optics Calculation of Electromagnetic Scattering from Haack Series Nose Cone (چکیده)
1060 - Fuzzy nonparametric predictive inference for reliability of parallel systems (چکیده)
1061 - Deflection Control of Electrostatically Actuated Micro Cantilevers via Fuzzy Controller (چکیده)
1062 - A Two-Level Adaptive Fuzzy Control Algorithm for Beyond Pull-in Stabilization of Electrostatically Actuated Microplates (چکیده)
1063 - Effect of probiotic and vinegar on growth performance, meat yields, immune responses, and small intestine morphology of broiler chickens (چکیده)
1064 - Fungal Pollution in the Homes of Respiratory Allergic Patients in Mashhad City,Northeast Iran (چکیده)
1065 - Relationship between the weighted distributions and some inequality measures (چکیده)
1066 - Physical measures for certain class of non-uniformly hyperbolic endomorphisms on the solid torus (چکیده)
1067 - Mining user interests over active topics on social networks (چکیده)
1068 - Corrosion Inhibition of Carbon Steel in Aqueous HCl Solutions by Acid Pre-Magnetization Technique: Experimental Study and Modelling (چکیده)
1069 - Understanding the Process of Organizational Commitment Origination in Managers Based on the Grounded Theory with an Emergent Approach Case Study: Iran Airports (چکیده)
1070 - Performance enhancement of straight and wavy miniature heat sinks using pin-fin interruptions and nanofluids (چکیده)
1071 - Accurate DFT studies on crystalline network formation of a new Co(II) complex bearing 8−aminoquinoline (چکیده)
1072 - A Molecular and Serological Study on Visceral Leishmaniasis in Asymptomatic Stray Dogs in Mashhad ,Iran (چکیده)
1073 - In silico evaluation of anti-retroviral effects of lactoferrin from different species (چکیده)
1074 - Using Rose Bengal, Wright and indirect ELISA methods for detection of Brucellosis in sheep with history of abortion in Gonbad-e Qabus (چکیده)
1075 - Determination of the Phylogenetic Groups of Escherichia Coli Isolates in the Subjects Afflicted with Urinary Tract Infections, Using Multiplex PCR in Mashhad (چکیده)
1076 - The effects of temperature, alkyl chain length, and anion type on thermophysical properties of the imidazolium based amino acid ionic liquids (چکیده)
1077 - Using co-rotational method for cracked frame analysis (چکیده)
1078 - Android malware detection based on overlapping of static features (چکیده)
1079 - Exploring students' mathematical performance, metacognitive experiences and skills in relation to fundamental theorem of calculus (چکیده)
1080 - Revised Bloom's taxonomy and integral calculus: unpacking the knowledge dimension (چکیده)
1081 - Cubic B-spline collocation method for a class of partial integro-differential equation (چکیده)
1082 - Time-dependent DFT study on the photovoltaic properties of the inorganic perovskite-based solar cells (چکیده)
1083 - Improving efficiency of an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory peptide as multifunctional peptides (چکیده)
1084 - Nutritional value, fourier transform infrared spectroscopic molecular structures, mycotoxines and heavy metals concentration of un-ripe, ripe and sun-dried fruit from 'Sultana' grapevine for ruminants (چکیده)
1085 - On the Polymorphism of 12-Tungstoborate Heteropolyanion: Structure Determination and Its Functionalization with L-proline (چکیده)
1086 - Emotional Intelligence and its role in Cognitive Flexibility of Children with and without Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (چکیده)
1087 - Sparse Bayesian similarity learning based on posterior distribution of data (چکیده)
1088 - Design and Development of High Gain, Low Profile and Circularly Polarized Cavity-Backed Slot Antennas Using High-Order Modes of Square Shaped SIW Resoantor (چکیده)
1089 - Virtual screening of some heterocyclic structures toward novel antibacterial agents (چکیده)
1090 - Universal Approximation by Using the Correntropy Objective Function (چکیده)
1091 - Economic evaluation of grid-connected photovoltaic systems viability under a new dynamic feed-in tariff scheme: A case study in Iran (چکیده)
1092 - OpenAMI: Software-Defined AMI Load Balancing (چکیده)
1093 - The relationship between emotional intelligence, thinking style, and the quality of investors’ decisions using the log-linear method (چکیده)
1094 - Inks of Functionalized p-Type Lead Sulfide Quantum Dots for One-Step Fabrication of Heterojunction Photovoltaics (چکیده)
1095 - Du voyage physique au voyage intérieur Une étude comparative de Désert de J.M.G. Le Clézio et Vendredi ou les limbes du Pacifique de Michel Tournier (چکیده)
1096 - Investigating the effect of vetiver and polyacrylamide on runoff, sediment load and cumulative water infiltration (چکیده)
1097 - Effect of metformin on formalin induced chemical pain sensation in male rat (چکیده)
1098 - Spiny and allelopthic shrubs conserve 40 percent of species richness in Binalud Mountain Iran (چکیده)
1099 - Predicting Depth and Path of Subsurface Crack Propagation at Gear Tooth Flank under Cyclic Contact Loading (چکیده)
1100 - Quorum Sensing in Bacteria: A Review of Advances over the Last Half Century (چکیده)
1101 - Learning a Foreign Language: A New Path to Enhancement of Cognitive Functions (چکیده)
1102 - Numerical Study on Fluid-Structure Interaction in a Patient-Specific Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm for Evaluating Wall Heterogeneity and Material Model Effects on its Rupture (چکیده)
1103 - The effect of FIFA 11+ program on dynamic postural control of fustal women player during cutting maneuver (چکیده)
1104 - Vibrational spectra, normal coordinate analysis, and hydrogen bond investigation of pyridinium perchlorate (چکیده)
1105 - Results related to exponential entropy (چکیده)
1106 - Effects of resistance training and testosterone enanthate injections in low and high doses on hematological parameters in male Wistar rats (چکیده)
1107 - Closed range and nonclosed range adjointable operators on Hilbert $C^*$-modules (چکیده)
1108 - New insight into the management of the tomato leaf miner,Tuta absoluta (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) with entomopathogenic nematodes (چکیده)
1109 - The Connection between Inequality Measures and Reliability Aspects (چکیده)
1110 - Some Measures of Income Inequality and Reliability of Systems (چکیده)
1111 - The relationship between board of directors’ structure and company ownership with corporate social responsibility disclosure: Iranian angle (چکیده)
1112 - Characterization of distributions by expectation of functions of some measures in the reliability (چکیده)
1113 - Entropy maximization and divergence minimization based on inequality measures (چکیده)
1114 - Characterization of distributions through Cauchy-Schwarz (چکیده)
1115 - Effects of spring and autumn prescribed fires on plant species diversity and ecological groups in a dry grassland (چکیده)
1116 - Evaluation of the antagonistic potential of Bacillus strains against Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum and their role in the induction of resistance to potato soft rot infection (چکیده)
1118 - Antibacterial effects of Lactococcus lactis isolated from Lighvan cheese regarding the recognition of Nisin, Lacticin and Lactococcin structural genes (چکیده)
1119 - Land cover change modelling in Hyrcanian forests, Northern Iran: a landscape pattern and transformation analysis perspective (چکیده)
1120 - Lifetime performance index based on ranked set sampling (چکیده)
1121 - Homi Bhabha and Iranian-American Literature of Diaspora: Is Firoozeh Dumas’s Funny in Farsi Postcolonially Funny? (چکیده)
1122 - The evaluation of Noise Pollution at Samen district in Mashhad by means of Geographic Information System (GIS) (چکیده)
1123 - MHD heat transfer and entropy generation in inclined trapezoidal cavity filled with nanofluid (چکیده)
1124 - Depicting ELT in Light of Emo-sensory Education (چکیده)
1125 - Evaluating the Relationships Between NTNU/SINTEF Drillability Indices with Index Properties and Petrographic Data of Hard Igneous Rocks (چکیده)
1126 - Willingness to Receive Treatment for Hepatitis C among Injecting Drug Users on Methadone Program: Implications for Education and Treatment (چکیده)
1127 - A transient insulin system dysfunction in newborn rat brain followed by neonatal intracerebroventricular administration of streptozotocin could be accompanied by a labile cognitive impairment (چکیده)
1128 - On the Convergence Rate of the Fixed-Point Maximum Correntropy Algorithm (چکیده)
1129 - Effects of in ovo injection of chrysin, quercetin and ascorbic acid on hatchability, somatic attributes, hepatic oxidative status and early post-hatch performance of broiler chicks (چکیده)
1130 - Invesigating effect of a prescribed spring fire on the symbiosis between mycorrhiza fungi and some rangeland plant species (چکیده)
1131 - Aggression, emotional self-regulation, attentional bias, and cognitive inhibition predict risky driving behavior (چکیده)
1133 - DFT Study on the Selective Complexation of B12N12 Nanocage with Alkali Metal Ions (چکیده)
1134 - Fragmentation and Indeterminacy in Sam Shepard’s Buried Child (چکیده)
1135 - A 10-Gb/s Low-Power Low-Voltage CTLE Using Gate and Bulk Driven Transistors (چکیده)
1136 - 65 nm CMOS switching discontinuous conduction mode buck converter with 330 ns start-up time for light-load power-cycled applications (چکیده)
1137 - Control of Listeria Monocytogenes and Escherichia coli O157:H7 Inoculated on Fish Fillets Using Alginate Coating Containing Lactoperoxidase System and Zataria multiflora Boiss Essential Oil (چکیده)
1138 - The dual effect of amino acids on the nucleation and growth rate of gas hydrate in ethane+water, methane+propane+water and methane+THF+water systems (چکیده)
1139 - INDEX: Incremental depth extension approach for protein–protein interaction networks alignment (چکیده)
1140 - Fuzzy-Based Clustering-Task Scheduling for Lifetime Enhancement in Wireless Sensor Networks (چکیده)
1141 - Inconsistency Repair to Improve the Performace of Ontology Matchers (چکیده)
1142 - The Effect of Eight Weeks of Interval Endurance-Strength Endurance at the Same Time the Fluctuation of D-dimer Continuous-Resistance and lipid Profile in Overweight Women (چکیده)
1143 - Etemadi and Kolmogorov Inequalities in Noncommutative Probability Spaces (چکیده)
1144 - Synthesis, molecular structure, and characterization of a new 3D-layered ‎inorganic-organic hybrid material: [D/L-C6H13O2N-H]3[(PO4)W12O36].4.5H2O ‎ (چکیده)
1145 - Evaluation the relationship between rainfall erosivity index and sediment yield in Sanganeh area, Khorasan Razavi, Iran (چکیده)
1146 - Emo-Sensory Expression at the Crossroads of Emotion, Sense, and Language: A Case of Color-Emotion Associations (چکیده)
1147 - On the operators related to C.W.T on general homogeneous spaces (چکیده)
1148 - Emotional Detachment in Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf: An Adlerian psychoanalysis (چکیده)
1149 - Drama as a Vehicle for Social Change: The Study of Major Barbara and Pygmalion by G.B .Shaw (چکیده)
1150 - The Theatre of Revolt: The Study of John Osborn’s Look Back in Anger (چکیده)
1151 - Investigating the anti-apoptotic effect of sesame oil and honey in a novel nanostructure form for treatment of heart failure (چکیده)
1152 - Effects of Nutrient Density and exogenous enzymesin Starter Diet on Performance, Intestinal Microflora, Gut Morphology and Immune Response of Broiler Chickens (چکیده)
1153 - Geochemistry, geochronology, isotope and fluid inclusion studies of the Kuh-e-Zar deposit, Khaf-Kashmar-Bardaskan magmatic belt, NE Iran: Evidence of gold-rich iron oxide–copper–gold deposit (چکیده)
1154 - Adaptive interval type-2 fuzzy logic systems for vehicle handling enhancement by new nonlinear model of variable geometry suspension system (چکیده)
1156 - Applying Human Performance Technology for Performance Improvement in Afghanistan High Schools (چکیده)
1157 - Synthesis and X-ray characterization of a new hybrid based polyoxometalates (چکیده)
1158 - Numerical investigation and optimization of mixed convection in ventilated square cavity filled with nanofluid of different inlet and outlet port (چکیده)
1159 - A new application of µPADs in the gold industry :cyanide titration of pulp samples (چکیده)
1160 - Generalized maximum correntropy detector for non-Gaussian environments (چکیده)
1162 - An Empirical Study of Embedding Features in Learning to Rank (چکیده)
1163 - The effect of eight weeks high intensity interval training(HIIT) on E-selectin andP-selectin in young obse female (چکیده)
1164 - Information extraction from effective descriptor variables in reconstruction of power system security region by considering correlation between loads (چکیده)
1165 - Conventional and Unconventional Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding in some Beta-diketones (چکیده)
1166 - Tautomerism, molecular structure, intramolecular hydrogen bond, and enol-enol equilibrium of para halo substituted 4,4,4-trifluoro-1- phenyl-1,3-butanedione; Experimental and theoretical studies (چکیده)
1167 - An extension of the Polya--Szego operator inequality (چکیده)
1168 - Gruss type inequalities for positive linear maps on C*-algebras (چکیده)
1169 - Reconstruction of past failure times for left type-II censored data from Weibull model (چکیده)
1170 - Efficient Dynamic Programming Algorithm With Prior Knowledge For Protein β-strand Alignment (چکیده)
1171 - How coll oquial Iraqi Language affects the Pronunciation of English Language learners (چکیده)
1172 - Biochemical pathways of sarcopenia and their modulation by physical exercise: A narrative review (چکیده)
1173 - Solutions of the system of operator equations BXA=B=AXB via *-order (چکیده)
1174 - Some Properties of Lin Wong Divergence on the Past Lifetime Data (چکیده)
1175 - Streptozotocin-induced hippocampal astrogliosis and insulin signaling malfunction as experimental scales for subclinical sporadic Alzheimer model (چکیده)
1176 - Semimetal behavior of bilayer stanene (چکیده)
1177 - A catalyst-free and green method for synthesis of 9-substituted-9H-diuracilopyrans in magnetized water: experimental aspects and molecular dynamics simulation (چکیده)
1178 - Norm Inequalities Related to the Heron and Heinz Means (چکیده)
1179 - An Efficient Neural Network Model for Solving the Absolute Value Equations (چکیده)
1180 - Design and Implementation of a Single-Phase Shunt Active Power Filter Based on PQ Theory for Current Harmonic Compensation in Electric Distribution Networks (چکیده)
1181 - Neuroprotective effect of Lovastatin on motor deficit induced by sciatic nerve crush in the rat (چکیده)
1182 - Evaluation of Different Signal Peptides for Secretory Production of Recombinant Bovine Pancreatic Ribonuclease A in Gram Negative Bacterial System: An In silico Study (چکیده)
1183 - Modified Adomian decomposition method for solving fractional optimal control problems (چکیده)
1184 - Self-Fulfillment in Higher Education: Contributions from Mastery Goal, Intrinsic Motivation, and Assertions (چکیده)
1185 - A new robust fixed-point algorithm and its convergence analysis (چکیده)
1186 - Design, implementation and performance evaluation of a proactive overload control mechanism for networks of SIP servers (چکیده)
1187 - Functions of the Heterologous Intron-Derived Fragments Intra and Extra Factor IX-cDNA Coding Region on the Human Factor IX Expression in HepG2 and Hek-293T Cells (چکیده)
1188 - In-silico evidences of regulatory roles of WT1 transcription factor binding sites on the intervening sequences of the human Bcl-2 gene (چکیده)
1189 - The investigation on the relationship between dairy cow hygiene scores and intramammary infections (چکیده)
1191 - A Method for Improving the Integrity of Peer Review (چکیده)
1192 - A novel time integration formulation for nonlinear dynamic analysis (چکیده)
1193 - Modelling Tumor-induced Angiogenesis: Combination of Stochastic Sprout Spacing and Sprout Progression (چکیده)
1194 - Serological and molecular studies on visceral leishmaniosis in stray dogs in Torbat-e-Heidareih area (چکیده)
1195 - Some vertex-degree-based topological indices under edge corona product (چکیده)
1196 - Modified differential transformation method for solving nonlinear dynamic problems (چکیده)
1197 - A Novel Hybrid Approach for Numerical Modeling of the Nucleating Flow in Laval Nozzle and Transonic Steam Turbine Blades (چکیده)
1198 - Aphid suitability for the predatory hoverfly Episyrphus balteatus altered with elevating atmospheric CO2 and sinigrin (چکیده)
1199 - The Effectiveness of a Parent-Training Program for Promoting Cognitive Performance in Preschool Children (چکیده)
1200 - A report of the unusual lesions caused by Thelazia gulosa in cattle (چکیده)
1201 - Structure, vibrational analysisi and intramolecular hydrogen bond strength of some 4-amino-3-penten-2-one derivatives (چکیده)
1202 - Load sharing control of parallel inverters with uncertainty in the output filter impedances for islanding operation of AC micro-grid (چکیده)
1203 - Effect of Feed Additives on Intestinal Histomorphology of Broilers Fed Wheat‐Based Diet (چکیده)
1204 - Optimization of carbon and nitrogen source and their concentration for antimicrobial metabolites production by Streptomyces AC135 (چکیده)
1205 - Nomenclatural notes on Acanthophyllum (Caryophylleae, Caryophyllaceae) (چکیده)
1206 - A novel approach to find and optimize bin locations and collection routes using a geographic information system (چکیده)
1207 - Economic analysis and first results of recent feed in tariff scheme for grid connected photovoltaic systems in Iran (چکیده)
1208 - Developing and Accreditation the Proposed a Model for Evaluation Educational Quality for PNU University (چکیده)
1209 - Evaluation of Hull-Less Barley with or without Enzyme Cocktail in the Finisher Diets of Broiler Chickens (چکیده)
1210 - Characterizations of continuous distributions through inequalities involving the expected values of selected functions (چکیده)
1211 - Carrier to interference ratio, rate and coverage analysis in shotgun cellular systems over composite fading channels (چکیده)
1213 - Bootstrap test for process capability indices (چکیده)
1214 - Estimation of risk premium in the Pareto distribution with the presence of outliers (چکیده)
1215 - How a multimeric macromolecule is affected by divalent salts? Experimental and simulation study (چکیده)
1216 - Synergistic effects of some essential oils against fungal spoilage on pear fruit (چکیده)
1217 - Vibration of Beam with Elastically Restrained Ends and Rotational Spring-Lumped Rotary Inertia System at Mid-Span (چکیده)
1218 - An Effective Procedure for Seismic Analysis of Arch Dams including Dam-Reservoir-Foundation Interaction Effects (چکیده)
1219 - Dynamic analysis of concrete arch dams by ideal-coupled modal approach (چکیده)
1220 - Recognizing Ecological Species Groups and their Relationships with Environmental Factors at Chamanbid-Jozak Protected Area, North Khorasan Province, Iran (چکیده)
1221 - بررسی و اهمیت طراحی سیستم جمع آوری باران(RwH) (چکیده)
1222 - The Effects of Governance Indicators on Per Capita Income, Investment and Employment in Selected Mena Countries (چکیده)
1223 - Multiple Relationships between Successful Intelligence and Self- Regulated Learning Dimensions: Comparing Gifted and Ordinary Students in Mashhad (چکیده)
1224 - Investigating the relationships among metacognitive strategy training, willingness to read English medical texts, and reading comprehension ability using structural equation modeling (چکیده)
1225 - A Relative Study to Illustrate the Infection Control Practices Based on Knowledge, Attitude and Practices at a Tertiary University Hospital (چکیده)
1226 - Some operator inequalities involving operator means and positive linear maps (چکیده)
1227 - Heros in Modern Verse Drama of England and Egypt: The Similarities of Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral and al-Sharqawi’s al-Husayn Revolutionary and Martyr (چکیده)
1228 - How CH‐based interacions affect the packing of mercury halide complexes (چکیده)
1229 - Pathogenicity, penetration and reproduction of two species of entomopathogenic nematodes,Heterorhabditis bacteriophora and Steinernema carpocapsae on pistachio root beetle larvae,Capnodis cariosa hauseri (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) (چکیده)
1230 - Effects of social isolation on growth, stress response, and immunity of zebrafish (چکیده)
1231 - Some properties of cumulativeTsallis entropy (چکیده)
1232 - Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) simulation for predicting overall acceptability of ice cream (چکیده)
1233 - Integrated Meteorological and Hydrological Drought Model: A Management Tool for Proactive Water Resources Planning of Semi-Arid Regions (چکیده)
1234 - Processing Map and Microstructure Evaluations of AA6061-Al2O3 Nanocomposite at Different Temperatures (چکیده)
1235 - Multi-kink collisions in the phi6 model (چکیده)
1236 - Study of the interference effect of propranolol and amlodipine drugs on their interaction with human serum albumin based on molecular dynamics simulation method (چکیده)
1237 - Predicting range expansion of Invasive Raccoons in Northern Iran Using GARP and ENFA Models at Two Different Scales (چکیده)
1238 - On invariant test with sequential order statistics: An open problem and some suggestions (چکیده)
1239 - Numerical simulation of Cu-water nanofluid magneto-hydro-dynamics and heat transfer cavity containing a circular cylinder of different size and positions (چکیده)
1240 - Corrigendum to -Classifying the weights of particle filter in nonlinear systems (چکیده)
1241 - High Energy Density In The Collision Of N Kinks In The φ4 Model (چکیده)
1242 - In vitro and in vivo antihydatid activity of a nano emulsion of Zataria multiflora essential oil (چکیده)
1243 - Improved corrosion inhibition of 3-amino-1,2,4- triazole on mild steel electrode in HCl solution using surface nanocrystallization (چکیده)
1244 - Fuzzy multiple deferred state attribute sampling plan in the presence of inspection errors (چکیده)
1245 - The effect of eight weeks of aerobic and interval training on serum TNF-alpha,IL-6 and hsCRP levels in female basketball players (چکیده)
1247 - ?Is there fame bias in editorial choice (چکیده)
1248 - Improving Signal Subspace Identification Using Weighted Graph Structure of Data (چکیده)
1249 - Physiological defense of the white grub, Polyphylla adspersa Motschulsky (Col., Scarabaeidae) against entomopathogenic nematodes (چکیده)
1250 - Examining the Relationship between Economic Variables and Financial Performance of the Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange (چکیده)
1251 - Novel Method for Supersonic Inlet Buzz Measurement in Wind Tunnel (چکیده)
1253 - Comparison between Two Different Pluviation Setups of Sand Specimens (چکیده)
1254 - Three-Dimensional Flow of a Dusty Fluid Toward a Stretching Sheet (چکیده)
1255 - A Compact Substrate Integrated Waveguide Diplexer Using Dual Mode Resonator as a Junction for System in Package Applications (چکیده)
1256 - On Estimation in the Exponentiated Pareto Distribution in the Presence of Outliers (چکیده)
1257 - Women's perceptions and experiences of the challenges in the process of male infertility treatment: A qualitative study (چکیده)
1258 - Comparative Morphological and Anatomical Study on Bellevalia Lapeyr. Sect. Conica and Nutans in Iran (چکیده)
1259 - A general p-value-based approach for testing quality by considering fuzzy hypotheses (چکیده)
1260 - A New Fuzzy Process Capability Index for Asymmetric Tolerance Interval (چکیده)
1261 - Appropriate position of porous insert in a heat exchanger by thermo-hydraulic analysis (چکیده)
1262 - The role of massive stars and clusters in the evolution of KH instabilities in molecular clouds (چکیده)
1263 - A dual band leaky wave antenna based on modified substrate integrated waveguide (چکیده)
1264 - Oleuropein interactions with inner and outer surface of different types of carbon nanotubes: Insights from molecular dynamic simulation (چکیده)
1265 - On the relationship between multiple intelligences and self-actualization among Iranian EFL learners (چکیده)
1266 - A Mixed Methods Research on Teachers' Beliefs about Action Research in Second Language Education (چکیده)
1267 - The roles of H- bonding, π- stacking, and antiparallel CO ⋯ CO interactions in the formation of a new Gd (III) coordination polymer based on pyridine-2,6- dicarboxylic acid (چکیده)
1268 - Super Resolution on The Centroid Reference Grid (چکیده)
1269 - A Joint Image Registration and Super Resolution Method Using a Combinational Continuous Generative Model (چکیده)
1270 - Granular Differentiability of Fuzzy-Number-Valued Functions (چکیده)
1271 - Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria in an ecological cropping system: a study on basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) essential oil production (چکیده)
1272 - A new analytical method for stress analysis of finite plates with circular cutout (چکیده)
1273 - Lithogenic and anthropogenic pollution assessment of Ni, Zn and Pb in surface soils of Mashhad plain, northeastern Iran (چکیده)
1275 - Some results on distanced-balanced and strongly distanced-balanced graphs (چکیده)
1276 - How Does Addition of Regular Aerobic Exercises, Influence the Efficacy of Calorie-Restricted Diet in Patients with Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatatis(NASH) (چکیده)
1277 - Effect of Essential Plant Oil Used as an Additive to Alter Silage Fermentation in Ruminant by In Vitro (چکیده)
1278 - Interval-valued fuzzy derivatives and solution to interval-valued fuzzy differential equations (چکیده)
1279 - An Integrated Desertification Vulnerability Index for Khorasan-Razavi, Iran (چکیده)
1280 - Characterization of a bi-functional cellulase produced by a gut bacterial resident of Rosaceae branch borer beetle, Osphranteria coerulescens (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) (چکیده)
1281 - Sedimentology of a transgressive mixed‐energy (wave/tide‐dominated) estuary, Upper Devonian Geirud Formation (Alborz Basin, northern Iran) (چکیده)
1282 - Potential Use of Wild Allium Germplasms as Native Ornamental Species in Iran (چکیده)
1283 - Effects of dexamethasone and insulin alone or in combination on reproduction in dairy cows in early lactation (چکیده)
1284 - Influence of Reaction Time of Direct Transesterification on Biodiesel Production Yield (چکیده)
1285 - Bandwidth Enhancement of the SIW Cavity Backed Slot Antennas Using Symmetric Circular Perturbation (چکیده)
1286 - Tracking error minimization in multi-loop control of UPS inverters using the reference frame transformation (چکیده)
1287 - A single-phase cascaded multilevel inverter composed of four-level sub-multilevel cells (چکیده)
1288 - Δ- Source Impedance Network (چکیده)
1289 - The Inhibitory Effects of Static Magnetic Field on Escherichia coli from two Different Sources at Short Exposure Time. (چکیده)
1290 - The non- coordinating anion 1,1,3,3- tetracyano-2- propoxy-propenide as an anion-π donor in cis- diaquabis (2,2'-dipyridylamine) zinc and its cadmium analog: Luminescence properties, Hirshfeld analysis and central-atom induced polymorphism (چکیده)
1291 - Insights from engineering the Affibody-Fc interaction with a computational-experimental method (چکیده)
1292 - Synthesis of pyrimido [4′,5′:5,6] [1,4] dithiepino [2,3- b] quinoxalines: Derivatives of a novel seven membered ring system (چکیده)
1293 - Application of Risk-BasedMultipleCriteria Decision Analysis for Selection of the Best AgriculturalScenario forEffective Watershed Management (چکیده)
1294 - Combination of purine and pyrimidine nucleosides influences growth performance, gut morphology, digestive enzymes, serum biochemical indices and immune functions in broiler chickens (چکیده)
1295 - Stable indirect adaptive interval type-2 fuzzy sliding-based control and synchronization of two different chaotic systems (چکیده)
1296 - Effect of Aligning Characteristics of Top managers with Strategic Orientation on Organizational Performance (چکیده)
1297 - A numerical study on the aerodynamic performance and the self-starting characteristics of a Darrieus wind turbine considering its moment of inertia (چکیده)
1298 - Introducing Emotioncy as an Invisible Force Controlling Causal Decisions: A Case of Attribution Theory (چکیده)
1299 - Inhibitive Effect of Nitrate on Pitting Corrosion of 17-4PH Stainless Steel (چکیده)
1300 - Neglected antibacterial activity of ethylene glycol as a common solvent (چکیده)
1301 - آشنایی با راهنماهای موضوعی سایت مرکز اطلاع رسانی و کتابخانه مرکزی دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد (چکیده)
1302 - The investigation of the central metal effects on the porphyrin-based DSSCs performance; molecular approach (چکیده)
1303 - Indirect regeneration from cotyledonary explants of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) at in vitro culture (چکیده)
1304 - Emotions and socially just teaching: a qualitative study (چکیده)
1305 - ​ Evaluation of the effectiveness of Google Scholar in authors' information retrieval (چکیده)
1306 - How inspection errors affect the performance of conditional sampling plan (چکیده)
1307 - The Impact of Social Network on the Innovative Behavior of IT Professionals: What is the role of sharing mistakes? (چکیده)
1308 - Post-Newtonian Jeans analysis (چکیده)
1309 - Estimation of surface heat flux in a one‑ dimensional hyperbolic bio‑ heat conduction problem with temperature‑ dependent properties during thermal therapy (چکیده)
1310 - A new sequential approach for solving the integro-differential equation via Haar wavelet bases (چکیده)
1311 - Crack Propagation Analysis in Concrete Gravity Dams Using Fracture Mechanics Concepts (چکیده)
1312 - Investigating the Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Burnout among EFLTeachers (چکیده)
1313 - Development of a new nanofiltration membrane for removal of kinetic hydrate inhibitor from water (چکیده)
1314 - Information seeking behaviour of ordinary and elite saffron farmers in Iran (چکیده)
1315 - Acoustic detection of different stages of the confused flour beetle (Triboium confusum) in grain bulks using an audio sensor (چکیده)
1316 - Spiritual and emotional intelligences, financial performance, tax avoidance and corporate disclosure quality in Iran (چکیده)
1317 - Academic Information Security Researchers: Hackers or Specialists? (چکیده)
1318 - A survey of different roles of polyoxometalates in their interaction with amino acids, peptides and proteins (چکیده)
1319 - Investigation of Corner Rounding Effects on the Performance of a Supersonic Air Intake (چکیده)
1320 - Do beliefs make a difference? Exploring how principal self-efficacy and instructional leadership impact teacher efficacy and commitment in Iran (چکیده)
1321 - Endophytic fungus Piriformospora indica induced systemic resistance against rice sheath blight via affecting hydrogen peroxide and antioxidants (چکیده)
1322 - Predicting the potential invasive range of raccoon in the world (چکیده)
1323 - A Model to Predict Dispersion of the Alien Nutria, Myocastor coypus Molina, 1782 (Rodentia), in Northern Iran (چکیده)
1324 - Effect of Hydrogen on Natural Gas Fueled Direct Injection Engine, a Theoretical Study (چکیده)
1325 - Theoretical study of the effect of hydrogen addition to natural gas-fueled direct-injection engines (چکیده)
1326 - Prediction of performance a direct injection engine fueled with natural gas-hydrogen blends (چکیده)
1327 - A Review on Numerical and Experimental Results of Hydrogen Addition to Natura Gas in Internal Combustion Engines (چکیده)
1328 - Biocontrol of Planococcus citri (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) by Lecanicillium longisporum and Lecanicillium lecanii under laboratory and greenhouse conditions (چکیده)
1329 - Mining Actionable Insights from Social Networksat WSDM 2017 (چکیده)
1330 - Assessment of patterns and variability in lower extremity coordination between genders with different shoe insole stiffness during jump-landing tasks (چکیده)
1331 - Improvement of kiwifruit drying using computer vision system (CVS) and ALM clustering method (چکیده)
1332 - Effect of shoe insole density on impact characteristics and performance during a jump-landing task (چکیده)
1333 - Academic Journals Plagued by Bogus Impact Factors (چکیده)
1334 - The first coordination compounds of OP[NC4H8O]3 phosphoric triamide ligand: structural study and Hirshfeld surface analysis of SnIV and MnII complexes (چکیده)
1335 - Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Fluid Inclusion and Oxygen Isotope Investigations of Epithermal Cu ± Ag Veins of the Khur Area, Lut Block, Eastern Iran (چکیده)
1336 - Multi-loop control of UPS inverter with a plug-in odd-harmonic repetitive controller (چکیده)
1337 - Systems theory and it’s Applications in Quranic studiesنظریّة سیستم¬ها و کارکردهای قرآنی آن (چکیده)
1338 - Surface decomposition of dimethyl methylphosphonate on SnO2 nanoparticles: role of nanoparticle size (چکیده)
1339 - Emotioncy: A Concept to Explain the Origin of Personality Traits (چکیده)
1340 - Theoretical evaluation of N-alkylcarbazoles potential in hydrogen release (چکیده)
1341 - Selective Binding of Cyclic Nanopeptide with Halides and Ion Pairs; a DFT-D3 Study (چکیده)
1342 - Solving Linear Two-Dimensional Fredholm Integral Equations System by Trianglular Functions (چکیده)
1343 - Two competitor inequality indices in Burr XII distribution (چکیده)
1344 - Light and electron microscopic investigation of semelil (angiparstm) on therapeutic process after chronic myocardial infarction in rabbit (چکیده)
1345 - A two-way couple of Eulerian-Lagrangian model for particle transport with different sizes in an obstructed channel (چکیده)
1346 - B-sheet Topology Prediction Using Probability-based Integer Programming (چکیده)
1347 - U-Pb geochronology and petrogenesis of intrusive rocks: Constraints on the mode of genesis and timing of Cu mineralization in SWSK area, Lut Block (چکیده)
1348 - The ductility and toughness improvement in metallic glass through the dual effects of graphene interface (چکیده)
1349 - An analytical solution for axisymmetric buckling of annular plates based on perturbation technique (چکیده)
1350 - Quantum information inequalities via tracial positive linear maps (چکیده)
1351 - Olivemill wastewater-enriched diet positively affects growth, oxidative and immune status and intestinal microbiota in the crayfish, Astacus leptodactylus (چکیده)
1352 - Conformational Analysis and Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding in 4-Butylmino-3-Penten-2-One (چکیده)
1353 - Two Extended Formulations for Cardinality Maximum Flow Network Interdiction Problem (چکیده)
1354 - Synthesis of PE/MWCNT Nanocomposites Through in-situ polymerization using Mixture of Pyridilimine [N, N] catalysts based on Ni & Fe (چکیده)
1355 - The Effect of Observing Different Types of Information on Learning a Novel Motor Skill (چکیده)
1356 - A novel approach to determine synchronization index oflactating dairy cow diets with minimal sensitivity to random variations (چکیده)
1357 - The effect of Mycorrhizal fungi on the amount of glycine betaine, soluble sugar,proline,leaf water content and leaf chlorophyll of the white seedless grape under drought stress conditions (چکیده)
1358 - Phase-Field Simulation of Counter-Current Spontaneous Imbibition in a Fractured Heterogeneous Porous Medium (چکیده)
1359 - Estimation of the Lomax distribution in the Presence of Outliers (چکیده)
1360 - Dublin Core Metadata Element Set usage in national libraries' web sites (چکیده)
1361 - The Consolidation of Life Issues and Language Teaching on the Life-Language Model of Emotioncy (چکیده)
1362 - Effects of curcumin or nanocurcumin on blood biochemical parameters, intestinal morphology and microbial population of broiler chickens reared under normal and cold stress conditions (چکیده)
1363 - Modulational instability of dust ion acoustic waves in astrophysical dusty plasmas with non thermal electrons (چکیده)
1364 - Improvement in charge transfer dynamic of the porphyrin-based solar cells in water: A theoretical study (چکیده)
1365 - Microstructural and textural properties of puffed snack prepared from partially deffated almond powder and corn flour (چکیده)
1366 - Effect of Ant Attendance on Aphid Population Growth and above ground Biomass of the Aphid’s Host Plant (چکیده)
1367 - Riesz family of shifts of a finite number of functions on LCA-groups (چکیده)
1368 - The Expansion of Economic Order Quantity Model to Reduce the Costs of Internet Recruitment Innovative Technologies in cities (چکیده)
1369 - Reservoir geomechanical modeling: In-situ stress, pore pressure, and mud design (چکیده)
1370 - Numerical solution of nonlinear integral equations using Haar wavelets (چکیده)
1371 - Redesigning a built landscape in compliance with the psychological process of formal features perception (چکیده)
1372 - Dynamic Pull-In Behavior of Rotating Micro-Bridge Gyroscopes Considering Harmonic Base Excitations and Application of Instantaneous DC Voltage (چکیده)
1373 - A comparative study of hamlet and haideras its indian adaptation by vishal bhardwaj (چکیده)
1374 - Statistical inferences based on independent and non-identically distributed progressively Type-II censored order statistics (چکیده)
1375 - Appraisal of acidulants and acid-binding capacity in corn-soybean meal diets on productive variables, nutrient digestibility and gastrointestinal ecology of broilers (چکیده)
1376 - Gruss type inequalities for positive linear maps and Hilbert C-modules (چکیده)
1377 - An extension of Lepingle inequality in von Neumann algebras with finite trace (چکیده)
1378 - On probability inequalities in the noncommutative setting (چکیده)
1379 - Investigation of Soil–Structure Interaction Effects on Seismic Response of a 5 MW Wind Turbine (چکیده)
1380 - Entropy generation analysis of free convection from a constant temperature vertical plate using similarity solution (چکیده)
1381 - Effect of six weeks of high intensity interval training and zinc ‎supplement on serum creatine kinase and uric acid levels in ‎futsal players (چکیده)
1382 - طراحی بهینه در تجدید سیم بندی استاتور موتور القایی سه فاز HV برای رسیدن به ولتاژ مجاز جدید به کمک الگوریتم ژنتیک (چکیده)
1383 - MS-TWSVM: Mahalanobis distance-based Structural Twin Support Vector Machine (چکیده)
1384 - Crossflow Filtration of Sodium Chloride Solution by A Polymeric Nanofilter: Minimization of Concentration Polarization by a Novel Backpulsing Method (چکیده)
1385 - Maximum Tsallis entropy with generalized Gini and Gini mean difference indices constraints (چکیده)
1386 - Increasing the efficiency of microfluidic micromixer with gaps and baffles using design of experiments based on Taguchi method (چکیده)
1387 - Prioritise of strategic entrepreneurship dimensions of sports manufacturing industry of Iran (چکیده)
1388 - Application and Assessment of a Heated Water System by Solar Energy (چکیده)
1389 - Developmental Role of Phenylalanine-ammonia-lyase (PAL) and Cinnamate 4-Hydroxylase (C4H) Genes During Adventitious Rooting of Juglans Regia L. Microshoots (چکیده)
1390 - An Optimal Fuzzy Controller Stabilizing the Rod and Controlling the Position of Single Wheeled Inverted Pendulums (چکیده)
1391 - Variable Impedance Control for Rehabilitation Robot using Interval type-2 fuzzy logic (چکیده)
1392 - Synbiotic potential of Doogh supplemented with free and encapsulated Lactobacillus plantarum LS5 and Helianthus tuberosus inulin (چکیده)
1393 - An ontology based data model for Iranian research information (چکیده)
1394 - Topological coarse shape homotopy groups (چکیده)
1395 - Integral representation for solutions of the wave equation by shearlets (چکیده)
1396 - The Effect of Herbal Plant Mixture (HPM) on Gas Production Kinetics in In Vitro (چکیده)
1397 - Chiapas (Le) (چکیده)
1398 - Development of a multi-level adaptive fuzzy controller for beyond pull-in stabilization of electrostatically actuated microplates (چکیده)
1399 - A constraint model for beam flexure modules with an intermediate semi-rigid element (چکیده)
1400 - Characterization of the static behavior of electrically actuated micro-plates using extended Kantorovich method (چکیده)
1401 - A comparative study of hamlet and haider as its indian adaptation by vishal bhardwaj: An intertextual Approach (چکیده)
1402 - QRS complex detection based on simple robust 2-D pictorial-geometrical feature (چکیده)
1403 - Evaluation of different statistical methods using SAS software: an in silico approach for analysis of real-time PCR data (چکیده)
1404 - Effect of a new specimen size on fatigue crack growth behavior in thick-walled pressure vessels (چکیده)
1405 - The Rivalry of Reinforcing and Subversive Discourse in Iranian Hit Singles (چکیده)
1406 - Shakespeare Tragedies Recontextualized as Comedies in Iran State TV Sitcom, Kolah Ghermezī (چکیده)
1407 - An in-silico investigation into the bacterial exotoxins affecting cell death for designing a new generation of anti-cancer drugs (چکیده)
1408 - Assessment the lethal dosage of bacterial toxins for designing a series of novel immunotoxins (چکیده)
1409 - Designing and evaluation a new generation of the effective immunotoxins for sarcoma based on in-silico Investigation (چکیده)
1410 - Evidences of the present of the promoter like elements into the non-coding regions of the human coagulation factor VIII gene (چکیده)
1411 - Improving Stateful Robustness Testing of Embedded Real-Time Operating System (چکیده)
1412 - MPI- and CUDA- implementations of modal finite difference method for P-SV wave propagation modeling (چکیده)
1413 - On estimating the distribution function and odds using ranked set sampling (چکیده)
1414 - Fuzzy multivariate process capability vector (چکیده)
1415 - Assessing the Lifetime Performance Index based on Ranked Set and Median Ranked Set Sampling (چکیده)
1416 - Barmakids stylistic portrait in the slave girl of the arabian nights (چکیده)
1417 - Advanced refinements of Young and Heinz inequalities (چکیده)
1418 - Reverses of the Young inequality for matrices and operators (چکیده)
1419 - Estimates of operator convex and operator monotone functions on bounded intervals (چکیده)
1420 - Estimation and Prediction in a Two-Parameter Exponential Distribution Based on k-Record Values under LINEX Loss Function (چکیده)
1421 - Theoretical Foundations of Translation Studies (چکیده)
1422 - Gene Therapy; Pros and Cons (چکیده)
1423 - The role of soil moisture accounting in estimation of soil evaporation and transpiration (چکیده)
1424 - An artificial neural network for solving quadratic zero-one programming problems (چکیده)
1425 - Interaction Between Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ and Adrenergic System on Food Intake in Neonatal Chicken (چکیده)
1426 - The analysis of moderating role of perceived instrumentality and networking ability in relation between creativity and implementation of ideas (Case study of Taghdis Porcelain Company) (چکیده)
1427 - On a new positive dependence concept based on the conditional mean inactivity time order (چکیده)
1428 - Geometry of interest (GOI): spatio-temporal destination extraction and partitioning in GPS trajectory data (چکیده)
1429 - Fusion based learning approach for predicting concrete pouring productivity based on construction and supply parameters (چکیده)
1430 - Enhancing the quality of geometries of interest (GOIs) extracted from GPS trajectory data using spatio-temporal data aggregation and outlier detection (چکیده)
1431 - Stylistic Features of Holden Caulfield’s Language in J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye: A Corpus-Based Study (چکیده)
1432 - The value of song lyrics for teaching and learning English phrasal verbs: a corpus investigation of four music genres (چکیده)
1433 - Synthesis and Spectral Characterization of Copper(II), Cobalt(II), and Iron(ш) Complexes Containing Pre-organized Ligand of 1,10-Phenanthroline-2,9-Dicarboxylic Acid (چکیده)
1434 - Hydrothermal synthesis of two inorganic–organic hybrids supported by Keggin type polyoxometalates and pyridine-3,5-dicarboxylic acid (چکیده)
1435 - A Clustering Approach to Schedule Workflows to Run on the Cloud (چکیده)
1436 - Radiolarian productivity linked to climate conditions during the Pliensbachian–Aalenian in the Kermanshah Basin (West Iran) (چکیده)
1437 - CCA: a deadline-constrained workflow scheduling algorithm for multicore resources on the cloud (چکیده)
1438 - The Effect of Speed, Accuracy and Effector on Generalizability of Motor Program (چکیده)
1439 - comparison of the ideas about saying amen from the perspective of imamiya and sunni jurists (چکیده)
1440 - Emotional controller (BELBIC) based DTC for encoderless Synchronous Reluctance Motor drives (چکیده)
1441 - Implementation of emotional controller (BELBIC) for synchronous reluctance motor drive (چکیده)
1442 - Electrophysiological effects of Haplophillum Robustum hydroalcoholic extract as a proconvulsant plant model and comparison with PTZ model in wistar rat (چکیده)
1443 - Phenytoin intraperitoneal administration effects on neuropathic pain induced by chronic constriction injury in male rats (چکیده)
1444 - Comparison of The Anti-inflammatory Effect of Aqueous Extract of Melia azedirach. L Leaves with it’s the Hydro-alcoholic Extract of Plant on Male Rats (چکیده)
1445 - Periodic Leaky-Wave Antenna with Transverse Slots Based on Substrate Integrated Waveguide (چکیده)
1446 - The Effect of Corporate Governance and Audit Quality on Disclosure Quality: Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange (چکیده)
1447 - The Relationship Between Institutional and Management Ownership and Financial Flexibility in Iran (چکیده)
1448 - Investigation of the possibility of removing the grid side inductance from the LLCL filter circuit (چکیده)
1449 - Efficient indexing for semantic search (چکیده)
1450 - Studying the effects of the lung mass on the absorbed dose to the lung due to the administration of 131I for therapeutic purposes (چکیده)
1451 - Gravitational instability of filamentary molecular clouds, including ambipolar diffusion (چکیده)
1452 - Sartre et Beauvoir : De la dialectique de l’influence au dialogue des pensées interpénétrées (چکیده)
1453 - Spiritual Intelligence of Grade Three Senior High School Students in Iran: A Factorial and Theoretical Approach (چکیده)
1454 - Repair in EFL talk: A case of Iranian intermediate and advanced EFL learners (چکیده)
1455 - Sono-incorporation of CuO nanoparticles on the surface and into the mesoporous hexatitanate layers: Enhanced Fenton-like activity in degradation of orange-G at its neutral pH (چکیده)
1456 - Agricultural Insurance and Intensification Investment: Case Study of Khorasan Razavi Province (چکیده)
1457 - Effects of Ammoniated Sugar Beet Pulp by Different Levels of Ammonia and High Levels of Water with Additional of Enzyme on Parameters of in vitro Gas Production and Fermentation Properties (چکیده)
1458 - Understanding the mechanism, thermodynamic and kinetic features of Kukhtin-Ramirez reaction in carbamate synthesis from carbon dioxide (چکیده)
1459 - Energy-Aware Optimal Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network Using Integer/Linear Programming (چکیده)
1460 - The Semelil (ANGIPARS™) ameliorates cardiac functional disturbances after experimental chronic myocardial infarction model in rabbit (چکیده)
1461 - Very high gain three-phase indirect matrix converter with two Z-source networks in its structure (چکیده)
1462 - Bioactive and ACE binding properties of three synthetic peptides assessed by various spectroscopy techniques (چکیده)
1463 - بررسی اثر استفاده از سطوح مختلف آفت کش دیازینون ) diazinon ( همراه و یا بدون بنتونیت سدیم بر پارامترهای تولید گاز در شرایط in vitro (چکیده)
1464 - Some properties of the Canberra inequality index (چکیده)
1465 - Sensing Ability of Hybrid Cyclic Nanopeptides Based on Thiourea Cryptands for Different Ions, A Joint DFT-D3/MD Study (چکیده)
1466 - An ontology based data model for Iranian research information (چکیده)
1467 - Mappings preserving approximate orthogonality in Hilbert C∗-modules (چکیده)
1468 - Surface chemistry of as synthesized and amine exchanged colloidal PbS quantum dots (چکیده)
1469 - Electrical Contact Failure Detection Based on Dynamic Resistance Principle Component Analysis and RBF Neural Network (چکیده)
1470 - Effects of spring and autumn prescribed fires on plant species diversity and ecological groups in a dry grassland (چکیده)
1471 - An enhanced optimization kernel for analog IC design automation using the shrinking circles technique (چکیده)
1472 - Growth performance, feed digestibility, body composition, and feeding behavior of high- and low-residual feed intake fat-tailed lambs under moderate feed restriction (چکیده)
1473 - Evaluation of weed flora and biodiversity indices in Saffron fields (Case study: Khorasan province) (چکیده)
1474 - Causal Knowledge Analysis for Detecting and Modeling (چکیده)
1475 - Development of Low Profile Substrate Integrated Waveguide Horn Antenna with Improved Gain (چکیده)
1476 - Cultural Intelligence of English Language Learners within a Mono-Cultural Context (چکیده)
1477 - Optimum Interaction Between Magnetohydrodynamics and Nanofluid for Thermal and Drag Management (چکیده)
1478 - On The Gravitational Stability Of The Maclaurin Disl (چکیده)
1479 - Size-dependent dynamic pull-in analysis of geometric non-linear micro-plates based on the modified couple stress theory (چکیده)
1480 - Deadbeat Control of the Stand-Alone Four-Leg Inverter Considering the Effect of the Neutral Line Inductor (چکیده)
1481 - The Semelil (ANGIPARS™) ameliorates cardiac functional disturbances after Permanent Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery Occlusion Model in rabbit (چکیده)
1482 - Comparison of artificial neural networks and logistic regression as potential methods for predicting weed populations on dryland chickpea and winter wheat fields of Kurdistan province, Iran (چکیده)
1483 - Fabrication of basil seed gum nanoparticles as a novel oral delivery system of glutathione (چکیده)
1484 - Maximum entropy estimation of income share function from generalized Gini index (چکیده)
1485 - Transect-plot inventory, a method for arid and semi arid forests (A New Edition Method) (چکیده)
1486 - Flow and Heat Management Around Obstacle by Nanofluid and Incidence Angle (چکیده)
1488 - Hopf bifurcation for a discontinuous HTLV-1 model (چکیده)
1489 - Optimal control therapy and vaccination for special HIV-1 model (چکیده)
1490 - Thermal Antioxidative Kinetics of Hydroxytyrosol in Selected Lipid Systems of Different Unsaturation Degree (چکیده)
1491 - Generalized entropy maximization under a general constraints (چکیده)
1492 - Investigating the Transit Orient ed Development i n New Urbanism, Case Study: Subway Statio ns Development in Mashhad (چکیده)
1493 - Optimal Control of a Delayed HIV Infection Model via Fourier Series (چکیده)
1494 - تأثیر روش ساخت بر ریز ساختار و رفتار تبلور شیشه های زیست فعالSiO₂-CaO-P₂O₅ (چکیده)
1495 - A new method for solving of Darboux problem with Haar Wavelet (چکیده)
1496 - Optimal placement of data aggregators in smart grid on hybrid wireless and wired communication (چکیده)
1497 - Remarks on The Inner Power of Graphs (چکیده)
1498 - Reconstruction of Security region with high information content using effective attributes extraction (چکیده)
1499 - The effect of different levels of probiotic and limestone on relative weight of the internal organs, digestive PH and body weight in laying hens (چکیده)
1500 - Effects of drought and slope aspect on canopy facilitation in a mountainous rangeland (چکیده)
1504 - Are Entomopathogenic Nematodes Effective Biological Control Agents Against the Carob Moth, Ectomyelois ceratoniae? (چکیده)
1505 - Glucose derivatives substitution and cyclic peptide diameter effects on the stability of the self-assembled cyclic peptide nanotubes; a joint QM/MD study (چکیده)
1506 - Unitarily invariant norm inequalities for elementary operators involving G_{1} operators (چکیده)
1507 - Robust Crowdsourcing-based Linear Regression (چکیده)
1508 - One-sample Prediction based on Weibull Interval Censored Data (چکیده)
1509 - Viscosity to entropy ratio of QGP in relativistic heavy ion collisions: The second-order viscose hydrodynamics (چکیده)
1510 - A new iterative model updating technique based on least squares minimal residual method using incomplete modal data (چکیده)
1511 - Herbicidal activity of coumarin when applied as a pre-plant incorporated into soil (چکیده)
1512 - Broiler breeding strategies using indirect carcass measurements (چکیده)
1513 - Effect of age and housing system on genetic parameters for broiler carcass traits (چکیده)
1514 - How irrigation rounds and mother corm size control saffron yield,quality, daughter corms behavior and phosphorus uptake (چکیده)
1515 - Non-destructive evaluation of maturity and quality parameters of pomegranate fruit by visible/near infrared spectroscopy (چکیده)
1516 - Solving linear two-dimensional Fredholm integral equations system by triangular functions (چکیده)
1517 - Controlled grafting of vinylic monomers on polyolefins: a robust mathematical modeling approach (چکیده)
1518 - Vulnerability assessment of urban groundwater resources to Nitrate: The case study of Mashhad, Iran. (چکیده)
1519 - Preparation, characterization and in-vivo evaluation of microemulsions containing tamoxifen citrate anti-cancer drug (چکیده)
1520 - Synthesis and Docking Analysis of New Heterocyclic System N1, N4-bis ((2-chloroquinolin-3-yl) methylene) benzene-1, 4-diamine as Potential Human AKT1 Inhibitor (چکیده)
1521 - Echocardiographic Evaluation of the Effects of High-Intensity Interval Training on Cardiac Morphology and Function (چکیده)
1522 - Comparative analysis of competitive state Anxiety among team sport and individual sport athletes in Iran (چکیده)
1523 - Multi-loop control of stand-alone inverters with minimum number of sensors (چکیده)
1524 - Modeling for thermal augmentation of turbulent flow in a circular tube fitted with twisted conical strip inserts (چکیده)
1525 - Anthocyanin Evaluation of 16 Indigenous Barberry Genotypes “Genetic Resources for Iranian Seedless Barberry Breeding” (چکیده)
1526 - Acceleration in a nonplanar time-dependent billiard (چکیده)
1527 - Risk Management of Upstream Oil and Gas Contracts towards Attracting Investments (چکیده)
1528 - Synthesis, Characterisation, and in Vitro Antibacterial Evaluation of a New Class of 2-substituted-4-methyl-7,8-dihydro-5H-pyrimido[4,5-d]thiazolo[3,2-a] Pyrimidines (چکیده)
1531 - Narrative intelligence represented in translational success: issues of coherence, gaps, complexity and aesthetics (چکیده)
1532 - ?Why Fuzzy Quality (چکیده)
1533 - Study of extended spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL) E.coli isolated from patients with urinary tract infection by double disc synergy test in Mashhad (چکیده)
1534 - Survey of antibiotic-resistance patterns in E.coli isolated from patients with Urinary Tract Infection in Mashhad (چکیده)
1535 - Deriving an intelligent model for soil compression index utilizing multi-gene genetic programming (چکیده)
1536 - Analysis of respiratory events in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome: Inter-relations and association to simple nocturnal features (چکیده)
1538 - Nonparametric Confidence Intervals Based on Record Values (چکیده)
1539 - A comparison of nutritional value of raisin wastes obtained from two Iranian grape varieties by in vitro rumen fermentation (چکیده)
1540 - Design of Model Predictive Control of two-wheeled inverted pendulum robot (چکیده)
1541 - The Tilt Model Acoustic Survey of Intonation in Children with Sever Autism (چکیده)
1542 - Uprising nano memories: Latest advances in monolithic three dimensional (3D) integrated Flash memories (چکیده)
1543 - Development of a Wideband and Inclined Polarized Cavity Backed Slot Antenna Using SIW Structure (چکیده)
1544 - Interdiction problem as a tool to identify an effective budget allocation to quality improvement plans (چکیده)
1546 - Relationship of Attachment Styles and Emotional Intelligence With Marital Satisfaction (چکیده)
1547 - Experimental study of the effect of zeolite 4A treated with magnesium hydroxide on the characteristics and gas-permeation properties of polysulfone-based mixed-matrix membranes (چکیده)
1548 - Diversity of cross-resistance patterns to ACCase-inhibiting herbicides in wild oat (Avena ludiviciana) biotypes (چکیده)
1549 - Fatigue Strength and Fatigue Fracture Mechanism for Spot Welds in U-Shape Specimens (چکیده)
1550 - Dilute solution, flow behavior, thixotropy and viscoelastic characterization of cress seed ( Lepidium sativum ) gum fractions (چکیده)
1551 - Effect of in ovo injection of threonine on immunoglobulin A gene expression in the intestine of Japanese quail at hatch (چکیده)
1552 - Global asymptotic stabilisation of rational dynamical systems based on solving BMI (چکیده)
1553 - Design and comparison of nine-level single-phase inverters with a pair of coupled inductors and two dc sources (چکیده)
1554 - Developing an Iranian green building assessment tool using decision making methods and geographical information system: Case study in Mashhad city (چکیده)
1555 - Numerical Investigation of Water Drop Movement within a Microchannel under Electrowetting Phenomenon (چکیده)
1556 - Association between three prominent climatic teleconnections and precipitation in Iran using wavelet coherence (چکیده)
1557 - Inventory model with dynamic demand under the permissible delay in payments (چکیده)
1558 - An efficient recurrent neural network model for solving fuzzy non-linear programming problems (چکیده)
1559 - Microstructure, mechanical analysis and optimal selection of 7075 aluminum alloy based composite reinforced with alumina nanoparticles (چکیده)
1560 - Examining the Stroking Behavior of English, Persian, and Arabic School Teachers in Iran: A Mixed-methods Study (چکیده)
1561 - Application of meshless local integral equations for two-dimensional transient coupled hygrothermoelasticity analysis: Moisture and thermoelastic wave propagations under shock loading (چکیده)
1562 - Mechanism of 1,3‑ dipolar cycloaddition reactions of indan‑ 1‑ one enamines with aryl nitrile oxide: a DFT analysis (چکیده)
1563 - The Effec of Memantine on Functional Recovery of the Sciatic Nerve Crush Injury in Rats (چکیده)
1564 - A novel mutation operator based on the union of fitness and design spaces information for Differential Evolution (چکیده)
1565 - Mass production of highly-porous graphene for high-performance supercapacitors (چکیده)
1566 - Modeling SIP Normal Traffic to Detect and Prevent SIP-VoIP Flooding Attacks Using Fuzzy Logic (چکیده)
1567 - An Anomaly Based VoIP DoS Attack Detection and Prevention Method Using Fuzzy Logic (چکیده)
1568 - Investigation of structural stability and enzymatic activity of glucose oxidase and its subunits (چکیده)
1569 - On the Estimation of pdf, CDF and rth moment for the Exponentiated Pareto Distribution in the Presence of Outliers (چکیده)
1570 - Design of a Secure Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme Preserving User Privacy Usable in Telecare Medicine Information Systems (چکیده)
1571 - Effects of in ovo injection of threonine on hatchability, intestinal morphology, and somatic attributes of Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) (چکیده)
1572 - Comparison of Systems Ageing Properties by Gini-type Index (چکیده)
1573 - The Effect of Marshallagia marshalli on Serum Gastrin Concentrations in Experimentally Infected Lambs (چکیده)
1574 - Analytical and experimental investigation of the effect of SPS and hot rolling on the microstructure and flexural behavior of Ti6Al4V matrix reinforced with in-situ TiB and TiC (چکیده)
1575 - Inequalities for sums of random variables in noncommutative probability spaces (چکیده)
1576 - Lead redistribution in a mine soil treated with three manures and incubated at two different temperatures (چکیده)
1577 - Negative dependence for fuzzy random variables: basic definitions and some limit theorems (چکیده)
1578 - Dissecting the immune defence against the entomopathogenic nematodes: fluctuation of Cecropin and haemocytes during infection of Spodotera exigua (چکیده)
1579 - Voltage positive feedback based active method for islanding detection of photovoltaic system with string inverter using sliding mode controller (چکیده)
1580 - Recent developments of Gruss type inequalities for positive linear maps (چکیده)
1581 - Explaining and validating stressed power systems behavior using modal series (چکیده)
1582 - Stratification of Iranian LIS academics in terms of visibility, effectiveness and scientific and professional performance: Research report Part 1 (چکیده)
1583 - Fatigue resistance of monolithic CAD/CAM ceramic crowns on human premolars (چکیده)
1584 - Mixing dynamic relaxation method with load factor and displacement increments (چکیده)
1585 - Analytical solution for free vibration of flexible 2D rectangular tanks (چکیده)
1586 - Time Integration Method Based on Discrete Transfer Function (چکیده)
1587 - Performance Evaluation of Circuit Breaker Electrical Contact Based on Dynamic Resistance Signature and Using Health Index (چکیده)
1588 - A Novel Hexahedral Interface Element for Nonlinear Crack Analysis (چکیده)
1589 - Development of an Enhanced Gain Substrate Integrated Waveguide H-plane Horn Antenna Using Thin Substarte (چکیده)
1590 - E-correlator: an entropy-based alert correlation system (چکیده)
1591 - Risk-based Intrusion Response Management in IDS using Bayesian Decision Networks (چکیده)
1592 - Towards modeling soil texture-specific sensitivity of wheat yield and water balance to climatic changes (چکیده)
1593 - The Effectiveness of Strategy-Based Instruction in Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language: A Meta-analysis of Experimental Studies (چکیده)
1594 - Exploring English Language Learning Policies in Iran Based on Secondary School Course Books for Learning English in Light of Globalization and Culture (چکیده)
1595 - Semantic tagging and linking of software engineering social content (چکیده)
1596 - Evaluation of neuroprotective, anticonvulsant, sedative and anxiolytic activity of citicoline in rats (چکیده)
1597 - Some considerations on instability of combined loaded thin-walled tubes with a crack (چکیده)
1598 - Optimisation and modelling green bean's ultrasound blanching (چکیده)
1599 - Some results on Kwong functions and related inequalities (چکیده)
1600 - New insights into the taxonomy of the skittering frog Euphlyctis cyanophlyctis complex (Schneider, 1799) (Amphibia: Dicroglossidae) based on mitochondrial 16S rRNA gene sequences in southern Asia (چکیده)
1601 - Effect of temperature and light on germination behavior of PSII inhibiting herbicide resistant and susceptible junglerice (Echinochloa colona) populations (چکیده)
1602 - Three-Dimensional Stagnation- Point Flow and Heat Transfer of a Dusty Fluid Toward a Stretching Sheet (چکیده)
1603 - Anthocyanin Evaluation of 16 Indigenous Barberry Genotypes “Genetic Resources for Iranian Seedless Barberry Breeding” (چکیده)
1604 - On the yield point phenomenon in low-carbon steels with ferrite-cementite microstructure (چکیده)
1605 - A two stage learning method for protein-protein interaction prediction (چکیده)
1606 - میزان رشداندام هوایی گیاهان شبدر، شنبلیله و ماشک درپاسخ به تلقیح دونوع قارچ میکوریزا (چکیده)
1607 - A Low Profile, Broadband Linearly and Circularly Polarized Cavity Backed Antenna Using Halved-Dual Mode SIW Cavity (چکیده)
1608 - Stress Intensity Factors Evaluation for Rolling Contact Fatigue Cracks in Rails (چکیده)
1609 - A new approach for numerical solution of a linear system with distributed delays, Volterra delay-integro-differential equations, and nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm integral equation by Bezier curves (چکیده)
1610 - Long term rainfall forecasting by integrated artificial neural network-fuzzy logic-wavelet model in Karoon basin (چکیده)
1611 - Development of Circularly Polarized Cavity Backed Slot Antennas Using SIW Structure (چکیده)
1612 - A salient reduction of energy consumption and drying time in a novel PV-solar collector-assisted intermittent infrared dryer (چکیده)
1613 - Bear Invariants of Certain Class of Groups (چکیده)
1614 - Implications of Urwatel Wusqa from the Perspective of Interpreters: Emphasis on the Ideas Presented by the Author of Bayān al-sa'ādah Tafsir (چکیده)
1615 - Residual Probability Function, Associated Orderings, and Related Aging Classes (چکیده)
1616 - On Relative Reversed Hazard Rate Order (چکیده)
1617 - Inequalities for generalized Euclidean operator radius via Young's inequality (چکیده)
1618 - Solvent and spin state effects on molecular structure, IR spectra, binding energies and quantum chemical reactivity indices of deferiprone-ferric complex: DFT study (چکیده)
1619 - Results on Tsallis entropy of order statistics and record values (چکیده)
1620 - Antioxidant and Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitory Properties of GL-9 Peptide (چکیده)
1621 - Study of individual lactation patterns of Iranian dairy buffaloes (چکیده)
1622 - Structural scope of six new layered to pillar-layered hybrid inorganic-organic networks bearing [BW12O40]5- and lanthanoid-cluster; data base study toward ligand role in assemblies (چکیده)
1623 - External Factors Affecting Second Language Motivation: The Role of Teacher Burnout and Family Influence (چکیده)
1624 - Mitochondrial DNA phylogeny of camel spiders (Arachnida: Solifugae) from Iran (چکیده)
1625 - social aspects of male infertility:the percepective and expertences of iranian woman (چکیده)
1626 - Can incivility impair team's creative performance through paralyzing employee's knowledge sharing? A multi-level approach (چکیده)
1627 - Analysis of cracked skeletal structures by utilizing a cracked beam-column element (چکیده)
1628 - Introducing new cracked finite elements and a method for SIF calculation of cracks (چکیده)
1629 - The role of nitric oxide in basal and induced resistance in relation with hydrogen peroxide and antioxidant enzymes (چکیده)
1630 - Injectable hydrogel delivery plus preconditioning of mesenchymal stem cells: exploitation of SDF-1/CXCR4 axis toward enhancing the efficacy of stem cells’ homing (چکیده)
1631 - Evaluation of the culling rate in cows with interdigital necrobacillosis (چکیده)
1632 - On upper bounds for the variance of functions of random variables with weighted distributions (چکیده)
1633 - Designing a Model of Consumer Purchase Behavior towards Domestic Brands of Sports Apparel (چکیده)
1634 - Modeling and scheduling hybrid workflows of tasks and task interaction graphs on the cloud (چکیده)
1635 - Effect of formal and informal likelihood functions on uncertainty assessment in a single event rainfall-runoff mode (چکیده)
1636 - A New Robust Correntropy Based Levenberg- Marquardt Algorithm (چکیده)
1637 - Photostability and visible-light-driven photoactivity enhancement of hierarchical ZnS nanoparticles: The role of embedment of stable defect sites on the catalyst surface with the assistant of ultrasonic waves (چکیده)
1638 - Estimating The lifetime performance index of Products for Two-Parameter Exponential Distribution With the Progressive First-Failure Censored Sample (چکیده)
1639 - A class of process capability indices for asymmetric tolerances (چکیده)
1640 - Exercise Increases Markers of Spermatogenesis in Rats Selectively Bred for Low Running Capacity (چکیده)
1641 - Evaluation of the effects of rainwater harvesting techniques on soil moisture balance in semi-arid climatic conditions (چکیده)
1642 - Through the Iranian Fansubbing Glass: Insights into Taboo Language Rendition into Persian (چکیده)
1643 - A novel tubular hydrogen bond pattern in the crystal structure of a new diazaphosphole oxide: (4-Cl-C6H4NH)P(O)(1,2-NH)2C6H4 (چکیده)
1644 - Fast active islanding detection method based on second harmonic drifting for inverter-based distributed generation (چکیده)
1645 - A Neural Network Approach for Solving a Class of Fractional Optimal Control Problems (چکیده)
1646 - Nasal and Indoors Fungal Contamination in Healthy Subjects (چکیده)
1647 - Effect of resin pocket area on the mechanical strength and crack propagation of tapered sandwich composites (چکیده)
1649 - Viscosity to entropy ratio of QGP in relativistic heavy ion collision: Hard thermal loop corrections (چکیده)
1650 - Comparing the empirical powers of several independence tests in generalized FGM family (چکیده)
1651 - Large eddy simulation of the flameless oxidation in the IFRF furnace with varying inlet conditions (چکیده)
1652 - Catford's Shift Translation and the Assessment of a Persian Translation of The Old Man and The Sea (چکیده)
1653 - Microstructure and corrosion characterization of the interfacial region in dissimilar friction stir welded AA5083 to AA7023 (چکیده)
1654 - The effect of Riluzole on functional recovery of locomotion in the rat sciatic nerve crush model (چکیده)
1655 - Modified Substrate Integrated Wave Guide (SIW) Horn Antenna (چکیده)
1656 - Renyi entropy in continuous case is not the limit of discrete case (چکیده)
1657 - Interlaminar stresses in thick cylindrical shell with arbitrary laminations and boundary conditions under transverse loads (چکیده)
1658 - A critical evaluation of the Miller and Miller similar media theory for application to natural soils (چکیده)
1659 - Improved lipid and biomass productivities in Chlorella vulgaris by differing the inoculation medium from the production medium (چکیده)
1660 - Implementation of the Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm on Indirect Matrix Converter Controlled DFIG wind Turbine (چکیده)
1661 - Transient Characteristics of Microelectromechanical Systems Considering Squeeze Film Damping and Electrostatic Actuation (چکیده)
1662 - NCI concept as a powerful tool to investigate the origin of Diels–Alder reaction accelerating inside the self-assembled softball nanoreactor (چکیده)
1663 - A Wide Differential Passband Filter with Common Mode Suppression Property Based on Left Handed Metamaterial Transmission Line (چکیده)
1664 - Cardioprotective functional effects of The Semelil (ANGIPARS™) in rabbits with experimental chronic myocardial infarction (چکیده)
1665 - Light and Electron Microscopic investigation of Semelil (ANGIPARSTM) on therapeutic process afterchronicmyocardial infarction in rabbit (چکیده)
1666 - The ceasefire after leadership paradigm wars (چکیده)
1667 - اولین گزارش مطالعه نهشته های ژوراسیک برمبنای نانوفسیل های آهکی در برش فتح آباد، شمال غرب قاین (چکیده)
1668 - بررسی شرایط رسوبگذاری نهشته های هوتروین بر اساس نانوفسیلهای آهکی در برش فتح آباد (شمال غرب قاین) (چکیده)
1669 - نانوفسیل های آهکی سازند زیارت در برش مجن، شمال غرب شاهرود (چکیده)
1670 - Applying Hybrid Interval Linear Programming and Genetic Algorithm to Coordinate Distance and Directional Overcurrent Relays (چکیده)
1671 - Site specific interaction of aromatic amino acids with ZnO nanotubes: A density functional approach (چکیده)
1672 - On upper bounds for the variance of functions of the inactivity time (چکیده)
1673 - Emotioncy and Teaching Literature: Using Sense and Emotion in Literary Appreciation (چکیده)
1674 - Molecular structure, spectroscopic investigations and computational study on the potential molecular switch of (E)-1-(4-(2- hydroxybenzylideneamino)phenyl)ethanone (چکیده)
1675 - Effects of Shock Wave/Boundary-Layer Interaction on Performance and Stability of a Mixed-Compression Inlet (چکیده)
1676 - Effects of Bleed Position on the Stability of a Supersonic Inlet (چکیده)
1677 - Buzz Cycle Description in an Axisymmetric Mixed-Compression Air Intake (چکیده)
1678 - پیش بینی و تایید in silico بیان ژنهای ریزRNA کروموزوم 20 گوسفند (چکیده)
1679 - The effect of glycosylation on the transferrin structure: A molecular dynamic simulation analysis (چکیده)
1680 - Simulation of tumor induced angiogenesis using an analytical adaptive modeling including dynamic sprouting and blood flow modeling (چکیده)
1681 - Effect of gap distance of carbon nanotube bundles on bending buckling analysis via a structural mechanics model (چکیده)
1682 - Development of a Compact H-Plane SIW Horn Antenna with High Directivity (چکیده)
1683 - Design Investigation of Dual Band H-Plane SIW Horn Antenna with Elliptical Shaped Radiating Aperture (چکیده)
1684 - Nonparametric confidence intervals for quantiles based on a modified ranked set sampling (چکیده)
1685 - Inorganic arsenic can be potent granulotoxin in mammalian neutrophils in vitro (چکیده)
1686 - An Empirical Study of Security of Voip System (چکیده)
1687 - Kalman filtering based on the maximum correntropy criterion in the presence of non-Gaussian noise (چکیده)
1688 - First-Principles Study of Electronic and Structural Properties and Examining the Effect of Pressure on Energy Gap in InN Phases (چکیده)
1689 - Suitability of Sequence-Based Feature Vector for Classification Algorithm Improves Accuracy of Human Protein-Protein Interaction Prediction: A Red Blood Cell Case Study (چکیده)
1690 - Blastema cells derived from New Zealand white rabbit’s pinna carry stemness properties as shown by differentiation into insulin producing, neural, and osteogenic lineages representing three embryonic germ layers (چکیده)
1691 - Soil Quality Assessments in Some Iranian Saffron Fields (چکیده)
1692 - Tricyclic and Tetracyclic Graphs with Maximum and Minimum Eccentric Connectivity (چکیده)
1693 - Analysis of the Effect of Corruption on Industrial Exports Value (Case Study: The Selected Developing Countries) (چکیده)
1694 - Interaction Between Helminths and Toll-Like Receptors: Possibilities and Potentials for Asthma Therapy (چکیده)
1695 - Relationship Between Effective Factors of Customer Perception and Purchase Intention (چکیده)
1696 - Control of interaction between MHD and nanofluid for thermal and drag management by RSM (چکیده)
1697 - Stator turn-to-turn fault detection of synchronous generator using Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) analyzing of magnetic flux linkage (چکیده)
1698 - Audit Fees Prediction Using Fuzzy Models (چکیده)
1699 - How leader–member exchange can uplift team’s energy to increase creative work involvement (چکیده)
1700 - Application of combinational approach of FAHP and PROMETHEE in the insurance branches ranking (چکیده)
1701 - Pastoral Nomadism, a Sustainable System for Grazing Land Management in Arid Areas (چکیده)
1702 - Entangled graphs: a classification of four-qubit entanglement (چکیده)
1703 - Development of a Dual Band, Dual Polarized Cavity-Backed Slot Antenna Using Higher-Order Modes (چکیده)
1704 - Design Investigation of a Broadband and High Gain with Low SLL H-Plane SIW Horn Antenna (چکیده)
1705 - Development of a Low Profile and High gain H-Plane SIW Horn Antenna with Low Side Lobe Level (چکیده)
1706 - An experimental study on the natural convection heat transfer of water in an inclined cavity (چکیده)
1707 - Electronic and thermal properties of germanene and stanene by first-principles calculations (چکیده)
1708 - Improving second language writing through small learner corpora (چکیده)
1709 - Application of the harmonic control arrays technique to single-phase stand-alone inverters (چکیده)
1710 - The Effect of Relationship Marketing Techniques on Trust, Satisfaction and Relational Commitment from Point of view of Iran Insurance Agencies Managers in Mashhad (چکیده)
1711 - Cytotrophoblast stem cells as a model for early trophoblast invasion (چکیده)
1712 - Assessment of sedimentary basin effect on soil structure in Kerman city deposits using destructuring coefficient criterion (چکیده)
1713 - An analytical procedure to study vibration of rectangular plates under non-uniform in-plane loads based on first-order shear deformation theory (چکیده)
1714 - Strengthening and rehabilitation of exterior RC beam–column joints using carbon-FRP jacketing (چکیده)
1715 - Density functional theory study of the regio- and stereoselectivity of 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions between 2-ethylthio-4- phenyl-1-azetin and some substituted nitrile oxides (چکیده)
1716 - Bayesian inference on multiply sequential order statistics from heterogeneous exponential populations with GLR test for homogeneity (چکیده)
1717 - A Comparative Analysis of Phase-Domain ADC and Amplitude-Domain IQ ADC (چکیده)
1718 - A new class of operator monotone functions via operator means (چکیده)
1719 - La Ville industrielle et le roman du XIXe siecle (چکیده)
1720 - Effect of irrigation efficiency on Groundwater storages (by WEAP model) (چکیده)
1721 - Study hydraulic properties and design criteria for the river subsurface intake with a porous medium without cut off (چکیده)
1722 - Oviposition preference of aphidophagous hoverflies toward oviposition site quality: The presence of intra- and interspecific competitor, glucosinolate content, and prey species (چکیده)
1723 - Characterization of hot-air drying and infrared drying of spearmint (Mentha spicata L.) leaves (چکیده)
1724 - Isomerism and Hydrogen Bonding in the Cis-enol Forms of 1-(n-pyridyl)butane-1,3-diones: A Theoretical Study (چکیده)
1725 - Specific cutting force and cutting condition interaction modeling for round insert face milling operation (چکیده)
1726 - A comprehensive economic analysis method for selecting the PV array structure in grid–connected photovoltaic systems (چکیده)
1727 - Predicting the velocity field in a 90° Open channel bend using a gene expression programming model (چکیده)
1728 - Phrasal verbs and their role in selecting music for teaching English as a foreign language (چکیده)
1729 - Ligand macromolecule interaction (چکیده)
1730 - Technology in Translation in English Translation Master’s Program: Students’ Perspectives (چکیده)
1731 - An experimental study on the effect of buckling initiators on energy absorption behavior of thin-walled steel cones (چکیده)
1732 - Vulnerability of maize production under future climate change: possible adaptation strategies (چکیده)
1733 - Improving photocatalytic activity of ZnS nanoparticles for degradation of an azo dye under sunlight via synergistic effect of graphene nanosheets (چکیده)
1734 - A study of visceral leishmaniasis in owned dogs with dermal lesions in Mashhad area, Khorasan Razavi province (چکیده)
1735 - Study of the intramolecular hydrogen bonding of some α-cyano-1,3–diketones by using AIM and NBO calculations (چکیده)
1736 - Dilute solution properties of canary seed (Phalaris canariensis) starch in comparison to wheat starch (چکیده)
1737 - Evaluating and Examing the Relationship between Mental Skill, Emotional Intelligence and Competition Anxiety Among Young and Adult in Alpine Skiers’ Super League (چکیده)
1738 - The first phosphoramide–mercury(II) complex with a Cl2Hg–OP[N(C)(C)]3 segment (چکیده)
1739 - Investigating the effect of education on women's entrepreneurship (چکیده)
1740 - The effect of naloxone administration on CuCl2 treatment effect on the chemical pain induced by formalin in male Wistar rat (چکیده)
1741 - variable Impedance Control for Rehabilitation Robot Using Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic (چکیده)
1742 - : Operating room scheduling under hybrid demand (چکیده)
1743 - Pedogeomorphic characteristics and resilience variability in arid landscape (چکیده)
1744 - A Study of Impact of Ownership Structure and Disclosure Quality on Information Asymmetry in Iran (چکیده)
1745 - Growth and yield response of potato genotypes to deficit irrigation (چکیده)
1746 - Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of novel unsaturated amides (چکیده)
1747 - Emotioncy, Extraversion, and Anxiety in Willingness to Communicate in English (چکیده)
1748 - Influence of Delayed Access to Feed on Gastro Intestinal Tract Development in Japanese quail (Coturnix japon)ica) (چکیده)
1749 - Molecular detection of pigeon herpesvirus, fowl adenovirus and pigeon circovirus in pigeonsrefered to mashad (چکیده)
1750 - Changing Productivity Index Using a Special DMU in DEA (چکیده)
1751 - New Techniques to Improve Directivity of H-Plane Substrate Integrated Waveguide Horn Antenna (چکیده)
1752 - New rodents' hosts of sucking lice, fleas (Insecta: Anoplura, Siphonaptera) and hard ticks (Acari: Ixodida) from Iran (چکیده)
1753 - Relationship between the sex and age of Mus musculus (Rodentia: Muridae) with ectoparasites prevalence in northeast of Iran (چکیده)
1754 - Evaluation in vitro culture of Kelussia odoratissima Mozaff and secondary metabolites production through suspension cultures (چکیده)
1755 - the effect of brand characteristics on the loyalty of customers of food brands in Mashhad city-The study of Shahsavand, Tabarok and Zoshk brands (چکیده)
1756 - An empirical study on statistical analysis and optimization of EDM process parameters for inconel 718 super alloy using D-optimal approach and genetic algorithm (چکیده)
1757 - Effect of Fillet on the Resolution of a Four-Axis Force/Torque Sensor (چکیده)
1758 - Numerical Investigation on Optimizing Fatigue Life in a Lap Joint Structure (چکیده)
1759 - Gyrostabilized Two Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Robot (چکیده)
1760 - Repeatability Analysis of a SCARA Robot with Planetary Gearbox (چکیده)
1761 - Design and Construction of a Linear-Rotary Joint for Robotics Applications (چکیده)
1762 - Intramolecular hydrogen bonding in 5-nitrosalicylaldehyde: IR spectrum and quantum chemical calculations (چکیده)
1763 - Cross-national comparability of the WHOQOL-BREF: a measurement invariance approach. (چکیده)
1764 - Hot deformation processing map and microstructural evaluation of the Ni-based superalloy IN-738LC (چکیده)
1765 - PiSHi: click the images and I tell if you are a human (چکیده)
1766 - Up-Regulation of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines and Chemokine Production in Avian Influenza H9N2 Virus-Infected Human Lung Epithelial Cell Line (A549) (چکیده)
1767 - The effect of store image and perceived risk on purchase center in Iran intention in Kian Hypermarket (چکیده)
1768 - Spiritual competencies of managers: The study of forgiveness at organization in the light of Islamic teachings (چکیده)
1769 - Interval estimations for the mean of the generalized Poisson and generalized negative binomial distributions (چکیده)
1770 - A fast and efficient approach to prepare starch nanocrystals from normal corn starch (چکیده)
1771 - Using Canopy Reflectance and Crop Stress Index to Enhance Wheat Yield Prediction (چکیده)
1772 - Fuzzy multivariate process capability vector (چکیده)
1773 - Validation of Structural Analysis by PLAXIS2D Geotechnical Software (چکیده)
1774 - Perspectives of ICT Geography of Regional IRAN: Obstacles and Advantages (چکیده)
1775 - Recent developments of the Heinz inequality (چکیده)
1776 - Cauchy--Schwarz inequality revisited (چکیده)
1777 - evaluating the regional development of border cities: by TOPSIS model(case study: Sistan and Baluchistan Province,Iran) (چکیده)
1778 - Goodness-of-Fit test based on cumulative Kullback-Leibler information for progressively type-II censored data (چکیده)
1779 - An Outbreak of Yolk Sac Infection and Dead-in-shell Mortality in Common Canary (Serinus canaria) Caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae (چکیده)
1780 - Nitric oxide: a signaling molecule which activates cell wall-associated defense of tomato against Rhizoctonia solani (چکیده)
1781 - Serum chemerin and insulin sensitivity alterations due to exercise training below and above lactate thresholds in streptozocin-induced diabetic rats (چکیده)
1782 - WS-TWSVM: Weighted Structural Twin Support Vector Machine by local and global information (چکیده)
1783 - Maximum torque per ampere control of brushless doubly fed induction machine using variable structure approach (چکیده)
1784 - Variable Structure Direct Torque Control of Brushless Doubly Fed Induction Generator for Wind Turbine Applications (چکیده)
1785 - Effects of Natural Gas Network on Optimal Operation of Gas-Fired Power Plants (چکیده)
1786 - A Research About Plant Density Changes and Weeding Effects on Yield and Yield Components of Maize (Zea mays L.) in the Middle of the Growing Season (چکیده)
1787 - Health Promotion and Emotional Intelligence (چکیده)
1788 - Notes on Generalized Reversed Failure Rate (چکیده)
1789 - The asymptotic distribution of Gini and Zenga indices (چکیده)
1790 - Investigating the Behavior of Iran's Light Crude Oil Price in Short Term (چکیده)
1791 - Body size estimation of new born lambs using image processing and its effect on the genetic gain of a simulated population (چکیده)
1792 - Structural Condition Assessment by Reliability Index (چکیده)
1793 - Self-Reported Traffic Rule Compliance among a Sample of Iranian Preschoolers: Rule Knowledge, Danger Perception, Moral judgment & Self-Regulation (چکیده)
1794 - Leaky wave antenna based on Quasi-TEM mode of substrate integrated waveguide (چکیده)
1795 - From Text to Context : An Objective Analysis of the Language of J>D Salinger (چکیده)
1796 - In vitro histological investigation of interactions between rat decellularized large intestine scaffold and human adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells (چکیده)
1797 - Numerical Investigation of the Starting Problem in a Supersonic Air Intake (چکیده)
1798 - Numerical and Experimental Simulation of an Axisymmetric Supersonic Inlet (چکیده)
1799 - Numerical Investigation of the Unstart Suppression in a Supersonic Air Intake (چکیده)
1800 - Numerical simulation and parametric study of a supersonic intake (چکیده)
1801 - Performance study of a supersonic inlet in the presence of a heat source (چکیده)
1802 - Performance investigation of a supersonic air intake in the presence of the boundary layer suction (چکیده)
1803 - Effects of Boundary-Layer Bleed Parameters on Supersonic Intake Performance (چکیده)
1804 - Two fast and accurate heuristic RBF learning rules for data classification (چکیده)
1805 - New Sensitivity-based Methods for Structural damage Diagnosis by Least Square Minimal Residual Techniques (چکیده)
1806 - Design a mechanism Like flapping hummingbird wings (چکیده)
1807 - Energy Harvesting From Microbial Fuel Cell Using Power Management System (چکیده)
1808 - Modeling organizational intelligence using DEMATEL method in Iranian public universities (چکیده)
1809 - A hybrid-based error detection technique for PLC-based Industrial Control Systems (چکیده)
1810 - A Software-Based Error Detection Technique for Monitoring the Program Execution of RTUs in SCADA (چکیده)
1811 - Full Waveform Inversion on Jackdaw Ocean Bottom Nodes Data in North Sea (چکیده)
1812 - “An application of FWI to deep water Hernando NAZ streamer data in Gulf of Mexico (چکیده)
1813 - New Optimization Approach for Source Encoding Full-waveform Inversion (چکیده)
1814 - Modeling Workflow of Tasks and Task Interaction Graphs to Schedule on the Cloud (چکیده)
1815 - Effects of heat stress on metabolism, digestibility, and rumen epithelial characteristics in growing Holstein calves (چکیده)
1816 - A Collector-Up SiGe-HBT for High Frequency Applications (چکیده)
1817 - Studying the changes of environmental Indicators after applying fertilizer subsidy policies at farm land in Iran: a positive mathematical programming approach (چکیده)
1818 - The double negation of the intermediate value theorem (چکیده)
1819 - Effect of Fluoride on Nickel-Titanium and Stainless Steel Orthodontic Archwires: An In-Vitro Study (چکیده)
1820 - Decidability and Specker Sequences in Intuitionistic Mathematics (چکیده)
1821 - Squaring operator Polya--Szego and Diaz--Metcalf type inequalities (چکیده)
1822 - The Determination of Reference Evapotranspiration for Spatial Distribution Mapping Using Geostatistics (چکیده)
1823 - Evaluation of Techniques and Intentions of Arabic Poetry in Quhistan (چکیده)
1824 - Evaluating the effects of statistical changes on internal dosimetry (چکیده)
1825 - In vitro histological investigation of interactions between rat decellularized large intestine scaffold and human adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells (چکیده)
1826 - Studying the interactions between blastema tissue and three-dimensional matrix derived from rabbit liver in vitro (چکیده)
1827 - Executive Management and Construction Cost of Collection and Disposal of Surface Water Projects Using Visual Basic Programming Language Geographic Information System (چکیده)
1828 - stable invariant graphs and and their ergodic properties for weakly contractive skew products (چکیده)
1829 - Optimum parameters of nonlinear integrator using design of experiments based on Taguchi method (چکیده)
1830 - Analysis and Comparison of Regional Development Indicators in Mashhad and Chenaran Using Sustainable Development Approach (چکیده)
1831 - An ECC - Based Mutual Authentication Scheme with One Time Signature (OTS) in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (چکیده)
1832 - Aspects of Inconsistency Resolution in Modular Ontologies (چکیده)
1833 - Formalizing ontology modularization through the notion of interfaces (چکیده)
1834 - The Effect of Implementation of Accounting Information System on Efficiency, Profitability and Productivity of SMEs in Iran (چکیده)
1835 - The effect of naloxone administration on CuCl2 treatment effect on the chemical pain induced by formalin in male Wistar rat (چکیده)
1836 - The effect of short-time microwave exposures on Listeria monocytogenes inoculated onto chicken meat portions (چکیده)
1837 - Screening bactericidal effect ofPectobacterium carotovorumsubsp.carotovorumstrains against causal agent of potato soft rot (چکیده)
1838 - The study of industrial town refinery sludge effects on Festuca arundinacea Schreb growth and phytoremediation capacity (چکیده)
1839 - Effects of New Amino Acids as Green Inhibitors on CO2 Hydrate Formation Kinetics (چکیده)
1840 - A load scheduler for SIP proxy servers: design, implementation and evaluation of a history weighted window approach (چکیده)
1841 - Semi-partitioned scheduling for fixed-priority real-time tasks based on intelligent rate monotonic algorithm (چکیده)
1842 - A New Explicit Time Integration Scheme for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis (چکیده)
1843 - PID Control of Inverted Pendulum Using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Algorithm (چکیده)
1844 - Evidential reasoning for the treatment of incoherent terminologies (چکیده)
1845 - A novel Expert System for Diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome using Close Range Photogrammetry (چکیده)
1846 - Decision support for the software product line domain engineering lifecycle (چکیده)
1847 - Numerical Simulation of Solid Tumor Invasion and Metastasis with a Continuum-Discrete Model (چکیده)
1848 - Comparison of virulence factors and capsular types of Streptococcus agalactiae isolated from human and bovine infections (چکیده)
1849 - Fast Voltage and Power Flow Contingency Ranking Using Enhanced Radial Basis Function Neural Network (چکیده)
1850 - On-line Voltage and Power Flow Contingencies Rankings Using Enhanced Radial Basis Function Neural Network and Kernel Principal Compnent Analysis (چکیده)
1851 - Neural network and neuro-fuzzy modeling to investigate the power density and Columbic efficiency of microbial fuel cell (چکیده)
1852 - Numerical investigation of water drop movement within a microchannel under electrowetting phenomenon (چکیده)
1853 - Simulation of Pitching and Heaving Airfoil with Oscillation of Flow Boundary Condition (چکیده)
1854 - How Likely Is It for a Nurse Student to Become a Competent Nurse? A Protocol for Scale Development and Validation Using a Mixed Methods Study (چکیده)
1855 - Is nurses' professional competence related to their personality and emotional intelligence? A cross-sectional study (چکیده)
1856 - AGN Activity and IGM Heating in Fossil Cluster RX J1416.4+2315 (چکیده)
1857 - Government Expenditure and Revenue Relation and Fiscal Sustainability in Iran (چکیده)
1858 - Chiasmus in Rhetoric (چکیده)
1859 - Modeling of waste brine nanofiltration process using artificial neural network and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (چکیده)
1860 - Norm inequalities related to p-Schatten class (چکیده)
1861 - Determination the sensitivity of Different primers for detection of Brucella by PCR, in the presence and decreased of serum inhibitors (چکیده)
1862 - Numerical Study of Mass Flux between Periodically Structured Surfaces (چکیده)
1863 - Semantics-enabled User Interest Detection from Twitter (چکیده)
1864 - Intravenous transplantation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells promotes neural regeneration after traumatic brain injury (چکیده)
1865 - On the relationship between cognitive style (field-dependence/independence) and translation achievement of Iranian translation students (چکیده)
1866 - Cultural and Social Intelligences and Their Relationship to the Ability of Student Translators When Translating Cultural and Social Texts (چکیده)
1867 - On the relationship between locus of control and translation achievement of Iranian translation students (چکیده)
1868 - An Investigation into the Non-Linear Dynamic Pull-In Instability of Beam-Type MEMS Structures under Distributed Electrostatic Force Considering SQFD Phenomenon (چکیده)
1869 - The relationship with others according to Quran teachings (چکیده)
1870 - the estimated export function of iran woods industrial during 1357-1388 (چکیده)
1871 - The Comparison of Language Learning Strategies and Reading Comprehension of Iranian EFL Students Taking Web-based and Face-to-face Instruction (چکیده)
1872 - Mechanistic investigation of the influence of phosphoric and boric acids in the formation of homogeneous Ni–P/ZnO@SiO2 coatings (چکیده)
1873 - A new SIP authentication scheme by incorporation of elliptic curve cryptography with ticket server (چکیده)
1874 - Cognitive emotional consequence of male infertility on their female partners: a qualitative content analysis (چکیده)
1875 - Fast Highlight Detection and Scoring for Broadcast Soccer Video Summarization using On-Demand Feature Extraction and Fuzzy Inference (چکیده)
1876 - The Effectiveness of a Cognitive Bias Modification –Interpretation (CBM-I) on Reducing Frustration related to Negative Interpretation Bias and its Outcomes for Indices of Substance Abuse Behaviors (چکیده)
1877 - On the Relationship between Literary Intelligence and Literary Translation: A Study on non-Translation Students (چکیده)
1878 - The effect of chemical modification of SiO2 nanoparticles on the nanofiltration characteristics of polyamide membrane (چکیده)
1879 - Impact of Various Beam Parameters on Lateral Scattering in Proton and Carbon-ion Therapy (چکیده)
1880 - Tuning the topology of hybrid inorganic–organic materials based on the study of flexible ligands and negative charge of polyoxometalates: A crystal engineering perspective (چکیده)
1881 - Arens regularity of certain weighted semigroup algebras and countability (چکیده)
1882 - Decellularized kidney in the presence of chondroitin sulfate asa natural 3D scaffold for stem cells (چکیده)
1884 - Speed Regulation of Wind Turbine using Pitch Control Based on Estimation of Equivalent Disturbance of Wind Speed on Control Input (چکیده)
1885 - A new switching strategy design for uncertain switched linear systems based on min-projection strategy in guaranteed cost control problem (چکیده)
1887 - Four-phase intersection traffic control based on mixed logical dynamical modeling and predictive control approach (چکیده)
1888 - Parallel RANSAC: Speeding up plane extraction in RGBD image sequences using GPU (چکیده)
1889 - Executive Function: Comparing Bilingual and Monolingual Iranian University Students (چکیده)
1890 - Serish inulin and wheat biopolymers interactions in model systems as a basis for understanding the impact of inulinl (چکیده)
1891 - On topological shape homotopy groups (چکیده)
1892 - Is MWCNT a good synergistic candidate in APP–PER–MELintumescent coating for steel structure? (چکیده)
1893 - A Fully Digital Front-End Architecture for ECG Acquisition System With 0.5 V Supply (چکیده)
1895 - Quantitative Evaluation of Software Usability with a Fuzzy Expert System (چکیده)
1896 - A Norm Inequality for Chebyshev Centres (چکیده)
1897 - Low-temperature hydrothermal synthesis of ZnO nanorods: Effects of zinc salt concentration, various solvents and alkaline mineralizers (چکیده)
1898 - The Effect of Zinc Supplementation on Cognitive Performance in Schoolchildren (چکیده)
1899 - Stability analysis of electrostatically actuated nano/micro-beams under the effect of van der Waals force, a semi-analytical approach (چکیده)
1900 - The impact of project's position in its environment on determining project strategy (چکیده)
1901 - Lean Governance: A Paradigm Shift in Interorganizational Relationships (IORs) Governance (چکیده)
1902 - Social Governance Mechanisms in Construction Projects (چکیده)
1903 - Heat transfer and MLP neural network models to predict inside environment variables and energy lost in a semi-solar greenhouse (چکیده)
1904 - Test of independence for Baker's bivariate distributions (چکیده)
1905 - Numerical Study of Entropy Generation in the Flameless Oxidation Using Large Eddy Simulation Model and OpenFOAM Software (چکیده)
1906 - Synthesis, Characterization and Fluorescence Properties of Zn(II) and Cu(II) Complexes: DNA Binding Study of Zn(II) Complex (چکیده)
1907 - Eccentric Connectivity Index of Graphs (چکیده)
1908 - Interactions between Lepidium perfoliatum seed gum e Grass pea (Lathyrus sativus) protein isolate in composite biodegradable film (چکیده)
1909 - Infinitesimal generators of C ⋆ –Algebras (چکیده)
1910 - Recontextualization of Williams’s A Streetcar Named Desire in Tavakoli’s Stranger [Biganeh] (چکیده)
1911 - Prediction of energy contents and potential nutrient supply of raisin byproducts for ruminants using National Research Council feeding system and in vitro gas production method (چکیده)
1912 - A new spectral meshless radial point interpolation(SMRPI) method fo rthe two-dimensional Fredholm integral equations on general domains with error analysis (چکیده)
1913 - The Role of Entrepreneurship in National Income Formation (In Developed Countries and Less Developed Countries (چکیده)
1914 - Can Procalcitonin Add to the Prognostic Power of the Severity Scoring System in Adults with Pneumonia? (چکیده)
1915 - Teaching strategies and developed critical thinking disposition: Intrinsic motivation, or group feedbacks (چکیده)
1916 - Manipulation of broiler chickens sex differentiation by in ovo injection of aromatase inhibitors, and garlic and tomato extracts (چکیده)
1917 - Evaluation of Plant Diversity and Nutrient Resource on Weed Diversity and Soil Microbial Respiration (چکیده)
1918 - Solving mixed Fredholm–Volterra integral equations by using the operational matrix of RH wavelets (چکیده)
1919 - Homogeneous Spaces and Square Integrable Representations (چکیده)
1920 - Product Norms of Website Localization into Persian (چکیده)
1921 - Biocontrol potential of the entomopathogenic nematodes Heterorhabditis bacteriophora and Steinernema carpocapsae on pistachio root beetle larvae, Capnodis cariosa hauseri (Coleoptera: Buprestidae), under laboratory conditions (چکیده)
1922 - Stress Analysis of Free-Edge Laminated Composite Plates by Two Bending Elements (چکیده)
1923 - Closability of Module σ−Derivatoins (چکیده)
1924 - The effect of massage therapy on depression, anxiety and stress in adolescent wrestlers (چکیده)
1925 - Evaluation of orange mechanical damage during packaging by study of changes in firmness (چکیده)
1926 - Modulational instability of dust ion acoustic waves in dusty plasmas with superthermal electrons (چکیده)
1927 - Application of esterase inhibitors: A possible new approach to protect unsaturated fatty acids from ruminal biohydrogenation (چکیده)
1928 - Evaluation of DNA- targeted Anticancer Interaction by Molecular Dynamic Simulation; Ethyl Butyryl Triphenyl Phosphonium Chloride (چکیده)
1929 - Approximately Inner Two-parameter 0 C -group of Tensor Product of C* -Algebras (چکیده)
1930 - Innerness of higher derivations (چکیده)
1931 - بررسی خواص الکترواپتیکی FeS2 و امکان سنجی استفاده از آن در سلول های خورشیدی (چکیده)
1932 - A note on the inverse spectral problem for symmetric doubly stochastic matrices (چکیده)
1933 - Recent developments of the conditional stability of the homomorphism equation (چکیده)
1934 - Advances in Operator Cauchy--Schwarz inequalities and their reverses (چکیده)
1935 - Reverses and variations of Heinz inequality (چکیده)
1936 - Quasiparticle energies and optical excitations in the GaAs monolayer (چکیده)
1937 - Optical excitations and quasiparticle energies in the AlN monolayer honeycomb structure (چکیده)
1938 - Sono-intercalation of CdS nanoparticles into the layers of titanate facilitates the sunlight degradation of Congo red (چکیده)
1939 - Emotioncy in Language Education: From Exvolvement to Involvement (چکیده)
1940 - Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS): a Study on Persian Language Websites (چکیده)
1941 - A novel simplified Bernoulli trials collision scheme in the direct simulation Monte Carlo with intelligence over particle distances (چکیده)
1942 - A Review of Kac-Based Collision Models: Bernoulli Trials and its Simplified and Intelligent Variants (چکیده)
1943 - An Ontology-Based GIS for Genomic Data Management of Rumen Microbes (چکیده)
1944 - The mediating role of organizational learning and knowledge integration on the relationship between knowledge characteristics and organizational innovation (Case Study: Iran Marine Industrial Company) (چکیده)
1945 - On the local and global stability of spiral galaxies in modified gravity (چکیده)
1946 - Molecular identification of infertile bulls by using newly developed DDX3Y based on human STS markers (چکیده)
1947 - Monitoring novel psychoactive substances allegedly offered online for sale in Persian and Arabic languages (چکیده)
1948 - Molecular investigation of Y chromosome microdeletions in AZF regions of the non-obstructive azoospermic and oligospermic patients referred to Montaseriyeh infertility center in Mashhad (چکیده)
1949 - Entomopathogenic fungi as promising biocontrol agents for the rosaceous longhorn beetle, Osphranteria coerulescens (چکیده)
1950 - Design of an optical spatial interferometer with transformation optics (چکیده)
1951 - Low-density lipoprotein accumulation within a carotid artery with multilayer elastic porous wall: fluid–structure interaction and non-Newtonian considerations (چکیده)
1952 - The Environmental Impacts Assessment of Aghdarband Coal Mine (ACM), NE of Iran, Using Geochemical and Soil/Water MI, Cd, EF and Igeo Pollution Indexes (چکیده)
1953 - Effects of Dexamethasone and Insulin Alone (چکیده)
1954 - Effects of using plant extracts and a probiotic on performance, intestinal morphology, and microflora population in broilers (چکیده)
1955 - C 1-Robust Topologically Mixing Solenoid-Like Attractors and Their Invisible Parts (چکیده)
1956 - Structural View of Hydrophobic Ionic Liquid on Graphene: Comparing Static and Ab Initio Computer Simulations (چکیده)
1957 - impact of customer relationship management in Iran banking (چکیده)
1958 - Impact of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Iran Baking Sector (چکیده)
1959 - A new two-dimensional cracked finite element for fracture mechanics (چکیده)
1960 - Normal coordinate analysis, hydrogen bonding, and conformation analysis of heptane-3,5-dione (چکیده)
1961 - Investigating the factors affecting the relationship marketing (Case Study: Insurance industry in Khorasan Razavi province) (چکیده)
1962 - Optimal operation of a divided-wall column with local operating condition changes (چکیده)
1963 - Modeling forage production by using climatic factors and drought indices in humid and arid regions of Iran (چکیده)
1964 - Quantifying Changes in Reconnaissance Drought Index using Equiprobability Transformation Function (چکیده)
1966 - Finite element method for solving of linear two-dimensional integral equations on irregular domains (چکیده)
1967 - Tuning the dimensionality of hybrid inorganic-organic materials based on polyoxometalates (چکیده)
1968 - Influence of phosphorus and soil amendments on black seed (Nigellasativa L.) oil yield and nutrient uptakeSeyyed (چکیده)
1969 - Differential Effects and Temporal Course of Attentional and Motivational Training on Excessive Drinking (چکیده)
1970 - New Nonlinear Formulation for Modeling the Vortex- Induced Vibrations of Flexibly Supported Cylinders (چکیده)
1971 - Design Investigation of an X-Band SIW H-Plane Band Pass Filter with Improved Stop Band Using Neural Network Optimization (چکیده)
1972 - Theoretical design of the cyclic lipopeptide nanotube as a molecular channel in the lipid bilayer, molecular dynamics and quantum mechanics approach (چکیده)
1973 - A Numerical Method to Material and Geometric Nonlinear Analysis of Cable Structures (چکیده)
1974 - A survey of the effect of trade openness size on inflation rate in Iran using ARDL (چکیده)
1975 - Synthesis of new derivatives of 5-amino-9H-pyrrolo[2,3-e][1,2,4]triazolo[4,3c]pyrimidine via Leimgruber and Batcho indole synthesis (چکیده)
1976 - Seismic analysis of the soil–structure interaction for a high rise building adjacent to deep excavation (چکیده)
1977 - Ayn al-Quzat Hamadani: The Inconsistency of a Hermeneutic Project (چکیده)
1978 - Generalised single-phase N-level voltage-source inverter with coupled inductors (چکیده)
1979 - Therapeutic effects of pomegranate (Punica granatum) pith and carpellary membrane extract on lead-induced toxicity in rats (چکیده)
1980 - Effect of wear on rolling contact fatigue crack growth in rails (چکیده)
1981 - The Evaluation of Drillability and Support System Type in Western to Southern Part of Mashhad Rock Mass Based on Rmi Classification (چکیده)
1982 - Evaluation of Antimicrobial and Healing Activities of Frog Skin on Guinea Pigs Wounds (چکیده)
1983 - Resonance antennas based on substrate integrated waveguide (چکیده)
1984 - A Class of Compact Operators on Homogeneous Spaces (چکیده)
1985 - Maps preserving Fredholm or semi-Fredholm elements relative to some ideal (چکیده)
1986 - Predicting aberrant driving behaviour: The role of executive functionOriginal (چکیده)
1987 - The effects of globalization on firm’s stock in the selected Asian countries (چکیده)
1988 - A New Closed-Form Expression for Dispersion Characteristics of Fundamental Mode of SIW by Least Squares Method (چکیده)
1989 - Quantum mechanics used for modeling macroscopic structural systems: finite-element static analysis of a simple bar by the concepts in quantum mechanics (چکیده)
1990 - Parental body mass index is associated with adolescent overweight and obesity in Mashhad, Iran (چکیده)
1991 - Distribution of some Graph Invariants over Graph Operations (چکیده)
1992 - Locate Urban Landfill Using Analytical Hierarchy Process and Geographic Information System (Case Study: City Sultanabad) (چکیده)
1993 - Entropy maximization under the constraints on the generalized Gini index and its application in modeling income distributions (چکیده)
1994 - Tsallis Maximum Entropy Lorenz Curves (چکیده)
1995 - On some Topological Indices of the Generalized Hierarchical Product of Graphs (چکیده)
1996 - Effect of fluid-porous interface conditions on steady flow around and through a porous circular cylinde (چکیده)
1997 - An Energy-Efficient Level Shifter for Low-Power Applications (چکیده)
1998 - Economic order and production quantities in an integrated vendor-buyer supply chain (چکیده)
1999 - Effect of Thermal Treatment on Chemical Structure of Β-Lactoglobulin and Basil Seed Gum Mixture at Different States by ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy (چکیده)
2000 - Globalization and Quality of Life in Iran (چکیده)
2001 - ‎Multivariate Process Capability Index based on fuzzy tolerance region (چکیده)
2002 - Comparison of Cp, Cpk and Cp-‎tilde process capability indices in ‎the case of measurement error ‎occurrence (چکیده)
2003 - La distance-Dp,q et le coefficient de correlation entre deux variables aleatoires floues (چکیده)
2004 - Measurement Error Effect On the Performance of the Fuzzy Process Capability (چکیده)
2005 - Management Cost Collected Urban Runoff Projects Using Gis-Shirvan Study Area (چکیده)
2006 - Cryptic diversity, reproductive isolation and cytoplasmic incompatibility in a classic biological control success story (چکیده)
2007 - Investigation of the Molecular Signature and Spermatogenesis Potential of Newborn Chicken Spermatogonial Stem Cells in vitro (چکیده)
2008 - An Investigation of the Effect of Electromagnetic Waves with Low Frequency in Causing Chromosome Damages in L929 Cell Line (چکیده)
2009 - DFT investigation and molecular dynamic simulation on the selectivecomplexation of cis-cyclic nanopeptides with alkaline earth metalions (چکیده)
2010 - Crude Protein Fractions and in vitro Gas Production of Alfalfa Silages Treated with Pistachio by‐Products Extract  (چکیده)
2011 - Identify in Indigenous Knowledge and its Application in Rural Crisis (چکیده)
2012 - New studies on basil (Ocimum bacilicum L.) seed gum: Part I – Fractionation, physicochemical and surface activity characterization (چکیده)
2013 - 12th international conference of science technology (چکیده)
2014 - Correlation between some environmental condition and virulence of entomopathogenic nematodes on tomato leaf miner, Tuta absoluta, (چکیده)
2015 - Two dimensional analysis of coupled non-Fick diffusion-elastodynamics problems in functionally graded materials using meshless local Petrov–Galerkin (MLPG) method (چکیده)
2016 - The conformational transitions in organic solution on the cress seed gum nanoparticles production (چکیده)
2017 - Angle Preserving Mappings (چکیده)
2018 - Solamargine inhibits migration and invasion of human hepatocellular carcinoma cells through down-regulation of matrix metalloproteinases 2 and 9 expression and activity (چکیده)
2019 - The first mixed-ligand coordination compound involving 8-aminoquinoline and pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylate: synthesis, X-ray crystal structure, and DFT studies (چکیده)
2020 - On a Metric on Shift Invariant Spaces (چکیده)
2021 - Modeling for drying kinetics of papaya fruit using fuzzy logic table look-up scheme (چکیده)
2022 - Treatment of clinical endometritis in dairy cows by previously used controlled internal drug release devices (چکیده)
2023 - Antimicrobial peptide Brevinin-2R induces the secretion of a pro-inflammatory cytokine in HepG2 cells (چکیده)
2024 - Noncommutative Martingale Concentration Inequalities (چکیده)
2025 - Kink scattering from a parity-time-symmetric defect in the φ^4 model (چکیده)
2026 - Prevalence of tick infestation in dromedary camels (Camelus dromedarius) brought for slaughter in Mashhad abattoir, Iran (چکیده)
2027 - The Relationship between Psychological Hardiness and Coping Strategies during Pregnancy (چکیده)
2028 - The relationship between metacognitive strategy training and willingness to read in English among medical students (چکیده)
2029 - An Investigation of the Origin and Groundwater Discharge to Bazangan Lake, Eastern Kopet-Dagh Basin, Iran, Using Geochemistry and Stable Isotopes Approaches (چکیده)
2030 - The effect of Mycobacterium Avium paratuberculosis infection on digital diseases occurrence in dairy herds (چکیده)
2031 - A bi-level programming model for protection of hierarchical facilities under imminent attacks (چکیده)
2032 - Baysian Estimation of Lifetime Performance Index Based on RSS Sample on RSS Sample (چکیده)
2033 - Estimating the Performance of Series System’s Production Process (چکیده)
2034 - Effects of Land Use on the Concentrations of Some Heavy Metals in Soils of Golestan Province, Iran (چکیده)
2035 - Antibody response effect of fusing IgY and C3d gene segments to hemagglutinin9 (H9) gene on influenza DNA vaccines in chicken (چکیده)
2036 - Stressed (acute) mice display neuroimmunodysregulation and defective innate immune response against coliform infection (چکیده)
2037 - کلونینگ ژن InvG از باکتری سالمونلا انتریکا در حامل pET32a و بررسی بیان آن در میزبان BL21- DE3 (چکیده)
2038 - Application of intelligent modeling to predict the population dynamics of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Frankfurter sausage containing Satureja bachtiarica extracts (چکیده)
2039 - The Effect of Histaminergic System on Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ Induced Food Intake in Chicken (چکیده)
2040 - A new fast and efficient active steganalysis based on combined geometrical blind source separation (چکیده)
2042 - Hybrid modeling of intelligence and linguistic factors as predictors of translation quality (چکیده)
2043 - Specific Knockdown of Oct4 and β2-microglobulin Expression by RNA Interference in Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Embryonic Carcinoma Cells (چکیده)
2044 - Effect of blade installation on heat transfer and fluid flow within a single slope solar still (چکیده)
2045 - Lift characteristics of pitching NACA0015 airfoil due to unsteady forced surface inflation (چکیده)
2046 - The representations and positive type functions of some homogenous spaces (چکیده)
2047 - A Class Of Compact Operators On Homogeneous Spaces (چکیده)
2048 - Serogroup identification and Virulence gene characterization of Listeria monocytogenes isolated from chicken carcasses (چکیده)
2049 - Dual Promoter Vector Construction for Simultaneous Gene Expression Using SOE-PCR Technique (چکیده)
2050 - Computational Studies on the inhibition and aging of Candida Antarctica Lipase B by dimethyl methylphosphonate (چکیده)
2051 - Reaction mechanism and free energy profile for acylation of Candida Antarctica lipase B with methylcaprylate and acetylcholine: Density functional theory calculations (چکیده)
2052 - Can Wolbachia infection improve qualitative characteristics of Trichogramma brassicae reared on cold stored eggs of the host (چکیده)
2053 - On Baer invariants of pairs of groups (چکیده)
2054 - Extraction of β-glucan from hulless barley cultivar Lut Using high intensity ultrasound (چکیده)
2055 - Investigation of the in vitro effects of borage on the chemiluminescence of bovine neutrophils (چکیده)
2056 - A Cross-contextual Analysis of EFL Learners’ Perceptions of Classroom Activities (چکیده)
2057 - A statistical analysis for flux and rejection of pollution indices in micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration (چکیده)
2058 - A New Model for the Calculation of Customer Life-time Value in Iranian Telecommunication Companies (چکیده)
2059 - Operator inequalities related to Q-class functions (چکیده)
2060 - Electrochemical and quantum chemical study of Thiazolo-pyrimidine derivatives as corrosion inhibitors on mild steel in 1 M H2SO4 (چکیده)
2061 - Investigating the Relationship between Iranian EFL Learners' Cultural Intelligence and their Home Cultural Attachment (چکیده)
2062 - Rationalized Haar wavelet bases to approximate solution of nonlinear Fredholm integral equations with error analysis (چکیده)
2063 - Z-interference channel with side information at the transmitters (چکیده)
2064 - Employing XIAP to Enhance the Duration of Antigen Expression and Immunity Against an Avian Influenza H5 DNA Vaccine (چکیده)
2065 - Structural and Thermodynamic Properties of Graphene Oxide Nanosheets: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study (چکیده)
2066 - Analytical, experimental and numerical study of a graded honeycomb structure under in-plane impact load with low velocity (چکیده)
2067 - The effect of bromination and media on the hydrogen bond strength of pyridinium perchlorate (چکیده)
2068 - Predicting Cantaloupe Bruising Using Non-Linear Finite Element Method (چکیده)
2069 - The effect of the Phi4 kink’s internal mode during scattering on PT-symmetric defect (چکیده)
2070 - Surface functionalized mesoporous silica nanoparticles as an effective carrier for epirubicin delivery to cancer cells (چکیده)
2071 - Leaky Wave Antenna Based on Quasi-TEM Mode of Substrate Integrated Waveguide (چکیده)
2072 - Development of a Dual Band Circularly Polarized Mircostrip Patch and Semi-Hexagonal SIW Cavity Hybrid Antenna (چکیده)
2073 - Information Security Diagnosis in Electronic Banking (Case Study: Tejarat Bank’s Branches of Isfahan) (چکیده)
2074 - Phylogeography of Phasianus colchinus Linnaeus, 1758 inferred from mitochondrial and nuclear genes in Iranian plateau (چکیده)
2075 - Stability Analysis of a Matrix Converter Drive: Effects of Input Filter Type and the Voltage Fed to the ModulationAlgorithm (چکیده)
2076 - Experimental Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Heated Tube Caused by Wire-Coil and Rings (چکیده)
2077 - A framework for assessment and development of innovation capability through system dynamics approach (چکیده)
2078 - Design Investigation of a Compact Linearly Polarized Semi-Hexagonal SIW Cavity Slot Antenna (چکیده)
2079 - Immune defenses of Agriotes lineatus larvae against entomopathogenic nematodes (چکیده)
2080 - Functions of control mechanisms in mitigating workplace loafing; evidence from an Islamic society (چکیده)
2081 - Using Bacillus Cereus as a Geo-Biological Marke For Gold Prospecting in Iranr (چکیده)
2082 - Study of Drought Stress Patterns in Khorasan Province using Climatic-Agricultural Indices (چکیده)
2083 - Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and their aphid partners (Homoptera: Aphididae) in Mashhad region, Razavi Khorasan Province, with new records of aphids and ant species for Fauna of Iran (چکیده)
2084 - The molecular signature and spermatogenesis potential of newborn chicken spermatogonial stem cells in vitro (چکیده)
2085 - Fourth-order dual mode substrate integrated waveguide filter (چکیده)
2086 - (2-Aminopyrimidine- κ N 1 )aqua(pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylato- κ 3 O 2 , N,O 6 )copper(II): X-ray and DFT calculated structure (چکیده)
2087 - Application of multi-criterion robust optimization in water-flooding of oil reservoir (چکیده)
2088 - Tautomerism, conformational analysis, and spectroscopy studies of 3-bromo-pentane-2,4-dione (چکیده)
2089 - Synthesis of [1,2,4]Triazolo[3,4-b]Pteridines as a Novel Class of Heterocyclic Compounds (چکیده)
2090 - An alternative approach to the synthesis of new pyrimido[5′,4′:5,6][1,4] thiazino[2,3-b]quinoxaline derivatives (چکیده)
2091 - A survey on hepatic and renal trace elements status of sheep and goats in Zarrinshahr region, Isfahan, Iran: an abattoir study (چکیده)
2092 - The Environmental Issues and Forecasting Threshold of Income and Pollution Emissions in Iran Economy (چکیده)
2093 - The Effect of Financial Indicators on Trading Volume of the Listed Companies on the Tehran Stock Exchange (چکیده)
2094 - On the Importance of CH/π and CH⋅⋅⋅HC Interactions in the Solid State Structure of 15-Lipoxygenase Inhibitors Based on Eugenol Derivatives (چکیده)
2095 - Leisure Tourism in Selected Middle Eastern Countries (چکیده)
2096 - Numerical Investigation on Optimizing Fatigue Life in a Lap Joint Structure (چکیده)
2097 - Effects of a Multi-session Cognitive Bias Modification Program on Interpretative Biases and Social Anxiety Symptoms in a Sample of Iranian Socially-Anxious Students (چکیده)
2098 - ماشین بردار پشتیبان دوگانه ساختاری چگالی گرا (چکیده)
2099 - حداقل مربعات ماشین بردار پشتیبان دوگانه ساختاری (چکیده)
2100 - Elastic settlement of ring foundations (چکیده)
2101 - The Effect of Regulin on Reproductive Performance of Afshari Sheep Breed (چکیده)
2102 - Mineralogic, fluid inclusion, and sulfur isotope evidence for the genesis of Sechangi lead–zinc (–copper) deposit, Eastern Iran (چکیده)
2103 - Pathogenicity of Two Species of Entomopathogenic Nematodes Against the Greenhouse Whitefly, Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae), in Laboratory and Greenhouse Experiments (چکیده)
2104 - Modeling the spread of invasive nutrias (Myocastor coypus) over Iran (چکیده)
2105 - On capacity region of certain classes of threereceiver broadcast channels with side information (چکیده)
2106 - Numerical study on fatigue crack growth in railway wheels under the influence of residual stresses (چکیده)
2107 - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems security and risk management (چکیده)
2108 - آنالیز مولکولی و توالی یابی گونه Xiphinema index از خراسان جنوبی و موقعیت فیلوژنتیکی آن بر اساس دامنه D2-D3 (چکیده)
2109 - Relationship between nitrogen and phosphorus use efficiency insaffron (Crocus sativus L.) as affected by mother corm size andfertilization (چکیده)
2110 - Adaptive Energy-aware Cluster Based Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (چکیده)
2111 - Le mythe du Phénix dans les poèmes de Nima Youchij et de Guillaume Apollinaire (چکیده)
2112 - Identification of a Specific Pseudo attP Site for Phage PhiC31 Integrase in Bovine Genome (چکیده)
2113 - The Impact of Employing Imposed Images and Visualization Practices on EFL Learners’ Grammatical Achievement: A Generative-Based Learning Approach (چکیده)
2114 - Highly efficient catalyst-free synthesis of bis-(indolyl) methanes in the presence of magnetized protic solvents (چکیده)
2115 - Similar Portrayal of Two Invulnerable Heroes in Homer’s Iliad and Ferdowsi's Shahnameh (چکیده)
2116 - Hydrogen storage by N-ethylcarbazol as a new liquid organic hydrogen carrier: A DFT study on the mechanism (چکیده)
2117 - Quantum chemistry study on the mechanism of oxidation of cysteine to cystine using hydrogen peroxide (چکیده)
2118 - Hydrothermal synthesis, X-ray structure and DFT and magnetic studies of a (H2SiW12O40)2− based one-dimensional linear coordination polymer (چکیده)
2119 - Investigating the role of knowledge-oriented organizational culture and leadership as moderators on the effect of knowledge management on innovation (چکیده)
2120 - Estimation of Soil Cation Exchange Capacity using Multiple Regression, Artificial Neural Networks, and Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy Inference System Models in Golestan Province, Iran (چکیده)
2121 - Closed-form solutions for static pull-in voltage and detachment length of electrostatically actuated nano-cantilevers under the effect of vdw attarction (چکیده)
2122 - Dynamic pull-in analysis of cantilever-type NEMS under the mechanical shock and vdW attaraction (چکیده)
2123 - Size-dependent free vibration analysis of electrostatically pre-deformed rectangular micro-plates based on the modified couple stress theory (چکیده)
2124 - Maximal Invariant and Weakly Equivariant Estimators (چکیده)
2125 - Entropy and information (divergence) measures (چکیده)
2126 - The Effects of Industry Specialization on Auditor's Opinion in Iran (چکیده)
2127 - Synthesis, Characterization, and Docking Evaluations of New Derivatives of Pyrimido[4,5-c]pyridazine as Potential Human AKT1 Inhibitors (چکیده)
2129 - Planar infinite groups (چکیده)
2131 - Effects of Interruptible Load on Decision Making of a Distribution Company in Competitive Environments (چکیده)
2132 - Statistical map analysis of the mean and the gini coefficient of healthcare expenses in Iran (چکیده)
2133 - A mixed methods analysis of EFL teachers' self-regulated strategies and burnout (چکیده)
2134 - Narrative Intelligence and EFL Teachers' Self-regulation (چکیده)
2135 - The impact of vocabulary knowledge on reading comprehension ability of Iranian English learners receiving reciprocal teaching and cooperative grouping intervention program (چکیده)
2136 - Synthesis, molecular structure, spectroscopic investigations and computational studies of (E)-1-(4-(4-(diethylamino)-2- hydroxybenzylideneamino)phenyl)ethanone (چکیده)
2137 - Entropy maximization based on generalized Gini index (چکیده)
2138 - Whole wheat feeding and influence of initial body weight on broiler performance (چکیده)
2139 - Water-base acrylic terpolymer as a corrosion inhibitor for SAE1018 in simulated sour petroleum solution in stagnant and hydrodynamic conditions (چکیده)
2140 - Probing of local dissolution of Al-alloys in chloride solutions by AFM and SECM (چکیده)
2141 - Assessing manufacturing process capability with imprecise data based on fuzzy Cpi (چکیده)
2142 - Developing an AFM-Based SECM System; Instrumental Setup, SECM Simulation, Characterization, and Calibration (چکیده)
2143 - Dipyrimido[4,5‑b:5,4‑e][1,4]thiazine: synthesis and their enzyme inhibitory activity assessment on soybean 15‑lipoxygenase (چکیده)
2144 - Corrosion Inhibitive Evaluation of an Environmentally Friendly Water-Base Acrylic Terpolymer on Mild Steel in Hydrochloric Acid Media (چکیده)
2145 - An insight into the influence of morphological and compositional heterogeneity of an individual intermetallic particle on aluminium alloy corrosion initiation (چکیده)
2146 - Environmental impacts of peanut production system using life cycle assessment methodology (چکیده)
2147 - Effect of spin-orbit interaction on entanglement of two-qubit Heisenberg XYZ systems in an inhomogeneous magnetic field (چکیده)
2149 - Information Security in Knowledge Management Based on ISO 27001 and CWA 14924 (چکیده)
2150 - Development of a Linearly Polarized Circular Substrate-Integrated Waveguide Cavity-Backed 2 × 2-Slot Antenna Array (چکیده)
2151 - Structural damage identification by sensitivity of modal strain energy based on optimization function (چکیده)
2152 - Damage localization and quantification by direct structural dynamic parameters updating method (چکیده)
2153 - Synthesis and docking analysis of new 2-chloro-3-((2,2-dimethylhydrazono) methyl)quinoline derivatives as non-nucleoside human HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitors (چکیده)
2154 - Multianalytical and in situ studies of localized corrosion of EN AW-3003 alloy - Influence of intermetallic particles (چکیده)
2155 - Integrated AFM and SECM for in situ studies of localized corrosion of Al alloys (چکیده)
2156 - Optimal selection of project portfolios using reinvestment strategy within a flexible time horizon (چکیده)
2157 - Bayesian Inference of (Co) Variance Components and Genetic Parameters for Economic Traits in Iranian Holsteins via Gibbs Sampling (چکیده)
2159 - An investigation of unitarily invariant norm inequalities of Lowner--Heinz type (چکیده)
2160 - First-principles study of the superconductivity in MgB2 bulk and in its bilayer thin film based on electron–phonon coupling (چکیده)
2161 - Complementary and refined inequalities of Callebaut inequality for operators (چکیده)
2162 - Cartesian decomposition and numerical radius inequalities (چکیده)
2163 - Operator Complementary Callebaut Inequality (چکیده)
2164 - Azuma inequality for noncommutative martingales (چکیده)
2165 - Some inequalities involving positive maps (چکیده)
2166 - Inequalities of Lowner type (چکیده)
2167 - Operator P-class functions (چکیده)
2168 - A Comparative Study of the Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Gd5Ge4 and Gd5Si4 Compounds (چکیده)
2169 - Fuzzy Inference System for Modeling of Short-Term Effects of Operative Parameters and Memory of Reactor on SBR Performance (چکیده)
2170 - Empirical review of costs stickiness by emphasis on motivations and management expectations (چکیده)
2171 - Legal Possessions and Rights Abusers from the Perspective of Shiite (چکیده)
2172 - Geometric discord of the Jaynes-Cummings model: pure dephasing regime (چکیده)
2173 - Differential Geometry on SU(N): Left and Right Invariant Vector Fields and One-Forms (چکیده)
2174 - Is there any difference between anti-inflammatory effect of Ferula szowitsiana extract in central & systemic administration in Rat? (چکیده)
2175 - A comparison between intrathecal and intraperitoneal administrations of Ferula szowitsiana stem and leaves extract on chemical pain in male wistar rats (چکیده)
2176 - The interactions between the blastema tissue and a three-dimensional matrix derived from bovine inter-vertebral disc as a model for in vitro studies (چکیده)
2177 - Theoretical and experimental investigations on corrosion control of65Cu–35Zn brass in nitric acid by two thiophenol derivativesM (چکیده)
2178 - Effects of waste fibers stabilizers on the draindown and moisture damage sensitivity properties of SMA mixtures (چکیده)
2179 - An Interdiction Median Model for Hierarchical Capacitated Facilities (چکیده)
2180 - Synthesis and Evaluation of a New Series of 3,5-bis ((5-bromo-6-methyl-2- t-aminopyrimidin-4-yl)thio)-4 H-1,2,4-triazol-4-amines and their Cyclized Products ‘Pyrimidinylthio Pyrimidotriazolothiadiazines’ as 15- Lipo-Oxygenase Inhibitors (چکیده)
2181 - Multiplicative distance: a method to alleviate distance instability for high-dimensional data (چکیده)
2182 - Cayley graphs of ideals in a commutative ring (چکیده)
2183 - The intersection graph of ideals of a poset (چکیده)
2184 - Fabrication of nano Delafossite LiCo0.5Fe0.5O2 as the new adsorbent in efficient removal of reactive blue 5 from aqueous solutions (چکیده)
2185 - Determination of Economic Production Quantity with Regard to Machine Failure (چکیده)
2186 - Road safety performance evaluation and policy making by data envelopment analysis: A case study of provincial data in Iran (چکیده)
2187 - Characterization of Iranian Nonaflatoxigenic Strains ofAspergillus flavus Based on Microsatellite-primed PCR (چکیده)
2188 - Use imagination, body functioning, perceived pain, in prevention athletic injury of Ferdosi University of Mashhad (چکیده)
2189 - Some Results Based on a Version of the Generalized Dynamic Entropies (چکیده)
2190 - A Novel Load Scheduling for Session Initiation Protocol Networks (چکیده)
2191 - A characterization of higher derivations on Banach algebras (چکیده)
2192 - Comparison of Lower Bounds for the Variance of Unbiased Estimators for some Well-known Families of Distributions (چکیده)
2193 - Evaluation of a constant rate of lidocaine on oxidative stress parametere in dogs undergoing ovariohystrectomy (چکیده)
2194 - The influence of steam treated sugarcane pith on digestibility, rumen passage rate and fermentation of Iranian Baluchi sheep (چکیده)
2195 - Effect of Addition Molasses on the Degradability Kinetics, Net Energy for Lactation, In Vitro Dry Matter Digestibility and Metabolizable Energy of Potato Plant Silage in Ruminant Animals (چکیده)
2196 - Response of lipid biomarkers to four weeks aerobic training in active and inactive men (چکیده)
2197 - Gall midges (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) of Iran: annotated list and zoogeographical analysis (چکیده)
2198 - On the Secrecy Rate Region of Multiple-Access Wiretap Channel with Noncausal Side Information (چکیده)
2199 - A More General Version of the Costa Theorem (چکیده)
2200 - بررسی بیماریزایی نماتودهای بیمارگر حشرات روی آلرود گلخانه در آزمایشگاه و گلخانه (چکیده)
2201 - Arc stability evaluation in Gas Metal Arc Welding process, Using Acoustic data and Signal Processing (چکیده)
2202 - Evaluation of Antioxidative Efficacy of Treated Linseed using In Vitro Rumen Culture (چکیده)
2203 - Application of Artificial Intelligent Modeling for Predicting Activated Carbons Properties Used for Methane Storage (چکیده)
2204 - گزارش دو گونه نماتود انگل حشرات Pristionchus maupasii و Osechius از ایران (چکیده)
2205 - Internal wave deposits in Jurassic Kermanshah pelagic carbonates and radiolarites (Kermanshah area,West Iran (چکیده)
2206 - Ecological quality assessment based on macrobenthic assemblages indices along West Port, Malaysia coast (چکیده)
2207 - Design of an Economical SCARA Robot for Industrial Applications (چکیده)
2208 - A Novel Method for Investigating the Casimir Effect on Pull-In Instability of Electrostatically Actuated Fully Clamped Rectangular Nano/Microplates (چکیده)
2209 - Assessment of Blood Vessel Tortuosity and Width in Retinopathy of Prematurity Using ROPAssist (چکیده)
2210 - The effect of induced hyperglycemia on the expression levels of TLR2 and TLR4 genes in the hippocampus of male Wistar rats during a time course induction of diabetes type 1 (چکیده)
2211 - Differential expression of ovine TLR2 and TLR4 in peripheral blood mononuclear cells cultured with hydatid cyst derived antigens (چکیده)
2212 - A genetic fuzzy linguistic rule based approach for dynamic classifier selection in distributed data enviroments (چکیده)
2213 - پاسخ ایمنی زنبور برگخوار رز در مقابل نماتودهای بیمارگر حشرات (چکیده)
2214 - Comparision of the Distribution of Different Sized Vesseles in Ocular Surface Images of Diabetic and Normal Individuals (چکیده)
2215 - Transonic Flow Simulation Around the plunging Airfoil with Oscillation of Flow Boundary Condition (چکیده)
2216 - Potential Applications of Helminths Derived Products in Asthma Therapy (چکیده)
2217 - Gut microbiota, molecular markers of inflammation and intestinal disorders: a complex interplay (چکیده)
2218 - Label Propagation Based on Local Information with Adaptive Determination of Number and Degree of Neighbor ’ s Similarity (چکیده)
2219 - Two integer formulations for interval coloring of weighted graphs (چکیده)
2220 - Correlation between sensitisation and pitting corrosion of AISI 403 martensitic stainless steel (چکیده)
2221 - A Novel Dual Mode Dual Band SIW Filter (چکیده)
2222 - A Comparative Study of Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Canola Production (چکیده)
2223 - Enhancing Energy Efficiency of Processor-Based Embedded Systems through Post-Fabrication ISA Extension (چکیده)
2224 - Preprocessing of Distance and Directional Overcurrent Relays Coordination Problem Considering Changes in Network Topology (چکیده)
2226 - Expression and bounds for the entropy of coherent system (چکیده)
2227 - Getting the Knack of It: Reading and Writing Poetry as a Resource for Language Teaching for EFL Students (چکیده)
2228 - Investigating the interactions between income inequality and social capital: using panel data pattern (چکیده)
2229 - Effect of Income Inequality on Health Status in a Selection of Middle and Low Income Countries (چکیده)
2230 - IRAHC: Instance Reduction Algorithm using Hyperrectangle Clustering (چکیده)
2231 - The effect of emotional intelligence and cognitive performance on creativity of university students (چکیده)
2232 - Determining soil indicators for soil sustainability assessment using principal component analysis of Astan Quds- east of Mashhad- Iran (چکیده)
2233 - Roman populaire et révolution industrielle (چکیده)
2234 - Survey of antibiotic-resistance patterns in E.coli isolated from patients with Urinary Tract Infection in Rasht (چکیده)
2235 - Austrian Economics School as one of the Schools in Free Market Economy: A Critical View (چکیده)
2236 - Prevalence and distribution of gastrointestinal helminths in free range chickens in Mashhad, northeast of Iran (چکیده)
2237 - On a class of subadditive duals for the uncapacitated facility location problem (چکیده)
2238 - The role of prophylactic cefazolin in the prevention of infection after various types of abdominal wall hernia repair with mesh (چکیده)
2239 - An Empirical Study on Modeling and Optimization of EDM Process Parameters for Inconel 718 Super Alloy Using D-optimal approach and Genetic Algorithm (چکیده)
2240 - Broiler Diets Formulated Based on Digestible Amino Acid Values as Determined by in vivo and Prediction Methods  (چکیده)
2241 - Application of the Taguchi method in poultry science: estimation of thein vitrooptimum intrinsic phytase activity of rye, wheat and barley (چکیده)
2242 - Study of Microglial Differentiation in Organotypic Brain Slice Culture by Lycopersicon esculentum tomato and Sambucus nigra (چکیده)
2243 - Geometry effects on flow pattern and wall shear stress in human internal carotid arteries (چکیده)
2244 - Study of the Antibacterial Activity of Methanolic and Aqueous Extracts of Myrtus communis on Pathogenic Strains Causing Infection (چکیده)
2245 - Antifungal Effect of the Aqueous and Ethanolic Avicennia marina Extracts on Alternaria citri and Penicillium digitatum (چکیده)
2246 - Theoretical studies on the deacylation step of acylated Candida Antarctica lipase B; Structural and reaction pathway analysis (چکیده)
2247 - Nonlinear Signal-Specific ADC for Efficient Neural Recording in Brain-Machine Interfaces (چکیده)
2248 - Pitman closeness of predictors of future order statistics for two-parameter exponential distribution (چکیده)
2249 - Modeling allocation pattern in vulnerable systems as a capacitated clustering problem (چکیده)
2251 - Involvement of the multi-pass membrane protein Prm1p in cell fusion and cell integrity during mating (چکیده)
2252 - Covariance analysis, a new approach for relative quantification competitive PCR in evaluation of rumen anaerobic fungal Populations (چکیده)
2253 - lInvestigation of fatigue behavior of polymeric composites manufactured by hand lay-up and vacuum infusion process (VIP) (چکیده)
2254 - Design of an expert system based on neuro-fuzzy inference analyzer for on-line microstructural characterization using magnetic NDT method (چکیده)
2255 - Gruss inequality for some types of positive linear maps (چکیده)
2256 - A New Iterative Method for Finding Approximate Inverses of Complex Matrices (چکیده)
2257 - Experimental investigation of stationary and rotational structures in non - circular hydraulic jumps (چکیده)
2258 - Computation of Stress intensity factors of collinear interacting cracks in a simple lap joint structure (چکیده)
2259 - Cytotoxic effects of Bis Indole family compound on human prostate cancer cell line DU145 (چکیده)
2260 - Low Profile Modified H-Plane SIW Horn Antenna with Improved Directivity (چکیده)
2261 - Rationalization of noncovalent interactions within six new MII/8-aminoquinoline supramolecular complexes (MII = Mn, Cu, and Cd): A combined experimental and theoretical DFT study (چکیده)
2262 - Appraisal of the entire mitochondrial genome for DNA barcoding in birds (چکیده)
2263 - Synthesis and docking analysis of new heterocyclic system of tetrazolo[5',1':2,3][1,3,4]thiadiazepino [7,6-b]quinolines as aldose reductase inhibitors (چکیده)
2264 - A Rapid Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using a Radical Initiator under UV Light and Evaluation of Their Antibacterial Activities (چکیده)
2265 - Process Control Strategies for Dual-Phase Steel Manufacturing Using ANN and ANFIS (چکیده)
2266 - Numerical solution of weakly singular Fredholm integral equations via generalization of the Euler–Maclaurin summation formula (چکیده)
2267 - Convergence analysis of Bernoulli matrix aproach for one-dimensional matrix hyperbolic equations of the first order (چکیده)
2268 - Emotional education through islamic teachings (چکیده)
2269 - Investigation of Theory of Mind in ADHD and Normal Children and i ts Relationship with Response Inhibition (چکیده)
2270 - On confidence bounds for one-parameter exponential families (چکیده)
2271 - The effect of in ovo injection of grape seed extract and vitamin C on hatchability, antioxidant activity, yolk sac weight, performance and ileal micro flora of broiler chickens (چکیده)
2272 - Hot-spot cooling using microliter liquid drops (چکیده)
2273 - Using liquid homogenization in order to produce Al-Gr composite with SPS and cold pressed-sintered in furnace and investigation of microstructure (چکیده)
2274 - Inequalities for trace on $\tau$-measurable operators (چکیده)
2275 - Changing from intra-provincial to inter-provincial migration in Iran (چکیده)
2276 - Dust-ion acoustic waves modulation in dusty plasmas with nonextensive electrons (چکیده)
2277 - Study of Cash Waqf and Its Impact on Poverty (Case Study of Iran)1 (چکیده)
2278 - More accurate and stable time integration scheme (چکیده)
2279 - Solving nonlinear Volterra integro-differential equation by using Legendre polynomial approximations (چکیده)
2280 - Effect of Some Plant Essential Oils on In vitro Ruminal Methane Production and on Fermentation Characteristics of a Mid-forage Diet (چکیده)
2281 - Who Should be Interviewed? A Response from Cluster Analysis (چکیده)
2282 - Transformer Differential Protection by Online Core Modeling and Orthogonal Polynomials (چکیده)
2283 - Finite Element Method for solving Linear Volterra Integro-Differential Equations of the second kind (چکیده)
2284 - Structural geometrical nonlinear analysis by displacement increment (چکیده)
2285 - Damage identification of 2D and 3D trusses by using complete and incomplete noisy measurements (چکیده)
2286 - Crack detection in concrete gravity dams by using new cracked element and genetic algorithm (چکیده)
2287 - A new solvated complex of the uranyl ion (UO22+) with 8-hydroxyquinoline (چکیده)
2288 - Mercury Contamination in Khramulia (Capoeta capoeta) from the Cheshme Kile and Zarrin Gol Rivers in Iran and Human Health Risk Assessment (چکیده)
2289 - Identity Statuses Scale in EFL Settings: A Case of Formal and Informal Contexts (چکیده)
2290 - Effect of Liberalization of Capital on Government Size (A Case-study of Developing Countries with Average Incom (چکیده)
2291 - Optimal reserve requirements and units schedule in contingency Constrained Unit Commitment (چکیده)
2292 - Identification of tomato phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase-C (PI-PLC) family members and the role of PLC4 and PLC6 in HR and disease resistance. (چکیده)
2293 - The Correlation of IQ and Emotional Intelligence with Reading Comprehension (چکیده)
2294 - تاثیر عوامل غیرزنده روی بیماریزایی نماتود های بیمارگر حشرات روی مینوز گوجه فرنگی Tuta absouleta (چکیده)
2295 - Write ‘systemic small RNAs’: read ‘systemic immunity’ (چکیده)
2296 - How to effectively deploy plant resistances to pests and pathogens in crop breeding (چکیده)
2297 - Elastic/plastic Buckling Analysis of Skew Thin Plates based on Incremental and Deformation Theories of Plasticity by using Generalized Differential Quadrature Method (چکیده)
2298 - Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Fluid-Structure Interaction in Presence of a Hyperelastic Body (چکیده)
2299 - Eccentric Connectivity and Zagreb Coindices of the Generalized Hierarchical Product of Graphs (چکیده)
2300 - Capacity region of the Gaussian doubly dirty two-way channel in the presence of partial side information (چکیده)
2301 - Critical path-aware voltage island partitioning and floorplanning for hard real-time embedded systems (چکیده)
2302 - INTRODUCING Pistacia khinjuk(KOLKHOUNG) FRUIT HULL (چکیده)
2303 - Determination of optimal strip width in strip intercropping of maize (Zea mays L.) and bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in Northeast Iran (چکیده)
2305 - Analyzing Housing Indices in Informal Settlements of Mashhad(Sample study: Shahid Rajaee Town) (چکیده)
2306 - Multiple-access relay channels with non-causal channel state information at the relay (چکیده)
2307 - Capacity Region of the Compound Multiple Access Channels with Common Message and in the Presence of Intersymbol Interference (چکیده)
2308 - A General Write Channel Model for Bit-Patterned Media Recording (چکیده)
2309 - Five new records of gall midges (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) from Iran (چکیده)
2311 - Novel Power Differential Protection Algorithm for Series Compensated Transmission Line Using Hybrid Indices (چکیده)
2312 - شبیه سازی انسان درفقه اسلام Human Coloning in Islamic jurisprudence (چکیده)
2313 - Microstructural aspects of in-situ TiB reinforced Ti6Al4V composite processed by spark plasma sintering (چکیده)
2314 - Heat transfer improvement of water as hot stream in plate Heat Exchangers used in dairy industries (چکیده)
2315 - Reinforcement learning and neural networks for multi-agent nonzero-sum games of nonlinear constrained-input systems (چکیده)
2316 - Water scarcity conditions affect peach fruit size and polyphenol contents more severely than other fruit quality traits (چکیده)
2317 - Ionic liquids based on α-amino acids; a structural insights into [dMA] 2 [AA] and computational evaluation of the hydrogen bonds (چکیده)
2318 - Seismic inversion and attributes analysis for porosity evaluation of the tight gas sandstones of the Whicher Range field in the Perth Basin, Western Australia (چکیده)
2319 - Government Effectiveness, Rule of Law and Informal Economy in Asian Developing Countries (چکیده)
2320 - On dynamic mutual information for bivariate lifetimes (چکیده)
2321 - Possible polaron formation of zigzag graphene nano-ribbon in the (چکیده)
2322 - Molecular Study of an isolate of Steinernema feltiae Filipjev,1934 from Iran nased on ITS rDNA sequence polymorphism (چکیده)
2323 - Anomaly detection and foresight response strategy for wireless sensor networks (چکیده)
2324 - Development of a Broadband Substrate Integrated Waveguide Cavity Backed Slot Antenna Using Perturbation Technique (چکیده)
2325 - The Impact of Content Based Instruction on Students' Achievemnet in ESP courses & their Language Learning Orientation (چکیده)
2326 - position of different aspects of multiple intelligence in elementary second grade textbooks (چکیده)
2327 - Determination of Optimal Environmental Flow Acquisition in Kor Basin, Doroudzan Dam (چکیده)
2328 - A New Model of Pain Sensation in Spinal Cord for Instantaneous Inhibition of Pain Stimuli (چکیده)
2329 - Anti-inflammatory effects of hydroalcoholic extract of heated female Cannabis sativa flowers following intrathecal administration in rat (چکیده)
2330 - Influence of sodium hydroxide treatment of barley grain on in vitro rumen gas production and microbial-N yield (چکیده)
2331 - In vitro effect of the adding of sodium hydroxide on rumen gas production of whole barley grain (چکیده)
2332 - Examining the role of knowledge management on organizational performance with considering mediating role of market orientation and innovation (چکیده)
2333 - Some Reverses of the Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality for Complex Functions of Self-adjoint Operators in Hilbert spaces (چکیده)
2334 - Intestinal colonization of different Brachyspira spp. in laying hens (چکیده)
2335 - Investigating the Effect of Senior Managers' Strategic Approach on Innovation-Case study of knowledge and technology based corporations covered by science and technology park of Khorasan Razavi (چکیده)
2336 - Integrating PSO with modified hybrid GA for solving nonlinear optimal control problems (چکیده)
2337 - Reaction mechanism and free energy profile for acylation of Candida Antarctica Lipase B with Methylcaprylate and Acetylcholine; Density functional theory calculation (چکیده)
2338 - Optimal Irrigation Water Allocation Using a Genetic Algorithm under Various Weather Conditions (چکیده)
2339 - Quantum Chemistry Description of Some Ionic Liquids: Theoretical Approach (چکیده)
2340 - Normal Left Ventricular Systolic Time Intervals in Baluchi Sheep Assessed by M-mode Echocardiography (چکیده)
2341 - Threaten Factors of Residential Tissue and Executive Solution (Case Study: Mashhad City (چکیده)
2342 - NBO Analysis for the Encapsulation of H2O2 in Functionalized B -Cyclodextrin by Density Functional Theory (چکیده)
2344 - An evolutionary computational approach for formulation of compression index of fine-grained soils (چکیده)
2347 - A Study on the relationship between multiple Intelligences and mathematical problem solving based on Revised Bloom Taxonomy (چکیده)
2348 - Effects of Hypericum perforatum extract on IgG titer, leukocytes subset and spleen index in rats (چکیده)
2349 - A Low-Noise Low-Power MOSFET only Electrocardiogram Amplifier (چکیده)
2350 - The Relationship between Early maladaptive schemas and marital adjustment: (چکیده)
2351 - Determination the Best Culture for Callus Induction from Teucrium polium L. Explants (چکیده)
2352 - Experimental investigation of NIRS spatial sensitivity (چکیده)
2353 - Effect of salicylic acid on morphological and ornamental characteristics of Petunia hybrida at drought stress (چکیده)
2354 - Effects of low ozone concentrations and short exposure (چکیده)
2355 - Hybrid projective synchronization and control of the Baier–Sahle hyperchaotic flow in arbitrary dimensions with unknown parameters (چکیده)
2356 - A hybrid type-2 fuzzy clustering technique for input data preprocessing of classification algorithms (چکیده)
2357 - Circulation of Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus Strains Among Hospitalized Children with Acute Lower Respiratory Infection in Malaysia (چکیده)
2358 - Synthesis, structure and DFT study of a chelidamic acid based Cu coordination polymer: On the importance of p–p interactions and hexameric water clusters (چکیده)
2359 - A Fully Digital ASK Demodulator With Digital Calibration for Bioimplantable Devices (چکیده)
2360 - Conditionally Mean Inactivity Time Concept (چکیده)
2361 - Asymptotic Behavior of some Income Inequality Indexes (چکیده)
2362 - Effect of pulverized anthracite coal particles injection on thermal and radiative characteristics of natural gas flame: An experimental study (چکیده)
2363 - mNAFSA: A novel approach for optimization in dynamic environments with global changes (چکیده)
2364 - Design Investigation of a Modified HMSIW Leaky Wave Antenna (چکیده)
2365 - Sensitive spectrophotometric determination of Zinc in the presence of major interferences in highly complex matrix- electric arc furnace dust (چکیده)
2367 - The Effects of Ramadan Fasting and Physical Activity on Body Composition and Hematological-Biochemical Parameters (چکیده)
2368 - Reliability-based generation resource planning in electricity markets (چکیده)
2369 - Would Kaolin Particle Film Avoid Sunburn in “ Ardestani “ Pomegranate (چکیده)
2370 - Prevalence of parasitic nematodes infection in local chickens in northeast of Iran (چکیده)
2371 - Probing the Predictive Power of Cultural Intelligence on Iranian EFL learners' performance on IELTS writing test (چکیده)
2372 - Fluid-structure interaction in abdominal aortic aneurysms: Structural and geometrical considerations (چکیده)
2373 - An optimal power flow control method for grid-connected inverters (چکیده)
2374 - Partial Mutual Information Based Algorithm For Input Variable Selection For time series forecasting (چکیده)
2375 - Preparation of 3-D matrix bovine inter-vertebral discs for use in cartilage tissue engineering (چکیده)
2376 - The Spelling Error Analysis of the Written Persian Essays of Russian Adult Learners of Persian (چکیده)
2377 - Theoretical and Experimental Enzyme Inhibitory Evaluations of New Derivatives of Dipyrimido[4,5-b:5,4-e][1,4]thiazine on Soybean 15-Lipoxygenase (چکیده)
2378 - Response of T cell induced by dendritic cells pulsed with myelin basic protein (MBP) and matured in the presence of histamine, interferon-β and 2, 3-dimethoxy-1, 4 naphtoquinone (DMNQ) (چکیده)
2379 - Potential of beneficial bacteria on tomato growth improvement (چکیده)
2380 - Efficacy of two entomopathogenic nematodesHeterorhabditis bacteriophoraandSteinernema carpocapsaefor control of the leopard moth borerZeuzera pyrina(Lepidoptera: Cossidae) larvae under laboratory conditions (چکیده)
2381 - Investigating anticancer properties of the sesquiterpene ferutinin on colon carcinoma cells, in vitro and in vivo (چکیده)
2382 - Theoretical and spectroscopic studies on molecular structure and hydrogen bonding of 2-trifluoroacetylphenol (چکیده)
2383 - Molecular structure and intramolecular hydrogen bonding in 2-hydroxybenzophenones: A theoretical study (چکیده)
2384 - Study of Hydraulic Properties and Design Criteria for New River Subsurface Water Harvesting Method (چکیده)
2385 - Linguistic-Bound or Life-Wise Language Teaching Beliefs: A Mixed Methods Approach (چکیده)
2386 - Authentic Leadership and Employee Well-Being: The Mediating Role of Attachment Insecurity (چکیده)
2387 - Effect of Addition Molasses on theDegradability Kinetics, Net Energy for Lactation, In Vitro Dry Matter Digestibility andMetabolizable Energy of Potato Plant Silage in Ruminant Animals (چکیده)
2388 - Chebyshev type inequalities for Hilbert space operators (چکیده)
2389 - Gradual Growth of Gold Nanoseeds on Silica for Silica@GoldCore-Shell Nanoparticles and Investigation of Optical Properties (چکیده)
2390 - Determination of Economic Production Quantity with Regard to Machine Failure (چکیده)
2391 - Evaluate and control the weld quality, using acoustic data and artifical neural network modeling (چکیده)
2392 - Relationship between the Institutional Ownership and Non-Executive Directors in Iran (چکیده)
2393 - The Relationship between Intellectual Capital with Economic Value Added and Financial Performance (چکیده)
2394 - Evaluating of Limitations, Barriers and Problems of Using Modern Accounting Information Systems in Iran (چکیده)
2395 - 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions between Ethyl Diazoacetate and Substituted Alkynes: A Density Functional Theory Study (چکیده)
2396 - The role of information technology in knowledge (چکیده)
2397 - بررسی پراکندگی باکتری های مولد هسته یخ درختان میوه هسته دار استان خراسان رضوی (چکیده)
2398 - Application of single unit impact dampers to harvest energy and suppress vibrations (چکیده)
2399 - Three dimensional investigation of the shock train structure in a convergent–divergent nozzle (چکیده)
2401 - Study of Microglial Differentiation in Organotypic Brain Slice Culture by Lycopersicon esculentum tomato and Sambucus nigra (چکیده)
2402 - Spatial Variability of Shear Wave Velocity Using Geostatistical Analysis in Mashhad City, NE Iran (چکیده)
2403 - Goodness-of-Fit test with Adaptive Type-II Progressively Censored Data (چکیده)
2404 - Complete solution to a conjecture of Zhang-Liu-Zhou (چکیده)
2405 - The Translation Construed by Students in Translator Training Programs in Iran (چکیده)
2406 - Parents’ Conceptual Involvement in their Children’s Education: An Assessment-oriented View (چکیده)
2407 - Optimal Cluster Head selection in Wireless Sensor Networks using Integer Linear Programming techniques (چکیده)
2408 - Memetic and scatter search metaheuristic algorithms for a multiobjective fortnightly university course timetabling problem: a case study (چکیده)
2409 - Gaussian doubly dirty compound multiple-access channel with partial side information at the transmitters (چکیده)
2410 - A Contrastive Study of Rhetorical Functions of Citation in Iranian and International ELT Scopus Journals (چکیده)
2411 - Implementing the New First and Second Differentiation of a General Yield Surface in Explicit and Implicit Rate- Independent Plasticity (چکیده)
2412 - Estimation of Pr(X < Y ) using record ranked set sampling scheme from the exponential distribution (چکیده)
2413 - Enhancement of Biogas Production by Co-digestion of Potato Pulp with Cow Manure in a CSTR System (چکیده)
2414 - Pressure Drop and Thermal Performance of CuO/Ethylene Glycol (60%)- Water (40%) Nanofluid in Car Radiator (چکیده)
2415 - Digestibility of selected feedstuffs in sub-adult Caspian great sturgeon, Huso huso using settlement fecal collection and stripping methods (چکیده)
2416 - The role of electron–phonon interaction on the transport properties of graphene based nano-devices (چکیده)
2417 - An Investigation into Factors Influencing the Acceptance of E-Government Service Counters as a Service Delivery Channel: A case of developing Country (چکیده)
2418 - Yaw Moment Control Using Fuzzy Reinforcemnt Learning (چکیده)
2419 - Simultaneous estimation of controllable parameters in a living tissue during thermal therapy (چکیده)
2420 - Intramolecular hydrogen bonding and vibrational assignment of 1,1,1-trifluoro-5,5-dimethyl-2,4-hexanedione (چکیده)
2421 - Comparative Investigation of Half-mode SIW Cavity and Microstrip Hybrid Antenna Using Different Patch Shapes (چکیده)
2425 - Designing an Ontology-based Health Information System: A systematic Approach (چکیده)
2426 - A 10-bit 110 kS/s 1.16 μW SA-ADC With a Hybrid Differential/Single-Ended DAC in 180-nm CMOS for Multichannel Biomedical Applications (چکیده)
2427 - On the Kullback Leibler information for mixed systems (چکیده)
2428 - Diversity and Distribution of Benthic Invertebrates in the West Port, Malaysia (چکیده)
2429 - Development of Low Profile Patch and Semi - Circular SIW Cavity Hybrid Antenna s (چکیده)
2430 - Measurement of strong coupling constant by using event shape moments in perturbative theory (چکیده)
2431 - Seroprevalence and Risk Factors of Ehrlichia canis Infection among Companion Dogs of Mashhad, North East of Iran, 2009–2010 (چکیده)
2432 - Joint detection channel estimation and interference cancellation in downlink MC-CDMA communication systems using complex-valued multilayer neural networks (چکیده)
2433 - Host preferences of aphidophagous hoverflies from field distribution of their larvae (چکیده)
2434 - Title Evaluation of Medical Librarians’ Level of Information and Communication Technology Skills Based on MLA Statements: A study in Iran (چکیده)
2435 - Selecting the Most Appropriate Method of Basin Sediment Estimation by Sediment Rating Curves at Hydrometric Stations (چکیده)
2437 - Interactions between entomopathogenic nematodes and imidacloprid for rose sawfly control (چکیده)
2438 - Development of An Indirect Enzyme-linked Immunosorb ent Assay (ELISA) for the detection and quantification of avian influ enza A, subtype H5 using a recombinant H5 antigen expressed in sf9 insect cell s (چکیده)
2439 - ILP-based improvement procedure for solving two variants of the standard vehicle routing problem (چکیده)
2440 - تبیین و بهبود شاخص های عملکردی در سیستم اورژانس با استفاده از شبیه سازی گسسته ی پیشامد ) : مطالعه ی موردی بیمارستان امام خمینی ( ره ) اراک ) (چکیده)
2441 - Cellular reactions of the white grub larvae, Polyphylla adspersa, against entomopathogenic nematodes (چکیده)
2442 - Optimal economic designing of grid-connected photovoltaic systems with multiple inverters using linear and nonlinear module models based on Genetic Algorithm (چکیده)
2443 - Dynamic Prioritization of Path for Quality-of-Service Differentiation in Multi-Priority Traffic (چکیده)
2444 - Synthesis, structure, solution and DFT studies of a pyrazine-bridged binuclear Cu(II) complex: On the importance of noncovalent interactions in the formation of crystalline network (چکیده)
2445 - provienence, tectonic setting and geochemistary of Ahvaz sandstone member (Asmari Formation, oligo -miocene), Asmari Formation, Marun oilfield Zagros Basin, NW Iran (چکیده)
2446 - Evaluating the efficacy of pre- and post-emergence herbicides for controllingAmaranthus retroflexus L. and Chenopodium album L. in potato (چکیده)
2447 - Structural, stability and electronic properties of C15-AB (A = Ti, Zr; B = Cr) intermetallic compounds and their hydrides: An ab initio study (چکیده)
2448 - Analysis of Cracked Truss Type Structures (چکیده)
2449 - Assessment of Industrial Sites Based on Aggregation of the Environmental Criteria in GIS (چکیده)
2450 - A Monte Carlo Study of the Influence of Neutron Source Spectrum on PGNAA Facility Performance in Cement Raw Material Analysis (چکیده)
2451 - A Synchronizing Controller Using a Direct Adaptive (چکیده)
2452 - On estimation of stress-strength parameter using record values from proportional hazard rate models (چکیده)
2453 - Morphological Evaluation of Testis Tissue of Rats in Various Time Points after Diabetes Type 1 Induction (چکیده)
2454 - Estimation of Cpmk Process Capability Index Based on Bootstrap Method For Weibull Distribution: A Case Study (چکیده)
2455 - Preoperative Anxiety in Candidates for Heart Surgery (چکیده)
2456 - Accurate electrostatic and van der Waals pull-in prediction for fully clamped nano/micro-beams using linear universal graphs of pull-in instability (چکیده)
2457 - Enhanced superplasticity in AA2024 aluminium alloy processed by multiple compressions in a channel die (چکیده)
2458 - Genetic regulatory network inference using Recurrent Neural Networks trained by a multi agent system (چکیده)
2459 - Polarized structure of nucleon in the valon representation (چکیده)
2460 - Time to failure analysis of single mode long-wavelength InGaAsP vertical-cavity surface emitting lasers (چکیده)
2461 - Modeling and Implementation of Demand Dispatch in a Smart Micro-grid (چکیده)
2462 - A new merit function for custom instruction selection under an area budget constraint (چکیده)
2463 - Estimation of operator monotone functions (چکیده)
2464 - A new generation of process capability indices based on fuzzy measurements (چکیده)
2465 - On entropy of a Pareto distribution in the presence of outliers (چکیده)
2466 - Chaos Process Testing (Time-Series in The Frequency Domain) in Predicting Stock Returns in Tehran Stock Eechange (چکیده)
2467 - Effect of Level and Duration of Application of a Commercial Enzyme Mixture on In Vitro Ruminal Fermentation Responses of a Mid-Forage Total Mixed Ration (چکیده)
2468 - Assessing the effect of heavy metal concentrations (Fe, Pb, Zn, Ni, Cd, As, Cu,Cr) on the quality of adjacent groundwater resources of Khorasan Steel Complex (چکیده)
2469 - Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment in Games by Using an Interactive Self-Organizing Architecture (چکیده)
2470 - Optimizing Noise Control Strategy in a Forging Workshop (چکیده)
2471 - Study For Effect of Macroeconomic Variables on Environmental Performance Indicators (چکیده)
2472 - Applying the min-projection strategy to improve the transient performance of the three-phase grid-connected inverter (چکیده)
2473 - The Kinetics of Infrared Drying of Lemon (Citrus Lemon (L.) Burms.F) (چکیده)
2474 - Applications of the generalized hierarchical product of graphs in computing the vertex and edge PI indices of chemical graphs (چکیده)
2475 - Integrated biostratigraphy and stage boundaries of the Abderaz Formation, east of the Kopeh-Dagh sedimentary basin, NE Iran (چکیده)
2476 - Alleviating harmful effects of chilling stress on rice seedling via application of spermidine as seed priming factor (چکیده)
2477 - Optimization of Foaming Parameters and Investigating the Effects of Drying Temperature on the Foam-Mat Drying of Shrimp (Penaeus indicus) (چکیده)
2478 - Studying the Corona Product of Graphs under some Graph Invariants (چکیده)
2479 - Effect of different irrigation intervals And anti-transpirants compounds on yield and yield components of Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa) (چکیده)
2482 - LMIRA: Large Margin Instance Reduction Algorithm (چکیده)
2483 - Gaussian Z Channel with Intersymbol Interference (چکیده)
2484 - Large symmetric margin instance selection algorithm (چکیده)
2485 - Evaluation of synthetic zeolites as oral delivery vehicle for anti-inflammatory drugs (چکیده)
2486 - A Two Element perturbed SIW Cavity Backed Slot Antenna Array (چکیده)
2487 - Study about the place of epistemology of observation in personal and attainment knowledge (چکیده)
2488 - A Contrastive Analysis on the Application of Definite and Indefinite Articles in the Story Texts in Persian and English Languages (چکیده)
2489 - Design, synthesis and SAR studies of new methyl chavicol derivatives as potent 15-lipoxygenase inhibitors (چکیده)
2490 - Investigating the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) and Minimum Bactericidal Concentration (MBC) of the Lavandula stoechas L. and Rosmarinus officinalis L. extracts on pathogen bacterias “in vitro” (چکیده)
2491 - Dynamics of effective brain connectivity during working memory: potential for a new brain computer interface system (چکیده)
2492 - An Integrated Approach for Selecting Biodiversity Indicators in an Australian Streetscape Study (چکیده)
2493 - Secure Communication in Shotgun Cellular Systems (چکیده)
2494 - Alternative curved-boundary treatment for the lattice Boltzmann method and its application in simulation of flow and potential fields (چکیده)
2497 - Purification and Modeling Amphipathic Alpha Helical Antimicrobial Peptides from Skin Secretions ofEuphlyctis cyanophlyctis (چکیده)
2498 - Mode Count and Modal Density of Isotropic Circular Cylindrical Shells Using a Modified Wavenumber Space Integration Method (چکیده)
2499 - Assessment of Khorasan Steel Complex Impacts on Ground Wather Resources of Neyshabur Plain of Iran, Using Water Quality Index and Statistical Methods (چکیده)
2500 - Magnetostriction and thermal expansion of HoFe 11  x Co x Ti intermetallic compounds (چکیده)
2501 - Magnetoelastic properties of substituted Er1xGdxMn6Sn6intermetallic system (چکیده)
2502 - Synthesis, characterization and intramolecular proton transfer of 3,3’-Dihydroxy-4,4’-[5-methyl-1,3-phenylenebis(nitrilomethylidyne)]-bis-phenol (چکیده)
2503 - On the importance of non covalent interactions in the structure of coordination Cu(II) and Co(II) complexes of pyrazine- and pyridine-dicarboxylic acid derivatives: Experimental and theoretical views (چکیده)
2504 - Crystal engineering with coordination compounds of NiII, CoII, and CrIII bearing dipicolinic acid driven by the nature of the noncovalent interactions (چکیده)
2505 - Factors influencing adoption of e- services in Iranian Universities (چکیده)
2506 - The Estimate of Heterosis and Combining Ability Some Morphological Characters in Tomato Transplants (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) (چکیده)
2507 - More on operator Bellman inequality (چکیده)
2508 - Operator convexity in Krein spaces (چکیده)
2509 - Riemann sums for self-adjoint operators (چکیده)
2510 - Further refinements of the Heinz inequality (چکیده)
2511 - Normal Form Analysis of the Subsynchronous Torsional Interaction with SVC in the Complex Power Systems (چکیده)
2512 - Efficacy of two entomopathogenic nematode species as potential biocontrol agents against the rosaceae longhorned beetle, Osphranteria coerulescens under laboratory conditions (چکیده)
2513 - Assessment of the plantago major extract for antimicrobial activities (چکیده)
2514 - Evaluation of Strain Induced Martensitic Transformation in 304AISI after Tensile Deformation Using Eddy Current Method (چکیده)
2515 - characterization of strain induced martensitic trasformation in 304AISI after tensile deformation via magnetic Barkhausen noise (چکیده)
2516 - Influence of temperature, mono- and divalent cations on dilutesolution properties of sage seed gum (چکیده)
2517 - Construction and Validation of Critical Understanding of the Global Spread of English Scale (CUGSES) (چکیده)
2518 - Evaluateand control the weld quality, using acoustic data and atrifical neural network modeling (چکیده)
2519 - In situ grown of pt-pd nanowires with excellent electrochemical performance as a facile route polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell electrodes preparation (چکیده)
2520 - Transmission line fault location using hybrid wavelet-Prony method and relief algorithm (چکیده)
2523 - Burnout and teaching style among Iranian English language educators in public schools and private institutes: A cross-comparison study (چکیده)
2524 - Using data island method for creating metadata records with indexability and visibility of tag names in web search engines (چکیده)
2525 - Growth analysis of rhizomania infected and healthy sugar beet (چکیده)
2526 - Metabolism of extracted inulin from Helianthus tuberosusby Lactobacillus strains isolated from traditional Kordish cheese (چکیده)
2527 - Seroprevalence of Babesia caballi Infection in Horses in the North Khorasan Province of (چکیده)
2528 - Exploring Hedges and Boosters in 9/11 English Front Page News Articles (چکیده)
2529 - Interactional Metadiscourse in English and Persian News Articles about 9/11 (چکیده)
2530 - Microwave-induced high surface functionalization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes for long-term dispersion in water (چکیده)
2531 - A Descriptive Overview of Pronunciation Instruction in Iranian High Schools (چکیده)
2532 - Plastic Deformation Influence on Material Properties of Autofrettaged Tubes Used in Diesel Engines Injection System (چکیده)
2533 - Using shifted Legendre polynomials for solving optimal control problem of an HIV infection treatment control model (چکیده)
2534 - A new approach for the optimal fuzzy linear time invariant controlled system with fuzzy coefficients (چکیده)
2535 - Bezier Curves for Solving Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind (چکیده)
2536 - Oscheius rugaolensis, new genus and species of insect parasitic nematodes from Iran (چکیده)
2537 - Stochastic Comparison of Repairable Systems (چکیده)
2538 - A Proposal for Geological Groutability Index (GGI) of Cement Grouting in Rock Foundations (چکیده)
2539 - The Effect of Intellectual Capital on the Profitability Ratios in the Banking Industry: Evidence from Iran (چکیده)
2540 - Two dimensional transient analysis of coupled non-Fick diffusion-thermoelasticity based on Green-Naghdi theory using meshless local Petrov – Galerkin (MLPG) method (چکیده)
2541 - A HMSIW Circularly Polarized Leaky-Wave Antenna With Backward, Broadside, and Forward Radiation (چکیده)
2542 - Estimation of stress-strength reliability using record ranked set sampling scheme from the‎ ‎exponential distribution (چکیده)
2543 - Record ranked set sampling scheme (چکیده)
2544 - Damage detection by updating structural models based on linear objective functions (چکیده)
2545 - Study of in vitro rumen fermentation kinetics of sour grape pomace ensiled with some additives in ruminants (چکیده)
2546 - A bi-level partial interdiction problem on hierarchical facilities (چکیده)
2547 - Supplementation of Clove Essential Oils and Probiotic to the Broiler’s Diet on Performance, Carcass Traits and Blood Components (چکیده)
2549 - Seal of the prophets from two perspective, Qeysari And Seyed Heydar e Amoli (چکیده)
2550 - Microstructural analysis and mechanical properties of aluminum matrix nanocomposites reinforced with uncoated and Cu-coated alumina particles (چکیده)
2552 - Pull-in time study of double clamped micro-electromechanical beam under the squeezed air-film effect (چکیده)
2553 - Naturally occurring level of mixed aflatoxins B and G stimulate toll-like receptor-4 in bovine mononuclear cells (چکیده)
2554 - The Role of Tourism Infrastructures in Tourist Attraction to Rural Areas (چکیده)
2555 - Development of An Indirect Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) for the detection and quantification of avian influenza A, subtype H5 using a recombinant H5 antigen expressed in sf9 insect cells (چکیده)
2556 - Isolation and Molecular identification of infectious bronchitis virus strain QX (IBV-QX) from layer flocks located in north east of Iran (چکیده)
2557 - Immune dynamics of chicken macrophage-like monocytes following exposure to bacterial ghosts loaded with M2e segment and NP gene as a universal DNA vaccine against avian influenza (چکیده)
2558 - Social Conceptions of Intelligence and their Influence on English Language Teacher Care (چکیده)
2559 - Comparative Study of Colors in sustainable housing - Residential buildings in Ahmedabad - Pardis Complex (چکیده)
2560 - Effect of honey as an immunomodulator against invasive aspergillosis in BALB/c mice (چکیده)
2561 - Effect of water and sport beverage intake on biochemical and physiological variables in traioned wrestlers (چکیده)
2562 - Evidence for Transmission of Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza A, H9N2 (LPAIV A, H9N2) to Domestic Cats Consuming Chicken Offal (چکیده)
2563 - A topological approach to the nilpotent multipliers of a free product (چکیده)
2564 - The growth and survival of plants in urban green roofs in a dry climate (چکیده)
2565 - Evaluation of the heavy metal contaminations in water resources in ophiolitic complex of Pangi area-Kadkan, NW Torbat Hydarieh, Iran) (چکیده)
2566 - Relation Between variations Price Agriculture of Iran With Inflation And GDP (چکیده)
2567 - Changes in analgesia and hyperalgesia induced by intraperitoneal administration of morphine in the formalin test during intrathecal administration of Menaquinone-4 in rats (چکیده)
2568 - Reduction of chemical pain after intrathecal administration of vitamin K2 in the rats (چکیده)
2569 - Cultural Intelligence and Writing Ability: Delving into Fluency, Accurasy and Complexity (چکیده)
2570 - Transonic Flow Simulation Around the Pitching Airfoil with Accurate Pressure-Based Algorithm (چکیده)
2571 - Hierarchical Region Based ML EEG Source Reconstruction: A Subspace Projection Approach. (چکیده)
2572 - Prediction intervals for generalized order statistics with random sample size (چکیده)
2573 - Synthesis and characterization of permalloy-reinforced Al2O3 nanocomposite powders by mechanical alloying (چکیده)
2574 - Admissible Wavelets on Groups and their Homogeneous Spaces (چکیده)
2576 - Extrusion of sorghum starch enhances ruminal and intestinaldigestibility, rumen microbial yield and growth in lambs fedon high-concentrate diets (چکیده)
2577 - On the generalization of Cayley graphs associated to a lattice (چکیده)
2578 - The first report of Plasmodium spp infection in pigeon in Iran (چکیده)
2580 - Determination of Mercury in Real Water Samples Using in situ Derivatization Followed by Sol-Gel–Solid-Phase Microextraction with Gas Chromatography–Flame Ionization Detection (چکیده)
2581 - Designing Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Controllers by Sarsa Learning (چکیده)
2582 - Effects of intrathecal administration of vitamin K2 on formalin induced plantar inflammatory edema in rats (چکیده)
2583 - An iterative method for computing the approximate inverse of a square matrix and the Moore–Penrose inverse of a non-square matrix (چکیده)
2584 - Predicting Emotions Induced by Music Using System Identification Theory (چکیده)
2585 - Forced Vibration Analysis of a Dam-Reservoir Interaction Problem in Frequency Domain (چکیده)
2586 - Production of selenium nanoparticle using bacteria isolated from glass factory sewage (چکیده)
2587 - Assessment of structural damage by sensitivity of modal strain energy based on an efficient optimization function (چکیده)
2588 - Some Limit Theorems for Independent Fuzzy Random Variables (چکیده)
2589 - A New Keynesian Small Open Economy DSGE Model in Islamic Economic Framework: The Case of Iran (چکیده)
2590 - Recent developments in the crystal engineering of diverse coordination modes (0–12) for Keggin-type polyoxometalates in hybrid inorganic–organic architectures (چکیده)
2591 - Evaluation of Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Biochemical Traits of Lettuce under Drought Stress and Super Absorbent or Bentonite Application (چکیده)
2592 - Investigation of the relationship between emotional intelligence and dimensions of power sources of high school principals of Neishabour city in academic year 2005-2006 (چکیده)
2593 - The Relationship between Major Oil Products Consumption and Efficiency of Industry Sector in Selected Oil Exporting and Importing Countries (چکیده)
2594 - Oscheius rugaoensis and Pristionchus maupasi, two new records of entomophilic nematodes from Iran (چکیده)
2595 - Optimization of preparation conditions of polyamide thin film composite membrane for organic solvent nanofiltration (چکیده)
2596 - Applications of Some Graph Operationsin in Computing Some Invariants of Chemical Graphs (چکیده)
2597 - Hirshfeld surface analysis of the 1,100 0 -(ethane-1,2-diyl)dipyridinium dication in two new salts: perchlorate and peroxodisulfate (چکیده)
2598 - A new modified quadrature method for solving linear weakly singular integral equations (چکیده)
2599 - Total graphs of Polynomial Rings and Rings of fractions (چکیده)
2600 - Generalizations Of Bernoulli’s Inequality With Utility-Based Approach (چکیده)
2601 - Information Measures for Generalized Beta Distributions as an Income Distribution (چکیده)
2602 - A Study on the relationship between human development and intellectual and human capital in banking industry (چکیده)
2603 - Static Damage Identification of 3D and 2D Frames (چکیده)
2604 - Two new hybrid methods in integrating constitutive equations (چکیده)
2605 - Integrating the Pressure-Sensitive Nonassociative Plasticity by Exponential-Based Methods (چکیده)
2606 - Positive block matrices on Hilbert and Krein C*-modules (چکیده)
2607 - Swimming injuries and their risk factors among. Iranian elite freestyle and butterfly swimmers (چکیده)
2608 - The Relationship between Logical, Naturalist Intelligences and Learning Grammar for EFL Learners at Elementary Level (چکیده)
2609 - Value of single manifest in interpretation (چکیده)
2610 - The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence And Its Dimensions With Organizational Entrepreneurship (چکیده)
2612 - A new Bernoulli matrix method for solving second order linear partial differential equations with the convergence analysis (چکیده)
2613 - Studies on the effects of different chemical additives on the nutritive value of ensiled barley distillers grain (BDG) using in vitro techniques (چکیده)
2614 - A karyological study of some Dianthus L. species (Caryophyllaceae) (چکیده)
2615 - A Review Tour on Properties of Reliability Concepts under Weighting for Univariate Distributions (چکیده)
2616 - New Fuzzy Stochastic Orders for Ranking Fuzzy Random Variables (چکیده)
2617 - Classical and Bayesian estimation of P(X>Y) for Lomax distribution based on upper records (چکیده)
2618 - A note on signature based expressions for the entropy of mixed r-out-of-n systems (چکیده)
2619 - Injuries at the Iranian Championship in Indoor Rock Climbing (چکیده)
2620 - Does Pronated Foot Predispose the Females to Risk of AnteriorCruciate Ligament injury (چکیده)
2621 - Bacterial Mutation; Types, Mechanisms and Mutant Detection Methods: A Reviw (چکیده)
2622 - The First Example of a New Coordination Mode of Dipicolinate ‎Ligand in Heteronuclear Metal complex: A Database Study of ‎Coordination Modes of pydcH2‎ (چکیده)
2623 - DFT study of the molecular structures, electronic properties and vibrational spectra of mercury(II) halidecomplexescontaining carboxamide ligand (چکیده)
2624 - Zinc supplements and children\'s Intelligent Quote (IQ) (چکیده)
2625 - Cauchy--Schwarz inequality in semi-inner product C*-modules via polar decomposition (چکیده)
2626 - Enhancement of the human factor IX expression, mediated by an intron derived fragment from the rat aldolase B gene in cultured hepatoma cells (چکیده)
2627 - A systematic study of the function of the human β-globin introns on the expression of the human coagulation factor IX in cultured Chinese hamster ovary cells (چکیده)
2628 - Risk Based Internal Audit-An Emperical Model For Implementation (چکیده)
2629 - Government and managerial influence on auditor switching under partial privatization (چکیده)
2630 - Distribution of interaural time difference in the barn owl s inferior colliculus in the low- and high-frequency ranges. (چکیده)
2631 - Multi-objective expansion planning approach: distant wind farms and limited energy resources integration (چکیده)
2632 - Global Inhibition and Stimulus Competition in the Owl Optic Tectum (چکیده)
2633 - An augmented NSGA-II technique with virtual database to solve the composite generation and transmission expansion planning problem (چکیده)
2634 - Segmented Architecture for Successive Approximation Analog-to-Digital Converters (چکیده)
2635 - Toxicological effects of diazinon as anorganophosphate pesticide on fermentationactivity of microorganisms and evaluation ofsodium bentonite as a toxin binder by using (چکیده)
2636 - Nutritional evaluation of ensiled brewers’ grain by the in vitro and in situ techniquesin vitro and in situ techniques (چکیده)
2637 - The Adaptation(S) of Adaptation In Fractal Paintings of Farshchian as Fine-Popular Art (چکیده)
2638 - World Wide Web and Intertextual Postmodernism in Media (چکیده)
2639 - In Vitro Rumen Fermentation Characteristics of Intact or Oil Free of Various Protein Sources (چکیده)
2640 - A Novel Adaptive Agent-Based Algorithm to Find Mixed Nash Equilibrium in Static Games (چکیده)
2641 - Human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells can survive and integrate into the adult rat eye following xenotransplantation (چکیده)
2642 - Transfer of Technology from Iranian Universities to Industry: University Perspective (چکیده)
2643 - A Comparative Study on the Relationship between Language Instructor’s Level of Confidence and Learners’ Development in Speaking (چکیده)
2644 - Correlation of Apparent Thermal Conductivity and Electrical Resistivity of Moist Thermal Insulation Materials (چکیده)
2645 - A survey on infrastructural exclusions in new established cities of Iran (Case of ICT Diffusion in Golbahar & Binalood) (چکیده)
2646 - Geometrical correlations in the nucleosomal DNA conformation and the role of the covalent bonds rigidity (چکیده)
2647 - Design and analysis of new substrate integrated waveguide resonance antennas (چکیده)
2648 - Promoting the Concept of Knowledge Cities through University-Industry Collaboration in the Iranian Context (چکیده)
2649 - Non-equilibrium entanglement dynamics of a two-qubit Heisenberg XY system in the presence of an inhomogeneous magnetic field and spin-orbit interaction (چکیده)
2650 - The effect of repetitive spreading depression on neuronal damage in juvenile rat brain (چکیده)
2651 - The Relationship Between Institutional Ownership, Active and Passive Institutional Ownership With Return On the Firm s Operating Cash (چکیده)
2652 - تاثیر تلقیح قارچ میکوریزا بر استقرار اولیه و خصوصیات مورفولوژیک گیاه علوفه ای یونجه (Medicago sativa L) در شرایط عرصه های طبیعی (چکیده)
2653 - An Empirical study on the grammar of institutions: are the group-made regulations implemented for the Semnan rangelands (in Iran) rules, norms, or strategies? (چکیده)
2654 - Oil Rents, Institutions and Financial Development: Case Study of selected Oil Exporting Countries (چکیده)
2655 - The time constrained maximal covering salesman problem (چکیده)
2656 - Geochemistry as a provenance indicator of clastic rocks of Zivah Formation, Moghan area, NW of Iran (چکیده)
2657 - Evaluation of Color Indices for Improved Segmentation of Plant Images (چکیده)
2658 - Modeling and analysis of magnetorheological inner mass single unit impact dampers (چکیده)
2659 - The Survey of Tomato Demand in Iran (چکیده)
2660 - Comparison among non-parametric prediction intervals of order‎ ‎statistics‎ (چکیده)
2661 - Comparing the Effectiveness of LEAP and CBT on Reducing Temptation to Use Drugs Among Substance Abusers (چکیده)
2662 - An investigation of stress management techniques in group and individual athletes in Rasht City (چکیده)
2663 - Organizational entrepreneurship predictions based on components of cultural intelligence Ang's four factors (چکیده)
2664 - The Relationship Between Cultural Intelligence And Its Dimensions With Organizational Entrepreneurship (چکیده)
2665 - Bounded operators on topological vector spaces and their spectral radii (چکیده)
2666 - Estimating the heat source and the heat transfer coefficient simultaneously in a living tissue by conjugate gradient method (چکیده)
2668 - Adsorption of p-toluenesulfonic acid onto diethanolamine-functionalized polymeric resin: Kinetic experiment (چکیده)
2669 - The Effect of Corporate Governance Mechanisms on the Relationship between Investment Opportunities and Dividend Ratio of Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange (چکیده)
2670 - Strategic Analysis of the Competitive Forces in Industrial Clusters: A Case of Shandiz Furniture Industrial Cluster (چکیده)
2671 - Realisation of New Single-Layer Triple-Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide and Dual Mode Half-Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filters Using a Circular Shape Perturbation (چکیده)
2672 - Geometric morphometric analyses of the short-tailed Bandicoot Rat (Nesokia indica) (Rodentia: Muridae) in the north and southeast of Iran (چکیده)
2673 - Weak Visibility of Two Objects in Planar Polygonal Scenes (چکیده)
2674 - sodium bentonite as a toxin binder by using Toxicological effects of diazinon as an organophosphate pesticithe in vitro batch culturede on fermentation activity of microorganisms and evaluation of (چکیده)
2675 - Proteomics study reveals the molecular mechanisms underlying water stress tolerance induced by Piriformospora indica in barley (چکیده)
2676 - The relationship between Ownership Structure and Stock Price Volatility with Dividend in Listed Firms of TehranStock Exchange (چکیده)
2678 - Tennessee Williams in the 50s: A Mirror of Competing Discourses (چکیده)
2679 - [(Pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylato)copper(II)]- l-(pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylato)-[bis(ethylenediamine) copper(II)]-l-(pyridine-2,6- dicarboxylato)-[(pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylato) copper(II)] ethylenediamine monosolvate tetrahydrate (چکیده)
2680 - Bandwidth Enhancement of Cavity-Backed Slot Antenna Using Perturbation in SIW Cavity (چکیده)
2681 - New Hybrid Antenna Using Microstrip Patch Antenna Fed by Half-Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide Cavity (چکیده)
2682 - Relationship between Financial Ratios and Stock Prices for the Food Industry Firms in Stock Exchange of Iran (چکیده)
2683 - Molecular Structure and Intramolecular hydrogen bonding of 4-phenyliamino-3-penten-2-one and its para substitutions (چکیده)
2684 - Study of environmental fish carcinogens (چکیده)
2685 - Power Play and the Space in ‘Feminist . . . Male Directors’ (چکیده)
2686 - Inaccurate Path Correction in Ray Tracing Using Ray Expansion Method (چکیده)
2687 - Factors affecting terrestrial invertebrate diversity in bioretention basins in an Australian urban environment (چکیده)
2688 - The nematicidal potential of localBacillusspecies against the root-knot nematode infecting greenhouse tomatoes (چکیده)
2689 - Immersion and Invariance Based Fault Tolerant Adaptive Spacecraft Attitude Control (چکیده)
2690 - Structure And Vibrational Analysis Of Ethyl 3-Amino-2-Butenoate (چکیده)
2691 - Chitosan-based injectable hydrogel as a promising in situ forming scaffold for cartilage tissue engineering (چکیده)
2692 - Molecular structure and intramolecular hydrogen bonding of 1,1,1- trifluoro-5,5-dimethyl-2,4-hexanedione. A DFT study (Part I) (چکیده)
2693 - Molecular structure and intramolecular hydrogen bonding of Heptane-3,5-dione. A DFT study (چکیده)
2694 - Timeliness of Annual Financial Reporting: Evidence from the Tehran Stock Exchange (چکیده)
2695 - A review of ET measurement techniques for estimating the water requirements of urban landscape vegetation (چکیده)
2696 - Hydrogen storage on silicon, carbon, and silicon carbide nanotubes: A combined quantum mechanics and grand canonical Monte Carlo simulation study (چکیده)
2697 - ABC optimization of TMD parameters for tall buildings with soil structure interaction (چکیده)
2698 - Effect of Rhythmic Play on Social Skills and Sensory-Motor Skills of Preschoolers Children (چکیده)
2699 - Analysis of capacity and coverage region for Rayleigh fading MIMO relay channel (چکیده)
2700 - Achievable rate regions for a three-user multiple access channel with partial side information (چکیده)
2701 - Three Dimensional Static Thermal Analysis of Quasi-Monolithic Integration Technology (QMIT) (چکیده)
2702 - Quasi-Monolithic Integration Technology for Flexible and Reliable Design of Microwave and Millimeterwave Circuits (چکیده)
2703 - Improvements of Thermal Resistance and Thermal Stress in Quasi-Monolithic Integration Technology (QMIT) with a New Fabrication Process (چکیده)
2704 - Advantages of the New Generation Quasi-Monolithic Integration Technology (QMIT) (چکیده)
2705 - Using scanning probe microscopy and nanomoter surface profiler of DEKTAK for determination of thermal stress in quasi-monolithic integration technology (QMIT) (چکیده)
2706 - Quasi-Monolithic Integration Technology (QMIT) for Power Applications (چکیده)
2707 - Thermal stress in Quasi Monolithic Integration Technology (QMIT) (چکیده)
2708 - RETRACTED ARTICLE: Immersion and invariance based fault tolerant adaptive spacecraft attitude control (چکیده)
2709 - Cis-enol conformers and intramolecular hydrogen bond strength of 2,6-Dimethyl-3,5-heptanedione (چکیده)
2710 - Cis-enol conformational stability, Molecular structure, and intramolecular hydrogen bonding of 5,5-Dimethyl hexane-2,4 dione. A density functional theoretical study (چکیده)
2711 - Intramolecular hydrogen bonding and vibrational spectra of 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-3,5-heptanedione (چکیده)
2712 - Length of dsRNA (poly I:C) drives distinct innate immune responses, depending on the cell type (چکیده)
2713 - The Role of Accounting Profession in Development of Capital Market (چکیده)
2714 - Intracerebroventricular injection of ghrelin produces hypophagia through central serotonergic mechanisms in chicken (چکیده)
2715 - Molecular Structure, and Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding of Thenoyltrifluoroacetone (چکیده)
2716 - Serodiagnosis of Brucella Infection in Aborted Cattle by an Indirect Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay in some Dairy Herds in Mashhad, Iran (چکیده)
2717 - Book Review of Critical Readings in Translation Studies, 2010, Edited by Mona Baker, Routledge (چکیده)
2718 - A Translation Criticism: A Critical Study of Discourse in Translation (چکیده)
2719 - The effect of melanocortin (Mc3 and Mc4) antagonists on serotonin-induced food and water intake of broiler coc (چکیده)
2720 - Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Library Staff Training: A Comparative Study (چکیده)
2721 - Effectiveness of Behavioral Inhibition Training in Prison Inmates with Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (چکیده)
2722 - Comparison of Serological tests iELISA with Rose Bengal for the Detection of Brucellosis (چکیده)
2723 - Analytical Solutions of Stress Field in Adhesively Bonded Composite Single-lap Joints under Mechanical Loadings (چکیده)
2724 - On uncertainty and information properties of ranked set samples (چکیده)
2725 - Analysis the Satisfaction of the residents of Golbahar new town with the living conditions and its effects on Mashhad metropolis (چکیده)
2726 - In Situ Synthesis of 2-Phenylbenzimidazole as an Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion Inhibitor of Carbon Steel (چکیده)
2727 - In vitro usage of various non-organic compounds to subdue acidogenic value and enhance the fermentation of alfalfa hay based diets by mixed rumen microbiota. (چکیده)
2728 - Ky Fan inequalities (چکیده)
2729 - Effect of cold deformation on pitting initiation of 17-4 PH stainless steel (چکیده)
2730 - Anodic dissolution mechanism for iron in presence of pyridine-2-thiol in 0.1 M HCl (چکیده)
2731 - Evaluation of Hydraulic Fracturing Potential in the Inclined Clay Core Dams in Narrow Valleys Using 3D Numerical Modeling (چکیده)
2732 - Syntheses, structures, properties and DFT study of hybrid inorganic – organic architectures constructed from trinuclear lanthanide frameworks and Keggin-type polyoxometalates (چکیده)
2733 - A facile one-pot synthesis of functionalized fused benzochromene derivatives via intramolecular Wittig reactions (چکیده)
2734 - The relationship between Market Size, Inflation and Energy (چکیده)
2735 - Establishing a correlation between interfacial microstructures and corrosion initiation sites in Al/Cu joints by SEM–EDS and AFM–SKPFM (چکیده)
2736 - Presence of the endosymbiont Wolbachia among some fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) from Iran: A multilocus sequence typing approach (چکیده)
2737 - Foreign direct investment, economic growth and Islamic banking industry (چکیده)
2738 - Some operator inequalities involving Chebyshev inequality (چکیده)
2739 - EIL,Variations and native speaker s model (چکیده)
2740 - A Survey on Optimal Innovation and Salience Hypothesis in the Persian Advertisment (چکیده)
2741 - The impact of emotional intelligence on faculty members knowledge sharing behaviors (چکیده)
2742 - Deformation of involution and multiplication in a C*-algebra (چکیده)
2743 - Operator inequalities of Jensen type (چکیده)
2744 - Bellman inequality for Hilbert space operators (چکیده)
2745 - Refinements of the operator Jensen-Mercer inequality (چکیده)
2746 - Effects of acepromazine-xylazine combinations on intraocular pressure, pupil size and heart rate in clinically normal dogs (چکیده)
2747 - Effects of acetylcysteine and dexamethasone on intraocular pressure and pupil diameter in normal dogs (چکیده)
2748 - An unusual complication of endotracheal intubation in a dog (چکیده)
2749 - Pathogenicity of Lecanicillium longisporum (Ascomycota: Hypocreomycetidae) on the aphid Cinara pini (Hemiptera: Lachnidae) in laboratory condition (چکیده)
2750 - Response Surface Optimization of Barbari Bread-Making Process Variables: Interrelationship of Texture, Image and Organoleptic Characteristics; Using Image Analysis for Quality and Shelf Life Prediction (چکیده)
2751 - AOQ and ATI for Double Sampling Plan with Using Fuzzy Binomial Distribution (چکیده)
2753 - Supplier Selection Based on Fuzzy Inertial Capability Index (چکیده)
2754 - An empirical investigation on relationship between organizational intelligence and faculty members knowledge sharing behaviors (چکیده)
2755 - Inertial capability index based on fuzzy data (چکیده)
2756 - Tests of independence for GFGM distributions-power comparison by simulation (چکیده)
2757 - the surveying of the polarity by mood adjuncts in persian language Based on Functional Grammar Approach (چکیده)
2758 - Screening of selected feedstuffs by sub-adult narrow clawed crayfish, Astacus leptodactylus leptodactylus Eschscholtz, 1823 (چکیده)
2759 - Effect of salt stress on genes encoding translation-associated proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana (چکیده)
2760 - An experimental study on the ratcheting and fatigue behavior of polyacetal under uniaxial cyclic loading and internal pressure (چکیده)
2761 - Impact of Using Marketing Strategies on Performance through Supply Chain Performance in Insurance Industry (چکیده)
2762 - The Impact of Job Stress on Turnover Intention Mediating role of Job Satisfaction and Affective Commitment; Case Study: Mashhad s Public Hospitals (چکیده)
2763 - Numerical simulation of a submerged cylindrical wave energy converter (چکیده)
2764 - Emotion-Based Language Instruction (EBLI) as a new perspective in bilingual education (چکیده)
2765 - Effects of latanoprost and pilocarpine combination on the intraocular pressure and pupil size of dogs (چکیده)
2766 - Effect of tetracaine on intraocular pressure in normotensive and hypertensive eyes in rabbits (چکیده)
2767 - Integrated biostratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous Abderaz Formation of the East Kopet Dagh Basin (NE Iran) (چکیده)
2768 - Improving Power Plant Efficiency using Water Droplet Injection in Air Condensers (چکیده)
2769 - The study of dermatoglyphic patterns and distribution of theminutiae in Inherited Essential hypertension disease (چکیده)
2770 - Molecular characterization of Avian Adenoviruses in Iranian Broiler Flocks (چکیده)
2771 - Dinoflagellate cysts from the Upper Bajocian–Lower Oxfordianof the Dalichai Formation in Binalud Mountains (their biostratigraphical and biogeographical significanceNE Iran): (چکیده)
2772 - Peroxidase as markers for rooting response in microcutting of (Juglans regia L. cultivars (چکیده)
2773 - Mineral metabolism during in vitro root development in microcuttings of Juglans regia L. cultivars (چکیده)
2774 - Numerical Solution for IVP in Volterra Type Linear Integrodifferential Equations System (چکیده)
2775 - Effect of phosalone on rumen in vitro fermentation parameters (چکیده)
2776 - A Computer Forensics Approach Based on Autonomous Intelligent Multi-Agent System (چکیده)
2777 - Electrochemical and quantum chemical assessment of two organic compounds from pyridine derivatives as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in HCl solution under stagnant condition and hydrodynamic flow (چکیده)
2778 - An efficient home energy management system for automated residential demand response (چکیده)
2779 - Magnetic effects on the solvent properties investigated by molecular dynamics simulation (چکیده)
2780 - Approximately Quasi Inner Generalized Dynamics on Modules (چکیده)
2781 - Approximately Inner σ−Dynamics on C∗−Algebras (چکیده)
2782 - PQWs in complex plane: Application to Fredholm integral equations (چکیده)
2783 - Comparatve Effects of Recast & Metalinguistic Corrective Feedback in Processing Instruction Versus Meaningfull Output Instruction on hte Acquistion of Camparative & Superlative Adjectives (چکیده)
2784 - The effect of Pediococcus acidilactici bacteria used as probiotic supplement on the growth and non-specific immune responses of green terror, Aequidens rivulatus (چکیده)
2785 - The Effects of Ramadan Fasting and Physical Activity on Blood Hematological-Biochemical Parameters (چکیده)
2786 - Generalized Instance-based Fault Locating in Transmission Lines Using Single-ended Voltage Measurements (چکیده)
2787 - Extraction of Accidents Prediction Maps Modeling Hot Spots in Geospatial Information System (چکیده)
2788 - Characterizations using entropies of records in a ‎geometric ‎random record model (چکیده)
2789 - Effect of Remote Back-Up Protection System Failure on the Optimum Routine Test Time Interval of Power System Protection (چکیده)
2790 - Shading Factor Estimation in Small-Scale PV Systems (چکیده)
2791 - Effects of common lambsquarters (Chenopodium album L.) emergence time and density on growth and competition of maize (Zea mays L.) (چکیده)
2792 - Stability of The Volterra integrodifferential equation (چکیده)
2793 - Engineering geological investigations of mechanized tunneling in soft ground: A case study, East–West lot of line 7, Tehran Metro, Iran (چکیده)
2794 - Some Applications of Strong Product (چکیده)
2795 - Attitudes of rangeland holders towards sustainable range management in Iran: a case study of the Semnan rangelands (چکیده)
2796 - Interconnects Analyses in Quasi-Monolithic Integration Technology (QMIT) (چکیده)
2797 - Heat transfer and thermal stress analysis in the new generation quasi-monolithic integration technology (QMIT) (چکیده)
2798 - New generation quasi-monolithic integration technology (QMIT) (چکیده)
2799 - Simulation and measurement of thermal stress in quasi-monolithic integration technology (QMIT) (چکیده)
2800 - Optimization of thermal resistance in quasi monolithic integration technology (QMIT) structure (چکیده)
2801 - Static thermal design of quasi monolithic integration technology (QMIT) (چکیده)
2802 - Quantum Chemistry Aspects of the Ionic Liquids Based on Amino Acid (چکیده)
2803 - Quasi-monolithic integration of high-power GaN-based HEMTs for high-frequency applications (چکیده)
2804 - Thermomechanical stress analysis and measurement in quasi-monolithic integration technology (QMIT) (چکیده)
2805 - The Effect of CEO’s Reputation: Corporate Performance (چکیده)
2806 - An enhanced quasi-monolithic integration technology for microwave and millimeter wave applications (چکیده)
2807 - Intrinsic viscosity of cress (Lepidium sativum) seed gum: Effect of salts and sugars (چکیده)
2808 - Some physicochemical properties of sage (Salvia macrosiphon) seed gum (چکیده)
2809 - Introducing a risk estimation index for drivers: A case of Iran (چکیده)
2810 - Protective effect of Crocin on Aβ1-42 –induced neurotoxicity in primary rat basal forebrain neurons (چکیده)
2811 - Crocin suppresses the expression of iNOS in spinal cords of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalitis in mice as a model of Human Multiple Sclerosis (چکیده)
2812 - The effect of co-culturing denuded oocytes on the in vitro maturation of bovine cumulus-oocyte complexes (چکیده)
2813 - Shrinkage Estimation of P(Y X) in the Exponential Distribution Mixing with Exponential Distribution (چکیده)
2814 - Fresh autogenous and allogenous tendon graft in rabbit model (چکیده)
2815 - Spirocercosis in an Iranian native dog (چکیده)
2816 - The Effect of Earning Quality on Level of Cash Holding of Listed Companies on the Tehran Stock Exchange (چکیده)
2817 - Poorly differentiated melanoma in a goat (چکیده)
2818 - Ostertagia spp. in slaughtered sheep of Shahrekord, Iran (چکیده)
2819 - Theranekron: Effects on healing of cutaneous wound in Rats (چکیده)
2820 - Cerebral coenurosis in a goat: case report and literature review (چکیده)
2821 - Study of Relation Wheat Price Variation, Wheat Insurance and Subsidies Paid to Wheat in Iran Agriculture (چکیده)
2822 - An in vitro model for studying the interactions of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) pathogens with the isolated gut tractus (چکیده)
2824 - The First Report of Intracranial Meningioma in a Donkey (چکیده)
2825 - Assessing Sedimentary Basin Effect on Compressibility of City of Kerman Sediments Using Stress Sensitivity and Standard Penetration Test (چکیده)
2826 - The measurements of thermal neutron flux distribution in a paraffin phantom (چکیده)
2827 - A Study on Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Learning (چکیده)
2828 - Natural Resources, Openness and Income Inequality in Iran (چکیده)
2829 - Conformation, molecular structure, and intramolecular hydrogen bonding of 1,1,1-trifluoro-5,5-dimethyl-2,4-hexanedione (چکیده)
2830 - Numerical Simualtion of a Non-Newtonian Fluid during the Filling Process of a Die (چکیده)
2831 - Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Motion of a Hyperelastic Body in a Fluid (چکیده)
2832 - Inverse Unified Power Quality Conditioner: Investigations towards its Performance and Capabilities (چکیده)
2833 - Nonlinear Analysis of Interaction with SVC in Stressed Power Systems: Effect of SVC Controller Parametersr (چکیده)
2834 - تاثیر آموزش حرکات موزون ورزشی بر هوش و رشد اجتماعی کودکان پیش‌دبستانی (چکیده)
2835 - Synthesis of Novel Cyclophane-Type Crown Ethers from 2-Methylindole (چکیده)
2836 - Cultural Intelligence and Its Implications in Foreign Language Field (چکیده)
2837 - Asymptotic Efficiencies of the MLE Based on Bivariate Record Values from Bivariate Normal Distribution (چکیده)
2838 - An operator Karamata inequality (چکیده)
2839 - Shrinkage Estimation of in the Exponential Distribution in the Presence of Outliers Generated from Exponential Distribution (چکیده)
2840 - In Vitro Establishment and Clonal Propagation of Sebri Pear cultivar (چکیده)
2841 - The effects of trypsin on rat brain astrocyte activation (چکیده)
2842 - Plant extract enhanced ruminal CLA concentration, in vitro (چکیده)
2843 - An adaptive spectral variational iteration method for solving nonlinear initial value problems (چکیده)
2844 - Environmental efficiency, innovation and corporate performance in management human resources (چکیده)
2845 - Light Conduction Capability of Different Light-Transmitting FRC Posts (چکیده)
2846 - Predicting the yield of pomegranate oil from supercritical extraction using ar ti ficial neural networks and an adaptive-network-based fuzzy inference system (چکیده)
2847 - Maximum Second Order Entropy Lorenz Curve (چکیده)
2848 - Multiple hydrocarbon charging events in Kuh-e-Mond oil field, Coastal Fars: evidence from biomarkers in oil inclusions (چکیده)
2849 - Interference Channel with Common Message and Slepian-Wolf Channel State Information (چکیده)
2850 - Magnetostriction effect of Co substitution in the Nd6Fe13Si intermetallic compound (چکیده)
2851 - A closed-form solution for a fluid-structure system: shear beam-compressible fluid (چکیده)
2852 - Study on the effects of probiotic, Pediococcus acidilactici in the diet on some biological indices of Oscar Astronotus ocellatus (چکیده)
2853 - Effet of Resveratrol in the improvement of mice testes abnormalities induced by Cisplatin (چکیده)
2854 - Development of a novel thin film composite membrane by Interfacial polymerization on polyetherimide/ modified SiO2 support for organic solvent nanofiltration (چکیده)
2855 - Effect of different Agrobacterium rhizogenes strains on hairy root induction inValeriana officinalis L. (چکیده)
2856 - بررسی عددی جریان آرام و گذرای سیال ویسکوالاستیک از نوع گزیکس حول سیلندر دایروی (چکیده)
2857 - Record-breaking Data from a Ranked Set Scheme and its Applications (چکیده)
2858 - On the computation of weighted Moore- Penrose inverse using a high-order matrix method (چکیده)
2859 - progressive collapse analysis of steel frames: simplified procedure and explicit expression for dynamic increase factor (چکیده)
2860 - Effects of chicory root powder on growth performance and histomorphometry of jejunum in broiler chicks (چکیده)
2861 - Proposed mechanism for performance of power system stabilizers in the condition of strong resonance (چکیده)
2862 - The Effect of Wrestling Exercise in Morning and Afternoon on Some Hematological Indices (چکیده)
2863 - Nutritional value of wet extruded full-fat soybeanand its effects on broiler chicken performance (چکیده)
2864 - Elastic wave propagation in a functionally graded nanocomposite reinforced by carbon nanotubes employing meshless local integral equations (LIEs) (چکیده)
2865 - A New Approach to Reliable, yet Flexible Software (چکیده)
2866 - Reliable yet flexible software through formal model transformation (rule definition) (چکیده)
2867 - Motivations underlying English language learning and achievement (چکیده)
2868 - Cognitive styles and fluid intelligence: Are they related? (چکیده)
2869 - Assessing the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Transformational and Transactional Leadership Styles (چکیده)
2870 - Chemical Industries, Sustainable Energy and Algae Global Economy (چکیده)
2871 - Trade Openness and Inflation. Evidence from MENA Region Countries (چکیده)
2872 - An Almost General Code in R to Find Optimal Designs (چکیده)
2873 - Reliability and Construct Validity of Factors Underlying the Emotional Intelligence of Iranian EFL Teachers (چکیده)
2874 - Exploring the Relationship Between Foreign Language Proficiency and Cultural Intelligence (چکیده)
2875 - Schema Theory and Categorization of Student and Teacher Metaphors (چکیده)
2876 - Knowledge Cities and the Role of Industrial Cluster: Case of North East Saffron and Food Clusters in the City of Mashhad (چکیده)
2877 - Conformational analysis, intramolecular hydrogen bonding, and vibrational assignment of 4,4-dimethyl-1-phenylpentane-1,3-dione (چکیده)
2878 - Winter wheat growth response to preceding crop, nitrogen fertilizer rate and crop residue (چکیده)
2879 - Effect of preparation variables on morphology and pure water permeation flux through asymmetric cellulose acetate membranes (چکیده)
2880 - Effects of Tween 80 concentration as a surfactant additive on morphology and permeability of flat sheet polyethersulfone (PES) membranes (چکیده)
2881 - Cellulose acetate (CA)/polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) blend asymmetric membranes: Preparation, morphology and performance (چکیده)
2882 - Effect of production conditions on morphology and permeability of asymmetric cellulose acetate membranes (چکیده)
2883 - Application of adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for solubility prediction of carbon dioxide in polymers (چکیده)
2884 - A cluster validity index for fuzzy clustering (چکیده)
2885 - A new indirect approach to the type-2 fuzzy systems modeling and design (چکیده)
2886 - A New Approach to Design of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems (چکیده)
2887 - Polyacrylonitrile (PAN)/IGEPAL blend asymmetric membranes: preparation, morphology, and performance (چکیده)
2888 - Development of Slot Array Antenna Using s Multiresonant SIW Cavity (چکیده)
2889 - Point Cloud Registration Using MSSIR: Maximally Stable Shape Index Regions (چکیده)
2890 - Respones of Soil Macrofauna to Variation of Land Use System, Crop Type and Crop Management (چکیده)
2891 - Applications of Graph Operations (چکیده)
2892 - Susceptibility of immature stages of the Indian meal moth, Plodia interpunctella Hübner (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) to ozonated water (چکیده)
2893 - A Confidence-Aware Interval-based Trust Model (چکیده)
2894 - A theoretical study of the mechanism and kinetics of the thermal decomposition of carbamoyl azide (چکیده)
2895 - Max-Flow Network Interdiction Problem with Reliability (چکیده)
2896 - Biocontrol potential of the entomopathogenic nematodesHeterorhabditis bacteriophoraandSteinernema carpocapsaeon cucurbit fly,Dacus ciliatus(Diptera: Tephritidae) (چکیده)
2897 - Identification of the Key Variables on Thermal Conductivity of CuO Nanofluid by a Fractional Factorial Design Approach (چکیده)
2898 - A Low-Power Area-Efficient Dynamic Circuit Using Conditionally Charging Pattern with Embedded Latching Capability (چکیده)
2899 - Evaluation of Eddy Viscosity Models in Predicting Free- Stream Turbulence Penetration (چکیده)
2900 - Information technology and Productivity Growth in Islamic Countries (چکیده)
2901 - The Perception–Practicum Interface Revisited: Life-wise Language Teaching Perceptions and Teacher Burnout (چکیده)
2902 - Congruent and metaphorical uses of modulation in persian: A case study about advertising and press discourses (چکیده)
2903 - The efficacy of computerized working memory training on reducing comorbid psychiatric symptoms among prison inmates with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (چکیده)
2904 - The Coiflet–Galerkin method for linear Volterra integral equations (چکیده)
2905 - North west border cities of Iran and regionadevelopment: A case of Kurdistan Province (چکیده)
2906 - The Relationship between thinking styles with organizational innovation in physical education teachers of Iran (چکیده)
2907 - Application of Geostatistical Methods for determining nitrate concentrations in Groundwater (case study of Mashhad plain, Iran) (چکیده)
2908 - Order–disorder transition and phase stability of BaxSr1−xCo0.8Fe0.2O3−ı oxides (چکیده)
2909 - Localization operators on Homogeneous spaces (چکیده)
2910 - Note on properties of First Zagreb Index of Graphs (چکیده)
2911 - Thrust distribution in e^+ e^- annihilation with Monte Carlo data (چکیده)
2912 - A convenient one-pot method for the synthesis of highly functionalized 1,3-oxazole (چکیده)
2913 - Synthesis of new derivatives of 2-Substitueted 4-(4-methyl-12Hpyrimido[4,5:5,6][1,4]thiazino[2,3-b]quinoxalin-2-yl) (چکیده)
2914 - Study of carbon monoxide hydrogenation to higher hydrocarbons over nano-sized iron catalyst (چکیده)
2915 - Novel acidic ionic liquid as efficient and reusable catalyst based on imidazolium cation (چکیده)
2916 - An efficient synthesis of imidazo[4,5-a]acridine-11-yl cyanides as new fluorescent heterocylic compounds (چکیده)
2917 - Piperazine immobilized on silica gel as an inexpensive and recyclable catalyst for synthesis of 2-amino-2H-chromenes (چکیده)
2918 - Synthesis of new pyrimido[4,5-d]pyrimidin-4(1H)-one derivatives in the presence of ferric hydrogensulfate (چکیده)
2919 - One-pot solvent free synthesis of someindolylmethane amine derivativesbyFe(HSO4)3 as a recycable catalyst (چکیده)
2920 - A novel and efficient one-pot synthesis of new α-aminophosphonates and evaluation of their biologicalactivities (چکیده)
2921 - Synthesis of new pyrrolizine derivatives via ring annulation under green conditions (چکیده)
2922 - Synthesis of new derivatives of pyrimido[5,4-e][1,2,4]triazolo[3,4-b][1,3,4]thiadiazine and stadise of their biological activities (چکیده)
2923 - Synthesis of new derivatives ofdipyrimido[4,5-b:5,4-e][1,4]thiazine and their enzyme inhibitory activity assessment on soybean 15-lipoxygenase (چکیده)
2924 - Synthesis of some novel 1,3,4-thiadiazine containing tetrazolonucleus (چکیده)
2925 - Nano-spinel catalyzed reduction of imines to amines by sodium borohydride (چکیده)
2926 - Synthesis of new derivatives of pyrimido[4,5-c] pyridazine (چکیده)
2927 - A facile approach for the synthesis of new derivatives of pyrazolo[4,3-e][1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-c]pyrimidine (چکیده)
2928 - Synthesis of new heterocyclic system: [1,3]oxazolo[4,5-d] [1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a] pyrimidine (چکیده)
2929 - Synthesis of new pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine derivatives as potential antibacterial agents (چکیده)
2930 - A New Piecewise-Spectral Homotopy Analysis Method for Solving Chaotic Systems of Initial Value Problems (چکیده)
2931 - Maximum dynamic network flow interdiction problem: New formulation (چکیده)
2932 - Ranking Fuzzy Random Variables Based on New Fuzzy Stochastic Orders (چکیده)
2933 - The Implicit Instruction of Grammar via Pictures: A Technique to Improve Writing and Speaking Abilities of Iranian Elementary EFL Learners (چکیده)
2934 - Evaluation of carbon sequestration potential in corn fields with different management systems (چکیده)
2935 - Investigation of water balance in water recovery of closed steam injection gas turbine cycles (چکیده)
2936 - Optimization of TMD parameters for Earthquake Vibrations of Tall Buildings Including Soil Structure Interaction (چکیده)
2937 - Tuned Mass Dampers for Earthquake Vibrations of High-rise Buildings using Bee Colony Optimization Technique (چکیده)
2938 - Optimal simple step-stress plan for Type-I censored data from geometric distribution (چکیده)
2939 - The Effect of Semantic Features of Native Lexical items on Persian Speaking Learners of English in Translation (چکیده)
2940 - Free vibration analysis of nonlinear resilient impact dampers (چکیده)
2941 - The survey of energy demand in Islamic countries by using of panel data (چکیده)
2942 - Computational study of the intramolecular proton transfer between 6-hydroxypicolinic acid tautomeric forms and intermolecular hydrogen bonding in their dimers (چکیده)
2943 - Solidification of Two-Dimensional Viscous, Incompressible Stagnation Flow (چکیده)
2944 - Buckling of Cracked Laminated Composite Cylindrical Shells Subjected to Combined Loading (چکیده)
2945 - relationship of emotion inteligence and learning: A review study (چکیده)
2946 - Distribution of some graph invariants over hierarchical product of graphs (چکیده)
2947 - Ab initio study of ion replacement in Spinach plastocyanin protein (چکیده)
2948 - Recovery Period, Inventories, Sales Growth Cycles and Companies’ Profitability: Empirical Evidence of Iran (چکیده)
2949 - FDI Localization, Wage and Urbanization in Central Europe (چکیده)
2950 - Hydrothermal Synthesis and Crystal structure of a Three-Dimensional Networks Constructed from Keggin Anion and Lanthanide –Organic Complex (چکیده)
2951 - Relationship BetweenEmotional Intelligence and Conflict Management Strategies (چکیده)
2952 - Non-parametric prediction intervals for the lifetime of coherent systems‎ (چکیده)
2953 - Integrating risk management in the innovation project (چکیده)
2954 - Theoretical and spectroscopic studies on molecular structure and hydrogen bonding of 1,2-bis (monochloroacetyl) cyclopentadiene (چکیده)
2955 - High stable suspension of magnetite nanoparticles in ethanol by using sono-synthesized nanomagnetite in polyol medium (چکیده)
2956 - Spanier spaces and covering theory of non-homotopically path Hausdorff spaces (چکیده)
2957 - An Environmental and Economic Perspective on Integrated Weed Management in Iran (چکیده)
2958 - کارایی هیف‌های بیرونی قارچ‌های میکوریزای آربسکولار در انتقال عناصر کادمیم، روی و فسفر در شبدر سفید (چکیده)
2959 - Baysian Inference of Generalized Exponential Distribution Based on Lower Record Values (چکیده)
2960 - تاثیر تمرین هوازی منظم بر مقادیر رزیستین و آدیپونکتین پلاسمایی زنان جوان فعال (چکیده)
2961 - How Institutional Socialization Tactics Affects the Drivers of Socialization; Newcomers Proactivity and Socialization Outcomes (چکیده)
2962 - Inhibitive assessment of 1-(7-methyl-5-morpholin-4-ylthiazolo[4,5-d]pyrimidin-2-yl)-hydrazine as a corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in sulfuric acid solution (چکیده)
2963 - A Study of the Effect of Social Capital on Human Development in Islamic Countries (چکیده)
2964 - Investigating the Effect of Internal Audit on the Performance of Private Banks’ System (چکیده)
2965 - Social Intelligence and Language Proficiency: Are They Related (چکیده)
2966 - The impact of website content dimension and e-trust on e-marketing effectiveness: The case of Iranian commercial saffron corporations (چکیده)
2967 - Evaluation of germination characteristics of fleatwort and purple coneflower affected by different salinity stress levels (چکیده)
2968 - Effect of different drought stress levels on germination characteristics and preliminary growth of fleawort and purple coneflower (چکیده)
2969 - Sustained Delivery of Amphotericin B and Vancomycin Hydrochloride by an Injectable Thermogelling Tri-Block Copolymer (چکیده)
2971 - Administrative Barriers Regarding the Participation of Taxpayers in Iran (چکیده)
2972 - Reliability-based Design for Damping Behavior of Inner Mass Single-unit Impact Dampers (چکیده)
2973 - Numerical determination of tension mode stress intensity factor in jointed rock medium using stress extrapolation method (چکیده)
2974 - Determination of stress intensity factors for jointed brittle rock medium using Element Free Galerkin method (چکیده)
2975 - Adsorption–desorption characteristics of nitrate, phosphate and sulfate on Mg–Al layered double hydroxide (چکیده)
2976 - Self-efficacy and Motivation among Iranian EFL Learners: An Investigation into their Relationships (چکیده)
2977 - Simultaneous derivatization and extraction of iodine from milk samples by hollow fiber liquid-phase microextraction followed by gas chromatography-electron capture detection (چکیده)
2978 - Design Investigation of a Substrate Integrated Cavity Microwave Filter Using Neural Network (چکیده)
2979 - A Study on Effective Factors on Private Sector Investment in Iran’s Agriculture: Unrestricted Error Correction Model Application (چکیده)
2980 - Statistical inference for the lifetime performance index based on generalized order statistics from exponential distribution (چکیده)
2981 - A New Look into the Construct Validity of the IELTS Speaking Module (چکیده)
2982 - بررسی آزمایشگاهی و تحلیل عددی رفتار ارتعاشی مخازن مستطیلی بتنی ذخیره آب (چکیده)
2983 - Durability Characterization of Abderaz Marly Limestone in the Kopet- Dagh Basin, NE of Iran (چکیده)
2984 - Numerical Investigation of a Broadband Dielectric Resonator Antenna Backed by SIW Cavity (چکیده)
2985 - Design Investigation of a Dual Band, Dual Polarized Probe-fed DR Antenna feeding by SIW Cavity (چکیده)
2986 - Effects of ozone treatment on microflora of dried saffron and its living larvae (چکیده)
2987 - Developing an Accurate and Simple Dispersion Analysis of TE10 mode of Substrate Integrated Waveguides (چکیده)
2989 - Numerical evaluation of stress Intensity factors in jointed rock medium by the M-Integral method (چکیده)
2990 - Intercropping (چکیده)
2991 - Exploring Language Learners’ Cognitive Processes in On-line ESP Courses via Think-aloud Protocol A (چکیده)
2992 - Study of the Effect of Vermicompost as One of the Substrate Constituents on Yield Indexes of Strawberry (چکیده)
2993 - The Vertex and Edge PI Indices of Generalized Hierarchical Product of Graphs (چکیده)
2994 - Technology Transfer from University to Industry in Iran (چکیده)
2995 - Developing a conceptual framework for integrating risk management in the innovation project (چکیده)
2996 - مقایسه عدالت توزیعی و تعاملی در ورزش دانشگاهی کشور (چکیده)
2997 - The Role of Organizational Justice and Three Dimensions on Departments of Physical Education in Iran (چکیده)
2998 - Generalized Derivative of Fuzzy Nonsmooth Functions (چکیده)
2999 - Extremely Irregular Graphs (چکیده)
3000 - Note on Strong Product of Graphs (چکیده)
3001 - Addition of metoclopramide or tramadol on analgesic effects of lidocaine in epidural analgesia in rabbit (چکیده)
3002 - A Study of Perception of Organizational Justice and its Relationship with the Demographical Characteristics in Staff Members of Physical Education Departments (چکیده)
3003 - Ant colony optimization of tuned mass dampers for earthquake oscillations of high-rise structures including soil–structure interaction (چکیده)
3004 - Improved performance and small intestinal development of broiler chickens by dietary Lglutamine supplementation (چکیده)
3005 - Effects of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and Progesterone on Conception Rates in Repeat Breeder Dairy Cows (چکیده)
3006 - Incremental Constrained Discriminant Component Analysis (چکیده)
3007 - Initial Free Self-Organizing Map by Aggregation (چکیده)
3008 - Effect of intracervical infusion of prostaglandin F2α and prostaglandin E2 on dilation of cervix in ewes with Ringwomb (چکیده)
3009 - Comparison of the effects of fixed timed insemination and natural mating on the sex ratio of offspring in Ewes (چکیده)
3010 - Prediction of order statistics and record values based on ordered ranked set sampling (چکیده)
3011 - The Effect of Fatigue Protocol on Dynamic Balance in Soccer Players with Functional Ankle Instability (چکیده)
3012 - Pore Size Distribution as a Soil Physical Quality Index for Agricultural and Pasture Soils in Northeastern Iran (چکیده)
3013 - A multi-objective structural optimization using optimality criteria and cellular automata (چکیده)
3014 - Investigation of Casimir and Van der Waals Forces for a Nonlinear Double-Clamped Beam Using Homotopy Perturbation Method (چکیده)
3015 - Analytical Solutions for the Static Instability of Nano-switches under the Effect of Casimir Force and Electrostatic Actuation (چکیده)
3018 - The healing effect of lavandula angustifolia hydroalcholic extract on the repair of indomethacin induced gastric ulcer in rats (چکیده)
3019 - Meshless analysis of cracked functionally graded materials under thermal shock (چکیده)
3020 - In situ inhibitor synthesis from admixture of benzaldehyde and benzene-1,2-diamine along with FeCl3 catalyst as a new corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in 0.5 M sulphuric acid (چکیده)
3022 - A Coupled Two Degree of Freedom Model for Nano/Micromirrors under van der Waals Force (چکیده)
3023 - Investigating the Effects of Perceived Value on Users View toward Internet (چکیده)
3024 - Temporal changes of particulate concentration in the ambient air over the city ofZahedan, Iran (چکیده)
3025 - Further results on hierarchical product of graphs (چکیده)
3026 - Relationship Between EFL Learners’ Computer Anxiety and Their Preferred Feedback Method(s) in Writing (چکیده)
3027 - Relationship between the bases of power of the principals and job involvement of the High School teachers of Physical Education (چکیده)
3028 - Bioactivity of Essential Oil fromZingiber officinale(Zingiberaceae) Against Three Stored-Product Insect Species (چکیده)
3029 - An Improved Direct Decoupled Power Control of Doubly Fed Induction Machine Without Rotor Position Sensor and With Robustness to Parameter Variation (چکیده)
3030 - Bacteriological Evaluation of Aloe vera L. Fresh Gel on Experimental Infected Full-Thickness Open Wounds Induced with Staphylococcus aureus in Dogs (چکیده)
3031 - ساخت و مشخصه یابی ساختاری، میکروسکوپی و مغناطیسی آلیاژ سه تایی 2 Zr0.5Ti0.5Cr (چکیده)
3032 - بررسی ویژگیهای ساختاری، میکروسکوپی و مغناطیسی ترکیب MmNi۴/۲۲Co۰/۴۸Mn۰/۱۵Al۰/15 (چکیده)
3033 - Combining ontology and folksonomy: An Integrated Approach to Knowledge Representation (چکیده)
3034 - A Novel and Efficient Three-Component Procedure for the Synthesis of new Spiro Indenoquinoxalines (چکیده)
3035 - Three-component synthesis of highly substituted pyridines catalyzed by ZnO Nanoparticles in Ionic Liquid Media (چکیده)
3036 - Reliability - Based Generation Resource Planning in Electricity Markets (چکیده)
3037 - Coordinated Decisions for Transmission and Generation Expansion Planning in Electricity Markets (چکیده)
3038 - Synthesis of highly substituted flourene by reaction of inden-3-yliden molononitrile with acetylenic esters (چکیده)
3039 - An Analysis of Brand Image, Perceived Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Re-purchase Intention in Iranian Department Stores (چکیده)
3041 - A homotopy perturbation analysis of nonlinear free vibration of Timoshenko microbeams (چکیده)
3043 - Characterization of the static behavior of micromirrors under the effect of capillary force, an analytical approach (چکیده)
3044 - How Wind Power Plants Can Affect Electricity Markets by gaming on their generation power? (چکیده)
3045 - Annalytical Modeling of the Effect of Electrostatic Actuation and Casimir Force on the Pull-in Instability and Static Behavior of Torsional Nano/Micro Actuators (چکیده)
3046 - اثرات لپتین و انسولین بر ظرفیت‌یابی اسپرماتوزوای قوچ در تولید جنین آزمایشگاهی (چکیده)
3047 - Application of differential spectra of different media during multivariate calibration to eliminate unmodeled interferents in unknown samples (چکیده)
3048 - Elasto-Plastic Axisymmetric Thermal Stress Analysis of Functionally Graded Cylindrical vessels (چکیده)
3049 - A Comparison of Job Involvement and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors among Physical Education Teachers at Seven Educational Districts in Mashhad (چکیده)
3050 - Therapeutic Effects of Acoustic Cavitation in the Presence of Gold Nanoparticles on a Colon Tumor Model (چکیده)
3051 - The Zero-Divisor Graph of a Lattice (چکیده)
3052 - Geochemistry of Silurian Niur Sandstones in Tabas Block, Central Iran (چکیده)
3053 - Estimating the robust domain of attraction and directional enlargement of attraction domain via Markov models (چکیده)
3054 - Analytical Approximations to Nonlinear Vibration of a Clamped Nanobeam in Presence of the Casimir Force (چکیده)
3055 - A Study of Accruals Quality on Risk Assessment of Securities in Iran (چکیده)
3056 - Effect of Malathion Toxicity on Dry Matter Degradability, Fermentation Parameters and Cumulative Gas Production by Using the in Vitro Technique (چکیده)
3057 - An interval-valued fuzzy controller for complex dynamical systems with application to a 3-PSP parallel robot (چکیده)
3058 - Determination of the Optimum Routine and Self‐checking Test Time Intervals for Power System Protection Considering Remote Back‐up Protection System Failure (چکیده)
3059 - Internet Financial Reporting: Case of Iran (چکیده)
3060 - Two fuzzy-based direct power control strategies for doubly-fed induction generators in wind energy conversion systems (چکیده)
3061 - Optimization of Shrinkage in Plastic Injection Molding Process Using Statistical Methods and SA Algorithm (چکیده)
3062 - Exact solutions of some types of Fredholm integral equations: He s VIM combined with finite series (چکیده)
3063 - Dynamics analysis of a 3-RRP spherical parallel manipulator using the natural orthogonal complement (چکیده)
3064 - Position and stiffness analysis of a new asymmetric 2PRR–PPR parallel CNC machine (چکیده)
3065 - Quantum Chemistry Aspects of the Solvent Effects on 3,4-Dimethyl-2,5-dihydrothiophen-1,1-dioxide Pyrolysis Reaction (چکیده)
3066 - Constraint-based path selection algorithms for minimizing blockage in multi domain networks (چکیده)
3067 - A blocking probability reduction method in path computation schemes for inter domain networks (چکیده)
3068 - Inspection error and its effects on single sampling plans with fuzzy parameters (چکیده)
3069 - A new method for constructing confidence interval for Cpm based on fuzzy data (چکیده)
3070 - Measurement error effects on the performance of the process capability index based on fuzzy tolerance interval (چکیده)
3071 - CH/ π Interactions effect in the crystal structure of coordination compounds, established from single-crystal and powder X-ray diffraction (چکیده)
3072 - First-principles calculations of the Young’s modulus of double wall boron-nitride nanotubes (چکیده)
3073 - Synchrotron X-Ray Powder Diffraction:‎ Crystal Structure Determination of New Phosphodiesterase Enzymes Inhibitor (چکیده)
3074 - Measuring and Evaluating Urban Textures Abrasion Amount by Using Fuzzy Logic,Index Overlay, AHP (چکیده)
3075 - Impacts of NBTI/PBTI on performance of domino logic circuits with high-k metal-gate devices in nanoscale CMOS (چکیده)
3076 - A Power-Efficient CMOS Active Pixel Sensor Imager with Column-Level Difference ADC in 0.18-um (چکیده)
3077 - Confidence Interval for Cpm Based on Dp,q Distance (چکیده)
3078 - The mystery of invulnerability: Greek and Persian myths on invulnerable heroes (چکیده)
3079 - Incidental vocabulary acquisition: The effect of reading and listening to stories on vocabulary Acquisition of Iranian EFL Students (چکیده)
3080 - Influence of Modeling, Internal Mental Imagery and a Combination Methods on Acquisition and Retention of Throwing Darts Motor Skill (چکیده)
3081 - Capability of groups, an algebraic topological approach (چکیده)
3082 - Polysulfone/Brij-58 blend nanofiltration membranes: preparation, morphology and performance (چکیده)
3083 - Monitoring Fuzzy Capability Index Cpk by using the EWMA Control Chart with Imprecise Data (چکیده)
3084 - Application of analytic hierarchy process in analyzing and ranking of non-financial measures that affect investor decisions (چکیده)
3085 - Fast Voltage and Power Flow Contingencies Ranking using Enhanced Radial Basis Function Neural Network (چکیده)
3086 - On-line Voltage and Power Flow Contingencies Rankings Using Enhanced Radial Basis Function Neural Network and Kernel Principal Component Analysis (چکیده)
3087 - Improvement of permeation performance of polyethersulfone (PES) ultrafiltration membranes via addition of Tween-20 (چکیده)
3088 - Factorization Problem for Topological Groups (چکیده)
3089 - Abdaliyah thesis by molana yaghoob charkhi (چکیده)
3090 - Knowledge-based Closed-loop Control of Blood Glucose Concentration in Diabetic Patients and Comparison with H∞ Control Technique (چکیده)
3091 - Support Vector Machines and Adaptive-Network-Based Fuzzy Inference Systems in medical diagnosis (چکیده)
3092 - effect of prefabricated ankle orthoses on postural stability in basketball pleyers with chronic ankle instability (چکیده)
3093 - Development of a Low-Profile Circularly Polarized Cavity-Backed Antenna Using HMSIW Technique (چکیده)
3094 - Analytical Solution for a Fluid-Structure Interaction Problem in Comparison with Finite Element Solution (چکیده)
3095 - Replacing alfalfa with different levels of pistachio hull and its effects on feed intake and digestibility of nutrients in total tract, rumen and post-rumen in Balochi male lambs (چکیده)
3096 - Effects using of pistachio hull and polyethylene glycol supplementation on feed intake and apparent digestibility of nutrients in Saanen dairy goats (چکیده)
3097 - Bandwidth Enhancement of Substrate Integrated Waveguide Quadrature Hybrid (چکیده)
3098 - Influence of temperature and residence time of main liming process on the reduction of α-amino acids during beet juice purification (چکیده)
3099 - The use of diversity indices to assess the effect of restoration and conservation on plant diversity of a rangeland in South Khorasan Province, Iran (چکیده)
3100 - Design and analysis of new substrate integrated waveguide resonance antennas (چکیده)
3101 - Broadband Substrate Integrated Waveguide Four-way Power Divider (چکیده)
3102 - The Fixed Point Alternative Theorem and Set-Valued Functional Equations (چکیده)
3103 - stability and accuracy of non-linear dynamic analysis using time integration algorithms (چکیده)
3104 - More on operator monotone functions (چکیده)
3105 - Hepatitis B Virus Infection Control Using Reinforcement Learning (چکیده)
3106 - An Invitation to Operator Inequalities (چکیده)
3107 - Accurate and approximate integrations of DruckerePrager plasticity with linear isotropic and kinematic hardening (چکیده)
3108 - On the stability of subquadratic set-valued functions (چکیده)
3109 - Kullback-Leibler Information in View of an Extended Version of k-Records (چکیده)
3110 - Alteration of gut microflora through citric acid treated drinking water in preslaughter male broilers (چکیده)
3111 - Cylindrical ion-acoustic solitary waves in electronegative plasmas with superthermal electrons (چکیده)
3112 - Modulational instability of electron-acoustic waves in plasmas with superthermal electrons (چکیده)
3113 - Cylindrical or spherical dust-ion acoustic soliton in an adiabatic dusty plasma with electrons following a q-nonextensive distribution (چکیده)
3114 - Structure and vibrational analysis of methyl 3-amino-2-butenoate (چکیده)
3115 - Further Results on Distance-balanced graphs (چکیده)
3116 - Purification and biochemical characterization of an acidophilic amylase from a newly isolated Bacillus sp. DR90 (چکیده)
3117 - A 1-V Process-Insensitive Current-Scalable Two-Stage Opamp With Enhanced DC Gain and Settling Behavior in 65-nm Digital CMOS (چکیده)
3118 - Relationship between Endogenous Free IAA Levels and Peroxidase Activities during Root Development from Shoot Microcuttings of Persian Walnut Varieties (چکیده)
3119 - Assessment of Genetic Variability of Prevalent Pectinolytic Bacteria Causing Potato Tuber Soft Rot in Eastern Iran (چکیده)
3120 - Quantifying yield potential and yield gap for corn (Zea mays L.) in the Northeast Iran (چکیده)
3121 - Renyi entropy in Continuous case is not the limit of discrete case (چکیده)
3122 - Pinpointing the classifiers of English language writing ability: A discriminant function analysis approach (چکیده)
3123 - Determining the Prevalence and Causes of Sport Injuries among Female Volleyball Players of Iran Super League (چکیده)
3124 - Expression of chalcone synthase influences flavonoid content and frequency of rhizogenesis in microshoots of Juglans regia L. (چکیده)
3125 - Effect of endogenous phenols and some antioxidant enzyme activities on rooting of Persian walnut (Juglans regia.) L (چکیده)
3126 - Omnidirectional edge detection (چکیده)
3127 - Coderivation on Matrix Coalgebras Over Coalgebras (چکیده)
3128 - Vanadyl Binary Schiff Base Complexes Containing N2O2 Coordination Sphere: Synthesis, Ab Initio Calculations and Thermodynamic Properties (چکیده)
3130 - Multispecies weed competition and their economic threshold on the wheat crop (چکیده)
3131 - Seed Bioassay and ACCase Enzyme Assay to Study the Resistance of Phalaris minor to Aryloxyphenoxy-propionate (APP) Inhibitors (چکیده)
3132 - Designing and cloning of modified C31 integrase gene for in vitro transcription and translation approach (چکیده)
3133 - Further Results On the Third Zagreb Index of Graphs (چکیده)
3134 - Dynamics Assessment of Advanced Single-Phase PLL Structures (چکیده)
3135 - Analysis, Design, and Experimental Verification of a Synchronous Reference Frame Voltage Control for Single-Phase Inverters (چکیده)
3136 - Learning Translation Invariant Kernels for Classification (چکیده)
3137 - A New Upper Bound for Free Space Optical Channel Capacity by Using a Simple Mathematical Inequality (چکیده)
3138 - Numerical Computation of Discrete Memoryless Channels with Causal Side Information (چکیده)
3139 - An Information Theory Criteria Based Blind Method for Enumerating Active Users in DS-CDMA System (چکیده)
3140 - The range of C.W.T on G/H as a reproducing kernel hilbert spce (چکیده)
3141 - Institutional Quality and Underground Economy of 51 OIC Member Countries (چکیده)
3142 - Reduction of Tripping Caused by Inrush Current in the Black-Start Units Using Reduced Voltage Level Start-up (چکیده)
3143 - Optimal Design of Adaptive Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control Using Genetic Algorithm (چکیده)
3144 - Adaptive Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control For a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems (چکیده)
3145 - Comparative Evaluation of Numerical and Gaussian Models for Gas Pollutants Dispersion from Industrial Flares (چکیده)
3146 - Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Particle Growth in Propylene Polymerization (چکیده)
3147 - Accounting Information System’s Barriers: Case of an Emerging Economy (چکیده)
3148 - A New Outer Bound for a Class of Interference Channels with a Cognitive Relay and a Certain Capacity Result (چکیده)
3149 - Information Theoretic Exemplification of the Receiver Re-cognition and a More General Version for the Costa Theorem (چکیده)
3150 - Effect of titanium addition on weld metal toughness in submerged arc welded HSLA pipeline steel (چکیده)
3151 - Effect of titanium addition on the microstructure and inclusion formation in submerged arc welded HSLA pipeline steel (چکیده)
3152 - Coderivations and -Coderivations On Matrix Coalgebra (چکیده)
3153 - Application of meshless local integrale quations to two dimensional analysis of coupled non-Fick diffusion–elasticity (چکیده)
3154 - Design Investigation of a Leaky Wave Antenna Using HMSIW Technique (چکیده)
3155 - Cloning, Expression, and In Vitro Functional Activity Assay of phiC31 Integrase cDNA in Escherichia coli (چکیده)
3156 - Identification of a Specific Pseudo attP Site for Phage phiC3 Integrase inthe Genome of Chinese Hamster in CHO-K1 Cell Line (چکیده)
3157 - Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: Progress and Future Perspectives in the Stem Cell World (چکیده)
3158 - Prediction of protein-protein interactions in red blood cell tissue based on protein primary structure (چکیده)
3159 - Classification of protein-protein interactions in human red blood cells based on protein physicochemical properties (چکیده)
3160 - Persian proverbs and idioms have any value in the Persian language (چکیده)
3161 - Individual and Organizational Factors Influencing Innovation of Managers: Evidence from Iran (چکیده)
3162 - مقایسه پتانسیل تجزیه پذیری ماده خشک برگ کلم سفید و قرمز به روش درون کیسه ای in situ (چکیده)
3163 - Effect of PETTLEP Imagery Training on Learning of New Skills in Novice Volleyball Players (چکیده)
3164 - Bis(2-amino-4-methylpyrimidin-1-ium) hexaaquacobalt(II) disulfate dihydrate (چکیده)
3165 - Effect of Urea and Molasses on the Chemical and Fermentational Properties of Citrus Pulp Silage (چکیده)
3166 - Compound Multiple Access Channel with Common Message and Intersymbol Interference (چکیده)
3167 - Effect of Inulin on Some Hematological, Immunological Parameters and Broiler Chickens Performance (چکیده)
3168 - Influence of accompanying anions on supramolecular assembly and coordination geometry in HgII complexes with 8-aminoquinoline: experimental and theoretical studies (چکیده)
3169 - Natural gas storage on silicon, carbon, and silicon carbide nanotubes: a combined quantum mechanics and grand canonical Monte Carlo simulation study (چکیده)
3170 - ‎Prediction ‎Intervals‎ for k-records in ‎T‎erms ‎of Current Records (چکیده)
3171 - Examining Job Characteristics Model in an Oriental Culture (چکیده)
3172 - The Role of Narrative Intelligence in English Language Teaching, Major and Gender (چکیده)
3173 - Avoidance of Phrasal Verbs in Learner English: A Study of Iranian Students (چکیده)
3174 - Examining and suggesting guidelines for improvingInnovation – based Entrepreneurship in Iran (چکیده)
3175 - A Comparative study between National Innovation System in Switzerland and Iran (چکیده)
3176 - A Study of Relationship between Accruals and Managerial Operating Decisions among Listed Firms in Tehran Stock Exchange (چکیده)
3177 - Identification and analysis of non-financial measures that affect investment decisions using the Delphi method (چکیده)
3178 - Cross-cultural study of accounting students perceptionof accounting ethics in Iran and United Kingdom (چکیده)
3180 - Kochia Scoparia as A Model Plant to Explore the Impact of Water Deficit on Halophytic Communities (چکیده)
3181 - Critical and synergy nodes in insulin-EGF signaling network (چکیده)
3182 - Goodness-of-Fit Tests Based on Correcting Moments of Entropy Estimators (چکیده)
3183 - The effects of viscosity, surface tension, and flow rate on gasoil-water flow pattern in microchannels (چکیده)
3184 - Effect of introduced species and habitat alteration on the occurrence and distribution of euryhaline fi shes in fresh- and brackish-water habitats on Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao (South Caribbean) (چکیده)
3185 - Acoustic Absorption Behavior of closed-cell Aluminum Foams and sandwich panels (چکیده)
3186 - Pressure drop and performance characteristics of water based Al2O3 and CuO nanofluids in a triangular duct (چکیده)
3187 - The Privatization Effects on Iran Insurance Industry (چکیده)
3188 - The Compare of concentration and Efficiency in Banking industry: An Evidence from the OPEC Countries (چکیده)
3189 - Fuzzy-based Direct Power Control of Doubly Fed Induction Generator-based Wind Energy Conversion Systems (چکیده)
3190 - Determination of the ability of HEC-HMS model component in rainfall-runoff simulation (چکیده)
3191 - The survey of climatic drought trend in Iran (چکیده)
3192 - Application of ANN and ANFIS Models on Dryland Precipitation Prediction (Case study: Yazd in central Iran (چکیده)
3193 - Impact of Accruals Quality on the Equity Risk Premium in Iran (چکیده)
3194 - A novel data transfer technique for bio-implantable devices through the inductive power transfer link (چکیده)
3195 - The Effect of One Exhaustion Exercise Session on Plasma Leptin in Young Males (چکیده)
3196 - Zircon U–Pb geochronology and petrology of intrusive rocks in the C-North and Baghak districts, Sangan iron mine, NE Iran (چکیده)
3197 - The investigation of the solutions of improving Human Development Index in Iran during fifth development plan (چکیده)
3198 - A Strategy for Sustainable Development in Urban Areas (چکیده)
3199 - Evaluating the Productivity of Prawn Farms Using Malmquist Index in Guatr Gulf, Iran (چکیده)
3200 - Inverter Based Distributed Generator Islanding Detection Method using Under/Over Voltage Relay (چکیده)
3201 - Evaluation of abomasal PH in lambs infected experimentally with Marshallagia marshalli (چکیده)
3202 - Synthesis of new derivatives of pyrimido[5,4-e ][1,2,4]triazolo[3,4-b ][1,3,4]thiadiazine and their enzyme inhibitory activity assessment onsoybean 15-lipoxygenase (چکیده)
3203 - The Relationship between the Foreign Direct Investment and Banking Industry (چکیده)
3204 - A novel and efficient synthesis of 3,3-disubstituted indol-2-ones via Passerini three-component reactions in the presence of 4 Å molecular sieves (چکیده)
3205 - Organotypic brain slice culture promotes the transformation of haemopoietic cells to the microglial like cells (چکیده)
3206 - Poisonous Effects of Phosalone as an Insecticide on Rumen Degradability of Dry Matter according to in situTechnique (چکیده)
3207 - A Study of the Audit Information Technology Usage and Perceived Importance by Auditors in Iran (چکیده)
3208 - Diphenyl (isopropylamido) phosphate (چکیده)
3209 - N-(4-Fluorobenzoyl)-N- ,N-- -diisopropyl- phosphoric triamide (چکیده)
3210 - Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: Evidence from Southern Asia (چکیده)
3211 - Flow injection electrochemical hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry for the determination of cadmium in water samples (چکیده)
3212 - Investigation of Dynamic Pull-in Instability in Clamped-Clamped Nanobeam-Based NEMS Devices under Intermolecular Surface Forces (چکیده)
3213 - Dimensions of Organizational Intelligence in Iranian Universities an Information Processing Perspective (چکیده)
3214 - Study of the Spiritual Intelligence Role in Predicting University Students’ Quality of Life (چکیده)
3216 - Magnetic investigation of strain induced martensite evolution (چکیده)
3217 - Oil Effects on Localization (چکیده)
3218 - Les effets de la politique industrielle sur la localisation des entreprises (چکیده)
3219 - Assessing Effects of Different Processing Parameters on the Interphases Between Dissimilar Rubber Using Modulated-Temperature Differential Scanning Calorimetry (چکیده)
3220 - Room Temperature Magnetization of Co-doped TiO2Thin Films Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis Technique (چکیده)
3221 - Very strong intrinsic flux pinning and vortex avalanches in (Ba,K)Fe2As2 superconducting single crystals (چکیده)
3222 - On the Baer invariants of triples of groups (چکیده)
3223 - Developement of a Linearly Polarized Cavity Backed Antenna Using HMSIW technique (چکیده)
3224 - Relationship between the Hyers--Ulam stability and the Moore--Penrose inverse (چکیده)
3225 - Operator inequalities related to weak 2-positivity (چکیده)
3226 - Effect of organic and inorganic amendments on parameters of water retention curve, bulk density and aggregate diameter of a saline-sodic soil (چکیده)
3227 - Introducing and Exemplifying English for Life Purposes (ELP) as a New Concept in English Language Teaching (چکیده)
3228 - A Comparison of Data Mining Techniques for Going Concern Prediction (چکیده)
3230 - Estimation of Parameters of Gamma Distribution in the Presence of Outliers in Right Censored Samples (چکیده)
3231 - The open lid conformation of the lipase is explored in the compressed gas: New insights from molecular dynamic simulation (چکیده)
3232 - Polydipsia/polyuria syndrome in a Congo African Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus erithacus), a case report (چکیده)
3233 - Effect of Important Thermophysical Properties on Condensation Shock in a Steam Flow (چکیده)
3234 - Foreign Direct Investment and Urban Infrastructure An Evidence from Southern Asia (چکیده)
3235 - agglutinated foraminifera of the paleocene/eocene boundary in shallow setting (chehel-kaman formation, kopet-dagh basin, Iran) (چکیده)
3236 - The effect of intrathecal administration of ascorbic acid on thermal pain sensation (چکیده)
3237 - The effect of intrathecal administration of ascorbic acid on chemical pain sensation during formalin test in rat (چکیده)
3238 - Effective Moment of Inertia Prediction of FRP-Reinforced Concrete Beams Based on Experimental Results (چکیده)
3239 - The Role of Nasogastric Intubation on Postoperative Gastrointestinal Function in Patients with Obstructive Jaundice (چکیده)
3240 - Efficient estimation in the Pareto distribution with the presence of outliers (چکیده)
3242 - Efficient Estimation of the Parameters of the Pareto Distribution in the Presence of Outliers (چکیده)
3243 - An overview of liquid phase microextraction approaches combined with UV–Vis spectrophotometry (چکیده)
3244 - Leaf chlorophyll of corn, sweet basil and borage under intercropping system in weed interference (چکیده)
3245 - An EM Algorithm for Estimating the Parameters of the Generalized Exponential Distribution under Unified Hybrid Censored Data (چکیده)
3246 - The impacts of irrigation intervals and intecropped marjoram (Origanum majorana L.) with saffron (Crocus sativus L.) on possible cooling effect of corms for climate change adaptation (چکیده)
3247 - Carrier to Interference Ratio in Shotgun Cellular Systems over Composite Fading Channels (چکیده)
3248 - Vector Fuzzy C-means (چکیده)
3249 - N,N- -Dibenzyl-N-- -(2-chloro-2,2- difluoroacetyl)phosphoric triamide (چکیده)
3250 - O,O- -Dimethyl (cyclohexylamido)thio- phosphate (چکیده)
3251 - Efficacy of entomopathogenic nematodes against potato tuber moth,Phthorimaea operculella(Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) under laboratory conditions (چکیده)
3252 - Optimal control of nonlinear systems using the homotopy perturbation method: Infinite horizon case (چکیده)
3253 - A New Approach for a Class of Nonlinear Optimal Control Problems Using Linear Combination Property of Intervals (چکیده)
3254 - Emotional Intelligence and Its Relationship with English Teaching Effectiveness (چکیده)
3255 - Stress Analysis of Heterogeneous Double-Sided Strap Joints under Mechanical Loading Using Full Layerwise Theory (چکیده)
3256 - Effects of the Essential Oils of Lavandula angustifolia Mill and Zataria multiflora Boiss on Reproduction and F1 Population of Callosobruchus maculatus (F.)F. (چکیده)
3257 - Analytical approximations to nonlinear vibration of clamped nano-electro-mechanical beam in presence of the Casimir force (چکیده)
3258 - Bis(pyrrolidin-1-yl)phosphinic (2,4-difluorobenzoyl) amide (چکیده)
3259 - Structure and ACE-Inhibitory Activity of Peptides Derived from Hen Egg White Lysozyme (چکیده)
3260 - Density functional theory study of dipicolinic acid intramolecular hydrogen bonding (چکیده)
3261 - Impact toughness and microstructure of continuous medium carbon steel-bar reinforced cast iron composite (چکیده)
3262 - Foreign Direct Investment and Political Risk in Pacific Rim (چکیده)
3263 - log-concavity property for Some Well-Known Distributions (چکیده)
3264 - Gabor Wavelet Correlogram Algorithm for Image Indexing and Retrieval (چکیده)
3267 - Enhanced Wavelet Correlogram methods for Image Indexing and Retrieval (چکیده)
3268 - A Novel Evolutionary Approach for Optimizing Content-Based Image Indexing Algorithms (چکیده)
3269 - Wavelet correlogram:A new approach for image indexing and retrieval (چکیده)
3270 - Oil prices, economic activity and inflation: Evidence for G7 countries (چکیده)
3271 - Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment of the Greater Middle East Countries (چکیده)
3273 - Piecewise Affine Control Design for Power Factor Correction Rectifiers (چکیده)
3274 - Hydrogen bonding investigation in 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium based ionic liquids from density functional theory and atoms-in-molecules methods (چکیده)
3275 - Relationship between \"Parental Interactive Bed time Behavior \"and\"Infant sleep\" (چکیده)
3276 - A library Study on the Relationship between Parental Cognitions about Infant Sleep and Infant Sleep (چکیده)
3277 - An Analytical Study of the Relationship between Sleep and Temperament in Infants and Young Children (چکیده)
3278 - σ, γ− Generalized Dynamics on Modules (چکیده)
3279 - Investigating cultural influences on investment process in stock exchange (چکیده)
3280 - Unitalily invariant norm inequalities for operators (چکیده)
3281 - Designing a conceptual model of innovation culture and mechanism’s effects on developing e-commerce (چکیده)
3282 - Operating Profit, Expenses and Investors Herding Behavior in Iran (چکیده)
3283 - Best linear unbiased and invariant reconstructors for the past records (چکیده)
3284 - The Dynamic Design of Reverse Logistics Network with Fuzzy Incentive-Dependent Return (چکیده)
3286 - Design-Oriented Study of Advanced Synchronous Reference Frame Phase-Locked Loops (چکیده)
3287 - Extended Modified Inverse Distance Method for Interpolation Rainfall (چکیده)
3288 - Synthesis and characterization of some new Schiff base complexes of group 13 elements, ab initio studies, cytotoxicity and reaction with hydrogen peroxide (چکیده)
3289 - FDI determinants and oil effects on foreign direct investment: evidence from Islamic countries (چکیده)
3290 - Barriers to E-Customs in an Emerging Economy: The Case of Iran (چکیده)
3291 - Ecological Analysis of Urban Parks; Case Study: Mashhad Metropolitan (چکیده)
3292 - The analysis of engineering properties of the rock mass of Ghordanloo dam site, NE Iran (چکیده)
3293 - The Effect of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of Sesamum indicum L. in condition of cultivation of cover crops (چکیده)
3294 - Radiation absorption and use efficiency of sesame as affected by biofertilizers in a low input cropping system (چکیده)
3295 - The effects of winter cover crops and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria on fertility of soil and crop yield in an organic production system of Ocimum basilicum (چکیده)
3296 - Environmental Accounting Reporting: Case of Emerging Economy (چکیده)
3297 - Effect of Increasing Amount of Oocyte Secreted Factors on Cumulus Expansion of Bovine Cumulus-Oocyte Complexes (چکیده)
3298 - Stonequist’s Concept of “The Marginal Man” in Langston Hughes’ Play Mulatto (چکیده)
3299 - Estimating the lifetime performance index with Weibull distribution based on progressive first-failure censoring scheme (چکیده)
3300 - Achievable Rate Regions for Compound MultipleAccess Channel with Channel State Information (چکیده)
3301 - Synthesis and Theoretical Study of Intramolecular Hydrogen Bond at Two Possible Positions in Pyrazolo[1,2-b]phthalazine (چکیده)
3302 - Relationship Between Self-Efficacy And Anxiety Among Indian And Iranian Students (چکیده)
3303 - Numerical Solution of a Class of Nonlinear Optimal Control Problems Using Linearization and Discretization (چکیده)
3304 - Effect of Uncertainties in Physical Properties on Entropy Generation Between Two Rotating Cylinders With Nanofluids (چکیده)
3305 - Potential nutritive value of some forage species used as ruminants feed in Iran (چکیده)
3306 - Atmospheric circulation types and winter daily precipitation in Iran (چکیده)
3307 - A Study of Economic Index Effects on Return on Equity in Iranian Companies (چکیده)
3308 - The contribution of women in Iranian scholarly publication (چکیده)
3309 - Foreign Direct Investment Effect on Urban Wages in MENA Countries (چکیده)
3310 - بررسی اثرات فاکتور محرک کلونی گرانولوسیتی و اینترفرونهای نوع یک بر پوکی استخوان (چکیده)
3311 - The Relationship between Consumer Price Index, Producer Price Index and Traded Shares at Tehran Stock Exchange (چکیده)
3312 - A Study the Reasons of Failure in Implementation of Enterprise Resource Management Systems in Iran (چکیده)
3313 - A Review of the Effect of Social Capital on Human Development in Iran (چکیده)
3314 - Modified fractional Euler method for solving Fuzzy Fractional Initial Value Problem (چکیده)
3315 - A new estimator of entropy and its application in testing normality (چکیده)
3316 - Histhopathologic Evaluation of Curative Impact of Aloe vera L. Fresh Gel on Healing of Eexperimental Infected Full-Thickness Open Wounds Induced with Staphylococcus aureus in Dogs (چکیده)
3317 - Effects of microbial inoculant on composition, aerobic stability, in situ ruminal degradability and in vitro gas production of corn silage (چکیده)
3318 - An exact method for scheduling of the alternative technologies in R&D projects (چکیده)
3319 - Determination of Stress Intensity Factors in Half Plane Affected by tilted Wedge by Digital Shearography (چکیده)
3320 - Simulation of Random Microstructure and Study its effects on Scatter of Stress Intensity Range Factor Data (چکیده)
3321 - معرفیStictospora sp (APICOMPLEXA: EUGREGARINIDA: ACTINOCEPHALIDAE) بیمارگر جدید لارو کرم سفید ریشه ، Polyphylla adspersa (چکیده)
3322 - Role of C-fibers during acute and chronic stress on formalin-induced paw edema in rats (چکیده)
3323 - Comparison of Acute Effect of an Intensive Short Term Exercise Session on Some Blood Coagulation Parameters and Fibrinolysis between Active and Non-active Male Students (چکیده)
3324 - Distribution -free prediction of progressively type-II censored order statistics based on k-records from two independent sequences (چکیده)
3325 - Inferences on the lifetime performance index of products with Pareto distribution under progressive first-failure censored data (چکیده)
3327 - Spatial integration of fry and fractal analyses in regional exploration: A case study from Bafq–Posht-e-Badam, Irán (چکیده)
3328 - Heuristic algorithms for permutation flow shop scheduling problem with deteriorating jobs (چکیده)
3329 - Fortnightly course scheduling problem: a case study (چکیده)
3330 - One-by-one or altogether: The advantages of pursuing alternative innovation activities (چکیده)
3331 - Structure of generalized bivariate Lomax distribution based on dependence (چکیده)
3332 - Interaction between holo transferrin and HSA–PPIX complex in the presence of lomefloxacin: An evaluation of PPIX aggregation in protein–protein interactions (چکیده)
3333 - A retrospective study of abattoir condemnation due to parasitic infections and its economic importance in Ahwaz, south–western of Iran (چکیده)
3334 - Equivalence Classes of Linear Mappings on B(M) (چکیده)
3335 - Bi-parameter Semigroups of linear operators (چکیده)
3336 - Bayes estimation for a simple step-stress model with Type-I censored data from the geometric distribution (چکیده)
3337 - Pitman closeness of current -records to population quantiles (چکیده)
3338 - Nonparametric prediction of future order statistics (چکیده)
3339 - An energy based analysis of broaching operation: Cutting forces and resultant surface integrity (چکیده)
3340 - An Electrowetting-Based Technique for Hot-Spot Cooling of Integrated Circuits: Experimental and Numerical Approach (چکیده)
3341 - Solving Volterra integral equations of the second kind by wavelet-Galerkin scheme (چکیده)
3342 - Operator entropy inequalities (چکیده)
3343 - An operator inequality and its consequences (چکیده)
3344 - Moore-Penrose inverses of Gram operators on Hilbert C*-modules (چکیده)
3345 - The effects of germinal layer antigens of hydatid cyst on the expression level of ovine Toll-like Receptor 2 and 4( TLR2 and TLR4) in Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) (چکیده)
3346 - The Inflammatory properties of single walled carbon nanotubes functionalized with polyethylene glycol (PEG-SWNT) in human monocytic THP-1 cells (چکیده)
3347 - The Role of Information Technology in Financial Reporting Quality: Iranian Scenario (چکیده)
3348 - Analysis of English language textbooks in the light of English as an International Language (EIL): A comparative study (چکیده)
3349 - SWOT – ANP Analysis of Food & Beverage Processing Industries in Khorasan-Razavi, Iran (چکیده)
3350 - Estimating the Optimal Dosage of Sodium Valproate in Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy with Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (چکیده)
3351 - Sociological and Psychological Model of Foreign Language Achievement: Examining Social/Cultural Capital and Cognitive/Metacognitive Aspects (چکیده)
3352 - Continuous Wavelet Transform on Homogeneous Space (چکیده)
3353 - Determination of frequencies of referee’s football injuries in different degrees (چکیده)
3354 - Calibration of Soil Model Parameters Using Particle Swarm Optimization (چکیده)
3355 - Sequence analysis of VP1 gene of chicken infectious anemia virus circulating in commercial broiler farms of Northeast Iran (چکیده)
3356 - Investigating the effects of capital on the productivity of industries: Evidence from Khorasan Razavi, Iran (چکیده)
3357 - Study of the Relationship between Economic Growth and Income Distribution (A case study in Iran during the period 1971-2007) (چکیده)
3358 - Analysis of the Effects of Geometry on Irreversibility by Entropy Generation Method (چکیده)
3359 - Reconstruction of the past lower record values in a proportional reversed hazard rate model (چکیده)
3360 - Effect of host plant morphological features on functional response of Orius albidipennis (Hemiptera : Anthocoridae) to Tetranychus urticae (Acari : Tetranychidae (چکیده)
3361 - A study on magnetoelastic properties of Tb3 (Fe28xCox) V1.0 (x¼0, 3, 6) compounds (چکیده)
3362 - Schema-Based Instruction: A Novel Approach to Teaching English to Iranian University Students (چکیده)
3363 - Teaching General English in Academic Context: Schema Based or Translation Based Approach? (چکیده)
3364 - Schema-Based Instruction and General English courses at Iranian Universities (چکیده)
3365 - Genetic Regulatory Network Inference using Recurrent Neural Networks trained by a Multi Agent System (چکیده)
3366 - On the Hermitian solutions to a system of adjointable operator equations (چکیده)
3367 - A Study of the Effective Variables on Earning Management: Iranian Evidence (چکیده)
3368 - Dianilinium bis(pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylato-3O2,N,O6)cuprate(II) hexahydrate (چکیده)
3369 - Hybrid Modeling of Intelligence and Linguistic Factors as Predictors of L2 Writing Quality: A SEM Approach (چکیده)
3370 - Comparison of the Effect of Inrtaperitoneal and Intrathecal Injection of Cocaine on Thermal Pain Threshold in Rat (چکیده)
3371 - Development of the maDR method (چکیده)
3372 - Control strategies for single-phase grid integration of small-scale renewable energy sources: A review (چکیده)
3373 - On the Continuous Wavelet Transforms Associated to a Semidirect Product Group and homogeneous Spaces (چکیده)
3374 - The Mediating Role of Metacognition in the Relationship between Internet Addiction and General Health (چکیده)
3375 - Would Aluminum and Nickel Content of Apricot Pose Health Risk to Human (چکیده)
3376 - A Study of the Audit Inherent Risk: Evidence of Emerging Economy (چکیده)
3377 - An efficient method to solve the strongly coupled nonlinear differential equations of impact dampers (چکیده)
3378 - A Study of the Relative and Incremental Information Content of Financial Statements in Forecasting Stock Price: Iranian Evidence Iranian evidence (چکیده)
3379 - Inhibition of NO production in LPS-stimulated primary rat microglial cells by Bromelain (چکیده)
3380 - Optimized Tuned Liquid Column Dampers for Earthquake Oscillations of High-rise Structures Including Soil Effects (چکیده)
3383 - Dilute solution properties of Balangu (Lallemantia royleana) seed gum: Effect of temperature, salt, and sugar (چکیده)
3384 - Investigating the Effects of SVC Control Parameters on the NonlinearTorsional Interaction Using Modal Series Method (چکیده)
3385 - Effect of electron–electron interaction on the transport through a nano-wire (چکیده)
3386 - Dynamic recrystallization and precipitation in low carbon low alloy steel 26NiCrMoV 14-5 (چکیده)
3387 - A New Approach for Estimation and Directional Enlargement of Bounded Domain of Attraction (چکیده)
3388 - Recent developments of the operator Kantorovich inequality (چکیده)
3389 - Effects of harvest date, harvest time, and post-harvest management on quantitative and qualitative traits in seedless barberry (Berberis vulgaris L.) (چکیده)
3390 - Predictive permeability model of faults in crystalline rocks; verification by grouting in Seyahoo dam (چکیده)
3391 - Achievable Rate Regions for the Dirty Multiple Access Channel with Partial Side Information at the Transmitters (چکیده)
3392 - Balakrishnan Skew-tDistribution and Associated Statistical Characteristics (چکیده)
3393 - Crystal structure, hydrogen bonds and C-X…p (X=H,F) interactions of a new acetyl phosphorylamidate (چکیده)
3394 - The effect of Scopolamine on avoidance Memory and Hippocampal Neurons In Male Wistar Rats (چکیده)
3395 - Synthesis of 1H,7H,12bH-Pyrano[3’,4’: 5,6]pyrano[3,4-c][1]benzopyran-1- one via Domino Knoevenagel/Hetero-DielsAlder Reaction with Theoretical Investigations (چکیده)
3396 - Synthesis of new indolyl crown ethers catalyzed with ferric hydrogensulfate (چکیده)
3397 - Masonry Infilling Effect on Seismic Vulnerability and Performance Level of High Ductility RC Frames (چکیده)
3398 - Comparing factor structure of research motivation in PhD and M.A students (چکیده)
3399 - Supervised Brain Emotional Learning (چکیده)
3400 - Thermal-Pressure-Driven Gas Flows through Micro Channels (چکیده)
3401 - Relationships between some soil quality indicators in different agricultural soils from Varamin, Iran (چکیده)
3402 - a cryptospuridum muris like parasite in large ruminants in varius part of Iran (چکیده)
3403 - A Low Profile Circularly Polarized Cavity Backed Antenna Using HMSIW Technique (چکیده)
3404 - Low Profile H-Plane Horn Antenna Based on Half Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide (HMSIW) Technique (چکیده)
3405 - An extension of the Lowner--Heinz inequality (چکیده)
3406 - On the binary relation leq_u on self-adjoint Hilbert space operators (چکیده)
3407 - identification of moves of informal internet-based chats between Iranian EFL teenagers and foreigners (چکیده)
3408 - Attribution Theory and Personality Traits among EFL Learners (چکیده)
3409 - Statistical Inference Based on the Top Scores (چکیده)
3410 - Microbiological quality of mixed fresh-cut vegetable salads and mixed ready- to-eat fresh herbs in Mashhad, Iran (چکیده)
3411 - Efficient Regeneration of ‘Caralis’ Alstroemeria Cultivar from Rhizome Explants (چکیده)
3412 - Voltage security constrained active and reactive power pricing considering reactive market power (چکیده)
3413 - Socio-imposed Theory of Language Proficiency and its Application in Iran (چکیده)
3414 - Serological evaluation of relationship between viral pathogens (BHV-1, BVDV, BRSV, PI-3V, and Adeno3) and dairy calf pneumonia by indirect ELISA. (چکیده)
3415 - بررسی رشد حرکتی در کودکان با اختلال حرکتی گروه های خام حرکت ،ناتوان ذهنی ومبتلا به نشانگان داون (چکیده)
3416 - preparation and application of nano emulsion in the last decade(2000_2010) (چکیده)
3417 - A fuzzy-based approach to testing statistical hypotheses (چکیده)
3418 - Fuzzy statistical tests based on fuzzy confidence intervals (چکیده)
3419 - survey effects of intent and materiality earning managment of ethical judgment of students in iran (چکیده)
3420 - Estimation with the lognormal distribution on the basis of records (چکیده)
3421 - Ferric Hydrogensulfate-Catalyzed One-Pot Synthesis of Indeno[1,2-b]quinoline-7-ones (چکیده)
3422 - Introducing roadside hazard severity indicator based on evidential reasoning approach (چکیده)
3423 - An Arcless Current Interruption Technique via Application of Liquid Metal Contacts (چکیده)
3424 - An arcless controlled switch (چکیده)
3425 - Identification and Characterization of Novel Antibacterial Peptides from Skin Secretions of Euphlyctis cyanophlyctis (چکیده)
3426 - بررسی اثرات هیپرگلیسمی و تجویز عصاره گیاه چرخه Launaea acanthodes بر اختلالات عملکردی کبد در موش صحرایی (چکیده)
3428 - A general double inequality related to operator means and positive linear maps (چکیده)
3429 - A generalization of the Buzano inequality (چکیده)
3430 - Additional to the Flora of Iran (چکیده)
3431 - Users’ perception of Aboutness and Ofness in Images: an Approach towards Subject Indexing Based on Ervin Panofsky’s Theory and Users’ View (چکیده)
3432 - Application of Single Objective Genetic Algorithm to Optimize Heat Transfer Enhancement from a Flat Plate (چکیده)
3433 - The Assessment of Work Hardening Behaviour of Dual Phase Steels with Coarse Martensite Islands (چکیده)
3434 - Cotton Yarn Engineering Via Fuzzy Least Squares Regression (چکیده)
3435 - Exploring Metadiscourse Markers in Persian News Reports (چکیده)
3436 - Goodman–Kruskal measure of association for fuzzy–categorized variables (چکیده)
3437 - Green function of the inhomogeneous Helmholtz equation with nonuniform refraction index, using quaternion analysis (چکیده)
3438 - Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Determination of Gallium and Nickel in Aluminum (چکیده)
3439 - Optimal Control Approach for Solving Linear Volterra Integral Equations (چکیده)
3440 - A Study of the Differences of Tax Auditing Terms of Determining Taxable Incomes: Iranian Evidence (چکیده)
3441 - Altered JS-2 expression in colorectal cancers and its clinical pathological relevance (چکیده)
3442 - Analytic-Approximate Solution For An Integro- Differential Equation Arising In Oscillating Magnetic Fields Using Homotopy Analysis Method (چکیده)
3443 - Solving the Interval-Valued Linear Fractional Programming Problem (چکیده)
3444 - The Thermal Effect on Pull-in Instability of Electrostatically Actuated Nanoswitches (چکیده)
3445 - Effect of Microwave Heating Treatment on Mortality of Indian Meal Moth (Plodia interpunctella) in Pistachio (چکیده)
3446 - Uncertainty; a Problem to Rank Desertification Indicators (چکیده)
3447 - Ranking desertification indicators using TOPSIS (چکیده)
3448 - Techno-genic Desertification Mapping in Isfahan City (چکیده)
3449 - Synthesis of novel benzo[ f ]chromene compounds catalyzed by ionic liquid (چکیده)
3451 - Numerical modeling of charring material ablation with considering chemical reaction, mass transfer and surface heat transfer effects (چکیده)
3452 - Effects of nanoparticle volume fraction in hydrodynamic and thermal characteristics of forced plane jet (چکیده)
3453 - Prebiotic effectiveness of oligosaccharides extracted from Jerusalem artichoke tubers on selected lactobacilli and pathogenic microorganisms (چکیده)
3454 - Matrix Hermite--Hadamard type inequalities (چکیده)
3455 - Interactional Metadiscourse in English and Persian Research Articles; A Contrastive Rhetoric Study (چکیده)
3456 - Dilute solution properties of wild sage (Salvia macrosiphon) seed gum (چکیده)
3457 - A Facile Route to Functionalized 1-Arylsulfonyl- 1,2-dihydroquinolines (چکیده)
3458 - Estimates of Flushing Time in a Tidal River Using Fluvial Acoustic Tomography (چکیده)
3459 - A Study of the Relation between Free Float Rate and Stock Yield Rate: Some Iranian Perspective (چکیده)
3460 - Narrative intelligence and pedagogical success in English (چکیده)
3461 - The Effect of Text-Based Direct Vocabulary Instruction On Vocabulary Acquisition (چکیده)
3462 - Evaluation of simultaneous effects of inlet stagnation pressure and heat transfer on condensing water-vapor flow in a supersonic Laval nozzle (چکیده)
3463 - Impact of Wind Integration on Electricity Markets: A Chance-Constrained Nash Cournot (چکیده)
3464 - New Approach for the Construction of Inelastic Stiffness Matrix for Dynamic Analysis (چکیده)
3465 - A novel formulation for integrating nonlinear kinematic hardening Drucker-Prager’s yield condition (چکیده)
3466 - Improving stability domains of the implicit higher order accuracy method (چکیده)
3467 - Integration of nonlinear mixed hardening models (چکیده)
3468 - An operator extension of the parallelogram law and related norm inequalities (چکیده)
3469 - Jensen operator inequality for Q-class functions (چکیده)
3470 - Inhomogeneous two-parameter abstract Cauchty problem (چکیده)
3472 - A glimpse at the Dunkl-Williams inequality (چکیده)
3473 - An approach to operator Dunkl--Williams inequality (چکیده)
3474 - An Investigation on the Performance of an Imidazoline based commercial Corrosion Inhibitor on CO2 Corrosion of Mild Steel (چکیده)
3475 - The boundary design of a two-dimensional cavity with free convection by the conjugate gradient method (چکیده)
3477 - Preservation of some Stochastic Orders under Distortion (چکیده)
3478 - Vessel Segmentation Based on Sobel Operator and Fuzzy Reasoning (چکیده)
3479 - Pareto analysis based on records (چکیده)
3480 - Factorization Problem for topological groups (چکیده)
3481 - Central Limit Theorem for ISE of Kernel Density Estimators in Censored Dependent Model (چکیده)
3482 - Analysis of Magnetic Flux Linkage Distribution in Salient- Pole Synchronous Generator with Different Kinds of Inter- Turn Winding Faults (چکیده)
3483 - Reducing Short Channel Effects in Dual Gate SOI-MOSFETs with a Drain Dependent Gate Bias (چکیده)
3484 - Numerical Investigate of Base Doping for Minimum Base Transit Time (چکیده)
3485 - A General Upper Bound for the Capacity of FreeSpace Optical Channel and the CorrespondingOptimal Input Distribution (چکیده)
3486 - •The effect of nonstructural carbohydrate and addition of full fat roasted canola seed on milk production and composition in lactating cows (چکیده)
3487 - Effects of dietary chromium-methionine supplementation on blood metabolites and insulin (چکیده)
3488 - The effect of dietary level of steam treated sugarcane pith on digestibility and ruminal passage (چکیده)
3489 - Local cohomology modules and derived functors (چکیده)
3490 - Investigation and Reduction of Fault Sensitivity in the FlexRay Communication Controller Registers (چکیده)
3491 - Categorizing and Analysis of Activated Faults in the FlexRay Communication Controller Registers (چکیده)
3492 - A Low-Cost On-Line Monitoring Mechanism for the FlexRay Communication Protocol (چکیده)
3493 - Classification of Activated Faults in the FlexRay-Based Networks (چکیده)
3494 - Perception-based heuristic granular search: Exploiting uncertainty for analysis of certain functions (چکیده)
3496 - Genetic Regulatory Network Inference using Recurrent Neural Networks trained by a Multi Agent System (چکیده)
3497 - A normal family of operator monotone functions (چکیده)
3498 - Bayesian inference for geometric distribution under a simple step-stress model (چکیده)
3499 - Study of the effects of insulin therapy during pregnancy and lactation in hyperglycemia mothers on testis parameters of off spring (چکیده)
3500 - On performance of reconstructed middle order statistics in exponential distribution (چکیده)
3501 - Nanotechnology applications in biocatalysts immobilization (چکیده)
3502 - Security Analyzing and Designing GUI with the Resources Model (چکیده)
3503 - Propagation of Trust and Confidence using Intervals (چکیده)
3504 - A Novel Approach for Pupil Diameter Measurement Based on Soft Computing Techniques (چکیده)
3505 - Nucleotide and deduced sequence analysis of VP2 gene of chicken infectious anemia virus circulating in commercial broiler farms of Northeast Iran (چکیده)
3506 - Modeling free surface flows in presence of an arbitrary moving object (چکیده)
3507 - The effects of microbial inoculation of corn silage on performance of lactating dairy cows (چکیده)
3508 - Hydrological investigation of Shahid-Yaqoobi dam: A successful design? (چکیده)
3509 - Comparison the PERSIANN model with interpolation methods toestimate daily precipitation (A case study: North-Khorasan, Iran) (چکیده)
3510 - Experimental Study on Optimization of the Agglomeration Process for Producing Instant Sugar by Conical Fluidized Bed Agglomerator (چکیده)
3511 - Willingness to Communicate in English Among Iranian Non–English Major University Students (چکیده)
3512 - The Relation between Financial Information Transparency and Firms Characteristics of Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange (چکیده)
3513 - Narrative Intelligence and Learning Languages (چکیده)
3514 - A Study of the Effect of Accounting Quality on Method of Financing: Evidence from Iran (چکیده)
3515 - The validity of between Wingate test and Running-based Anaerobic Sprint Test (RAST) in young elite basketball players (چکیده)
3516 - Insha’Allah (God’s Willing) and its Functions in Persian (چکیده)
3517 - Dual-Purpose Custom Instruction Identification Algorithm based on Particle Swarm Optimization (چکیده)
3518 - Energy-Aware Design Space Exploration of RegisterFile for Extensible Processors (چکیده)
3519 - Increased levels of the 14-3-3 η and γproteins in the synovial fluid of dogs with unilateral cranial cruciate ligament rupture (چکیده)
3520 - Evaluation of domestication possibility of thymus transcaspicus under low input cropping system (چکیده)
3522 - Rapid Design Space Exploration of a Reconfigurable Instruction-Set Processor (چکیده)
3523 - Echocardiographic Measurement of Systolic Time Intervals In Healthy Great Dane Dogs (چکیده)
3524 - Additional scaled solutions to Richards’ equation for infiltration and drainage (چکیده)
3525 - One-step Synthesis of Dialkyl 1,2-Dihydroquinoline- 2,3-dicarboxylates. A Vinyltriphenylphosphonium Salt Mediated Intramolecular Wittig Reaction (چکیده)
3526 - 1,1-(Ethane-1,2-diyl)dipyridinium dichromate(VI) (چکیده)
3527 - Identification of the Effective Stractual Factors in Creating and Developing Digital Entrepreneurship in Agricultural Sector (چکیده)
3528 - Genetic manipulation of fungal strains for the improvement of heterologous genes expression (a mini-review) (چکیده)
3529 - Magnetovolume Effects In Er1-xGdxMn6Sn6 Intermetallics (چکیده)
3530 - The Causes and Consequences of Labeling in Patients with HIV/AIDS (چکیده)
3531 - The influence of demographic factors, processing speed and short-term memory on Iranian children’s pedestrian skills (چکیده)
3532 - Experimental and thermodynamic investigation of a triangular channel geometry PEM fuel cell at different operating conditions (چکیده)
3533 - In situ synthesis of Nanoparticle reinforced metal matrix composite coating by combustion synthesis (چکیده)
3534 - A Study of Managers Point of View on Environmental Accounting Information Disclosure of Listed Companies in Iran (چکیده)
3535 - Impact of Intensity and Exposure Duration of Magnetic Field on Seed Germination of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L (چکیده)
3536 - Effect of Trypsin on cultured astrocytes derived from rat brain (چکیده)
3537 - Activity and Viability alteration of inflamed rat astrocyte by shikonin (چکیده)
3538 - Anti-inflammatory effect of shikonin on cultured astrocytes derived from rat brain (چکیده)
3539 - Synthesis, Characterization, Crystal Structure and Solution Phase Studies of a Polymeric SrII Compound (چکیده)
3540 - Personality and Emotional Intelligence in Teacher Burnout (چکیده)
3541 - Analysis and Design of Tunable Amplifiers for Implantable Neural Recording Applications (چکیده)
3542 - Inhibition of NO production in LPS-stimulated primary rat microglial cells by Bromelain (چکیده)
3543 - Evaluation of Indexing Overlay, Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithm Methods for Industrial Estates Site Selection in GIS Environment (چکیده)
3544 - Adaptive Edge Detection Based on Interval-Valued Fuzzy Sets (چکیده)
3546 - Modulational instability of ion acoustic waves in e-p-i plasmas with electrons and positrons following a q-nonextensive distribution (چکیده)
3547 - An IMM algorithm based on augmented kalman filter for maneuvering target tracking (چکیده)
3549 - The Impact of Glossing on Incidental Vocabulary Learning: A Comparative Study (چکیده)
3550 - Magnetovolume effects in substituted Er1 xGdxMn6Sn6 intermetallics (چکیده)
3551 - Electrochemical Analysis of Shewanella sp. Behavior In Microbial Fuel Cells (چکیده)
3552 - Free vibration of carbon nanotubes conveying viscous fluid using nonlocal Timoshenko beam model (چکیده)
3553 - تهیه نقشه حساسیت رانش زمین از طریق سیستم استنتاج قاعده مبنای فازی (چکیده)
3554 - TOPSIS Methods for Development of Desertification Indicator System (چکیده)
3555 - Acquisition of French Polysemous Vocabularies: Schema-based Instruction versus Translationbased Instruction (چکیده)
3556 - Mixed Convection Heat Transfer over an Isothermal Vertical Flat Plate in Supercritical Fluids (چکیده)
3557 - Institution and functions of national innovation system in Norway and Iran (چکیده)
3558 - Infinite horizon optimal control for nonlinear interconnected large-scale dynamical systems with an application to optimal attitude control (چکیده)
3559 - Investigation into Seasonal Effect and Browning Inhibitor on Callus Regeneration of Seedless Barberry (Berberis vulgaris var. asperma) (چکیده)
3560 - The effect of Hubbard potential on effective mass of carriers in doped Indium oxide (چکیده)
3561 - Prediction of Joule-Thomson Inversion Curves by The Use of Equation of State (چکیده)
3562 - Application of Eddy Current Non-destructive Evaluation for Detection of Undesirable Microstructures in the Production of Dual Phase Steels (چکیده)
3563 - The Comparison of Sport Injuries in Different Parts of the Body of Elite Male Volleyball Players (چکیده)
3564 - Prediction of thermodynamic properties of some hydrofluoroether refrigerants using a new equation of state (چکیده)
3565 - Characterizations of Symmetric Distributions Based on Renyi Entropy (چکیده)
3567 - Aerobic exercise along with low-caloric diet is more effective than low-caloric diet alone in tretment of patients with non alcoholic steatohepatitis (چکیده)
3568 - The influence of hydrophobic amino acid side groups on the acidity of the aromatic imidazole ring of histidine: A theoretical study (چکیده)
3569 - A New Approach for Comparing Communication Infrastructures of Power Systems (چکیده)
3570 - The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence And Literary Appreciation (چکیده)
3571 - Hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity in ionic liquids: car-parrinello and classical molecular dynamics simulation (چکیده)
3572 - The correlation of interaction energy with critical point temperature of ionic liquids obtained from surface tension (چکیده)
3573 - The extent of molecular orientation at liquid/vapor interface of pyridine and its alkyl derivatives by molecular dynamics simulation (چکیده)
3574 - Synthesis, ab initio Calculations, Thermal, Thermodynamic and Antioxidant Properties of Some Oxovanadium(IV) Complexes Containing N2O2 Set of Donor Atoms (چکیده)
3575 - Synthesis, Characterization, Ab initio Calculations, Thermal Behavior and Thermodynamics of Some Oxovanadium(IV) Complexes Involving O,O- and N,N-Donor Moieties (چکیده)
3576 - Critical Point Temperature of Ionic Liquids from Surface Tension at Liquid-Vapor Equilibrium and the Correlation with Interaction Energy (چکیده)
3577 - An investigation on the coarsening behavior of γ precipitate in GTD-111 Ni-base superalloy (چکیده)
3578 - The prevalence of bovine viral diarrhea virus in persistently infected cows in industrial dairy herds in suburb of Mashhad- Iran (چکیده)
3579 - Isolation and characterization of Brachyspira species based on biochemical scheme and 16S rDNA partial sequencing (چکیده)
3580 - The Impact of a Solid Object on to a Liquid Surface (چکیده)
3581 - Accordance of indigenous agriculture with plant diversity in agroecosystems (چکیده)
3582 - Comparison Between Communication Infrastructures of Centralized and Decentralized Wide Area Measurement Systems (چکیده)
3583 - Modeling the time-dependent rheological behavior of pistachio butter (چکیده)
3584 - The potential of visible-near infrared hyperspectral imaging to discriminate between casing soil, enzymatic browning and undamaged tissue on mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) surfaces. (چکیده)
3585 - Skeleton Network Reconfiguration for System Restoration in Restructured Power Industry (چکیده)
3586 - Interval Support Vector Machine in Regression Analysis (چکیده)
3587 - Fermentation Characteristics, In Situ Rumen Degradation and Nutritional Value of Whole Crop Barley Ensiled with Microbial Inoculant or Ammonium Propionate for Lactating Dairy Holstein Cows (چکیده)
3588 - Fermentation Characteristics, In Situ Rumen Degradation and Aerobic Stability of Whole Crop Barley Ensiled with Urea or Aqueous Ammonia (چکیده)
3589 - Scaled Solutions of Richards\' Equation for Infiltration and Drainage Considering Dissimilar Soils (چکیده)
3590 - Non-commutative Callebaut inequality (چکیده)
3591 - Fuglede–Putnam type theorems via the Aluthge transform (چکیده)
3592 - Transient expression of cor gene in Papaver Somniferum (چکیده)
3593 - Establishing a New Solution Based on Hydrochloric Acid/Sodium Thiosulfate for Detecting and Measuring Degree of Sensitization of Stainless Steels Using Double-Loop Electrochemical Potentiodynamic Reactivation Method (چکیده)
3595 - A novel Vector Perturbation Based On Joint Transceiver Algorithm In Cooperative Mu-MIMO (چکیده)
3596 - Hardware Implementation of Wavelet Transforms for Real-time Detection and Compression of Biopotentials in Neural Implants (چکیده)
3598 - Analysis of Genetic Diversity and Structure of Baluchi Sheep by Microsatellite Markers (چکیده)
3599 - An Integer Linear Programming based heuristic approach for the capacitated m-ring-star problem (چکیده)
3600 - Mechanochemical Synthesis and Characterization of FeNi-Al2O3 Nanocomposites (چکیده)
3601 - Effect of various medicinal plant essential oils obtained from semi-arid climate on rumen fermentation characteristics of a high forage diet using in vitro batch culture (چکیده)
3602 - Analysis of power consumption and linearity in capacitive digital-to-analog converters used in successive-approximation ADCs (چکیده)
3603 - Characterisation and pattern of culling in Holstein-Friesian dairy herds in Khorasan Razavi Province, Northeast of Iran (چکیده)
3604 - Computing Trust Resultant using Intervals (چکیده)
3605 - Methodology for Identifying the Best Equations for Estimating the Time of Concentration of Watersheds in a Particular Region (چکیده)
3606 - Prevalence of Bovine Leukemia Virus (BLV) Antibodies in Bulk Tank Milk of Dairy Cattle Herds of Mashhad area, North East of Iran (چکیده)
3607 - IPv6 Migration towards Developing E-Government (چکیده)
3610 - New approach for flow control using PAUSE frame management (چکیده)
3611 - Hybrid hierarchical approach for addressing service discovery issues in MANETs (چکیده)
3612 - A New Approach CBRP Based Resource Information Management in MANETs (چکیده)
3614 - Effectiveness of fuzzy controller on damage index of nonlinear benchmark buildings (چکیده)
3615 - Plant Extracts to Control Meloidogyne incognita on Cucumber (چکیده)
3616 - Intramolecular hydrogen bonding of 1,1,1-trifluoro-5,5-dimethyl-2,4- hexanedione. A vibrational spectroscopic study (Part II) (چکیده)
3617 - Density functional efficiency in calculation of vibrational spectra of carbonyl compounds (چکیده)
3618 - Conformations and Intramolecular hydrogen bonding in 3-Bromodibenzoylmethane (چکیده)
3619 - Resonance assisted intramolecular hydrogen bonding of 6-hydroxy-6-(2-thienyl)-2-thenoylfulvene (چکیده)
3620 - Membrane permeate flux and rejection factor prediction using intelligent systems (چکیده)
3621 - Numerical Solution of Two-Dimensional Volterra Integral Equations by Spectral Galerkin Method (چکیده)
3622 - Electricity Generation Using Dairy Waste Water in a Microbial Fuel Cell (چکیده)
3623 - An EM Algorithm for Estimating the Parameters of the Generalized Exponential Distribution under Unified Hybrid Censored Data (چکیده)
3624 - Qualitative Metaphor Analysis and Language Learning Opportunities (چکیده)
3625 - تخمین دز موثر کل بدن در هندسه های متفاوت دزیمتری با استفاده از دزیمتری نوترون (چکیده)
3626 - The Capacity Region of Gaussian Fading Multiple Access Relay Channels with Orthogonal Components (چکیده)
3627 - The Capacity Region of Fading Multiple-Access Relay Channels with Common Information (چکیده)
3628 - On the Relationship between Locus of Control and Iranian Students English Score in the University Enterance Exam (چکیده)
3629 - Goodness of Fit Tests based on correcting moments of modified entropy (چکیده)
3630 - Chalcogenide glass waveguides and grating devices for all-optical signal conditioning (چکیده)
3631 - High performance Bragg gratings in chalcogenide glass rib waveguides written with a modified Sagnac interferometer: fabrication and characterization (چکیده)
3633 - Fuzzy Support Vector Regression (چکیده)
3634 - Testing exponentiality based on characterizations of the exponential distribution (چکیده)
3635 - Evaluation of complementary effects of 9,10-anthraquinone and fumaric acid on methanogenesis and ruminal fermentationin vitro (چکیده)
3636 - N,N--Dibenzyl-N,N--dimethyl-N---(2-phenylacetyl)phosphoric triamide (چکیده)
3637 - An investigation on low-frequency passive seismic waves as a hydrocarbon indicator in SW-Iran (چکیده)
3638 - O-Phenyl (tert-butylamido)(p-tolylamido) phosphinate (چکیده)
3639 - Evaluation of Tomato Production Systems in Terms of EnergyUse Efficiency and Economical Analysis in Iran (چکیده)
3640 - Resonant wideband polarizer with single silicon layer (چکیده)
3641 - Gait Recognition Based on Invariant Leg Classification Using a Neuro-Fuzzy Algorithm as the Fusion Method (چکیده)
3642 - An efficient method for model refinement in diffuse optical tomograhpy (چکیده)
3643 - Self-phase modulation-based integrated optical regeneration in chalcogenide waveguides (چکیده)
3644 - Ultra-strong, well-apodized Bragg gratings in chalcogenide rib waveguides (چکیده)
3645 - The effect of high acceptor dopant concentration of Zn+2 on electrical, optical and structural properties of the In2O3 transparent conducting thin films (چکیده)
3646 - Magnetoelastic properties of ErMn6Sn6 intermetallic compound (چکیده)
3647 - Fault Indicator Allocation in Power Distribution Network for Improving Reliability and Fault Section Estimation (چکیده)
3648 - Protection of grid connected photovoltaic system during voltage sag (چکیده)
3649 - Effect of Monitoring and Self-checking Tests Effectiveness Index of Back-Up Protection System on the Optimum Routine and Self-checking Test Intervals of Protection System (چکیده)
3650 - Effect of Annealing Temperature on the Structural and Magnetic Properties of Co-Doped TiO2 Nanoparticles via Complex-Polymer Sol–Gel Method (چکیده)
3651 - Operator inequalities related to the Corach--Porta--Recht inequality (چکیده)
3652 - Landau and Gruss type inequalities for inner product type integral transformers in norm ideals (چکیده)
3653 - Validation of the Persian Cultural Intelligence Scale and Exploring its relationship with Gender, Education, Travelling abroad and Place of Living (چکیده)
3654 - Clinical, haematological and biochemical evaluation of eventual onion (Allium cepa) toxicity in goats (چکیده)
3655 - New methods for calculating the inlet hydrodynamic and thermal length in a laminar nanofluid flow by applying entropy generation theory (چکیده)
3656 - Impact of NBTI on performance of domino logic circuits in nano-scale CMOS (چکیده)
3658 - A Fair Active Queue Management Approach Based on Supply and Demand Model (چکیده)
3660 - The Role of persin news paper published in India in Constitutional Revolution of Iran (چکیده)
3661 - Studying the Relationship between Liquidity Indices (traditional and modern) and the Profitability of Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange (چکیده)
3662 - Automatic evaluation of pressure sore status by combining information obtained from high-frequency ultrasound and digital photography (چکیده)
3663 - A new approach based on genetic algorithm in Schrödinger equation solution for nanostructurCarlo operators e applications, the effect of some genetic and Monte (چکیده)
3664 - Evaluation the effects of harvesting management and drying methods on chemical indices of barberry (چکیده)
3665 - Comparison of the Effectiveness of the Transactional Analysis, Existential, Cognitive, and Integrated Group Therapies on Improving Problem-Solving Skills (چکیده)
3666 - Performance Analysis of Optical CDMA Systems Utilizing Optical Encoding in Presence of Interference and Receiver Noises (چکیده)
3667 - A temporal survey on protoporphyrin IX fluorescence signal after administration of 5ALA conjugated gold nanoparticles: An in vivo study on CT26 tumors (چکیده)
3668 - تعیین ضریب هدایت حرارتی قطعه مدور در حین عملیات حرارتی به روش حل معکوس (چکیده)
3669 - حل مستقیم عددی جریان جت صفحه ای غیر قابل تراکم با استفاده از روش تفاضل محدود فشرده (چکیده)
3670 - Effect of Sensor Location on the Solution of Parabolic Inverse Problems (چکیده)
3671 - DNS of Forced Incompressible Jet (چکیده)
3672 - Airfoil Analysis of an Inviscid Incompressible Flow (چکیده)
3674 - Effect of Sensor Locations on the Solution of Inverse Stefan Problems (چکیده)
3675 - Direct Numerical Simulation of 2--D Incompressible Steady Mixing Layer (چکیده)
3676 - N-[Bis(morpholin-4-yl)phosphinoyl]-2-chloro-2,2-difluoroacetamide (چکیده)
3677 - N,N--Bis(2-chlorobenzyl)-N--(2,2,2-trichloroacetyl)phosphoric triamide (چکیده)
3678 - N,N,N\',N\'-Tetraethyl-N\"-(2-fluorobenzoyl)phosphoric triamide (چکیده)
3679 - Some Equivalence Classes of Linear Operators on B(H) (چکیده)
3680 - Optimal operation of alloy material in solidification processes with inverse heat transfer (چکیده)
3681 - Control of Interface Acceleration during Solidification Processes Using Inverse Heat Transfer Methods (چکیده)
3682 - Herd investigation of lameness in cattle (چکیده)
3684 - N-(2,6-Difluorobenzoyl)-P,P-bis-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)phosphinic amide (چکیده)
3685 - Density estimators for truncated dependent data (چکیده)
3686 - Phenyl bis(morpholin-4-ylamido)-phosphinate (چکیده)
3687 - Improving performance and energy efficiency of embedded processors via post-fabrication instruction set customization (چکیده)
3688 - Investigation of in vitro effects of very low dose of aflatoxin B1 on the expression of TLR2 and TLR4 in human CD11c+dendritic cells (چکیده)
3689 - Seasonal Influences of Boundary Conditions in Coastal Water Quality Variations (چکیده)
3690 - Formation of Nanocrystalline and Ultrafine-grained Structures in Disk-shaped Samples of Fe-0.15C and Interstitial-free (IF) Steels Produced by Ball Milling (چکیده)
3691 - Offline Signature Recognition using Modular Neural Networks with Fuzzy Response Integration (چکیده)
3692 - NLP and its Relationship with Teacher Success, Gender, Teaching Experience, and Degree: A Comparative Study (چکیده)
3693 - A Novel Control Technique for Single-Phase Grid-Connected Inverters (چکیده)
3694 - A D-Q Synchronous Frame Controller for Single-Phase Inverters (چکیده)
3695 - Evaluation of Characteristics of Interfacial Phases Produced in Al/Ni3Al Composite during Manufacturing (چکیده)
3696 - بررسی اثرعصاره برگ درمنه و کرچک در کاهش جمعیت نماتد ریشه گرهی خیار( Meloidogyne incognita ) (چکیده)
3697 - Attributional Analysis of Language Learners at High Schools: A Case of Iranian Learners (چکیده)
3698 - Emotional Intelligence and Self-Efficacy: A case of Iranian EFL University Students (چکیده)
3699 - Effect of extruded full fat soybean (EFFSB ) on small intestine morphology of broiler chickens (چکیده)
3700 - Effect of genotypes and culture medium on shootregeneration and proliferation of Gerbera jamesonii (چکیده)
3701 - A theoretical study of RNA base pairs: Conformational and kinetic study of Uracil (چکیده)
3702 - Influence of Hydrophobic amino acid side groups on the acidity of aromatic imidazole ring of Histidine: A theoretical study (چکیده)
3703 - Critical and synergy nodes in insulin-EGF signaling network (چکیده)
3704 - Construction and functional analysis of pathogen-inducible synthetic promoters in Brassica napus (چکیده)
3705 - Purification and characterisation of angiotensin I converting enzyme inhibitory peptides from lysozyme hydrolysates (چکیده)
3706 - بررسی نتایج برنامه توانمندسازی زنان سرپرست خانوار (چکیده)
3707 - Effect of semi-arid native fennel (Foeniculuim vulgare) essential oil on in vitro gas production parameters of various ruminant fiber source feeds (چکیده)
3708 - An extension to fuzzy support vector data description-FSVDD (چکیده)
3709 - In vitro effect of oil content of various protein sources on ruminal protein fermentation (چکیده)
3710 - Effect of dry period length. and lipogenic vs. glucogenic diets on dry matter intake. milk production and composition in Holstein dairy cows (چکیده)
3712 - Modeling individual leaf area of basil (Ocimum basilicum )using different methods (چکیده)
3713 - Prediction of order statistics based on ORSS and RRSS (چکیده)
3714 - Maintenance of anaesthesia in sheep with isoflurane, desflurane or sevoflurane (چکیده)
3715 - Characterization of a generalized triangle inequality in normed spaces (چکیده)
3717 - Bone-specific alkaline phosphatase activity in dairy cows (چکیده)
3718 - Variability of growing season indices in northeast of Iran (چکیده)
3719 - Goodness-of-fit Test Based on Kullback-Leibler Information for Progressively Type-II Censored Data (چکیده)
3720 - Oxidation of Benzylic alcohols to their corresonding carbonyl compounds in the presence of 2-Bromoethyl(Triphenyl phosphonium)Chlorochromate versus 2-Bromoethyl(Triphenyl Phosphonium)Perchlorate (چکیده)
3721 - Evaluation of Effective Parameters on EGR/Blowby Distribution (چکیده)
3722 - The effect of magnetic impurity on the electronical and optical properties of corundum (چکیده)
3723 - Bayesian reconstruction of the missing failure times in exponential distribution (چکیده)
3724 - Boosting Reading Skills, Narrative Intelligence & Moral Reasoning through Fictional Narrative-based Reading Instruction: A Comparative Study of Text Genres (چکیده)